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PX5 MTCD/E Head Unit Discussion Thread [Rockchip PX5 A53 | Android 8.0 | 2/4GB RAM]

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By ikerg, Senior Member on 12th January 2018, 04:05 PM
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This thread is intended on collect the information about Android 8 (Oreo) over the Android units that features:
PX5 Platform Core Board

The information below is a copy of the same thread for Android 6 by @aarick

Post 2: Firmware
Post 3: Tips, Tricks and Fixes - Rooting instruction here
Post 4: Bugs/Issues
Post 5: Useful apps
Post 6: Useful links

For those not familiar with the PX5 Head unit, the specs are below:
OS: Android 8.0 Oreo
CPU: Rockchip PX5 A53 Octa-Core
RAM: 2GB or 4GB DDR3
Audio output: 4*45W
Built-in Radio Tuner (RDS Enabled) (18 FM and 12 AM stations Preset)
Built-in USB & SD Slot
Region Free DVD Player
Screen Mirroring
Steering wheel controls (SWC) and Canbus interface
Optional compatible accessories:
DAB+ USB Tuner
4G/3G Dongle
OBD02 Module
External Mic

The head unit comprises of two parts:
  • a MicroController Unit(MCU) board, which controls physical buttons and A/V inputs/outputs to/from the headunit. This board interacts with Android OS.
  • ANDROID part. The main Operating System.
Both MCU and Android ROM interact together to achieve the functionality of the head unit.

MCU type discussed here is MTCD or MTCE (if your unit has not MTCD/MTCE type MCU this thread is not for your unit)
MTCE is a software upgrade for MTCD, so they are identical in terms of hardware

The Manufacturer is identified by the XXX when consulting the MCU information under "device information" [MTCE_XXX_Version]. Take into accout that you should always refer the MANUFACTURER name (not the seller) on the forums for help/assistance. Giving the name for the Seller does not give any information but confusion.

e.g: MTCD_HA_1.93_1 (MTCD Unit with MCU for HotAudio under 1.93_1 version)
e.g: MTCE_GS_2.75 (MTCE Unit with MCU for GESHI manufacturer under 2.75 version)

Known manufacturers for MTCD/E PX5 are:
______________ _____________
  • GS = GE_SHI (ShenZhen GESHI Electronics And Technology CO.,LTD. Brands: KA JUN DA. Website: )
  • KD = KU_DUO (Shenzhen Kuduo Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.)
  • HA = (Guangzhou Huge Circle Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Brands: HOTAUDIO/DASAITA. webSite:
  • JY = JIE_YOU (Shenzhen Jieyou Electronic. Brands: JIE YOU J)
  • LM = LEI_MA (Lei Electronics Inc)
  • MX = MAI_XIN (Shenzhen Mai Xin Da Technology Co. Ltd)
  • ZH = ZHI_HANG (Guangzhou Zhihang Electronics Technology CO., LTD. Brands: WINCA/ROADNAV/STQ)
  • HZC = HANG_ZHI_CHEN (Same as ZH??)
  • KGL = KAI_GE_LE (Shenzhen Kaigele Electronics Co., Ltd Brands: HUIFEI. Website:
  • KSP = KA_SI_PU (Kasi Pu Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen)
  • XRC = XIN_RUI_CHANG (Xinrui Electronic Technology Co. Ltd)
  • HLA = (Shenzhen Hualingan Electronic Co. Ltd. Brands:HUALINGAN. Website:

(this list will be updated according to users report new manufacturers)

Some information I found on the CPU:
Rockchip PX5 Press Release
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12th January 2018, 04:06 PM |#2  
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Firmware Post
MCU Upgrades Repository:

ANDROID 8 (Oreo) stock Update List:
Due to change in partition system and upgrade in recovery system, update can't be performed using the OTA Android 8 files over Android 6.0 as usual method (direct or Recovery) as it will result in an error (or could get a bricked device...)
The only available methods are:

1) Upgrade by using SDCARD slot:

Thanks to @marchnz for the Oreo ROM Dumping, to @kumarai for the recovery change procedure, to @SkyBeam2048 for the compiled solutions for Upgrading/Downgrading (and the comprehensive instructions)
The following Procedure can be used :
Note1. Your unit MUST have a SDCARD slot with direct access to recovery (Not all SDCARD slots on all units can - some sdcard slots have been reported to be another usb port extension [USB3] and they will not work for upgrading)
Note2. USB port is not able to upgrade the recovery as required.

2) Upgrade by extracting the SOM and connecting a homemade OTG USB cable:
Instructions for making the OTG cable:

For upgrading via OTG cable it is recommended to use Rockchip Tools for the Android 6 to 8 upgrade from a PC (to put the unit into "loader Mode" and then flash the supplied firmware)

Custom Oreo Firmwares:
@Malaysk has been released a prerooted Android 8 image with several improvements and modifications:
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12th January 2018, 04:07 PM |#3  
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Tips, Tricks and Fixes
Root for stock ROMs.
  • Method 1: SDCard & Flashing Update File
    Android 8 ROM Root requires to boot.img to be modified and loaded during the Flasing process. @kumarai has been released a first Oreo Root files based on GS ROM from January.

    This information is extracted from:


    ROOT rights for Oreo based on GS firmware from 20180118

    Receiving the root only through the loading card. The load map contains a modified recovery, and the update is modified by the boot.

    Download archive
    Yandex -
    Google -
    The archive contains the following folders:
    SD Formatter
    - In the CreateCD folder, create a bootable card using SD_Firmware_Tool (the program is configured, no checkboxes are set)
    - Image to create a map from the folder Androud-8-sdupdateROOT
    - After creating the boot card, delete sdupdate.img from the card
    - Copy from the UpdateZIP-patch-root folder to the root of the card's SD
    We insert the card into the recorder, reboot, install the update from the SD Card
    Remove the card and reboot the radio.
    Map formatted with the program from the folder SD Formatter
    The root system / app script writes to MagiskManager-v5.6.1.apk

  • Method 2: Injecting supersu via ADB

    Originally Posted by Copycat228
    Use the following instruction to receive permanent root on Android 8 using adb without flashing device:
    On Head Unit, install terminal emulator on device and run two following commands and reboot device. This will open ADB witj root permissions on the port 5555

    setprop persist.adb.tcp.port 5555
    setprop sys.rkadb.root 1
    On your PC, download latest "SuperSu" zip archive from official site, extract su binary from arm64 directory inside the archive
    On your PC, create new file called "rooting.rc" with following content:
    service rooting /system/bin/su --daemon
        class main
        priority 10
        user root
        seclabel u:object_r:system_file:s0
    From your PC run:
    # adb connect "device_ip"
    # adb root
    # adb connect "device_ip"
    # adb remount
    # adb shell setenforce 0
    # adb push su /system/xbin/su
    # adb push su /system/bin/su
    # adb shell chmod 06755 /system/bin/su
    # adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su
    # adb shell /system/bin/su --install
    # adb shell /system/bin/su --daemon&
    # adb push rooting.rc /system/etc/init/rooting.rc
    On Head Unit, install SuperSu from PlayMarket and ask "NO" when application ask to update the module

    Reboot and enjoy!
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12th January 2018, 04:07 PM |#4  
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1. I have a MTCD RK3188 unit. Can I use the firmware updates here published?
No. All the stuff here published is for RK3368 (PX5) MTCD/E units. Only the MCU files could be used for your unit (if it is really a MTCD/E)
2. How do I know if my unit is a MTCD/E?
Go to Settings> Device Information and check the MCU version. it MUST be:
  • MTCD_XXXXX_yyyyy.
  • MTCE_XXXXX_yyyyy.
Where XXXXX is the acronym for the manufacturer and yyyy is the version for the MCU file
3. I cant find MTCDs MCU updates, but MTCE. Can I update a MTCE over a MTCD?
HCT developers, starting from MCU version 2.65, has been renamed the MCTD as MTCE. It is reported to be a major software update and it is fully compatible with MTCD MCU. Therefore, you can upgrade to MTCE from MTCD safely.
4. My MCU is XXX and i can't find new updates from manufacturer for a long time. Can I update from other Brand MCU?
Not all the MTCD MCUs are the same, but quite similar between them. There is a thread that is collecting all the MCU cross compatibility based on user experiences.
5. How Do I enter into recovery menu?
Depending on the HeadUnit, the entering into recovery process could vary.
  • Reset Button Procedure (You need a needle to access that button inside the Reset hole)
    Applicable to:
    • HeadUnits with no physical buttons on Headunit (just capacitive buttons) [Brands: Dasaita]
    1. Press Reset and hold until button light blinks (15-20secs)
    2. Release Reset and press again. Hold it until you see the Marshmallow logo
    3. Release Reset and wait for the Recovery menu to appear

  • Power Button Procedure [Brands: Dasaita]
    Applicable to:
    • HeadUnits with physical power button on Headunit [Brands: Dasaita]
  • When none of the above procedures worked:
    1. Disconnected all power from the unit... ACC & BAT disconnected
    2. Prepared 12V power supply with on negative and two positive connectors
    3. Connected negative to GND & one positive to BAT
    4. Connected USB keyboard
    5. Press right ALT (ALT GR on some keyboards) and PrintScreen
    6. Connected the other positive lead to ACC (unit does not work if both BAT and ACC are not connected)
    6a. Start pressing repeatedly on E (not holding E pressed, but press...release... press... release..... rapidly)
    7. The boot logo shows (MarshMallow...etc) and after a few seconds the unit reboots itself
    8. Release right CTRL & PrintScreen and continue to repeatedly press on E.
    9. The Recovery shows on screen.
6. I have a complete Bricked Unit with a continuous loop. What can I do?
First of all, you have to try to reload the firmware into the unit. As you are not loaded into Android system, you must reload the firmware by using the recovery menu. To enter into recovery menu read the FAQ#5.
Most of the times, reloading the Android firmware solve the issue. Try with different firmwares if you can't succeed at first time. When, even having tried to update your firmware from recovery, but it did not succeed, you probably have corrupted your NAND. In that case a more complex solution is available (desoldering/soldering is required) to come the unit back to life. Thanks @marchnz for the detailed description on the following thread:
7. My HeaadUnit never shuts off and, even several days, after switching engine on the Headunit starts in a few secons....Can I kill my car battery?
These units are designed to enter into deep sleep state detecting ACC off, in order to avoid each time you connect the car, you had to wait a full cold boot (20secs) and they just wake up in 2seconds. During This sleep state, the Headunit consumes a small current (just 100-150mA). Such current can't drain your battery.
Some manufacturers (like Dasaita (HA)) have implemented a menu in which, apart of Auto-Sleep you select at which time you want to HeadUnit shuts off completely, useful for long car unused periods.
8. My apps are killed during Sleep and they don't start again after waking up
These HeadUnits kills background processes (except specific ones) during deep sleep state (see Q&A#6). The killing process is managed by MTCManager.apk file. A developer (@graser) has been released a tool that is based on adding apps/services to a whitelist to pevent the unit killed them during sleep. You need root & Xposed Framework. Currently only working on Android 6. wait for a Android 8 upgrade

9.How can I root my unit?
PX5 devices under MM can be rooted easily by means of using kingoroot app (not kingroot), but Android 8 is more complicated (see Post#2)

10.My Bluetooth is not Working. What can I do?
Some specific implementations for MD725 bluetooth device are lack of necessary Blueooth SDK file into Android image. Currently no solution has been found apart from waiting HCT (software developers) to release an Android 8 upgrade with the required SDK included.
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12th January 2018, 04:07 PM |#5  
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Useful apps
Tool Unpack Repack system.img For Windows v3
Current Oreo update file is based on a "" file (not classic .img file). When decompressing a file contains all the system information and apks. This tool can unpack and repack these kind of files:
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12th January 2018, 04:08 PM |#6  
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Useful links
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12th January 2018, 06:29 PM |#7  
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12th January 2018, 09:26 PM |#8  
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Interesting... Hoping for someone to release an upgrade method....
12th January 2018, 10:18 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by emre33


Bootable SDCard to GPS slot??? boot.img, uboot.img

What's that mean then?

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12th January 2018, 10:26 PM |#10  
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Reverse camera interrupts head unit sound, is this a software limitation or hardware?
12th January 2018, 10:34 PM |#11  
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Reverse volume in settings

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