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By lost101, Inactive Recognized Contributor on 31st July 2015, 06:09 PM
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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of flashing these files. Your destiny is your own.
Moto G (3rd Gen) Factory Firmware Images

- Provided by Firmware TEAM -

Please report broken links. New Mirrors welcome!

WARNING: You must perform a 'Factory data reset' in Stock Recovery before flashing any Firmware Image - instructions here.

How to flash:
How to Fastboot Flash Moto G (3rd Gen) Factory Firmware Images

** (1GB) = 1GB RAM Version | (2GB) = 2GB RAM Version **

Retail US (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-16.3_cid9
Retail US (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-44_cid9
Retail US (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid9
Retail US (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-65_cid9 (Newer Build)
Retail US (2GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS_2GB_5.1.1_LPI23.72-33_cid9
Retail US (2GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS_2GB_5.1.1_LPI23.72-44_cid9 (Newer Build)
Consumer Cellular US (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS-CC_5.1.1_LPI23.72-26_cid9
Defense Mobile US (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS-DEFMO_5.1.1_LPI23.72-26_cid9
Retail Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid14
Retail Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid14 (Newer Build)
Bell Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-BELL_5.1.1_LPI23.72-16.3_cid14
Bell Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-BELL_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid14
Bell Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-BELL_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid14 (Newer Build)
Telus Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-TELUS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-16.3_cid14
Telus Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-TELUS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid14
Telus Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-TELUS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid14 (Newer Build)
Tigo Latin America (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-TIGO-NA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-16.3_cid12
Tigo Latin America (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-TIGO-NA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid12 (Newer Build)
Movistar Mexico (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTMX-NA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid12
Movistar Mexico (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTMX_NA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid12 (Newer Build)
CELL Mexico (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-IUSMX-NA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-16.3_cid12
CELL Mexico (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-IUSMX_NA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid12 (Newer Build)

Retail US (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid9
Retail US (2GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS_2GB_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid9
Consumer Cellular US (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETUS-CCAWS_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid9
Retail Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid14
Retail Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid14
Retail Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2-2_cid14 (Newer Build)
Bell Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-BELL_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid14
Bell Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-BELL_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid14
Bell Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-BELL_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2-2_cid14 (Newer Build)
Telus Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-TELUS_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid14
Telus Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-TELUS_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid14
Telus Canada (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETCA-TELUS_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2-2_cid14 (Newer Build)
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA_NA_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA_NA_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA_NA_6.0_MPIS24.65-33.1-2-4_cid12 (Newer Build)
Retail Latin America (2GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA_NA_2GB_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12
Movistar Latin America (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTLA_NA_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid12
Movistar Latin America (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTLA_NA_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Movistar Mexico (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTMX_NA_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid12
CELL Mexico (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-IUSMX_NA_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid12
CELL Mexico (1GB) - XT1540_OSPREY_RETLA-IUSMX_NA_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid12 (Newer Build)



Retail Europe (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETEU_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55_cid7
Retail Europe (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETEU_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Retail Europe (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETEU_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail Europe (2GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETEU_2GB_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55_cid7
Retail Europe (2GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETEU_2GB_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Retail Europe (2GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETEU_2GB_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail Ireland (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETEU-IRELAND_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7
Orange EU (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_ORAEU_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Orange EU (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_ORAEU_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7 (Newer Build)
Vodafone EU (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_VFEU_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Retail Spain (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETES_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Retail Spain (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETES_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7 (Newer Build)
Orange Spain (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_ORAES_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Orange Spain (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_ORAES_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail UK (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETGB_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Tesco UK (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETGB-TESCO_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Tesco UK (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_RETGB-TESCO_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7 (Newer Build)
Three UK (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_3GB(Hutchison_UK)_6.0.1_MPI24.107-63_cid7
O2 UK (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_O2GB_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
O2 UK (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_O2GB_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7 (Newer Build)
Vodafone UK (1GB) - XT1541_OSPREY_VFEU-VFGB_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7

Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-16.4_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA_5.1.1_LPI23.72-65_cid12 (Newer Build)
Movistar Chile (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTCL_5.1.1_LPI23.72-16.4_cid12
Movistar Chile (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTCL_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid12
Movistar Chile (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTCL_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid12 (Newer Build)
Personal Argentina (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-PERAR_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid12
Personal Argentina (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-PERAR_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid12 (Newer Build)

Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA_6.0_MPIS24.65-33.1-2-4_cid12 (Newer Build)
Movistar Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTLA_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid12
Movistar Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTLA_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid12
Movistar Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTLA__6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12
Movistar Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-MSTLA_6.0_MPIS24.65-33.1-2-4_cid12 (Newer Build)
Persona Argentina (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-PERAR_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid12
Persona Argentina (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-PERAR_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12
Persona Argentina (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-PERAR_6.0_MPIS24.65-33.1-2-4_cid12 (Newer Build)
Tigo Latin America (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-TIGO_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid12
Nextel Chile (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-NIICL_6.0_MPI24.65-25_cid12
Nextel Chile (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-NIICL_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid12
Nextel Chile (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-NIICL_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12 (Newer Build)
Entel Chile (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-ENTEL_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid12
Entel Chile (1GB) - XT1542_OSPREY_RETLA-ENTEL_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12 (Newer Build)

XT1543 (Dual-SIM)
Retail Brazil (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETBR_DS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid12
Retail Brazil (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETBR_DS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.5_cid12
Retail Brazil (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETBR_DS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-65_cid12 (Newer Build)
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETLA_DS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-16.4_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETLA_DS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETLA_DS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-47.4_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETLA_DS_5.1.1_LPI23.72-65_cid12 (Newer Build)
Retail Latin America (2GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETLA_DS_2GB_5.1.1_LPI23.72-33_cid12
Retail Latin America (2GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETLA_DS_2GB_5.1.1_LPI23.72-43_cid12 (Newer Build)


Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETLA_DS_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55_cid12
Retail Latin America (1GB) - XT1543_OSPREY_RETLA_DS_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid12 (Newer Build)

XT1544 (Dual-SIM with HDTV)

Retail Brazil (1GB) - XT1544_OSPREY_RETBR_DSTV_6.0_MPI24.65-25.1_cid12
Retail Brazil (1GB) - XT1544_OSPREY_RETBR_DSTV_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1_cid12
Retail Brazil (1GB) - XT1544_OSPREY_RETBR_DSTV_6.0_MPI24.65-33.1-2_cid12
Retail Brazil (1GB) - XT1544_OSPREY_RETBR_DSTV_6.0_MPIS24.65-33.1-2-4_cid12 (Newer Build)

XT1548 (CDMA)

Sprint US - XT1548_OSPREY_SPRINT_6.0.1_MCI24.107-82_cid9
US Cellular - XT1548_OSPREY_USC_6.0.1_MCI24.107-79_cid9

XT1550 (Dual-SIM)


Retail Asia | India (1GB) - XT1550_OSPREY_RETASIA_DS_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55_cid7
Retail Asia | India (1GB) - XT1550_OSPREY_RETASIA_DS_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7
Retail Asia | India (1GB) - XT1550_OSPREY_RETASIA_DS_6.0.1_MPIS24.107-55-2-5_cid7 (Newer Build)
Retail Asia | India (2GB) - XT1550_OSPREY_RETASIA_DS_2GB_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55_cid7
Retail Asia | India (2GB) - XT1550_OSPREY_RETASIA_DS_2GB_6.0.1_MPI24.107-55-2_cid7 (Newer Build)

XT1556 (Turbo Edition)
Retail Mexico | Brazil | Latin America - MotoG3-TE_XT1556_MERLIN_RETAIL_5.1.1_LPD23.215_cid50

Retail Mexico | Brazil | Latin America - XT1556_MERLIN_RETAIL_6.0_MPD24.65-22_cid50
Retail Mexico | Brazil | Latin America - XT1556_MERLIN_RETAIL_6.0_MPD24.65-33_cid50
Retail Mexico | Brazil | Latin America - XT1556_MERLIN_RETAIL_6.0_MPD24.65-33-1_cid50
Retail Mexico | Brazil | Latin America - XT1556_MERLIN_RETAIL_6.0_MPDS24.65-33-1-3_cid50 (Newer Build)

XT1557 (Turbo Edition)


Retail Asia - XT1557_MERLIN_RETASIA_6.0.1_MPD24.107-56_cid50
Retail Asia - XT1557_MERLIN_RETASIA_6.0.1_MPD24.107-56-1_cid50
Retail Asia - XT1557_MERLIN_RETASIA_6.0.1_MPDS24.107-56-1-3_cid50 (Newer Build)
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Firmware Image Requests:
XT1540 - 5.1.1 - Retail Latin America (1GB)
XT1541 - 5.1.1 - Retail Great Britain (2GB)
XT1541 - 6.0.1 - Retail France (2GB)
XT1542 - 5.1.1 - Retail Latin America (2GB)
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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is a Factory Firmware Image?
These images are not OTA Updates, and have nothing to do with OTA Updates. These files are digitally signed by Motorola; which is why they can be flashed with a Locked Bootloader.

Please do not offer your OTA Update zips, or dumps of your OTA-Updated system. Also, just because an OTA Update is available, does not mean a corresponding Firmware Image will immediately appear in first post. There can be a delay of days, weeks or months between the roll-out of an OTA Update and the availability of a Factory Firmware Image.

Is "X" Firmware Image available?
If you don't find the firmware image you seek in first post; your question has already been answered. What you see - is what is currently available. The firmware image will be added asap. Please be patient.

Can I flash Factory Firmware if my Bootloader is locked?
Yes. However attempting to downgrade to an older version of Android may fail - 'Preflash validation' error. Even with an unlocked Bootloader, downgrading cannot be guaranteed. It's also important to be aware that flashing the wrong Bootloader (bootloader.img) for your model can have serious consequences. Always establish your model of Moto G before flashing.

I get a 'Preflash validation' error when flashing a Firmware Image
The Firmware Image you are trying to flash is too old. You can only flash a firmware image that matches, or is newer than the most recent system version you have had on your phone. However the former scenario can also sometimes return the error. In which case, your options are to wait for an even newer firmware image or unlock Bootloader and flash a ROM zip.

After flashing Firmware Image files phone gets stuck during boot-up | will not load Android?
Refer to the guide. Check you are naming the files correctly, and make sure you are flashing all of the 'sparsechunk' files - not just those mentioned in the tutorial. The 'sparsechunk' commands listed there are not to be copied exactly, different firmware images may have different files.

After flashing Firmware Image I have X problem in Android?
There are no major bugs in these firmware images. Users are either not flashing the firmware properly, or not erasing userdata. If anyone has problems in Android after flashing a firmware image, show me a log of the fastboot flashing process.

Downgrading and OTA Updates
If you downgrade, it is advised to avoid all OTA Updates. These updates can result in a hard-brick (phone will not turn on) if you have a newer Bootloader than the one expected. For example, you have the Marshmallow Bootloader, but have downgraded to Android Lollipop.

How to Disable OTA Updates?

(1) Without Root access

It may be possible to do this via:
Settings > Apps > [swipe left to 'All'] > MotorolaOTA (or something similarly named) > Disable
(2) With Root access

Google Play Store has many apps that will allow you to 'freeze' the OTA Update service. Titanium Backup is a common example.

Alternatively, with a 'root access' file explorer, you can delete or rename the following files:
These additional files can be removed or renamed: (If you still get an OTA Update notification)
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31st July 2015, 08:23 PM |#4  
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Thanks again sir. I had downloaded the 1540 the other day, but today I find out that there is a different fw for 2 gig than for the 1 gig. Now I'm downloading the 2 gig fw (course, it won't do me any good since I won't have the phone until next March, or so, after I get my tax refund.
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1st August 2015, 09:07 AM |#5  
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That was real quick.
Thanks a lot mate!
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1st August 2015, 10:20 AM |#6  
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Can anybody upload the logo.bin file for the firmware as i don't want download 2 gigs of file.
1st August 2015, 10:23 AM |#7  
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@Piyoosh_Singh - File attached.
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (310.0 KB, 3976 views)
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1st August 2015, 10:34 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by lost101

@Piyoosh_Singh - File attached.

Thanks, that saved my day.
1st August 2015, 01:16 PM |#9  
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but how to flash that firmware? procedure? i m new to moto device
1st August 2015, 02:45 PM |#10  
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@lost101 New XT1541, XT1543 and XT1550 firmwares have been uploaded on FileFactory

Mod Edit:
Pay-per-click links removed.
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1st August 2015, 03:11 PM |#11  
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@sagar27691 - In the first post there is a section called: How to flash
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