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Too loud? Not loud enough? Never again will this be a problem!

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Precise Volume overrides Android's default number of volume steps, (15 on most devices) giving you up to 100 different volumes. Other apps simply give the illusion of having more volume steps. Precise Volume hooks into your device's audio system to give you more volume options!

I created Precise Volume because I felt that Android was seriously lacking in the volume steps department. As someone who uses several different pairs of headphones on a daily basis, (in-ears for work when I don’t want to disturb anyone, and large open-backed headphones for enjoyment at home) I found it really irritating not being able to get the same volume level between my different pairs of headphones. It just simply wasn’t possible.

Gain More Precise Volume Control
  • Override Android’s 15 volume steps, giving you much more fine control over your volume. (Up to 1,000,000 steps with PRO!)
Lots of Customization Options
  • Includes lots of customizable settings for many different app features.
Create Custom Presets
  • Create special presets for use with certain headphones, speakers, apps, etc.
Limit Headphone Volume
  • Limit volume while using headphones.
Fully-Featured Equalizer
  • Adjust sound how you like it! Create equalizer presets for all of your favorite genres.
Volume Booster
  • Boost volume higher than Android normally allows! (Part of the Equalizer.)
No Root Required
  • Doesn’t even need root.

PRO Features:
Volume Control Notification
  • You can enable an ongoing notification that provides quick access to a Precise Volume slider. Also includes an optional preset notification for quick preset access.
Screen Off Override
  • Use Precise Volume even when your screen is off. Very useful for listening to music on the bus or listening to podcasts. A bit buggy, but it should work!
Automatic Volume
  • Headphone Automation lets you make it so that when you plug in headphones, a dialog pops up asking you which preset to activate. You can set up a preset for each pair of headphones you own and have it ask you which headphones to use when you plug something into your headphone jack. You can also make it activate a preset automatically, if you want that.
  • Bluetooth Automation lets you activate presets automatically when you connect to a Bluetooth device. I created a preset just for my car. Really convenient.
  • App Automation lets you activate presets as soon as an app is opened. I use it for Google Assistant. I usually keep my volume pretty low but when I use Google Assistant I want my volume to be at the max. I setup a preset for Assistant and set it to revert my volume back to the level it was at before once I leave Assistant again.
Max Volume
  • Make volume even MORE precise. For example, a max volume of 200 is 2x as precise as 100.
Volume Button Increments
  • The amount of volume changed when the volume buttons are pressed.
Dark App/UI ThemeAudio Curve
  • Change how slowly or quickly volume goes from minimum to maximum. For example, you can make volumes 0-30 seem less steep than 30-100. You can also use this to calibrate Precise Volume to your specific device. Each device has a different Audio Curve.
Combine All Volumes
  • Changing the volume of any spectrum will automatically change all of the other volume spectrums to match it.
Remove Ads
  • Remove admob banner and interstial ads.


Main Screen:

Settings Screen:

Activate Preset Dialog (Headphone Automation):

Volume Control Notification:

Volume Control Notification Interface:

Thanks for checking out my app! I hope it helps someone out. I know it has seriously made music a lot better for me.

Also, I apologize if there are any bugs or anything! I tried my best to test on as many devices as possible, but there will always be those bugs that manage to slip through the cracks. Not to mention, this app is somewhat experimental and likely won’t work the same on every device. If you find anything odd, send me an email at [email protected].

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Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Version: 1.19.1

Created 3-14-2017 (Pi day!)
Last Updated 8-17-2017
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Update 1.19.1 - August 17
* Fixed a few rather vital bugs.
* More to come! Stay tuned. Send your suggestions to [email protected]!

Update 1.19 - August 9
* Added the ability to click on an Equalizer value label to manually type in a value.
* Added some new icons to the Volume Settings.
* Expanded upon the Lock Volume Buttons to Media setting.
* Improved Volume Button Override. Shouldn't snap to 0 anymore.
* Fixed a major Equalizer bug.
* Added a more obvious Settings Icon to the toolbar in the Equalizer.
* Added a "Show On Lock Screen" option to all notifications.
* More to come! Stay tuned!

Update 1.18 - July 13
* The Equalizer now supports a lot more music apps and services! It should now work with YouTube, along with a ton of other apps.
* Fixed a bug in the Equalizer preventing it from activating Equalizer presets.
* Fixed some bugs affecting the Volume Button Override feature.
* Made some important background code changes.
* More to come! Stay tuned.

Update 1.17.1 - June 17
* Presets can now be activated directly from the Manage Presets screen. Just simply press and hold on a preset, and press "Activate Preset"!
* Fixed a major bug in the Equalizer.

1.17 - June 11
* Added 2 NEW Preset Settings: "Change Ringer Mode", and "Change Do Not Disturb Mode"
* Improved the speed of volume changes.
* Presets now activate over 200% faster!
* Made a TON of internal improvements to the Volume Button Override [ALPHA] feature. Should be much more stable.
* Fixed a bug with the Activate Preset Dialog in landscape mode.
* Fixed some Equalizer issues and added compatibility for more music apps.
* Background code changes and bug fixes.
* More to come! Send your suggestions to [email protected]!

1.16 - May 11
* NEW FEATURE: Volume Button Override [ALPHA] - Change the volume precisely with your device's volume buttons from any screen! Somewhat buggy, but it might just be a pretty good workaround!
* Tons of bug fixes.
* Fixed a rare but annoying wakelock.
* Fixed a bug on the Equalizer screen.
* Fixed some incompatibility issues with some messaging apps.
* Laid the groundwork for some future update features.

1.15.1 - Apr 27
* Fixed a rather critical crash in the Bluetooth Automation section.
* Bug fixes.
* Made some theme adjustments.

Update 1.15 - Apr 24
* NEW FEATURE: Activate EQ Presets using Volume Presets! Just edit a preset, press "Add More Settings", and select "Activate Equalizer Preset".
* Made icons darker on the Volume Settings screen while the LED Black theme is enabled.
* Fixed a few more bluetooth compatibility issues.
* Background code and stability improvements.

Update 1.14.3 - Apr 18
* Fixed some somewhat critical bugs.
* Made some significant improvements to the stability of Screen Off Override.

Update 1.14.2 - Apr 14
* Lots of background code changes, bugfixes, and improvements.
* Added some new Preset Icons!
* Added icons to the Automatic Volume settings screen.
* Laid the groundwork for some future update features.

Update 1.14.1 - Apr 10
* Adjusted icon shading a bit. It was a bit hard to see on dark backgrounds before.

Update 1.14 - Apr 9
* Added some icons to Volume Settings - hopefully this will make it a bit easier on the eyes.
* New About screen.
* Bug fixes.

Update 1.13 - Apr 7
* NEW FEATURE: Date/Time Automation.
* Added drag-and-drop support to Bluetooth Automation, Wi-Fi Automation, etc. lists. Just press and hold on a list item to drag and drop it to a new order!
* New setting: Hearing Protection [BETA] - While headphones are plugged in, volume will scale relative to the current volume. On by default for new users.
* You can now activate Equalizer presets straight from the EQ Presets tab.
* Changed some behavioural logic on the Equalizer.
* Lots of background code changes and improvements.

Update 1.12 - Mar 31
* NEW FEATURE: Homescreen shortcuts for Presets! Now, you can activate specific presets straight from your home screen!
* New Preset Notification Modes: "Last activated preset" and "Last manually activated preset".
* Fixed some Bluetooth compatibility issues.
* General bug fixes and improvements.

Update 1.11.3 - Mar 28
* Bug fixes.

Update 1.11.12 - Mar 28
* Fixed a bug preventing Equalizer Presets from saving correctly.

Older Versions:
Update 1.11.1 - Mar 27
* More bug squashing!
* Performance improvements.
* Made Ringer/Notification/System volumes even stickier.

Update 1.11 - Mar 25
* Made Ringer, Notification, and System volumes more likely to stick.
* Added a popup message/warning that will show if another Equalizer app is currently installed and may clash with Precise Volume's Equalizer functionality.
* NEW SETTING: You can now enable a "beep" that will play when a volume spectrum is changed. Go to Advanced Settings to turn this on.

Update 1.10 - Mar 25
* Bug fixes and improvements.

Update 1.09 - Mar 25
* Added Preset Notification theming options.
* Bug fixes.

Update 1.08 - Mar 24
* NEW FEATURE: Equalizer! Also includes a bass booster, volume amplifier/booster, and surround sound effect.
* Bug fixes and improvements.
* Added a very rough Spanish translation.

Update 1.07 - Mar 21
* Added new theming options for the Volume Control Notification. Now you can theme the dialog itself, customizing the background color, text color, icon color, and seekbar!
* Fixed some bluetooth compatibility issues.
* More coming soon!

Update 1.06 - Mar 19
* NEW SETTING: Wi-Fi Automation. Can be found in the Automatic Volume section of settings.
* Bug fixes and improvements.

Update 1.05 - Mar 18
* Bug fixes.
* Moved "Lock Volume Buttons to Media" to General Settings, instead of Advanced Settings.
* Fixed a bug causing Headphone Volume Limit to be unavailable for free users.

Update 1.04 - Mar 17
* NEW SETTING: Lock Volume Rocker to Media - located in Advanced Settings.
* Added new Volume Control Notification theme options, allowing you to customize background and icon colors.
* Bug fixes and improvements.

Update 1.03 - Mar 17
* Made volume changes more likely to stick on Samsung devices while using the Samsung Music Player.

Update 1.02 - Mar 16
* Fixed a crash a couple users were facing.
* App Automation screen is now grayscale when disabled.
* Optimized App Automation list. Should load a bit faster.

Update 1.01 - Mar 15
* Fixed some minor bugs and text inconsistencies.
* Fixed a crash in the Activate Preset dialog.
* Laid the groundwork for some future features.
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Can I get a promo code?
15th March 2017, 09:50 PM |#4  
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Can I get a promo code? Would love to try it out
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Originally Posted by LargoFar

Can I get a promo code?

Promo code sent! :)
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Can I also get promo code?

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Originally Posted by s1l3nt

Can I get a promo code? Would love to try it out

Alright, I sent the promo code!
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Originally Posted by il183690

Can I also get promo code?

Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk

Sure thing! Sent.
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Its a good and lot of work! Thanks for this)
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Sounds like awesome work. Appreciate it very much!
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Originally Posted by JohnDo88

Its a good and lot of work! Thanks for this)

Thanks, that seriously means a lot. :)
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