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[APP][TEQTIC][4.1+] Lock Me Out - Freedom from phone addiction

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By Flyview, Senior Member on 24th September 2014, 02:25 PM
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Introducing Lock Me Out:
Can't put your phone down? Are you addicted to your smartphone? Lock Me Out is a simple but powerful application that will lock you out of your phone when you would rather be doing something else.

Please check to make sure Lock Me Out is running unrestricted on your device!

Brief overview (detailed overview below)
• Block specific apps, allow specific apps, or allow lockscreen only
• Automatic lockouts based on device usage
• Scheduled lockouts
• Quickly start or schedule a one-time lockout
• Choose specific physical locations
• Usage statistics for total screen time, app use, device unlocks
• Temporary emergency access
• Pay a penalty to end lockouts early
• Prevent changes to scheduled lockouts
• Notifications to warn you about your usage

Lock Me Out has helped thousands of people reduce their phone usage, including many students that want to focus on studying. It is continually being improved based on user feedback and feature requests.

Lock Me Out has helped thousands of people reduce their phone usage, including many students that want to focus on studying. It is continually being improved based on user feedback and feature requests.

Customer service is a top priority at TEQTIC. If you experience an issue, please use the "Contact support" menu option inside the app or email [email protected] before leaving a negative review! We usually reply to all emails within 48 hours, and often much quicker.

Install now and enjoy some organic time, free of distractions!

Detailed overview
Lockout mode
Each lockout has a lockout mode associated with it. The blocked apps mode allows you to choose a list of apps you want blocked during the lockout. The allowed apps mode allows you to choose a list of apps you want to allow during the lockout. The most strict is the lockscreen-only mode, which only allows use of the lockscreen. You can still answer calls or call emergency numbers in lockscreen-only mode.

Usage based lockouts
Configure rules that will trigger an automatic lockout based on your device usage. With usage based lockouts enabled, total screen time, usage of apps, and number of unlocks will be monitored. You can set up usage rules that trigger a lockout based on total screen time, time spent in specific apps, number of times specific apps are opened, or number of device unlocks. Usage rules can be scheduled to only be enforced at certain times.

Scheduled lockouts
Set up lockouts that repeat regularly on a schedule. You can choose the start and end time, the days of the week, the lockout mode, and additional options for each scheduled lockout.

One-time lockout
Quickly start a one-time lockout for today. You can set a custom duration, lock until a certain clock time, or schedule a lockout for later on.

Lockout options
Each lockout has its own configurable options. They can be configure to turn on Do Not Disturb (DND), silence the ringer, or only begin the lockout at chosen physical locations. DND is important to helps us eliminate frequent interruptions, which is vital for our focus, productivity, and mental health. Having lockouts limited to specific physical locations can improve focus while at school, the gym, or anywhere else apps can be a distraction.

Additional settings
Configure additional options on the settings screen. You can choose a list of apps to exclude from total screen time, prevent changes to lockouts, show an emergency allowance button, show a paid exit button to end a lockout early, set up a password to enter the app, and much more.

More information
Premium version
The premium version allows an unlimited number of lockouts, limited to 3 in the free version. Please consider upgrading to premium to support future development!

Beta testing program
Would you like to receive more frequent Beta updates? You can opt in and out at this link:

Turkish - Fatih

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24th September 2014, 04:21 PM |#2  
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5.2.2 (2019.12.02)
-Block/allow as many apps as you want in free version! Premium version allows more than 3 enabled lockouts
-New option to prevent changes to usage based lockouts during enforcement time
-Fixed a rare crash
-Fixed editing of active lockouts during 24/7 grace period not taking effect right away
-Fixed emergency button not reappearing if resuming to locked out screen after the minute wait
-Grey emergency button while not available
-Fixed German translation (Thanks Stefan!)
[-Always show icons on the right even when there’s no title]
[-Collapsed mode/option for one-time lockout by default]
[-Always kill LOA when leaving it like we used to (other than screen off/rotate) so that if we go to open LMO it doesn't open it, and so that messaging is right when opening from notification after having opened from unallowed app]
[-Shortened dontkillmyapp warning message slightly in English]
[-Updated FB SDK]

5.2.1 (2019.11.08)
-Fixed checking for location once location dependent lockout is over
-Fixed not disappearing from recent apps if lockout started while app in the background
-Added warning to enable lockout if just created and leaving
-Changed default usage rule enforcement time to 8AM - 11PM
-Changed 24/7 usage enforcement times to end one hour earlier. Can be changed back to 24/7 to see warning.
-Update DND switch when lockouts updated
-Added translations for German, French
-Minor fixes
[-Fixed LockoutLocation losing LatLng when switching minifyEnabled]
[-If all lockouts end before alarm comes, don’t check again when alarm comes]
[-Separated updateLists in SettingsActivity into updateListLockouts and updateUsageRules]
[-Stopped most activities from listening for LOCKOUT_ENDED]
[-Fixed “1 times” and changed all strings that had “times” already included in them as well to use the times substring]
[-Changed unlocked over to unlocked more than]
[-Changed “1 time” to once]
[-Fixed issue with not setting end alarm for location based lockouts that never became active]
[-Fixed Turkish translation for unlocks usage rule summary]
[-Show times in MiniLockoutAdapter for lockouts that are 24/7 but don’t start at 12am]

5.2.0 (2019.11.01)
-New option to lock only at specific locations
-Allow entry into app during lockouts
-Start/schedule multiple one-time lockouts
-Added confirmation dialog to delete a lockout
-Reset averages on Mondays
-Fixed rotating during purchase not ending lockout [It was consuming the purchase the next time it opened without ending the lockout. Now it doesn’t even need to open again]
-Fixed apps rarely getting stuck detected on Android Q
-Fixed scheduled lockouts master switch cancelling scheduled one-time lockout
-Fixed silent mode not being set when DND on
-Also prevent changes to DND and silent ringer
[-Fixed scheduled lockouts master switch preventing changes without prevent changes setting selected]
[-Added option to hide LMO from recent apps screen]
[-Fixed settings app not blocked during emergency access for lockscreen only mode]
[-Fixed lockout names possibly overlapping icons]
[-Fixed changing usage rule type, num times apps launched, or num times device unlocked not counting as daily change]
[-Fixed usage reminder messaging when enforced 24h]
[-Fixed numUnlocks usage rules resetting at midnight when enforced 24h]
[-Don’t show blocked apps icon if list empty]
[-Fixed silent mode icon in status bar not showing when setting silent mode on Q+]
[-Fixed silent mode icon not showing on Android M]
[-Added info buttons to mode/lockout in one-time lockout section]
[-Fixed centering of one-time lockout mode/options layout]
[-Linked usage lockout started notifications to usage statistics]
[-Hide time of day for all day scheduled lockouts too]
[-Save expanded states for Mode/Options in onSaveInstanceState]
[-Don’t require notification policy access until Q for silent ringer]
[-Use startActivityForResult when requesting DND access so checkbox doesn’t have to be clicked again]
[-Stop starting service from LOA onStop and instead restrictAccess from setLOAShowing to make it more efficient]
[-Decreased DELAY_CHECK_LOA showing from 2s to 500ms bc it no longer interferes with anything]
[-Fixed leaving during countdown on lock until not resetting itself]
[-Made show detected app work even with app monitoring paused]
[-Don't finish LOA if screen off or rotating]
[-Moved one-time lockout to bottom]
[-Fixed screen locking while restrict access called multiple times b/c of delay in showing]
[-Fixed all activities so they disappear from task switcher / recent apps during lockouts]
[-Fixed crashes from permission screens not found in Settings]
[-Don’t show seconds in notification/LOA unless less than 1min, and don’t abbreviate.]
[-Only block settings app during emergency access if it’s already a blocked app]
[-Updated all writeToSharedPrefs methods to send message if bound instead of if monitorUsage (since it could be bound if there’s active lockouts)]
[-Fixed DND time monitoring not resetting when usage monitoring disabled]
[-Don’t save changes for duration/time/location/chooseapps/numberpicker dialogs if values are the same]
[-Changed wording for device admin option to say use device admin permission]
[-Fixed margin too big on lockout name cardView]
[-Send message to service whenever we change lockouts since activities can change them during lockouts now]
[-Allow entrance into EditLockoutActivity to see everything but don’t allow changes]
[-Removed hide launcher icon option for Android 10]
[-Removed prevent changes once a day to usage based lockouts. Bundled it with prevent changes to scheduled lockouts]
[-Show change not allowed message instead of hiding DND switch/settings button]
[-Added warning dialog for non-Google phones pointing to]
[-Made check for number free lockouts better]
[-Reduced number of allowed apps to 3 for free version]
[-Centered text in LOA card buttons]
[-Made usage stats permission dialog not cancelable]
[-Put package name on next line for show detected app]
[-Made time zone change adjust start and end times for all “clock-relative” lockouts (one-time until and schedule, and repeating). Remove (one-time)/reschedule (repeating) if already past the clock time, but start if would currently be in the lockout. Leave lockout for the future if clock time went backwards.]
[-Dropped support for Chinese]
***[-Fixed getTimeDurationString for counting down and added singular time units]***
***[-Disabled ok button until list of apps is ready to prevent concurrent modification exception]***
***[-Fixed onPostExecute crash in ChooseAppsDialog if pressing cancel before app loading finishes, or if rotating before it finishes…]***
***[-Changed to a new method in hasUsageStats method so that it works right after screen on (getPackageNameLastInForeground doesn’t work for about 2s after screen on)]***
***[-Put queryPurchases in onResume for all activities so that it’s properly recognized if rotated during purchase]***
***[-Fixed incorrect # free trial days. Change in onSkuDetailsResponse]***

5.1.1 (2019.08.15)
-Improved app detection and blocking during split screen
-Fixed not being able to modify lockout starting soon while setting times
-Black screen out until Locked Out Screen shows on Android Q
-Fixed app usage detection on Android 5 and older
-Fixed app usage not counting when app opened before enforcement start time
-Fixed long app names overlaying usage metrics
-Don’t grey out the other one-time lockout button, just cancel the countdown if pressed
[-Hide DND option for one-time lockouts on Android 6 and older]
[-Made getTimeScreenOnAppsWithinUsageWindow more efficient]
[-Show dialog to request overlay permission on Android Q]
[-Changed formatting of detected app string]
[-REVERT using Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_TASK_ON_HOME Activity flag instead of actually navigating to HOME separately so that it works in split-screen]
[-Updated FB SDK to 5.2.0]
***[-Fixed FB purchase logging by fixing proguard file (adding { *; } to end of “-keep class**”]***

5.1.0 (2019.08.02)
-Added descriptive info dialogs
-Added lockout names
-Added icons for lockout mode and options
-Added rate apps opened
-Changed app screen time % to be % of day: more useful and matches the other stats
-Fixed usage rule resetting at start time for 24h enforced lockouts
-Fixed device unlocks not updating when unlocking straight to usage stats
-Changed DND green to 50%
-Built for Android Q
-Fixed a crash
[-Made all switches and buttons on the top of cards white to match titles]
[-Reordered settings categories]
[-Moved indicator dots to the left]
[-Fixed DND average goal percentages]
[-Ignore blank package name when updating listScreenOnRecords. Was seeing a 5s on first unlock]
[-Start using Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_TASK_ON_HOME Activity flag instead of actually navigating to HOME separately]
[-Don’t show lockout scheduled toast for one-time lockout other than the actual scheduling one for later option]
[-Fixed not hiding entire DND time cardView on Android <M]
[-Changed default usage rule to be 2h total screen on time within 24h]
[-FIXED FB logging, needed internet permission, must have removed it at some point…]
[-Increase num times unlocked to 1 if crossing into 4am with it that it matches notification and so that other stats log properly]
[-Updated to fb core sdk 5.1.1]
***[-Added unbindIabService in MonitorService onDestroy to fix IAE when unbinding from IabService after onDestroy]***
***[-Make serviceMessenger and listServiceMessageRunnables null in unbindService calls]**

5.0.2 (2019.07.10)
-Drag to re-order lockouts
-Added colored indicators for usage statistics
-Added button pointing to system’s notification settings on settings page
-Fixed button to system’s DND settings on some devices
-Fixed a bug where monitoring could have re-enabled itself
-Removed some items from slide out menu that are already action buttons
-Increased number of apps you can choose in free version to 5
-Limited number of lockouts to 5 in free version
-Removed ads

5.0.1 (2019.07.07)
-Fixed overlapping text over DND buttons
-Fixed crash for Turkish users
-Fixed a rare crash
-Added Catalan translation (Thanks Rafa!)
-Fixed margin of set times cardview for scheduled lockouts

5.0.0 (2019.06.28)
-Create multiple usage based lockout rules and schedule them
-New usage rules for app screen time and opens
-New usage statistics screen with more info
-No longer require device admin
-Better support concurrent lockouts
-Added buttons to toggle DND, system’s DND settings
-Added option to enforce DND setting
-Check for settings app during emergency access in lockscreen-only mode
-Stopped auto-disabling lockout when changing times
-Removed pre-defined one-time lockout cards
[-Simplified design]
[-Fixed some rare crashes]
[-Simplified unlock rate to be number of unlocks within the usage window]
[-Changed default notification priorities to high for usage reminders and low for usage statistics]
[-Added in-app link to privacy policy]
[-New EditLockoutActivity for new and editing of lockouts (no more lists)]
[-Usage counting now takes into account package name]
[-Simplified usage counting by counting everything, and deciding what apps to exclude when actually calculating usage for a certain usage window]
[-Switched to Utils.getTimeDurationString everywhere]
[-Fixed locked out due to unlock rate duration strings over an hour showing in minutes]
[-Tweaked when we end lockout after early exit purchase]
[-Fixed usage reminder notifications for unlock usage lockouts with small numbers of unlocks]
[-Run runnableCheckForegroundApp at monitoring speed during lockscreen only lockout]
[-Made collapsible mode/options titles more clickable by adding padding instead of margins]
[-Linked reminder notification to usage stats]
[-Added time spent in lockouts to statistics]
[-Added time spent in DND mode to statistics]
[-Added app opens to statistics]
[-Refined color scheme with lighter colorAccent so it’s not as harsh of a contrast and darker colorPrimary]
[-Added fb sdk to be able to run ads]
[-Kill UsageStatistics in onStop during lockouts so it doesn’t appear when starting emergency access if it was underneath in the stack]
[-Fixed lockscreen only mode checking for loabound with screen off after end of emergency access]
[-Default true for prevent changes to scheduled lockouts]
[-Increased text size for snackbar messages to 16sp]
[***-Fixed concurrent modification exceptions in ChooseAppsDialog (seems to happen on Samsung phones) and stopped getting installed apps if have savedInstanceState (helps onRotate)***]
[***-Updated PreferencesProvider (2019.05.23) to prevent a rare IAE***]
[-***Added a static variable for “PREF_KEY” for onPrefsChanged in MonitorService***]
[-***Fixed navigation issues using singleTop and onOptionsItemSelected if activity can be launched from outside of task (notification)***]
[***Removed remove ads button***]
[***Check for first time open before doing updates in StartReceiver***]

4.9.1 (2019.05.13)
-Do not reset preferences when updating from <4.8.1

4.9.0 (2019.05.10)
-Added search function to Choose Apps dialogs
-Added an option to show the name of the app being detected
-Added option to hide launcher icon during lockouts
-Restore DND/ringer mode if phone off while lockout ends
-Added direct button for settings
-Black background for locked out screen
-Reorganized options and split off into more categories
-Added Chinese translation (Thanks Hu!)

4.8.1 (2019.04.06)
-UPDATE CLEARS ALL PREFERENCES, please set up again! Unfortunately no way around it after removal of android_id for preference encryption
-Fixed incorrect calculation of unlock rate
-Fixed paid exit possibly not being consumed
-Fixed messaging for unlock rate locked out notification
-Set time to 24 hours if time picker set to 0h 0m
-Tapping locked out notification opens Locked Out Screen
-Animate appearance of early exit button
-Added German translation (Thanks Ben!)
[-Big text style for locked out notification]
[-Show LOA messaging depending on what intent it’s started with]
[-Changed to paid exit level 3 default]
[-Changed to 20s emergency exit default]
[-Fixed default lock later from/to times]
[-Changed default screen-on time to lock at to 30 min]
[-Changed default usage windows to 2 hours]

4.8.0 (2019.03.25)
-New option for requiring password to open app
-Put settings into separate screen accessible from the menu
-Fixed paid exit not working when Play store on blocked list
-Increased max emergency allowance to 30s
-Don’t prevent re-enabling a usage lockout rule
-Fixed not allowing switching to long excluded apps list in free version
-Fixed unpausing if toggling exclude apps from monitoring
-Re-ordered menu options
-Minor bug fixes
[-Fixed loashowing possibly getting stuck]
[-Set non-translatable strings]
[-Show emergency exit and paid exit option by default]
[-Updated to ads library 17.2.0]
[-Fixed not checking spannable just clicked for checkboxes]
[-Added purchase check to LOA in case consumption messed up and needs to try again for paid exit]

4.7.0 (2019.02.26)
-Require one minute wait time between temporary emergency unlocks
-Show time remaining on locked out screen
-Show uninstall button on any Android version in case device admin disable is still required
-Fixed “prevent changes to usage lockouts” not allowing changes to quick lockout mode
-Show current mode and options when collapsed
-Default to not showing pause button in notification
-Spaced out lockout options so easier to tap
-Increased font size to make it easier to read and tap
-Spaced out lockout options so easier to tap
-Increased font size to make it easier to read and tap
-Other bug fixes and improvements

4.6.6 (February 10, 2019)
-Added uninstall menu button and removed device admin switch for Android 7 and older
-Better method for identifying task switcher (recents) app when using non-stock launcher
-Animate appearance of ads
-Fixed some rare crashes

4.6.5 (February 2, 2019)
-Fixed sometimes being able to get past “Locked Out” screen by quickly pressing home button in lockscreen-only mode
-Lockout mode & lockout options collapsible
-Added animations for card changes
-Additional options for usage-based lockouts disappear when usage-based lockouts disabled
-Made paid exit button only appear when price is ready
-Fixed usage statistics dialog sometimes not updating when opening from notification
-Updated translations
[-Reset numberRestrtictAccessCalledWithinShortTime in SCREEN_OFF so it doesn’t lock you out again if it just did]
[-Fixed null pointer exception in LockedOutActivity if ends because of no active lockout]
[-Made show pause in notification option disappear/grey when usage lockouts are disabled]
[-Reduced padding on Remove ads button]

4.6.4 (January 26, 2019)
-Fixed being locked out of Play store when trying to purchase early lockout
-Fixed a crash relating to unconsumed products
-Fixed possible consumption of permanent purchase
-Fixed usage statistics dialog sometimes not updating when opening from notification
-Added “Remove ads” button above ads that also serves as a spacer

4.6.3 (January 11, 2019)
-Better support for split-screen and pop-out windows
-Universally allow “android” package name which is sometimes used for dialog that picks an app
-Link “Our other apps” to website

4.6.2 (January 8, 2019)
-Fixed purchase being lost by service after opening usage statistics dialog
-Increased emergency allowance choice up to 20s
-Added website to About dialog

4.6.1 (December 28, 2018)
-Fixed intermittent crash with ads on Android 9
-Fixed crash when showing unlock rate reminder notification
-Show reminder notifications again if limit reached again without locking

4.6.0 (December 26, 2018)
-Blocked/allowed apps modes now free to use with limited number of apps
-New options to prevent changes to lockouts
-New option for financial penalty to end lockout early
-New option for temporary access during emergency
-New option to show the pause button in notification
-Show more system apps
-Clearer layout
-Fixed app detection on some Android 5.0 devices
-Added confirm dialog for deleting saved lists
-Notifications expandable for long text
[-Fixed edit button remaining on custom lockout button during countdown]
[-Disable load selection spinner while list of apps is loading]
[-Ads in free version]
[-Fixed blank screen on time at 4am]
[-Changed usage monitoring to Usage based locking and layout so it's more intuitive and clear]
[-Stopped showing device admin switch for Andoid 7.1+ and showing at the top for others]
[-Keep a record of all day’s screenOnDurations, but only add up what the current window is, in case they change the window]
[-Added last xx min to usage statistics to match usage based lockout rule]

4.5.3 (December 11, 2018)
-Fixed crash when setting long repeating lockout

4.5.2 (December 10, 2018)
-Changes to a saved list affect all lockouts using that list
-Screen-on time usage lock repeats if reached again within specified period
-Fixed screen on time decreasing after pausing counting while in an excluded app during lockout
-Check long lockout before activating custom lockout
-Removed Chinese translations
[-Changed “do not count” to “exclude”]
[-REVERT Change strings to display 60m or 60 minutes instead of 1h 0m.]
[-Show “minutes”/”hours”/”h m” for repeating lockout duration]

4.5.1 (December 4, 2018)
-Fixed issue with lockout mode possibly changing on its own for repeating lockouts
-Added custom duration quick lock button
-Don’t reset lock until and lock later values
[-Change strings to display 60m or 60 minutes instead of 1h 0m.]

4.4.1 (August 20, 2018)
-Remove “Locked out” screen from recent apps screen on more devices
-Show system settings app in list of blocked apps but block by default
-Added Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations (Thanks 胡佳伦 !)

4.4.0 (August 7, 2018)
-Set different lockout modes for different lockouts
-Add option for setting do not disturb mode / silent ringer with each lockout
-Reset paused screen-on counting with screen off
-Increased frequency of foreground app check [500ms to 250ms]
-Do not show LMO in recent apps screen during lockout
-Auto scroll lockout list when adding a repeating lockout
-Check for lockout end with screen on in case of delayed alarm
-Added Turkish translation (Thanks Fatih!)
-Removed Dutch translation

4.3.1 (July 6, 2018)
-Fixed lockouts not working if monitor usage turned off
-Don’t allow access to settings in blocked apps mode
-Fixed a second lockout during another lockout not starting right away
-Show all scheduled daily lockouts in Lock Regularly section
-Finish activities when a lockout starts
-Fixed scheduling a lock later lockout messing up the quick lock countdown

4.3.0 (July 2, 2018)
-Removed total lockout mode to comply with Google Play policies
-Show “Locked Out” screen when accessing blocked apps instead of locking screen to make it easier to get back to an allowed app
-Added new lockout mode: block specific apps
-Pause screen-on time counting from notification
-Ordered daily lockouts by time
-Animations for scheduled lockout cards
-Moved add lockout button into toolbar
-Added stock launcher to list of apps to exclude from screen-on time

4.2.1 (June 15, 2018)
-Fixed “monitor usage” automatically being enabled when opening settings
-Fixed screen on time possibly going up when re-enabling monitor usage
-Re-schedule lockouts when changing time zones

4.2.0 (June 14, 2018)
-Critical: Fixed allowed apps list not being updated until rebooting or restarting service
-Removed option to not show long lockout warning
-UI: Switched all dialogs to new style
-UI: Bold section titles
-Fixed a crash related to notifications on Oreo
-Increased max value for minutes to auto-lock based on usage to 720 minutes
-UI: Updated all buttons to rounded corner cardViews

4.1.2 (May 25, 2018)
-Fixed lockout mode not being recognized by service right after purchase
-Fixed multiple crashes
-Updated menu strings
-Updated Dutch translation (Thanks Gijs!)

4.1.1 (April 27, 2018)
-Increased lock delay so there is enough time to leave an un-allowed app in allowed apps mode (new strategy coming soon)

4.1.0 (April 18, 2018)
-Fixed repeating lockouts possibly locking phone even if they are disabled
-Fixed immediate lockout if enabling repeating lockouts during a repeating lockout period
-Combined LockService and MonitorService for less resource use
-New menu UI
-Fixed Locked Out notification merging with usage notifications
-Fixed timeTotalMonitoring time not stopping when Monitor Usage disabled
-Changed link for TeqTic apps to developer page [(so can eventually change "developer name" to have keywords]

4.0.4 (March 28, 2018)
-Always allow for picking files
-Fixed crashes related to restoring app data and Oreo
-Added French translation (Thanks Mathieu!)

4.0.3 (March 20, 2018)
-Fixed missing buttons to set usage reminder times in Spanish
-Fixed a couple of rare crashes on Android 8.1 [looks like startForeground wasn't being called in time]

4.0.2 (March 17, 2018)
-Add "recents" screen to allowed apps
-Fix line wrapping in Spanish
-New donate dialog
-Re-schedule alarms when opening after force stopped (ex. restoring from Titanium Backup)

4.0.1 (March 15, 2018)
-Fixed subscription not being immediately recognized

4.0.0 (March 15, 2018)
-Lockout for as long as you want for free!
-New lockout modes: allow specific apps, allow lock screen, total lockout
-New option to exclude apps from screen-on time
-Fixed daily lockouts possibly being forgotten
-Real-time countdown of time left in lockout
-Lock immediately if in lockout and starting app after reboot
-New card look for buttons
-Added exit button to device administrator dialog
-New menu and upgrade dialogs with different pricing models
-Many bug fixes!
-Fixed overlapping lockouts possibly shortening longer lockout
-Changed small buttons to clickable text
-Regenerate launcher icon to not show bits of circle when in squirrel mode
-Only show notification badges for usage reminders notifications
-Set alert only once on usage notification
-Changed all dialogs to AppCompatDialogFragment
-Updated to support library 27.1.0

3.0.1 (February 7, 2018)
-Fixed automatic lockout bug when unlocking to activity in the morning
-Fixed automatic lockout notification text

3.0.0 (January 31, 2018)
-Completely new re-design
-Quick lock buttons
-Lock until xx time
-Lock later from xx - xx time
-Schedule daily lockouts
-Usage monitor with statistics and notifications
-Automatic lockouts based on usage
-Translated to Spanish (Thanks Tatiana!)

2.0.6 (December 28, 2017)
-Fixed time left in notification not updating

2.0.5 (December 18, 2017)
-Increased free time period to 30min!
-Much quicker start up after reboot
-Built for Android 8.1
-Increased min SDK from 10 to 14

2.0.4 (August 15, 2017)
-Added extra dialog and in-app message to explain Device Administrator permission
-Removed delay for re-lock so it re-locks instantly
-Updated contact email and About dialog layout

2.0.3 (September 26, 2016)
-Show minutes left in lockscreen notification
-Hide keyboard when locking

2.0.2 (June 18, 2016)
-Reduced re-lock delay to 1s
-Added French translation, thanks Anthony!

2.0.1 (May 25, 2016)
-Do not allow disabling device admin once lock countdown starts
-Fixed rotating activity turning off device admin
-Slight layout improvement

2.0.0 (May 20, 2016)
-No more changing device passwords/PIN! (safer)
-Lock Me Out will simply lock you back out if you unlock the device during your chosen lock out period.
-Updated design
-Added About dialog

-Dynamically set the minimum password length (will help with some devices that would not actually set blank PINs and remain locked).
-Fixed a rare issue with the recognition of purchases and the purchase system.
-Updated to newest libraries and built with Marshmallow SDK.

-Fixed lock-out not ending on pre-Lollipop.

-Made it impossible to lock yourself out forever, even if app is force closed.
-Fixed slide-unlock not being set with empty PIN.
-Added warning against memory cleaners.
-Added confirm PIN dialog.
-Stopped setting chosen password on every boot.
-Added Lollipop styling for pre-Lollipop Android versions!
-Re-set unlock alarm after app update in case locked out during update.
-Added contact menu option.
-Updated action bar unlock icon for Lollipop.

-Lolliop theme for Lollipop!
-Reduced cancel timeout to 3s
-Improvements in clarity
-Improved purchase caching

-Fixed crash on boot if device admin disabled


-Fixed launcher icon not showing on some devices
-Made Screen security dialog scollable
-Screen security set right away (not just after lock-out)
-Smaller apk size


-Do not ask for old PIN if never set or blank
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An excellent idea!

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Another good app.
I no people to suggest this to right now lol.
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There was a small update last night (see second post), and price has been lowered for premium version.
29th September 2014, 03:39 PM |#6  
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Anyone using this from XDA?

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6th October 2014, 10:55 PM |#7  
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On Nexus4 it is not possible to use camera, only emergency calls. Also you can see status bar but it is not possible to do anything with it like scroll down etc. e.g. for checking status of notifications like email (maybe intended).
Same with camera, it is possible to swipe to it but picture is black with keypad above it.
For less then 1$ nice app, for more than 1$....who knows...
7th October 2014, 04:59 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by ExSport

On Nexus4 it is not possible to use camera, only emergency calls. Also you can see status bar but it is not possible to do anything with it like scroll down etc. e.g. for checking status of notifications like email (maybe intended).
Same with camera, it is possible to swipe to it but picture is black with keypad above it.
For less then 1$ nice app, for more than 1$....who knows...

What you can do from the lockscreen isn't set by the app. That's up to the ROM/lock screen you are using and the widgets available on it while locked.
7th October 2014, 08:30 PM |#9  
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Problem was non-default camera application. I have more apps so every time camera is started it asks which one should be used.
When phone is locked it is impossible to use camera due this behavior.
Choosing default camera app (use always, not once) fixes it
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8th October 2014, 04:00 AM |#10  
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Would it be useful to add a password option, in addition to PIN?

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9th October 2014, 09:30 PM |#11  
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Good app, very useful
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