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[KERNEL] FiiO X5iii custom kernel (RK3188) | 2016MHz | ZRAM | ZCACHE | AROMA

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By jkbuha, Member on 13th May 2019, 10:09 PM
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Dear xda community

Following on from the work done to date in the active community in the forum, I have decided to post this work on xda to share the work done so far and, well, also elicit help from the best technical community I've spoken to in the past. This thread will solely focus on the RK3188-based FiiO X5iii player, and will thus contain any and all software modifications to the FiiO X5iii. The custom kernel contains the largest amount of new code, extra features and performance improvements for the X5, and really pushes the limits of the hardware to its fullest potential. The benchmarks alone are outstanding - using Geekbench and Antutu the performance is more than 400% that of the current vanilla firmware, and it will similarly feel more intuitive and responsive, as can be attested by the numerous users to date.

As of Version 3.x, audio tuning is also taken one step further. A new custom AK4490 driver has been implemented, and a significant portion of the redundant and/or unnecessary code has been removed from the sound drivers. Therefore, if not better, the sound should at least feel ‘cleaner’ when compared with previous or vanilla versions. We still have a long way to go to enhance the audio on these DACs, but this driver is a start.

Installation instructions are outlined further below; ie flash via TWRP, but first-time users can also find a more detailed set of instructions in the zip file.

There are three versions - the 2GHz version for faster CPUs, the 1.7GHz for most players, and the 1.4GHz version for anyone experiencing random lockups or reboots.

Unique Features
- Custom AK4490 DAC driver (faster, better oversampling)
- Support for DSD256
- Increased clock speed from 1416MHz to 2016MHz
- Increased GPU speed from 133MHz to 600MHz
- Increased DDR speed from 200MHz to 800MHz
- Better voltage regulation using all possible pwm and clocks on the board
- Increased available RAM by 20%
- LZ4 compression for better, faster swap and virtual memory usage
- ZRAM usage for additional system memory
- Fsync_disable for much faster system processing
- UKSM for faster Kernel operations
- Adaptive-LMK for better memory management
- Undervolting for lower heat dissipation and battery consumption
- New Faster CPU Governors: interactiveX, PegasusQ,
- New Faster I/O Schedulers: zen, bfq, sio, vr, maple
- New Faster Westwood TCP/IP congestion handler for faster wifi and internet access
- CPUBoost algorithm for faster on-demand processing
- CPU SMP feature for powering down unused cores on screen off
- RQ Affinity for faster I/O scheduling
- Linaro gcc toolkit for faster, leaner code
- RK3188 neon vfp3 code optimisation for faster fixed-point and floating DSP operation
- Full init.d support for script runtime loading
- Frandom genrator (23x faster than standard random function)

Download here:

Thanks and Rants

Massive thanks to prispewnic from 4PDA for his incredible scripting experience, product features, suggestions and testing, and the great community of beta testers on Head-Fi and 4PDA.

Thanks also to Fiio for releasing the GPL source code. If it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have this modded kernel.


Version 3.32
Fix: Minor AROMA Bugfixes
Enhanced: Updated hosts file - 137409 exceptions for no spamware, faster browsing
AROMA: expanded list for players automatic download

Version 3.31
Fix: Reverted Page writeback tweaks (caused random reboots)
Fix: Minor AROMA fixes

Version 3.3
New: Enabled ARM ARCH_POWER feature
New: Disabled Gentle_Fair_Sleepers (much faster)
New: Enabled cache wakeup preemption
New: Forced memory overcommit for better performance
New: Ignore all ICMP echo requests
New: Enable TCP low latency
New: Removed noatime and nodiratime to improve ext4 and sys filesystem performance (much faster)
New: Added asynchronous filesystem calls (much faster)
New: Enable TCP reuse read mostly algorithm
New: Enable TCP sysctl recycle algorithm
New: Disable TCP slow start after idle
Enhanced: Optimised SLUB memory allocator
Enhanced: Reduced Mini Memory Map to from 32k to 0
Enhanced: Reduced Max Block Dev size from 128 to 32
Enhanced: Increased Max Queue length from 128 to 1024
Enhanced: Tuned kernel fair scheduler workload parameters
Enhanced: Increased memory threshold compaction from 500 to 800
Enhanced: Reduced dirty write back interval
Enhanced: Increased sysctl read interval for reduced latency
Enhanced: Optimise TCP sack/fack/dsack read requests
Enhanced: Optimise TCP memory pressure
Enhanced: Optimise TCP proto packet length algorithm

Version 3.2
New : Added RCU Synchronization Mechanism (much faster)
New : Optimised RCU Settings
New : Added s2idle S0 state (better battery lifetime)
Enhanced: Voltage optimisation for 2016MHz kernel
Enhanced: Updated hosts file - 135385 exceptions for no spamware, faster browsing
Fix: Minor Bugfixes
AROMA: Added "Restore" section
AROMA: Added "Support the Project" section
AROMA: Reworked logic and scripts

Version 3.11

Miscellaneous bugfixes

Version 3.1

Single installer for all kernel versions
New optimised voltages for 1416, 1704 and 2016 kernels (more stable and better performance)
Customisable removal of unwanted system applications
Customisable removal of system equalizer
Customising different audio_flinger libraries (different sound profiles to suit taste)
Enable/Disable Boot-up animation
Enable/Disable custom application on bootup

Version 3.02

New: 1704MHz release for players that can work at higher frequencies than 1416MHz (install this version if you previously had reboots at 2016MHz)
Enhanced: Increased stability without performance decrease
Enhanced: CPU down-volting for performance kernel version (2016MHz)
Fix: Removed additional CPU frequencies for 1416MHz kernel version (increased stability)

Version 3.01

New: 1752MHz intermediary version
Enhanced: More step frequencies from 504 to 2016MHz
Enhanced: Better handling of frequencies at high CPU loads
Enhanced: Powersave governor enabled by default

Version 3.0

New: Upstreamed relevant portions of kernel source code to Linux 3.10.49
New: AdFree hosts file - 67825 exceptions for no spamware, faster browsing
New: Support for DSD256
New: CPU Boost algorithm to increase frequency on screen touch
New: RQ Affinity for faster I/O scheduling
New: CPU SMP feature for faster processing
New: PegasusQ CPU governor
New: Improved interactiveX governor with increased performance and more power saving on idle (2 core shutdown)
New: Custom AK4490 driver with up to 768kHz oversampling
New: Custom plugin module for AK4490 to add more audio filters in future
New: CPU Maximum overclocking to 2016MHz! (Super significant performance improvement)
New: Current CPU frequency 1896MHz (Significant performance improvement and good stability)
New: GPU overclocking to 500MHz (More fluid screen responsiveness)
New: DDR overclocking to 720MHz (Ultra-fast memory and software processing)
New: Reduced Graphics requirements from 225MB down to 80MB (20% more available RAM)
New: Adaptive Low Memory Killer (A-LMK) algorithm
New: A-LMK optimised scripting (thanks again to prispewnic)
New: Compaction algorithm for low memory killer
New: FiiO RK3188/RK3188T efuse algorithm handling
New: VM Pressure algorithm implementation
Enhanced: zram and zcache now compressed with LZ4
Enhanced: better voltage regulation code
Enhanced: support for apll, cpll and gpll clocks on RK30 board
Enhanced: better GPIO code specific to FiiO player
Enhanced: removed unnecessary encryption
Enhanced: lowered minimum screen brightness for better battery lifetime

Version 2.8
Performance Build

New: Disabled CRC checking in all kernel code (significant performance improvement)
New: Optimised compilation parameters (-Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer)
New: Fine-tuned kernel optimisation for RK3188 (-mtune=cortex-a9)
New: Optimised ARM RWSEM algorithm

Version 2.7

New: Redesigned Busybox installer
New: Redesigned Permissive SE Linux installer
New: Kernel version now displayed in settings
Fix: Corrections to anyone who was not seeing the msg "Kernel optimisation Ready" prompt

Version 2.6

New: UKSM instead of KSM (much faster)
New: ZRAM (more RAM)
New: fsync_disable (much, much faster)
New: ROW I/O scheduler for SD cards (much faster)
New: LZ4 Compression instead of LZO (faster, more compression)
New: zsmalloc implementation instead of xsmalloc
New: zcache enabling (faster)
New: ARM RSEM implementation (faster)
New: frandom generator instead of random (much, much faster)
New: MSG pop-up notification daemon
Fix: Lowered voltage for some FiiO players with lower-grade VCOs
Fix: Corrected git file dependencies
Fix: Disabled system animation by default

Version 2.5

New: Increased max clock speed to 1752MHz (faster)
New: BFQ I/O scheduler (faster)
New: Westwood TCP/IP congestion protocol (much faster)
New: InteractiveX governor (much, much, much faster)
Fix: Stability checks to voltage
Fix: iX handling changes

Version 2.4

New: Maple I/O Scheduler (faster)
New: init.d full support (much, much faster)
New: init.d scripts (thanks prispewnic @ 4PDA)

Version 2.3

New: Zen I/O scheduler (much faster)

Version 2.2

Fix: Changes to scheduler priorities during screen off (faster)

Version 2.1

New: Additional GPU and DDR overclocking (much, much faster)

Version 1.4

New: Update to Linaro gcc 4.9.4 (significantly much faster)

Version 1.3

New: SIO I/O scheduler (faster)
New: VR I/O scheduler (faster)
New: CPU clock to 1704MHz (much, much faster)

Version 1.2

New: Additional voltage optimisation and DDR overclocking

Version 1.1

New: GPIO optimisation and documentation
New: CPU clock to 1518MHz (faster)

Version 1.0

Initial system release and branch-off from FiiO GPL code

Installation instructions

1) Windows and/or first-time users

If you already have TWRP or a previous version of my kernel, go to step 2.

a) If you don't yet have TWRP and/or any previous version of my kernel yet, download the Windows-based loader here and unzip to a folder
(note: you need to have the FiiO USB Windows drivers correctly installed)

b) Run the AndroidTool.exe program and connect the FiiO via USB.

c) Put the player in bootloader mode (just as if you were going to upgrade the player the traditional FiiO way with the Windows based loader), by pressing power+pause+back.

d) If all goes well you should see the green light with 'Found One Loader Device'. Make sure 'boot' and 'recovery_twrp' are selected and press Run. Once done, click the 'Advanced Function' tab and click Reset Device. You should have the new kernel and TWRP installed!

2) TWRP users

a) Download the latest version of the kernel (with new optimisation scripts) above and push to sdcard
b) Reboot to TWRP recovery
c) Install ->
d) Wipe kernel and dalvik cache

e) Reboot

f) IMPORTANT: leave running for new scripts to do their magic (you will be prompted to reboot)

g) Reboot

h) Enjoy

Any queries, comments etc - please shout
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13th May 2019, 11:31 PM |#2  
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This post kept blank for now
14th May 2019, 10:01 PM |#3  
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Version 3.11 released, containing miscellaneous bugfixes
8th June 2019, 12:49 PM |#4  
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thanks for this release. very useful
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1st July 2019, 01:49 PM |#5  
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Version 3.31 released, containing new performance-enhancing features, bug fixes and new improvements.
10th July 2019, 04:25 PM |#6  
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Thanks a lot for your work, jkbuha. Some friends also have the Fiio X5 iii and they all use your Kernel now. The Player is much smoother and faster.
I use the 1704 MHz version. For me its the best compromise of speed and battery lifetime.
With the 2016 MHz version my player gets very hot. Does your player also generate so much heat with this version?
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13th July 2019, 12:50 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by fl1p17

Thanks a lot for your work, jkbuha. Some friends also have the Fiio X5 iii and they all use your Kernel now. The Player is much smoother and faster.
I use the 1704 MHz version. For me its the best compromise of speed and battery lifetime.
With the 2016 MHz version my player gets very hot. Does your player also generate so much heat with this version?

Thanks for the feedback. The 2016 version uses slightly higher voltages than the default FiiO kernel at 1416MHz, but it's never generated any noticeable heat; at least in my case. Just to be safe, if you continue to experience heating, I'd use the 1704Mhz; other than benchmark scores the daily usage experience is the same as 2016MHz.
12th August 2019, 11:09 PM |#8  
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Dear jkbuha,

Although using XDA forum a long time, just signed up because I really needed to say thanks. While I was satsified with sound quality on my X5, the performance of the device and general bugs left A LOT to desire.
Just flashed your kernel onto a stock 1.2.5 rom and the performance so far is outstanding. The X5 never worked THAT snappy. This is extraordinary work, sir, hats off. FIIO should buy this from you and put in their next release. Seriously.
I'll be spending the next days testing the battery performance with the hopes of getting better idle battery life, which bother the bejesus out of me.
Anyway, thanks again, your work is very appreciated!
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19th August 2019, 04:24 AM |#9  
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is this kernel work with purist fidelizer rom?
14th September 2019, 08:45 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by rizky_zulfikar

is this kernel work with purist fidelizer rom?

Yes this should work with the latest Fidelizer.
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