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[ROM] Custom firmware for K1 Plus DVB-S2/T2

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By Malaysk, Senior Member on 30th July 2016, 08:16 PM
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Only K1 Plus DVB-S2 / T2

Android 5.1.1

Sorry, I write in bad English. Used Google translator.
Firmware was made on the basis of the factory firmware from 06.06.2016.
What added, modified and deleted:
Version 2.5 of 29/07/2016
Changed the info bar in the application for DVB television viewing, namely: EPG became fixed and changed the color of the line - the elapsed time
and I made semi-transparent substrate under the panel.
Built into the firmware Xposed.
Remove the Chinese keyboard and some programs.
Added programs: ES File Explorer , Root Explorer and Titanium Backup
Established another, completely redesigned home launcher, sharpened for our unit.
Android base dated June 06, 2016
DVB-T2 is run a separate icon.
Added program to autorun programs (eg TV) at system startup.
You can set your wallpaper and live wallpaper (in the factory launcher that could be done)
Removed Kodi, who pre-install the Chinese version of the installed Play Market
Now there is a choice of firmware run - Launcher, DVB-T2, DVB-S2 / DVB-T2 / The first time you ask that run by default. Change then start: press the Apps button on Moodle, launch the Settings - Home Screen, activate on Moodle mouse button and choose the cursor that run at startup.
Many other small fixes.

If you like my firmware and think that I'm wasting a lot of time to improve the firmware, then "Donate to Me"


Version 3 of 04/09/2016
Firmware was made on the basis of the factory firmware from 09.08.2016.
Separate selection of firmware run - TV launcher, launcher Staff, DVB-S2, DVB-T2, DVB-S2 / DVB-T2. When you first start you will be asked what to run by default. Change then start: press the Apps button on Moodle, launch the Settings - Home Screen, activate on Moodle mouse button and choose the cursor that run at startup.
SPMC - can be removed in the Settings - Applications
Kodi - can be removed in the Settings - Applications
All programs can be run in the TV launcher.
Many other fixes.

Version 4.5 of 09/10/2016
Firmware was made on the basis of the factory firmware from 09.02.2016.
Base of September 02,
Established last SuperSu
Changed info Bar in the DTV application
Button to access the settings and the BISS key sharinga made directly in the basic settings (now do not need to enter the code 111111)
Fully customizable clock and weather.
Changed Status Bar
Added YouTube
Added - Settings - Display - Traffic display in status bar.
Altered settings.
Reworked DTV application. Enjoying all screenshots
Many other fixes.

If you want to install the firmware update just - while retaining all of your settings and programs that change factory_update_param.aml file, which is in the archive with the firmware in the folder - "To save all the data app to change the file"
Attachment 3882359Attachment 3882360
Version 5.2 of 23/11/2016
Firmware was made on the basis of the factory firmware on November 11, 2016.
+ New launcher (serial removed)
+ Reworked application for DVB S2 - T2
+ Changed the volume control
+ Corrections and additions in the new launcher
+ After exiting the DTV application is now immediately get into the launcher
+ The launcher now can set their wallpaper. Settings - Display - Wallpaper.
+ The launcher is added off button - Restart the machine. If you choose to exit there rekaveri and insert the SD card with the firmware, the device will begin flashing, without of pressing a button on the rear of the unit.

Attachment 3941916Attachment 3941917Attachment 3941918Attachment 3941919
Version 6 of 19/12/2016
Firmware was made on the basis of the factory firmware on November 22, 2016.

+ Fixed problem with Google Play authorization
+ Added a choice of aspect Pan&Scan and Combo (Thanks _sm0ke_)
+ Added a choice of visiting infobar 1-2-3-5-7-10-15-20 seconds.
+ Fixed launcher NewLauncher
+ Added ViperFX
+ Added button in the status bar Back, Home, Menu, Latest Applications Screenshot (convenient for those who use the mouse Aero)
+ The TV settings added setting Prognosis
+ The weather added launcher show
+ By correcting the little things.

Download Version 6:
Version 6.5 of 02/26/2017
+ Updated Google Services
+ New Boot Animation
+ Visually redesigned infobar in DTV application
+ Changed launcher NewLauncher, you can now change the program to run on the main icons (which in the mid - high)
+ Changed the status bar and adds it off button - reload.
+ Added new settings for the display of hours in the status bar (located under Settings - System - Setting the clock and date) is now possible to change the layout, color, date, seconds, size and so on..
+ Added new settings statusbare gradient (found in Settings - System - Polat gradient) You can put any color (two - 4 colors) in the status bar.
+ Other settings under Settings - System.
+ New app to clear the memory (in the launcher NewLauncher).
+ Many other fixes and additions.

Download Version 6.5:

Version 7.0 of 03/09/2017
When you first start the DTV application, you will not see Infobar! Do not panic and click on the MENU button - Installation - Configuring InfoBar and Weather - Configuring InfoBar and there we enable and configure Infobar itself.

Now you can fully configure InfoBar and not only. Almost all DTV applications have been redesigned in a graphic form.
You can completely disable Infobar, disable - include individual elements in it, set as one color of the background, and set a gradient of two different colors, change the color of all elements and labels, etc. That is, you can modify about 100,000 varieties of graphical appearance.

+ Added service information in InfoBar (Satellite name, Frequency, Speed, VPID, APID, etc.) You can disable - Enable,
Change the color in Settings - Install in the DTV application.
+ Only for DTV-T2: Infobar, Weather, Dates and Clock settings (Menu - Install)
+ Application signature check disabled
+ APK integrity and version checking disabled
+ Increased the volume level to 30 (was 10), now you can more fine-tune the volume level.
+ Fixed a volume scale (there was an overlay of two pictures)
+ Added files to control the gyro of the mouse and mouse
+ Added a button for cleaning background processes and displaying free memory in the curtain Last apps (you can turn off in Settings - System)
+ Error correction.

Download Version 7.0:
Version 7.5 of April 3, 2017
+ Added support for Picons ( images Channel )
+ Added to TV Settings item autoframerate
+ Support for scripts in Init.d is added
+ Added information to the channel list: channel name, channel number, epg of the ongoing transmission, epg of the next transmission, description of the ongoing transmission. The only downside - when switching the channel does not have time to load epg, just pressing the up-down button will update the information.
+ Added 5 on the screen invisible buttons for controlling the air mouse.
List of channels - middle
Menu - the upper left corner (where the weather information)
EPG - bottom left corner
Detal EPG channel - right upper corner
Favourites - right bottom corner
+ Added about 40 new buttons !!! For controlling the air mouse in the DTV application
+ When switching favorites, it is now NOT automatically triggered Channel list
+ Other fixes and additions.
Now to the Picon. For satellites, your help is required. In order for the picons to show up, you need to copy the Picons folder into the internal memory of the receiver to the root of the disc. The path will look like this - mnt/sdcard/picons/. To make the picon appear on a specific channel, the name of the png file must have the same name as the channel. For example channel name First HD, then the picture name should be such First HD.png To make it much easier to fill your backup channels in the Channel Editor and just copy the name of the channel to the picture. Picks are recommended with a resolution of 220X132, and then put it on this site, and I'll add them to my main message.
Download Version 7.5:
Examples of Pikons of 220x132 with names:
Movistar+ picons -
Version 8.1 of May 30, 2017
I recommend installing this firmware with cleaning all data !!!
1. Delete the Google services.
2. An analog of Google services is installed - MicroG. Now after downloading free RAM became more than 740 mb from 1 Gb. Correctly need to configure only them - read this
See photos -

1. go into the microG Settings application and activate the background services:
- Register your device with Google
- Google Cloud Messaging
2. In the same place, select the UnifiedNlp settings and note (if you only use GPS, you can skip it):
- location programs (just select one that is more like it), so that the search for networks
- address search programs - mark Nominatim with a daw (conversion of coordinates to address)
3. reboot the device
4. Go to the Play Market and enter your account.

3. The default picture in the display of picos in the DTV application has been deleted. (You can set transparent picos)
4. The picture of the displayed picos is enlarged.
5. Replaced bootanimation.
6. Added what did Pily_W (for which many thanks to him)
Boot with init.d support, root shell, more than 100 hid drivers
SAMBA server, copy speed ~ 11.5MB / s, minimal assembly, no GUI (settings are in /system/usr/data/samba/smb.conf, login: admin pass: admin)
If you have a different workgroup name on the network on behalf of WORKGROUP, then go to /system/usr/data/samba/smb.conf and change the name in the line "workgroup = WORKGROUP"
MSG is a very useful micro application for displaying dialog boxes and notifications from under the shell
Autoframerate script and LED display scripts displaying toasts via MSG
7. YouTube has been added with support for downloading and without ads.
8. Added control of the aero mouse, here's a -
Download Version 8.1:

Version 8.5 of August 10, 2017
1. The firmware was made on the basis of the last official on December 17 (before that all were on the November version)
2. The firmware is completely deodexed.
3. MicroG services are cleaned and installed the latest versions of Google Services (official)
4. Xposed is removed as a braking system.
5. The latest versions of SuperSU (hidden RTH access), Bysybox and fixed time zones are installed.
6. Only the launch of the SAMBA server is left, who needs the rest (script autoframerate and LED display scripts output toasts via MSG) go Root Explorer by the way System/ETC/ Init.d and there we set the right 0755 on the scripts you want to start when the system boots.
7. Changes in the launch of the main application for DTV (now there is a countdown of 5 seconds and the start occurs automatically, what you ran last) and changes in the DTV application itself.
8. YouTube 4K for consoles (will appear if you install the firmware into a clean one with the removal of all data)
9. There are a lot of other additions and fixes.
Download Version 8.5:

Version 9.0 of 13/01/2018, Android 5.1 ONLY OLD KI Plus!
Android base from the factory firmware from August 18, 2017.
1. The provider's name is written to the root of the internal memory in the folder SDCARD\Picons\namesprov\ names.ini
We look in the InfoBar or in the Channel list number of the provider and then write his name.
Example file names.ini:
112=NTV +
2. The image of the provider must be copied to the folder SDCARD\Picons\Piconprov with the same name that you wrote in the names.ini file
For example :
NTV+ image name will be NTV+ .png
GeoTelekom image name will be GeoTelekom.png
Tricolor image name will be Tricolor.png
3. The satellite image must be copied to the SDCARD \ Picons \ Piconsat folder
The image name must match the satellite name in the DTV-Menu-Settings-Satellite List
For example :
Eutelsat 36A image name will be Eutelsat 36A.png
If the satellite name is a slash "/" then in the DTV-Menu-Settings-Satellite list, select the satellite and click Edit.
Write your satellite name without a slash.
For example, the satellite name was Eutelsat 36A/36B, then rename it to Eutelsat 36A and the name of the picture will also be Eutelsat 36A.png and the position
picture in the folder SDCARD\Picons\Piconsat

Download fully customized Picons for satellite 36, provider NTV + (suitable for other satellites, if the names match) -
Unarchive. Copy the entire Picons folder to the internal memory of the device.
Download firmware 9.0, Android 5.1 ONLY OLD KI Plus!:

If you like my firmware and think that I'm wasting a lot of time to improve the firmware, then "Donate to Me"

Installation (standard):
A MicroSD - in FAT32, write it 3-4 files from the archive, turn the power off the map - in the box,
the bottom through the hole with a needle push button,
connect the power, after 5 seconds, release the needle - waiting for the end of the firmware.
The first boot will be more long.

Setting Weather -
K1 PLUS EDITOR –°hannels -

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31st July 2016, 06:50 PM |#2  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 1
A big thanks , you do a great job, i have one question , we can adabt the firmware of ferguson avira combo 4K for impliment it in our K1 PLUS
5th August 2016, 12:06 PM |#3  
algdu83's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 115
thank you for this great work
I think the solution is to adapt a firmware "wetek play 2" in which the same processor etc.
because with the original firmware lot of bugs and list of DVBS2 channels can not be classified
So it is best to work on another stable and brand as wetek or ariva
9th August 2016, 08:22 PM |#4  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 1
give this firmware "wetek play 2" now i know how to do
9th August 2016, 08:38 PM |#5  
algdu83's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 115
here for wetek play
wetek. com/downloads
the biggest dream is to run enigma2 [OpenELEC (Vitmos OS) ] but I think this is not your field?
9th August 2016, 09:34 PM |#6  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
hello pleas need enigma2
9th August 2016, 09:46 PM |#7  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 16
thank you for this great work
10th August 2016, 11:11 AM |#8  
Thanks Meter: 3

THanks for your job!

Do you think if it works with the K2 plus?

It's the same only with 2gb and ram 16gb !
10th August 2016, 02:37 PM |#9  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 1
Would this work for the original K1 Plus S905?
Thanks Malaysk for the work you did with the firmware, it looks great from the screenshots you posted.

Could this be adapted to work with the original K1 Plus S905 (without DVB-S2/T2)?
They look mostly identical to me apart from the tuner. / AjN6ts and / cVbNB9 .

I am trying to make that Fake Wi-fi fix work with mine but I don't know where to start (found this / g97Ngx) for Root, Xposed, etc.

I don't understand why the original firmware build doesn't have a checkbox similar to what they were able to put in that thread, so many apps check for wi-fi these days.

Since you already have Xposed in your build, this could be great step forward in getting there if they can't put it in the firmware itself.

(Sorry for the links, the forum policy thing prevents me from putting urls in my post)

11th August 2016, 04:10 PM |#10  
noteics's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 41
Thank you very much

I have android 6 installed on my k1 combo very smoth and stable but unfortunately no dtv app inside is possible to install dtv app on android 6 or modifying or not??

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G901F met Tapatalk
14th August 2016, 09:13 PM |#11  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
Perfect work. Thanks. If you could add oscam support to the dtv application or make the tvheadend backend working, I would donate 10 beers.
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