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But whenever I update CM 11, Xposed_Process.jar resets to "---" and I have to reactivate the whole framework and reboot. Would that count as re-installing Xposed or is it only required to keep the Xposed_bridge intact?
Nope, that's just to reactivate the bridge. Modules should still be installed and enabled, just not active until you perform the re-enabling/reboot.

My question regarding Call Log/Blacklist wasn't quite answered. @agentdr8, does your Xposed Module have this issue (which is the same as the flashable), and do you plan on resolving it in an update? I believe it has to do with KitKat introducing /system/priv-app category. I am using the CM 10.2 flashable on my ROM (see signature) and it has never been better. Then again, no /system/priv-app folder class there.
I'm not sure if the Call Log/Blacklist issue is related to the changes to the ContactsProvider or the addition of the extra column in the contacts2 raw_contacts table. I don't see this behavior on cm11 on my OneX. If someone has more info relating to what causes this or what the solution to this bug might be, I can incorporate it.