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[XPOSED] Samsung Kitkat SystemServer Crash Fix (for random reboots)

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30th May 2015, 02:39 AM |#221  
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Originally Posted by kevinwu128

has anyone else upgraded to 5.0.1? has this fixed the random reboots?

Using 5.0.1 Imperium LL v6 without xPosed. No random reboots. Waiting Xposed to turn Greenify fully operational again.

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7th June 2015, 06:18 PM |#222  
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Originally Posted by pete101

does this apply to all kitkat 4.4.2?

searching the forums i'm seeing a lot of posts about 4.4.2 causing random reboots not just for the s4 but for the nexus and other tablets etc.

i have a note pro 12.2 and the only 3 firmware releases they have official stock are all 4.4.2 and i have this random reboot issue. i can't figure out what it is.. it appeared to happen when i was using the facebook app and once you scroll through like 4000 friends the cache and ram is fully used when i lock the screen it would then reboot.. but then it also did it when i plugged in a samsung usb 2.0 charger (it came with a usb 3.0) and also when i unmounted the sd card.. so it seems a mix of problems causes the reboot.

i dont want to root but is there anyway i can narrow down what is causing the reboot?

i'm fine with it if it is just a firmware issue, my concern is a hardware issue.. is there anyway i can check this?

so far i've factory reset (seemed ok for a little bit then i reloaded my apps) still seemed ok, so i got wakelock detector (if any of you know it cant be used without root access on 4.4.2 but there is a non root workaround where you used adb terminal to load it.. im not sure if that's the cause of the rebooting?) ironically when you reboot it yourself you have to go through all the steps again of using adb terminal in order to get wakelock detector to work on kitkat yet when it soft reboots itself wakelock detector is still working it's like it's not even a proper reboot

seemed ok for a little while.. then i transferred about 6gb of movies from my samsung phone via wifi direct to the tablet. (same thing i did on saturday before it started rebooting) seemed ok.. but then when i unmounted the sd card.. the reboot came back i decided to enable all apps again (i always disable apps in all setting bloatware all the ones i can without root it saves so much battery) to test if that's causing the reboot (tho i might need to reboot it myself to test it) so far is ok

i can't figure out what;s causing it. my next plan is to factory reset again (i really hate to do this takes ages loading everything again adding passwords to apps then disabling apps i dont need. if that fails i'll use odin to flash the latest firmware it's on so there's a clean version on it rather than the OTA updates it did on top of one another.. if that fails i'll flash the original firmware it came with.. and if it still does it i have no choice but to return it

where i bought it from have no stock as it was a sale item so i can get my money back but i love this tablet and want to keep it.. is there anyway above what i have written that it might be hardware or is it too difficult to say until i done all the steps above?

After tripped the knox status to 0x1 (2), the random reboot occurred. I'm trying wanam exposed servercrash fix. Is that the same function/fix like what the OP given using wanam exposed? Since yesterday I have experience many random reboot. The screen freeze and reboot. I will post the result later.

Running KitKat 4.4.2 on my galaxy note 3 with stock ROM. N9005XXUGNI4
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3rd July 2015, 07:39 AM |#223  
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I have Wanam Xposed 3.4.3 installed on a rooted note 3 and checked the box to enable this fix. I was having multiple reboots every day even while making calls. No way to do business! Nova Launcher would also crash furiously throughout the day. I reinstalled Nova and applied this fix. No random reboot since then.
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