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[XPOSED][GS5.1.15] Xposed GEL Settings [2.3.15]

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Alrighty! I don't understand why Google wants me to have this omnipresent search bar on every home screen if there obviously is Google Now / Google Search embedded into the launcher if you go to the left page. So after some searching I found a way to hide it. But it will show again if you go to the left screen; no functionality is lost. Of course digging through the code I found some more things which are customizable



  • Google search bar / automatically show search bar on Google Now
  • apps from the app drawer
  • widgets
  • page indicator
  • app dock / auto hide
  • all apps button
  • icon labels

Icon pack (Premium)
  • supports any icon pack
  • per app icon change
  • per shortcut icon change
  • automatically applies new icon packs
  • dynamic calendar icon
  • automatically hide icon packs from the app drawer

App drawer tabs and folders (Premium)

Notification badges (Premium)

Gestures (unlock all gestures with Premium)
  • swipe down left, middle, right
  • swipe up left, middle, right
  • Gesture actions
    • pull down notification bar
    • pull down quicksettings panel
    • open app drawer
    • open last app from recents
    • open recents
    • open android settings
    • go to sleep
    • toggle hide/show app dock
    • launch an app
Change grid
  • homescreen
  • app drawer
  • app dock
  • homescreen margins
  • unlimited folder size [Premium]
  • app drawer background
  • folder colors (background, font, preview)
  • text colors on homescreen and app drawer
  • resize icons
  • resize icon texts
  • hide shadows
System UI
  • hide clock on default homescreen
  • open the app drawer when pressing the home button on default homescreen
  • change the icon of the home button to an app drawer icon on default homescreen
  • go to sleep when pressing back button on every screen or only on default homescreen
  • change the icon of the back button to a power off button
Android Integration
  • make navigation/statusbar transparent (Android >= 4.4)
  • hide apps from app drawer from the app info
  • add quicksetting tile "Lock desktop" (Android >= 4.2)
  • enable L Launcher design
  • always show "Ok Google"
  • rotate launcher
  • overlapping widgets [Premium]
  • all widgets are fully resizeable
  • set your own default homescreen
  • lock desktop
  • continuous scroll (experimental)
  • overscroll left or right to open the app drawer
  • overscroll in app drawer goes back to homescreen
  • close app drawer after launching an app
  • open app drawer from last closed position
  • disable wallpaper scrolling
  • override GNL settings button to open XGELS
Backup/Restore (Premium)
  • backup / restore homescreen layout (icon and folders)


Quick overview of V1.5.3 by Armando Ferreira

Review of V1.2.1 by @italia0101 (Chris Nacca)

Review of V1.1 by TK

How to request a feature
Originally Posted by theknut

Since the feature requests are poping up like crazy and users are not making an effort to explain the features and say thank you after I implemented it, I decided to only accept feature requests if you follow the instructions below. But that doesn't imply that I will implement it. I want to see some effort because I will most certainly have it and remember it's all done in my free time. It's not that I do this for living

So if you post a feature request please include

  1. say "Thanks" and be grateful for what you already got
  2. think about your feature and whether it is useful for others, too
  3. properly explain what you really want
I never used Nova and such so I don't understand the request if you just name the setting you want.

I think this is only fair since I spent hours making this module and users don't even take a minute to properly explain what they want and even worse are not grateful for what they already got. For free.

Thanks to all who donated already.

  1. download the module and install it
  2. activate it in Xposed Installer → Modules
  3. reboot your device
  4. open Xposed GEL Settings
  5. make all the changes you want
  6. hit the restart button within the app to restart your launcher
  7. Celebrate!

Known issues
  • In some cases the Google Doodle will not be loaded
    How to resolve: pull down in GNow
    State: This seems to be a problem of the launcher. This error also occurs if the module isn't activated at all.
  • If the grid size or hotseat count is changed icons/widgets may disappear (especially if you decrease sizes)
    Severity: Keep it in mind
  • Resized icons or grid settings might lead to different sizes
    State: working on it for the next update
  • Some settings will lead to icons being cut on the left and the right side even though enough space is available
    State: working on it for the next update
  • If you've made changes to the launcher using apps like AppSettings (which is awesome by the way), you might encounter problems

Please report bugs if you find them! A good bug report includes repro steps and logcat and Xposed log file. You can paste them to Screenshots and screen recordings are very important, too. If you provide all of this when reporting a bug it will make it a lot easier for me to help you.
If you report any bug mentioned above and/or ask questions which could have been answered if you've read the OP, please allow me to ignore your post as you did mine.



Xposed Repo (needs to be updated manually)
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13th February 2014, 07:40 PM |#2  
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Donate to Me
Current changelog V2.1.1 / 12.10.2014

  • support for Google Search 3.9

  • folder sporadically not opening completely
  • folder label missing in app dock
  • all apps button label missing in app dock

  • added Japanese translation (thanks to black on Github)


V2.1 / 11.10.2014

  • App drawer: Folders (Premium, GNL only)
  • App drawer: move tab bar to the bottom
  • App drawer: overscroll to next tab
  • App drawer: vertical grid size
  • App drawer: icon size
  • Homescreen: show icon labels in app dock
  • Homescreen: app dock left/right margin
  • General: Page indicator color
  • Notification badges: option to keep badge size when count is ≥ 10

  • set folder or shortcut icons without restarting the launcher

  • horizontal app drawer layout
  • app info checkbox
  • Trebuchet crash when hiding apps
  • added missing Google apps to Google tab
  • added hidden apps back to main app tab after deleting tab
  • RTL layout was not respected
  • fixed Launcher3 crash

  • updated translations
V2.0 / 10.09.2014
  • completely rewrote notification badges
  • you can now hide widget shortcuts
  • App drawer: Add tabs (Premium)
  • Context menu: manage apps in folders
  • Context menu: choose a folder icon
  • Notification badge: set badge position
  • Notification badge: hide badge in app drawer
  • XGELS crash when changing the icon pack
  • fixed compatibility issues with some icon packs
  • fixed problems with CM
  • updated translations

V1 Changelog


V1.9.3 / 18.08.2014

  • drop outline color working on CM

  • toggle apps/widget gesture (yaaay!)
  • all apps button not hiding on Trebuchet
  • Context menu showing for all apps button on Trebuchet
  • uninstall option showing for system apps in context menu
  • Google Searchbar showing on every screen when "Show on default homescreen"
  • FC when opening XGELS "Settings"
  • several XGELS UI crashs

  • updated translations

V1.9.2 / 07.08.2014
  • drop outline color now matches glow color
  • pressed state for custom app drawer button
  • Quicksettings tile now works on CM
  • dragging items from and in app dock in auto hide mode works better

  • crash when resizing a widget
  • crash when changing icon of a shortcut widget
  • crash when opening an app from a folder in app dock when in auto hide mode

  • moved XGELS settings import/export to "Backup/Restore"
  • updated translations
V1.9.1 / 07.08.2014
  • General: Choose a context menu mode
  • Google Searchbar: Choose a search bar style
  • gestures broken after hiding the app dock
  • search bar disappearing after scrolling Google Now
  • nasty mic animation when showing search bar
  • fixed buggy system bar animations
V1.9 / 07.08.2014
  • Context menu: Added context menu (long press an icon or widget)
  • Context menu: Per shortcut icon change (Premium)
  • Homescreen: Unlimited folder size (Premium)
  • Google Searchbar: Always show "Ok Google"
  • General: hide homescreen shadow (visible in immersive mode)
  • General: change icon glow outline color
  • Android Integration: make navigation/statusbar transparent (Android >= 4.4)
  • Android Integration: hide apps from app drawer from the app info
  • Android Integration: add quicksetting tile "Lock desktop" (Android >= 4.2)
  • Gestures now work in app dock, too

  • L-like Google Search bar
  • a lot of internal changes

  • Compatibility with Google Search 3.6
  • now uses L launch animation with all apps
  • Google Searchbar appearing on every screen
  • default icon not loading when selected
  • remembered app drawer position when overscrolled

  • option to force English language
  • updated translations
V1.8.4 / 30.06.2014
  • General: enable L Launcher design
V1.8.3 / 30.06.2014
  • not possible to open app drawer when double tap is enabled
V1.8.2 / 29.06.2014
  • app dock icon count range 1 - 12 instead of 4 - 12

  • Wallpaper scrolling
  • Double tap gesture
  • Clock not hidden after closing notification bar/quicksettings
  • app drawer gesture too sensitive
  • bugs from bug/crash report

  • updated translations
V1.8.1 / 26.06.2014
  • fixed: apps not hiding
  • fixed: app drawer button not hiding
  • fixed: Google+ vs. Google Photo icon and label
  • XGELS UI: updated translation
V1.8 / 26.06.2014
  • Icon: per app icon change
  • Icon: changeable app drawer button
  • Icon: automatically hide icon packs from the app drawer
  • General: overlapping widgets (Premium)
  • Homescreen: smart folder

  • massive performance improvement for icon replacement

  • support for GNL 3.5
  • pixelated icons in some icon packs
  • Google+ vs. Google Photo icon
  • calendar icon not updating
  • disappearing icon when desktop is locked
  • widgets being draggable when desktop is locked
  • fixed notification badge on folder not disappearing
  • crashes in Icon menu

  • fixed preview icon in notification badges menu
  • no more lag in app lists
  • option to disable the background image
  • added Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) by Eric850130
  • added Spanish by Jose Artuñedo
  • updated translations
V1.7 / 02.06.2014
  • added: Icon pack support [Premium]
  • added: dynamic calendar icon (currently only supported by Today Calendar) or in a few icon packs
  • added: show search bar on default homescreen
  • added: even count of app dock icons
  • added: set position of all apps button
  • added: customizable scroll speed
  • added: hide only icon labels in folders
  • added: negative homescreen margins
  • fixed: Google search bar hidden but space not available
  • XGELS UI: blocking Freedom and it's purchases now. Time to get real, guys!
  • XGELS UI: added French translation (by Bokoblin)
  • XGELS UI: updated translations
V1.6.2 / 11.05.2014
  • added: Notification badges tutorial
  • fixed: bug causing Google Search crash in a loop when receiving an SMS
  • fixed: navigation bar buttons not changing after closing app drawer @BeRnOiCo
  • fixed: moving to default homescreen after rotation @premiatul
  • fixed: left/right margins on tablets @L.F.B.
  • fixed: XGELS crash if Google Play is not installed @melkhatt
  • fixed: typos
  • XGELS UI: open navigation drawer by pressing the back or menu button @faslane
  • XGELS UI: added Polish translation, by @Szuri21
  • XGELS UI: updated Chinese translation, by @Felix2yu
V1.6.1 / 08.05.2014
  • Fixed incompatibility with GNL 3.4
V1.6 / 30.04.2014
  • added: Notification badges (require MissedIt! and XGELS Premium)
  • added: Open app drawer from last closed position
  • added: Gesture action - "Open recents"
  • added: Option to only allow double tap on wallpaper (reduces delay)
  • added: Send debug logs (Settings menu)
  • added: Don't show Google Play warning again
  • fixed: app dock not hiding after a while
  • fixed: navigation bar buttons not changed after reboot
  • fixed: not on default homescreen after reboot
  • fixed: gesture need 1-2 minutes after reboot
  • fixed: nasty flip animation when pulling down the quick settings panel
  • fixed: navigation bar buttons not changed when notification/quicksettings bar is expanded
  • fixed: fixed backup/restore on Samsung devices
  • misc: Auto kill launcher on preference changed
  • misc: Donate is now Premium, see my statement here
V1.5.3 / 09.04.2014
  • fixed: lag in app UI on certain devices (please update your rating on Google Play)
  • fixed: launcher layout backup/restore
  • fixed: can't exit overview on long press
  • fixed: navigation bar icons don't work on CM
  • fixed: hide app dock not working after some time
  • fixed: dock not hiding after launching an app
  • fixed: search bar showing when overscrolling
  • fixed: search bar disappearing after canceling a search
  • fixed: fixed crashs from crash reports
  • misc: languages updated

V1.5.2 / 04.04.2014
  • go to sleep and recent app gesture actions now work on "unsupported" ROMs
  • fallback if launcher can't be restarted - needs root (e.g. if Swipeback is installed)

V1.5.1 / 02.04.2014
  • fixed SystemUI crashes in case of incompatibility, @disthomuc
  • made toggle dock free for non donators, thanks to @linelock for the heads up
  • removed leftover logging

V1.5 / 01.04.2014
  • added:
    • Swipe up left, middle, right
    • Swipe down left, middle, right
    • Swipe down to close app drawer
    • Swipe up to toggle between all apps and widgets
    • Double tap
    Gesture actions
    • Notification bar
    • Quicksettings panel
    • App drawer
    • recent app
    • Android settings
    • Go to sleep
    • Unhide dock
    • Launch app
  • added: hide widgets (found under general)
  • added: margins on homescreen
  • added: customizable folders
  • added: autohide option if dock is hidden
  • added: change dock color even if it's not hidden
  • added: option to show power off button on every screen
  • added: increased choosable grid sizes
  • added: changelog found under settings menu
  • fixed: navigation bar action should now work even though the icons may not change because of your ROM/mods
  • fixed: search bar is now showing on drag from app drawer (bug introduced with recent GNL update)
  • fixed: flashing navigation bar buttons
  • fixed: hide clock now also works if no dynamic navigation bar buttons are enabled
  • fixed: crash from crash reports
V1.4.1 / 19.03.2014
  • restart launcher is now free again, hot reboot and full reboot still donate
  • swipe down to close app drawer should be improved
  • removed pixels from the power off button to make it more round
  • hopefully prevented the app from crashing in some odd cases of blurring the wallpaper
V1.4 - 18.03.2014
  • added: new gesture: swipe down to close app drawer
  • added: icon and folder backup/restore (requires root!!)
  • added: pressing home on default homescreen opens app drawer
  • added: pressing back on default homescreen turns off the screen
  • added: option to show alternative icons for the navigation buttons on default homescreen (does currently not work on Slimkat)
  • added: hide clock on homescreen (this may conflict with other xposed mods)
  • added: hide app drawer button
  • added: hot reboot and full reboot option if changes which require a reboot are made (requires root!!)
  • added: using libsuperuser by @Chainfire
  • added: blurring the wallpaper and make it the background of XGELS
  • added: donate options
  • added: Chinese simplified translation by @AnyOfYou
  • added: Slovakian translation by @pyler
  • improved: new awesome UI
  • misc: renamed "hotseat" to "app drawer", you'll have to make those settings again
  • fixed: gestures are disabled on GNow
  • fixed: Search bar showing after the recent GNL update
  • fixed: swiping down on either side if one swipe down option is disabled, thanks to @elevengu for the heads up
V1.3 - 04.03.2014
  • added: Gestures (need 1-2 minutes to initialize after boot)
    • swipe down left - pulls down the notification panel
    • swipe down right - pulls down the settings panel
    • swipe up - unhides hotseat / opens the app drawer
    • swipe down - hides hotseat when unhidden
  • added: hide hotseat (will rename it for V1.4)
  • added: customizable background color for hotseat overlay
  • added: continuous scroll (still experimental though)
  • added: include app drawer in continuous scroll, thanks to @mitchst2 for the idea
  • added: lock desktop
  • added: close app drawer after launching an app, thanks to @BigJeff for the idea
  • added: Ukranian translation, thanks to @Andriy2
  • added: Indonesian translation, thanks to @omegahanggara
  • added: Portuguese Brazil translation, thanks to
  • UI: made some settings dependent on other settings
V1.2.1 - 25.02.2014
  • fixed icon text color in folders, thanks to Tynach for opening an issue at Github
  • fixed missing semi-transparent background in wallpaper/widget/settings view, thanks to @AlderCass
  • added German translation, thanks to @bornoxt

V1.2 - 24.02.2014
  • added: hide page indicator
  • added: rotate launcher
  • added: all widgets are fully resizeable now
  • added: set your own default homescreen
  • added: disable wallpaper scrolling
  • added: long click app drawer button opens XGELS
  • added: customizable text color for icon labels (homescreen and app drawer)
  • added: hide text shadow for icon labels on homescreen
  • added: customizable color of app drawer background (tip: make it transparent!)
  • added: settings reset button
  • added: icon values > 100%
  • added: russian translation, thanks to @Andriy2
  • added: added a restart button to the action bar
  • added: donation button
  • fixed: fixed a bug causing the search bar not showing up if you start Google search from the app drawer, thanks to @cadarn07
  • fixed: fixed import problem, thanks to @thenetvines
  • misc: reordered UI
  • misc: source code has been organized
V1.1 - 14.02.2014
  • fixed: keyboard will now pop up if you launch Google Search (from the app), thanks to @cadarn07 and @jorgeabe99
  • fixed: bug mentioned in OP that the search bar would appear if you don't have GNow installed and you go to the first homescreen page
  • fixed: search plate will now appear if you do a voice search via "Ok Google"
  • fixed: row count was set to 5 automatically when the search bar was disabled
  • fixed: typos, thanks to @elevengu, yes I do care about typos
  • added: customizable app drawer grid
  • added: customizable icon size
  • added: customizable hotseat icon size
  • added: customizable text size
  • added: settings import/export
  • misc: changed setting order in UI

Hotfix 1.0.1 - 14.02.2014
  • for some strange reason column and row got mixed up, thanks to @mattdm for pointing it out
  • added a switch to disable auto hide (Google search bar won't come up automatically if you don't have GNow installed) @chrisch91
  • removed some left over Xposed logging

V1.0 - 13.02.2014
  • initial release

Last edited by theknut; 4th December 2014 at 10:31 PM. Reason: update to V2.1.1
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13th February 2014, 07:43 PM |#3  
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Your work is appreciated. Downloading now
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13th February 2014, 07:58 PM |#4  
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Installing now! I was waiting for this app. A nice feature could be the possibility of rename app in GEL
13th February 2014, 08:47 PM |#5  
mitchst2's Avatar
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Superb start been waiting for a dedicated gel module.

How far can this be taken? Is functionality from custom launchers like Holo launcher possible? Such as gestures, animations, changing icons etc.

I do hope things like this aren't beyond the realms of possibility.

Looking forward to future developments.

Sent from my HTC O'ne-xus
13th February 2014, 09:02 PM |#6  
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Excellent job, thank you.

Sent from my SGH-T889 using xda premium
13th February 2014, 09:08 PM |#7  
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hotseat apps (icons above the navigation bar)

not to be a grammar nazi, but what you mean here is the dock, right?
Last edited by Persechini; 13th February 2014 at 09:25 PM.
13th February 2014, 09:18 PM |#8  
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Would there be a way to disable wallpaper scrolling?
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13th February 2014, 09:35 PM |#9  
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Looking forward to seeing this progress! I like GNL, but there are a few things keeping me on Nova launcher - swiping up on homescreen icons, category tabs in the app drawer (or at least folders), and the ability to remove labels and apply icon packs. Everything else I could take or leave.

Regardless of whether these features make it to your app, thanks for the effort and keep up the good work.
13th February 2014, 09:38 PM |#10  
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Is possible add support hotwork for all languages?

Inviato dal mio Nexus 4 utilizzando Tapatalk
13th February 2014, 09:53 PM |#11  
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Does hotword still work without the search bar there?

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