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[GT-S7275R/B/T][ROM][Unofficial][STABLE][5.1.1] CyanogenMod 12.1 for Ace 3 LTE (EOL)

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By kotzir, Inactive Recognized Developer on 18th November 2014, 08:12 PM
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WARNING! This ROM is for the GT-S7275R/B/T variants only!

CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 5.1 (Lollipop), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. You will need to provide your own Google Applications package (gapps). CyanogenMod does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

All the source code for CyanogenMod is available in the CyanogenMod Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to CyanogenMod, please visit our Gerrit Code Review. Your changelog is whatever was merged into gerrit.

CM-12.1 Install Guide

Note: CM for Galaxy Ace 3 LTE is provided with no warranty. You are installing this software at your own risk. You may be violating your warranty.

Download CM-12.1 and OpenGapps zips and put in /sdcard
[/LIST] Before you install CM-12.1: Preparation (First three are optional. If you want to start fresh, these can be skipped)
  1. Install AppBak from Market, run it and save a list of all your apps.
  2. Install SMS Backup and Restore from Market, run it and backup your SMS history.
  3. Install Call Logs Backup and Restore from Market, run it and backup your call log history.
  4. Boot into TWRP recovery. Make a full backup. You will need this backup later if you decide to go back to your previous ROM and data.
WARNING: Many apps will Force Close crash if you restore data from a previous ROM.

  1. Use TWRP Recovery.
    • Warning: Only use this recovery to flash CM-12.1. Otherwise, you risk bricking your phone!
  2. Wipe system, data, dalvik and cache. (For clean installation)
  3. Flash cm-12*.zip.
  4. Flash gapps*.zip.
  5. Reboot phone.
  6. After you setup your Google account, reinstall the three apps from Market in order to restore most of your apps, call log and SMS history.
  7. Warning: Do not restore backup data of system apps!
    • If you restore a bad backup with cached settings in telephony.db in data/data/com.*.*.telephony it can break MMS.
    • It seems that restoring backups can also break Calendar sync.
Upgrades from previous versions of CM-12.1 are the same process as install, except you do not need to wipe anything. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to even wipe cache and dalvik-cache when upgrading between CM-12.1 versions. You only need to wipe if you are doing a major upgrade, switching to a different ROM entirely, or attempting to fix bugs caused by bad backups or corrupt app data.

Useful Links:

Epic Touch CM Team for the install instructions
Everyone that donated beers

The CyanogenMod team would like to thank everyone involved in helping with testing, coding, debugging & documenting! Enjoy![/QUOTE]


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-Everything except the stuff in the bug list below


-Some times continuous vibration occurs, to stop it press and hold the power button and it will stop
-You tell me..

Latest Release is 20160829!

Baseband Issues. Thanks @maximianu for the investigation.
Original post


All the builds will be hosted here:
***Mirroring my ROM and builds is not appreciated***


Official facebook page: Page

If you like it, give me a thanks or a beer :)
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18th November 2014, 08:12 PM |#2  
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*CM sources update
*Latest Android Security Patches and quadrooter patches
*system_prop: reduce dex2oat thread count from 4 to 2
*set ro.hwui.text_large_cache_height to 1024
*Kernel: HID: hiddev: validate num_values for HIDIOCGUSAGES, HIDIOCSUSAGES commands (CVE-2016-5829)
*Kernel: net: ipc_router: Bind only a client port as control port (CVE-2016-2059)
*Kernel: msm: kgsl: Defer adding the mem entry to a process (CVE-2016-2504)
*Kernel: ashmem: Validate ashmem memory with fops pointer (CVE-2016-5340) 
*Kernel: msm: board-8930-pmic: Remove PMIC LED driver
*Kernel: msm: Fix bus vector for DFAB clk setting
*Kernel: Enable OTG
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r37
*Build ID LMY49H --> LMY49J
*Use Intel's Memory Recommendations
*Update prebuilt Eleven
*audio: Lower earpiece volume a little bit
*msm8930-common: prima: Use stock WCNSS_qcom_wlan_nv.bin
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*Kernel: msm_vibrator: Don't use workqueue to enable/disable vibrator
*Kernel: f2fs: Sync with kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs-stable.git
*Kernel: pipe: Fix buffer offset after partially failed read
*Kernel: pipe: iovec: Fix memory corruption when retrying atomic copy as non-atomic
*Kernel: defconfig: Enable CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG
*Kernel: Makefile: Drop custom ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE variables
*Kernel: include/linux/poison.h: fix LIST_POISON{1,2} offset
*Kernel: defconfig: Disable CONFIG_DM_VERITY
*Kernel: tty: Fix unsafe ldisc reference via ioctl(TIOCGETD)
*Kernel: KEYS: Fix race between read and revoke
*Kernel: fuse: break infinite loop in fuse_fill_write_pages()
*CM sources update
*Fix auto livedisplay setting
*Fix derp in CMHW inclusion
*Kernel: msm_fb: Add KCAL interface
*Kernel: msm_fb: Enable MDP4 IGC LUT
*Kernel: msm_fb: Fix GC & IGC LUT
*Kernel: Revert "video: mdp4: Color temperature interface using PCC"
*Kernel: Revert "mdp4: pcc: fix PCC disablement"
*Kernel: Revert "msm: mdp: Restore PCC config when MDP goes on"
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r35
*Build ID LMY49G --> LMY49H
*CM sources update
*Same fix for Youtube as in CM13 applied
*Revert back to phone-xhdpi-1024 dalvik heap configuration
*gps: Misc fixups
*gps: Re-enable MSA capability
*Kernel: msm: mdp: Restore PCC config when MDP goes on
Releases with changelog:
*CM sources update
*Update prebuilt Eleven
*gps: Various fixes from CAF
*cmhw: don't crash if serial number file is unreadable
*cmhw: use CMHW to return proper device serial
*common: Use full path to cmhw
*rootdir: Remove obsolete crda service
*rootdir: Remove unused USB compositions
*rootdir: Remove setprop of obsolete
*Revert "Enable Dexpreopt on userdebug builds"
*decrease zRam to 128MB
*msm8930-common: Remove obsolete crda packages
*Kernel: timekeeping: fix 32-bit overflow in get_monotonic_boottime
*Kernel: tick: Dynamically set broadcast irq affinity
*Kernel: timekeeping: Add missing update call in timekeeping_resume()
*Kernel: mdp4: pcc: fix PCC disablement 
*Kernel: net: inet_diag: zero out uninitialized idiag_{src,dst} fields
*rootdir: set swappiness to 100
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r34
*Latest security patch level
*Build ID LMY49F --> LMY49G
*bluetooth: Update features config
*bluetooth: Define max supported L2CAP channels
*Switch to phone-hdpi dalvik heap configuration
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*Kernel: fs: f2fs: Sync with jaegeuk
*Kernel: bluetooth: Validate socket address length in sco_sock_bind().
*Kernel: msm: wlan: Update regulatory database for some countries 
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r33
*Build ID LMY48Y --> LMY49F
*Odexed build
*rootdir: Remove setting of governor on boot
*audio: Update mixers
*rootdir: Remove logwrapper from irsc_util service
*Remove low ram flags
*Latest security patch level(2016-01-01)
*Kernel: Revert "Replace with a bc script"
*Kernel: Eliminate Perl warning
*Kernel: wlan: Address buffer overflow due to invalid length
*Kernel: defconfig: Set interactive governor as default
*Kernel: md: use kzalloc() when bitmap is disabled
*Kernel: KEYS: Fix handling of stored error in a negatively instantiated user key
*Kernel: ipv6: addrconf: validate new MTU before applying it
*Kernel: __ptrace_may_access() should not deny sub-threads
*Kernel: net: fix iterating over hashtable in tcp_nuke_addr()
*Kernel: net: add validation for the socket syscall protocol argument
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r29
*CM sources update
*Update prebuilt Eleven
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r26
*Build ID LMY48W --> LMY48Y
*Kernel: net: add length argument to skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec
*Custom Kernel: net: add length argument to skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec
*CM sources update
*Enable adaptive LMK
*Optimal dex2oat thread_count
*Kernel: Discard sdcardfs
*Kernel: android: configs: Grab the android/configs from kernel/common
*Kernel: android: base-cfg: disable ALARM_DEV
*Kernel: android: base-cfg: disable ANDROID_LOGGER
*Kernel: mm: Add notifier framework for showing memory
*Kernel: mm: vmpressure: allow in-kernel clients to subscribe for events
*Kernel: mm: vmpressure: scale pressure based on reclaim context
*Kernel: mm: vmpressure: account allocstalls only on higher pressures
*Kernel: lowmemorykiller: Dump out slab state information
*Kernel: lowmemorykiller: Run the lowmemory notifier when killing
*Kernel: lowmemorykiller: Do proper NULL checks
*Kernel: lowmemorykiller: Don't count swap cache pages twice
*Kernel: lowmemorykiller: adapt to vmpressure
*Kernel: lowmemorykiller: use for_each_thread instead of buggy while_each_thread
*Kernel: lowmemorykiller: avoid false adaptive LMK triggers
*Kernel: Use upsteam lowmemorykiller
*Custom kernel: The same changes
*CM sources update
*ril: Fixup the overload constructors
*CM sources update
*Remove start of non-existent qcom-wifi service
*ril: Add missing instanceId in overloaded methods
*ril: Relocate mQANElements
*Custom Kernel: Applied Nvidia Patches, improved standby time for better power efficiency
*CM sources update
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*CM sources update
*Set IO scheduler to BFQ using a system prop
*Kernel: defconfig: Set NOOP as default scheduler
*Kernel: tcp_cubic: do not set epoch_start in the future
*Kernel: tcp_cubic: better follow cubic curve after idle period
*CM sources update
*Latest security patches merged
*Build ID LVY48H --> LMY48W
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r24 (Build ID LVY48F --> LVY48H)
*Setup Kernel Samepage Merge
*CM sources update
*Enable multi-stream support for ZRAM
*More low RAM optimizations, trim
*Kernel: Stock: Remove any mods except kexec hardboot
*Custom Kernel: Set msm_hotplug as default, disable mpdecision
*CM sources update
*Kernel: Increase default readahead to 512KB
*Kernel: Revert " Eliminate Perl warning."
*Kernel: Replace with a bc script
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*CM sources update
*Increase photo quality
*Revert "audio: Disable low latency audio"
*Revert "rootdir: Remove crypto.driver.load triggers"
*rootdir: Set slice_idle to 0 for BFQ
*rootdir: Remove duplicate mount of debugfs
*msm8930-common: Adjust for changes in common CM policies
*Kernel: Eliminate Perl warning
*Kernel: block: cgroups, kconfig, build bits for BFQ-v7r8-3.4
*Kernel: block: introduce the BFQ-v7r8 I/O sched for 3.4
*Kernel: block, bfq: add Early Queue Merge (EQM) to BFQ-v7r8 for 3.4.0
*Kernel: defconfig: Switch to BFQ scheduler
*Kernel: Revert "defconfig: Build QCOM crypto device as built-in"
*CM sources update
*Build ID LVY48E --> LVY48F
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r18 (Build ID LMY48G --> LVY48E)
*Fix typo in media_codecs, pick the correct file
*CM sources update
*prop: Remove useless ro.enable_boot_charger_mode
*Ship prebuilt Eleven
*msm8930-common: sepolicy: Fix denials during off mode charging
*Kernel: sysrq: Emergency Remount R/O in reverse order
*Kernel: msm: restart: Fix reboot in charger mode
*Kernel: defconfig: Switch to CFQ scheduler
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*Custom Kernel: Add intelli_thermal
*CM sources update
*Increase zRam to 268MB
*Art: Disable dex2oat watchdog
*CM sources update
*Update sensor values from stock ramdisk
*Disable Ambient Display for now
*Using prebuilt webview
*Custom Kernel included
*Kernel: Use tuned options when compiling
*Kernel: Re-implemented Kexec hardboot
*Kernel: Fixed last_kmsg
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*CM sources update
*Low RAM build prop additions
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r13
*Remove read ahead tunings
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r9
*Kernel: defconfig: Update with some Google recommended options
*Kernel: exfat: Update to v1.2.12
*Kernel: Add extreme power saving SmartMax EPS cpu governor
*Kernel: Misc patches
*qcom-common: libhealthd: fix warning
*qcom-common: SamsungDozeService: properly fix future timestamp error
*CM sources update
*Disable low latency audio 
*Use video codecs for low end devices
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r8
*More build.prop tweaks, thanks XDA fellas
*More low-memory killer tuning
*Kernel: Fiops i/o scheduler
*Kernel: Misc patches
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r6
*Build.prop tweaks for battery and laggy interfaces (testing)
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*qcom-common: SamsungDoze: restore proximity wake preference on boot
*Increase zRam to 50MB
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r5
*Don't copy FFMPEG config anymore
*Decrease zRAM value to 30MB
*qcom-common: doze: add proximity wake 
*qcom-common: Automatic translation import
*Kernel: msm: vidc: Sync with LA.AF
*Kernel: Misc patches
*Kernel: Increase MSM_ION_MM_SIZE to 88MB
*CM sources update
*Update rmt_storage service
*Update interactive governor values
*Remove disabled audio features
*Use material style app drawer as the default
*Sync audio_policy.conf with LA.AF
*Enable AAC 5.1 output
*Update mm.enable.qcom_parser value
*Increase large font cache size
*CM sources update
*Fix compass
*Cleanup init.qcom.power.rc for unnecessary stuff
*Move power profiles to init.qcom.power.rc
*Sepolicy updates and reorganization
*Remove bugreport service
*Camera can save on external SD
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r4
*msm8930-common: prima: Update config
*qcom-common: doze: Add back button to action bar
*qcom-common: doze: fix defaults
*qcom-common: doze: Consolidate doze settings
*Kernel: wlan: prima: Sync with LA.AF.1.1_rb1.18 
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r3 (Build ID LMY48B)
*CM sources update
*Re-enable ambient display
*Build custom doze service
*msm8930-common: doze: Add service for using proximity sensor for wake-up 
*Allow debuggerd to read kgsl-3d0 
*Even more recovery denials
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Re-enable zRam
*Fix LTE doesn't come up on boot
*msm8930-common: Address more rild denials
*CM sources update
*msm8930-common: sepolicy: Allow uncrypt access to mmc_block_device
*Kernel: Reverted bunch of patches, maybe random reboots get fixed
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Disable zRam
*Remove obsolete system properties
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*msm8930-commom: Enable OVERIDE_RS_DRIVER
*Adreno blobs from Flo LMY47O
*Kernel: Sync GPU kernel driver with flo
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1.1_r1
*Revert "config: Revert back to AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_ALL_A2DP in output paths"
*msm8930-common:Address mpdecision/thermald denials
*msm8930-common:Address netd denials
*msm8930-common:Address recovery denials
*Kernel: Enable optimized SHA256 and SHA512
*Kernel: wlan: prima: Sync with LA.AF.1.1_rb1.17 
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Kernel: Misc patches
*Mpdecision enabled by default
*Fix proprietary app path
*CM sources update
*Use LZ4 on zRAM
*Android 5.1.0_r3 --> 5.1.0_r5 (Build ID LMY47I --> LMY47O)
*CM sources update
*Set dialer lookup to default disabled
*Add PCC calibration interface
*Address denials for PCC interface
*Kernel: Support color calibration, for live display
*CM sources update
*Turn art optimization to everything
*Disable cpu.notify_on_migrate feature
*Remove hdpi from PRODUCT_AAPT_CONFIG
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Android 5.1
*Update notify_on_migrate path 
*Enable call recording
*Enable 256MB of zRAM
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Adjust min-free value for lowmemorykiller
*Enable zRAM
*CM sources update
*Show percentage in charger mode
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*msm8930-common: Remove deprecated egl.cfg
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Revert "ril: Add support for 4.4.4 RIL"
*Revert "Revert "ril: Ignore getCellInfoList and setCellInfoListRate calls""
*RIL: Update signal strength routine
*Revert to old ril blobs
*Kernel: Update Intelli_plug v3.9 --> v4.0
*Qcom-common: mms: add overlay for Claro PR carrier
*CM sources update
*Revert "ril: Ignore getCellInfoList and setCellInfoListRate calls"
*Add support for 4.4.4 RIL
*Enable separated headset mic
*Update snd_soc_msm_2x 
*Remove NFC support, it does not work anyway
*Update RIL blobs from S4 mini stock ROM
*CM sources update
*Revert "ril: Handle namePresentation the same as numberPresentation"
*ril: Change dc.isVoice to upstream
*Change charger binary to healthd
*Remove setting permissions for non-existent fmradio dev
*Revert "rootdir: Create native cgroup"
*Revert "move custom AAPT config to"
*msm8930-common: camera: Modify base.common.version API define
*msm8930-common: Fix denials installing/updating recovery
*msm8930-common: prima: Enable gStaKeepAlivePeriod
*Drivers: Adreno: Sync with LA.AF.1.1_rb1.8
*Drivers: Update a300 and vidc firmware
*Kernel: Tune voltage table, thanks @FirstMn
*Kernel: Wlan: prima: Sync with LA.AF.1.1_rb1.13
*Kernel: Disable swap readahead
*Kernel: lmk: Sync with LA.AF
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Fixed moving apps to external storage
*CM sources update
*Re-enable QCOM hardware AAC encoder
*Enable QCOM hardware AAC decoder
*Switch to NuPlayer
*Remove lpa decode prop
*msm8930-common: Fix denial when writing to external sd card in UMS mode
*Kernel: wlan: prima: Sync with LA.AF.1.1_rb1.12
*Kernel: qseecom: Sync with LA.AF.1.1_rb1.12
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Enable VOIP_TX 
*Changing usb device from ANALOG to USB_IN 
*Update audio_policy.conf with supported AAC profiles
*Add missing AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_FM_TX in fast path
*Set default country index to Europe in FM app
*msm8930-common: Disable Minikin engine
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Remove obsolete Torch package
*Cleanup and simplify bluetooth script
*Remove custom wifi script used for setting MAC address
*Remove init.carrier.rc from ramdisk
*Add in common stuff from device overlay
*msm8930-common: Add tinyalsa utilities
*msm8930-common: Add custom libwcnss_qmi for setting the MAC address
*msm8930-common: Address denials for wcnss_service
*qcom-common: Cleanup file permissions (755->644)
*qcom-common: Remove non-existent enableSplitSMS config
*Kernel: Minor patches
*CM sources update
*Move custom AAPT config to
*Add seclabel for insthk service
*Address denials for insthk
*Add insthk binary from jf's lollipop
*CM sources update
*Change wifi services again to upstream CAF
*Remove locale override
*Create native cgroup 
*Update codec capabilities info in media_codecs.xml
*Add secure feature for decoders in media_codecs.xml
*Disable USB debugging by default
*Kernel: added sio i/o scheduler
*Kernel: added intelliactive CPU governor
*Kernel: wlan: prima: Sync with LA.AF.1.1_rb1.9
*Kernel: minor patches
*CM sources update
*Explicitly disable some audio features
*Google Chrome crashes fixed
*New bootanimation
*CM sources update
*Enable USB-OTG entry on storage settings
*CM sources updates
*Kernel: Update intelli_plug to v3.9
*Kernel: New SHA algorithms
*Kernel: Misc patches
*CM sources update
*Set ro.crypto.fuse_sdcard
*Fix encryption after factory reset
*Always start sdcard service
*Remove crypto.driver.load triggers
*Kernel: Build qcom crypto driver as built-in instead of module
*CM sources update
*Add USB charging mode
*Kernel: Fix offline charging for real
*CM sources update
*Fixed flashlight and camera
*Device: Little fix for offline charging
*Set persist awesomeplayer prop
*rootdir: Add class main to mpdecision service
*msm8930-common: selinux: Address denials for alps_io
*msm8930-common: selinux: Address denials for pn547
*msm8930-common: Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
*Kernel patch 
*CM sources update
*Use of awesome player as default
*Device tree cleanup
*Fixed tethering, no need to apply the previous fix
*Cleanup init.carrier.rc 
*Don't mount persdata 
*Change NTP_SERVER in gps.conf to use izatcloud 
*Update Bluetooth features
*Update kernel command line 
*Update media_codecs
*Add fast path to audio_policy.conf to enable low latency audio
*Update audio_policy.conf
*Revert back to AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_ALL_A2DP in output paths
*Remove AUDIO_DEVICE_IN_COMMUNICATION from inputs devices 
*Force camera API to version 1
*Remove obsolete camera wrapper option 
*Set a real persistent usb composition
*Set default locale to en_GB
*Enable smooth streaming
*Selinux: Set enforced
*Fix hostapd service to use correct config folder
*Load fastrpc module after boot
*Move wcd9310 symlink creation to msm8930-common
*Move mounting of partitions to fstab
*Use wildcard for usb volume
*Cleanup init scripts
*Don't show mobile plan preference 
*RIL updates
*Use widewine libs from Mako
*Remove prebuilt
*Update Adreno Drivers from jf stock ROM
*msm8930-common: camera: Cleanup wrapper 
*msm8930-common: Revert: "Enable features for new audio policy manager" 
*msm8930-common: Revert: "Temporarily disable some QCOM audio features" 
*msm8930-common: Remove obsolete TARGET_USE_CUSTOM_LUN_FILE_PATH 
*msm8930-common: Create wcd9310 symlinks during build process
*msm8930-common: Create firmware links during build process 
*msm8930-common: Define correct path to hostapd files 
*msm8930-common: Disable CCX feature in Prima config 
*msm8930-common: Adding new ini variable for scan offload 
*msm8930-common: Remove custom keypress_vibration_durations.xml
*msm8930-common: Add overlay to disable BT client profiles for A family
*msm8930-common: selinux: Include common qcom sepolicies
*msm8930-common: selinux: Add platform specific sepolicies
*Kernel: Prima WLAN update
*Kernel: Misc patches 
*CM sources update
*Αllow multiple sampling rates for a2dp
*Remove lollipop RIL hack
*Revert: Set default preview size for video to 1280x720
*Kernel: Enable USB-OTG
*Kernel: Optional CPU Overclock/Underclock
*Kernel: Voltage Control
*Kernel: Change readahead to 512KB
*Kernel: Add USB fastcharge support
*CM sources update
*Re-enable lollipop RIL hack
*Fix: Now audio from videos plays on both sides
*Set default preview size for video to 1280x720
*CM sources update
*Revert: Enable Ambient Display feature
*Inherit common SELinux policy
*Remove lollipop RIL hack 
*qcom-common: Do not build charger 
*qcom-common: Include healthd charging images
*CM sources update
*Enable Ambient Display feature
*Revert: Enable large heap for Trebuchet
*CM sources update
*Android version 5.0.2
*Stock Camera fully working
*Update hardware key overlays
*Volume buttons unlock device (disable it from settings, in case you don't need it)
*CM sources update
*Added CPU underclock
*Use Google codecs
*AudioFX and Music app now fully working
*CM source update
*Updated media_profiles.xml
*Kernel: Added intellimm cpu governor
*USB mass storage(mount SDcard) works now
*CM sources update
*Android version 5.0.1
*Fix: Can't choose LTE preferred network type from settings
*Allow app moving to SdCard natively
*More CM features
*CM sources update
*Fixed tethering
*Disable mpdecision
*Allow Home button to wake device
*CM sources update
*Remove qrngd service 
*Add missing ; in CameraParametersExtra.h 
*Remove obsolete WAKE flag from keylayout files
*Add back permissions for ttyHSL0 
*Create /data/radio used by RIL
*Remove redundant config_wifi_tcp_buffers 
*Enable large heap for Trebuchet
*Many kernel patched added
*Built-in superuser
*Fixed offline charging
*msm8930-common: Update WCNSS config
*msm8930-common: Remove qrngd package
*msm8930-common: cut EGL cache size in half, should reduce RAM usage
*msm8930-common: Remove BOARD_VOLD_MAX_PARTITIONS
*CM sources update
*Revert "Add missing -dd in wifi services"
*Update ueventd.qcom.rc 
*Update wifi services 
*Include FFMPEG codec configuration
*Revert "Enable A2DP Sink, HFP HS and AVRCP controller" 
*Revert "Enable QCOM_BT_USE_SMD_TTY for bluetooth" 
*Rename reboot to bootloader --> reboot to download
*More CM features
*CM sources update
*Add back support for hardware keys
*Set tcp buffer size in overlay
*Add missing -dd in wifi services
*Minor cleanup of init.qcom.rc 
*msm8930-common: Use dlmalloc instead of jemalloc
*msm8930-common: Enable A2DP Sink, HFP HS and AVRCP controller
*msm8930-common: Don't send magic ZSL command
*CM sources update
*Fixed Camera (google camera)
*Fixed audio playback
*Fixed FM Radio
*Launch recents when long pressing HOME key
*Add back support for hardware keys
*Add multiuser
*Initial Release
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18th November 2014, 08:54 PM |#3  
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I wait on the first release Thank you so much men
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18th November 2014, 09:48 PM |#4  
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I forgot to mention that the ROM is not rooted and I haven't tried to root it myself
Also in android 5.0 the stock kernel is included, without OC, UC and all the other stuff for stability and safety issues
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18th November 2014, 09:54 PM |#5  
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How long first boot up?
18th November 2014, 10:12 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Maniakk

How long first boot up?

Extract the battery

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19th November 2014, 05:08 AM |#7  
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Thank you. I got this before Nexus 7 Lollipop:thumbup:

Sent from my GT-S7275R
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19th November 2014, 08:57 AM |#8  
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I'll wait for a rooted release... (i'm running under your CM11 relaese for now)

You're doing a very very.... very good job !!!!

If you like it, give me a thanks or ever a beer

-> I'll pay you a beer
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19th November 2014, 02:09 PM |#9  
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app kill not work..
19th November 2014, 03:52 PM |#10  
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I would like to inform you that many CM11 features are not included for now, CyanogenMod team is working hard to port them.
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19th November 2014, 05:29 PM |#11  
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Thumbs up Bugs
SIM card not working - (saying instert SIM card)
Phone says low memory but i have 2GB free on internal and 11gb free on external SD. I mean phone mean low storage as USB storage (otg) but i dont have USB otg connected (sry for bad english)
Can install from your cm11 without all wipes(i forgot it,but it works also too)
Its amazing! I know is not stable release and full cm but , phone is laggy
How you mean not working Audio playback ?I listen sounds from phone
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