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By bambapin, Senior Member on 16th January 2015, 09:34 PM
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JINA App Drawer
App Drawer replacement, Sidebar, App Organizer, Folders and much much more. A must have for advanced users

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JINA: App Drawer, App Organizer, Sidebar & Folders

Favorites Sidebar
Drawer Icon
Folders tablet
Download on Google Play

App Drawer, Sidebar, App Organizer, Folder Organizer: All In One!.

JINA is an App Drawer Replacement and an App Organizer bundled with a Sidebar always accessibile by a simple swipe on the screen.

Some features:

sort apps by size, manually, by usage, name, install date, update date, last event
★ quick launch sidebar, resizable and always accessible for multitasking
★ fully customizable app drawer replacement
★ customizable home screen icon
★ automatic app organizer
personal tags and market categories based app organizer
★ dynamic desktop folders and nested sub folders
★ playstore listing abstracts
★ blazing fast finder with T9 search option
random game picker: when you feel bored
★ system apps uninstaller for rooted devices
★ app list exporter
★ .... much more just try it

Additional features:
  • Dynamic desktop folders for automatic categories
  • User defined Tags: 1 app can have multiple tags (m:n relationship)
  • Drag and drop for category mapping
  • Desktop Sidebar resizable and zoomable
  • Sidebar content customizable (from the icon only to full information)
  • App list Excel export
  • Apps prices and origin editable
  • Installation chart
  • Uninstalls tracking
  • Root uninstall system apps
  • Favourite apps
  • Customizable app icons
  • 4 themes
  • Automatic switch to dark theme during the night
  • Lollipop app stats
  • ...

Latest builds and changelogs are available on XDA-Labs

Have a look at the FAQ section on post #5

The main purpose of this thread is to collect feedbacks on the new UI and suggestions for more features: togheter we can improve JINA.
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16th January 2015, 09:37 PM |#2  
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Old beta history

Previous beta changelog
  • New internal cache management (drawer/sidebar)
  • Settings related to the new cache management are reset to their default values (drawer/sidebar)
  • New option to disable sidebar search button: swipe up from bottom to enter search mode (sidebar)
  • App stats are now applied asynchronously when ordering by usage (drawer/sidebar)
  • Added pull to refresh gesture for sidebar and drawer (drawer/sidebar)
  • Dial menu on shortcuts: it is now possibile to move shortcuts between folders (folders)
  • Fixed hidden attribute not preserved on not launchable apps refresh (general)
  • New optional horizontal letterbar when sorting by name (drawer)
  • Keyboard shown automatically if "start in search mode" is set (sidebar)
  • Fixed Sidebar 2nd row cut on huge fonts system settings (sidebar)
  • Fixed wrong behavior on device orientation changes (sidebar, drawer)
  • New optional wide sidebar activation hotspot, useful for samsung edges devices (sidebar)
  • Tags filtering problems fixed (sidebar)
  • Multiple opened nested folder can be close tapping on the desktop (folders)
  • Single tap on the app counter circle to show the sort-by menu (folders)
  • Performance and stability improvement (general)
  • New option to disable sidebar opening animation: default disabled on pre-lollipop (sidebar)
  • New sortby bottom-sheet: long press tags filter (sidebar)
  • Sortby icons (general)
  • Fixed app stats screen (drawer)
  • New dynamic folder for untagged apps (folders)
  • Added new menu entry for nested folders (folders)
  • Reduced apk size (general)
  • Stability improvement (general)
    Workaround for the "Screen overlay detected" message when accessing permission (Samsung and Nexus security updates).
  • New option in the Sidebar Notification to quick toggle on off the handler and bypass the "Screen overlay detected" message while granting permissions (sidebar)
  • Sidebar handler is automatic disabled (and re-enabled) when is Jina who asks for their permissions (general)
  • Fixed Tags manual sorting ignored when adding tags to apps from app details (general)
  • Stability improvement (general)
  • New contextual menu with speed dial (sidebar, drawer, folders)
  • New option to choose Tags Management as default drawer view (drawer)
  • New option to clear previous search on each start (sidebar/drawer)
  • Fresh new sidebar menu (sidebar)
  • New error reporting system (general)
  • New option to launch sidebar from folders (folders)
  • Revisited first install tour (general)
  • New accessibility service as alternative method for Sidebar blacklist (sidebar)
  • Sidebar toolbar moved to bottom (sidebar)
  • Added option for smaller sidebar handler and activation hotspot (sidebar)
  • Added option to toggle the bottom bar by long pressing the Search icon (drawer/sidebar)
  • New Drawer Everywhere option (drawer)
  • Added new menu entry JINA Shortcuts (drawer) and the related shortcuts creation (i.e. new classic drawer icon)
  • Added shortcuts repository (drawer/folders)
  • Folders default colors inherited from the current theme (folders)
  • New live folders: favourite apps, most used, last used, and last played games (folders)
  • New Black Transparent theme (general)
  • New app icons loading strategy to reduce the fading effect on first load (drawer/sidebar/folders)
  • Added app size (approximate) information (general)
  • New order by options: last event and size (general)
  • Stability improvement (general)
  • improved app details layout
  • added ability to use any image as app/tag icon
  • added option to ignore some apps when sorting by usage (most/less/last)
  • added apps usage time info (app detail and apps statistics)
  • most used sort criteria is now based on the apps usage time (due to android api changes, launch count is unreliable on most phones)
  • cosmetic change to the sidebar tags picker filter
  • new option to start the sidebar with the tags filter shown
  • fixed broken tags sorting
  • sidebar excluded from recents
  • fixed wrong colors on folders details
  • multi selection on batch tags assign mode (app drawer)
  • new icon
  • fixed dark theme
  • other minor bugfixing
  • totally new drawer menu
  • fixed transparent background on app details launched from folders
  • shortcut indicator resized on folder icon zoom
  • new UI
  • sidebar and drawer are now 2 different launcher entries
  • categories and tags are merged into "super" tags
  • market categories are now automatically mapped to a tag
  • tags linked to automatic categories can be manually renamed and/or unliked on app basis
  • tags can be manually sorted
  • tags batch actions (work in progress)
  • the game or app attribute is related only to the app and no more to the category/tag
  • desktop/home folders are totally resizable
  • folder items can be manually sorted
  • new backup/restore system (full data and icons backup on external storage to survive to uninstallations)
  • some user preference added (just have a look)
  • sidebar activation feedback (very very work in progress)
  • fixed crash when folders/subfolders are not opened directly from launcher
  • fixed double entries on uninstall/reinstall
  • improved app list refresh function
  • maybe something else but i don't remember

Old releases

  • Sidebar persistent notification icon
  • Fixed sidebar activation problems on android 6
  • Increased max zoom drawer icon view
  • Fixed FC on unescaped search strings
  • Fixed missed Sidebar activation after apps launch
  • Start sidebar in search mode
  • Sidebar T9 height adjustable
  • Removed unneeded read_phone_state permission
  • Tag colors code
  • New desktop shortcuts to directly launch the Sidebar (filtered or not)
  • System shortcuts can be added to folders (experimental)
v. 1.2.5p02
  • Fixed sidebar everywhere on android 6.0
  • Added option to rebuild icon cache
  • Sidebar swipe to uninstall is now optional
  • Sidebar everywhere hotspot position changed and tuned activation detection
  • Tags list sort by name option
  • Uninstalled apps icon are now saved
  • App details: export app icon
  • App details: clipboard copy app store url
  • Fixed long press on clear filter behaviour
  • T9 search visual feedback
  • General stability improvement

v. 1.2.4
  • Fixed old folder opened sometimes instead of the right one
  • Option to position the Sidebar everywhere handler (up/center/bottom)
  • Option to disable the row alignment during scroll (to improve scrolling smoothness default value is true now)
  • Category and Tags filter screen "pin" status saved
  • Long press on app icon to launch the app from the app details screen
  • Sidebar everywhere startup at boot settings retained after app updates
  • Cookies disclaimer one time message (mandatory to be compliant with the EU law)

v. 1.2.3p1
  • Added Sidebar Everywhere apps whitelist
  • Option to automatically build category icons using the app icons
  • Folders automatic zoom option
  • App rename option added
  • Fixed wrong tags picker icons
  • Tags and Categories directly accessible from the Sidebar menu
  • Jina accessible from desktop folders
  • Apks Export option added (root required)
  • Fixed scrolling behavior on focus lost
  • Workaround for missing icons after app restore

v. 1.2.2
  • Sidebar -> fullscreen switch button integrated in the quick launch strip
  • Sidebar tags and category filters are now shown outside the sidebar
  • Disabled long press on search button to access advanced filters (still accessible from the quick launch strip)
  • Folders refresh bug fixed

v. 1.2.0
  • New sidebar quick launch buttons
  • App details are now accessible from desktop folders
  • Category folders shortcut icon and label are now user customizable
  • It is now possible to remove a tag from multiple apps (from the tags browser function)
  • Bug fixing

v. 1.1.7h
  • Default categories icons changed
  • Improved "refresh installed app list" function
  • Tags included in back fileset

v. 1.1.7c
  • New look & feel for desktop folders
  • New look for the app Menu drawer
  • improved letterbar (second letter available to refine the search, just keep pressed a letter for more than 1 second to activate)
  • Fixed a bug on 4.0.x devices

v. 1.1.6g
  • Complete Tags support ui in the app detail screen
  • Colored Tags
  • Various bugs fixed

v. 1.1.0
  • User defined Tags: 1 app can have multiple tags (many to many relationship)
Tags usage example.
"google apps" -> gmail, chrome, maps..
"messaging" -> gmail, exchange ....
"favourites" -> gmail, JINA....

v. 1.0.10
  • Random game pick added to the sidebar
  • Change icons for All Games and All Apps category shortcuts
  • Improved French translation

v. 1.0.9
  • Random game pick

v. 1.0.8
  • Fixed 3 dot menu not showing in Category Browser view
  • Improved French translation

v. 1.0.7a
  • Android 5+ app stats usage
  • Recent app list included in sort by "last used" view also if launched outside Jina

v. 1.0.6f
  • System apps can be now uninstalled on rooted devices
  • Added option to start Sidebar Everywhere at boot
  • Sidebar Everywhere hotspot color customizable
  • Added french translation (greetings to Hervé)
  • Improved app icons loading strategy
  • Hidden filter is now reset when Jina is sent to background
  • Improved desktop folder position algorithm</change>
  • Improved Sidebar everywhere animation feedback</change>
  • Added function to check Google Play infos (if available) for apps with different origin
  • Added option to open the Sidebar from everywhere, by sliding the edge of the screen
  • Categories Folders can be freely moved on the screen (per folder settings)
  • Categories Folders can be created as general system shortcuts (Nova, Swapps etc.)
  • Categories Folders look and feel user customizable (per folder settings)
  • Added option to not ask confirmation before exit fullscreen

v. 4.0 beta 5
Older betas
  • Backup/Restore JINA db
  • Fixed app version not updated

v. 4.0 beta 4
  • Added Export/Import to Excel (csv) JINA db
  • It is now possible to create and contextually assign a category to a list of selected apps
  • Fixed bug on origin change from app details

v. 4.0 beta 3
  • Icon view (full screen) resizable by pinch zoom
  • Some graphics improvement

v. 4.0 beta 1
  • Genders desktop folders (All games, All apps)
  • Optionally include whitespaces and punctuation in T9 searches
  • App name can be hidden in Sidebar
  • First usage hints added

v. 4.0 alpha18
  • Sidebar advanced filters added (long press search button)
  • Removed vibration on max zoom reached

v. 4.0 alpha17.
  • Sidebar and sidebar content resizable by a joystick like handler
  • Sidebar app details customizable (Sidebar settings menu)
  • Sidebar search section moved under the app list
  • Change icon regression bug fixed

v. 4.0 alpha16.
  • New T9 design and functions, with numbers and whitespace. Sorry DB must reset on first launch
  • Fixed missing Phone app on samsung phones
  • Added app version info in apps list
  • Changed space with 1 on top of the letterbar
  • Added icon as indicator for night mode
  • Some app list loading optimization after launch/details
  • Fixed scrolling position on multiselection (tablet layout)
  • Desktop folders are not moveable yet...

v. 4.0 alpha14.
  • Desktop folders container resizable (pinch zoom) requires 4.1+
  • Yes i know, next release they will be also moveable
  • Fixed sorting bug
  • Fixed some themes bug
v. 4.0 alpha13.
  • Fixed automatic dark theme switch
  • Zoomable sidebar
  • Added pricing info to the app list
  • Added indicator current sort by criteria
  • Option to hide categories from the app list
  • Various bugs fixed

v. 4.0 alpha12.
  • Added a new sidebar desktop view (still incomplete but it useful as proof of concept)
  • Added swipe to uninstall from the new sidebar
  • Closing app details doesn't reload app list anymore
  • 3 dot app menu more moved to the left
  • Bug fixed: category change in app detail

v. 4.0 alpha11
  • App details popup mode for tablet/landscape layout
  • Much bigger touchable area for 3 dot app menu more
v. 4.0 alpha10
  • Bug fixed: letter bar disappearing
  • Bug fixed: white icons background
  • Added multi selection option to reset app icons
v. 4.0 alpha9
  • Improved more letter bar
  • Desktop folder grid is resizable, per single folder (icons x row)
v. 4.0 alpha8
  • Improved letter bar
  • Added option to move search button on the bottom toolbar
  • Automatic dark theme switching during the night period
  • Info button now is hidden in multiselection if items selected are 0 or more than 1
  • Experimental: Jina is now hidden from the recent apps list
  • Bug fixed: keyboard not hidden on exit from the main list view
  • Bug fixed: list position reset on exiting detail view in multiselection mode
  • Bug fixed: games category not assignable from multiselection
  • Bug fixed: unable to change back to app gender if game gender is selected

v. 4.0 alpha7
v. 4.0 alpha6
  • Incremental, non destructive, db refresh function (from Settings menu)
  • It is now possible to manually add an app to JINA db (from Settings menu)
  • Sort by name in Find Apps is now case insensitive
  • Improved alphabet indexer usability in App List
  • List position after view details is now mantained
  • User feedback on how many apps are currently selected in multi selection mode
  • Manually assign app origin in multi selection mode
  • White theme added
  • Source filter logic changed: now a selection on a source means "show only that source"
  • Some bug fixed (i.e. crash on remove unistalled apps from list)

v. 4.0 alpha5
  • Added Dynamic Desktop Folders for categories
  • Better App Detail management on tablet layout

Attachment 3121859

v. 4.0 alpha4
  • Added option to force order by most used in search mode

v. 4.0 alpha3
  • UI totally revisited
  • Multiple views for apps (icons, details)
  • Batch actions on apps (multi selection)
  • Folder view (browse apps for categories)
  • Drag and drop to map categories
  • Dark theme
  • Customizable icons (apps and categories)
  • Icon packs integration

Screenshots attached
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16th January 2015, 09:38 PM |#3  
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Last release
Current Google Play Release

Click image for larger version

Name:	app_icon_TEST14.png
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ID:	4010437
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16th January 2015, 09:39 PM |#4  
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New features requests
  • Desktop folders for categories (developer)
  • Clean white theme (umetnic)
  • Auto switch selected themes according to time for starters. So I could use dark in the evening while tinkering with phone prior to sleep…. But white etc. during the day…. (umetnic)
  • Incremental refresh db function to add new apps (i.e. restored with titanium backup) without loose previous data (hervé)
  • Manually add an app to JINA db (hervé)
  • toggle search icon on/off (off should put it in the footer bar) (umetnic, daniello8)
  • toggle the footer bar on/off (daniello8)
  • toggle labels on/off (daniello8)
  • in the letter bar you can long press a letter and then you get a fly out to select the second letter (daniello8)
  • hide Jina in the system's task manager (daniello8)
  • in grid view it would be cool to be able to scale the icons .. eg. 5x5 etc. (daniello8)
  • Introduce a sort of sidebar quicklaunch view, popup style, similar to previous JINA main view(hervé)
  • App detail popup mode (tablet layout)(hervé)
  • save list position between different session (in sort by name mode) (daniello8)
  • add app size info (umetnic)
  • sidebar for categories(hervé)
  • recent used apps folder (vault1965)
  • Provide the ability to group shortcuts as well as applications (ewillner)
  • Provide the ability to assign an application to more than one group (ewillner)
  • Provide the ability to add a launcher shortcut to a group. (ewillner)
  • Instead of automatically categorizing applications on initialization, provide that as an option. (ewillner)
  • default categories icons as stacked-preview(andrew)
  • automatically hide empty categories(andrew)
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16th January 2015, 09:40 PM |#5  
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Question and answers
  • Q. Lot of apps don't get categories after the first install or after a restore
  • A. After the first install, JINA has to go online to search categories for installed apps. Right now this step is not automatic and should be manually started using the "Retrieve app categories" function on the sidebar menu
  • Q. How can i see app details?
  • A. From listview you can activate the app detail function either by using the 3 dot button on the app row or by double tapping on the app row. From the gridview (thumbnails) you can double tap the app icon.
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16th January 2015, 09:43 PM |#6  
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16th January 2015, 10:47 PM |#7  
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17th January 2015, 12:55 PM |#8  
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17th January 2015, 09:31 PM |#9  
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Really like that last option. Now I can run apps even faster!

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Feature Suggestions;
1. Clean white theme
2. Auto switch selected themes according to time for starters. So I could use dark in the evening while tinkering with phone prior to sleep…. But white etc. during the day….

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17th January 2015, 10:01 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by umetnic

Feature Suggestions;
1. Clean white theme
2. Auto switch selected themes according to time for starters. So I could use dark in the evening while tinkering with phone prior to sleep…. But white etc. during the day….

Yes! I love the theme autoswitch idea. Jumped on top of the todo list
17th January 2015, 10:12 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by umetnic

1. Clean white theme

other ideas on the graphics guys?
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