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YouTube Vanced
Vanced Logo
Vanced is a well known modded version of YouTube with many features such as adblocking and background playback, the full list can be found below:

The one and only, official Vanced website There are other sites that are fake, contain ads (possibly even malware) and have older versions. Always check from the official site or from here at XDA.

Read the first and second post before asking/posting anything.

  • YouTube Vanced IS NOT YouTube Premium
  • Blocks all YouTube ADs (some options are togglable)
  • Background playback feature
  • Force VP9(or HDR) or vice versa
  • Override Max Resolution
  • Pinch to Zoom on all devices
  • Casting togglable (can be forced off)
  • Togglable Theme (White/Dark/Black)
  • PiP (Oreo Only)
  • Video window new or old style
  • Repeat video feature
  • Preffered Resolution & Speed feature
  • Swipe controls for Volume and Brightness
  • New Logo by @Logan

Vanced website (GDrive) (All versions)
Alternative Mirrors: AFH (rarely updated) Mediafire (only the latest)
Installation Instructions:NB!

Non-root: Install the apk normally and install microg found in the download links above.

  1. Download the official installer found in downloads above
  2. Select a suitable apk for your device (check your architecture using an app such as CPU-Z) and the secondary theme you want to. (All apks include the white theme)
  3. Place the downloaded apk into /sdcard/Downloads or inside the installation zip
  4. Uninstall all YouTube updates and disable auto-update in the playstore (If you are able to completely uninstall the youtube app do so)
  5. Flash the installer in TWRP
  6. Profit!


There are a total of 3 ways to install the module via magisk.
The first and most simple way is to install it via the magisk repo and it is the recommended way.
The second way is to place "Install via magisk.plz" or enable magisk install in the from the root installer.
The third and final way is to use the magisk modules provided on the Download Mirrors.
Uninstall all YouTube updates and disable auto-update in the playstore (If you are able to completely uninstall the youtube app do so). Updated app will override the app installed in the system partition so even if the mod installation succeeds, you will not see it.

Explanation of the (Ad)Vanced options of the official installer:
Vanced makes use of both a and plz files as parameters while installing.

Using the
  • SEARCHFOLDER - Path where to search for iYTBP Apk's (must be a subfolder on sdcard!)
  • MAGINSTALL - Use magisk installation instead of root installation. (Possible Values: YES/NO)
  • DETACH - Detach Youtube from playstore to disable update notifications. (Possible Values: YES/NO)
  • ATTACH - Attach Youtube to playstore if it was previously detached. (Possible Values: YES/NO)
  • UNINSTALL - Completely uninstall iYTBP: root version, magisk module and detach module (Possible Values: YES/NO)

Using the plz files (Use only the ones you want)
(All should be placed in /sdcard/Download/)
  • iYTBP_install_via_magisk.plz - Use magisk installation instead of root installation
  • iYTBP_detach_from_playstore.plz - Detach Youtube from playstore to disable update notifications.
  • iYTBP_attach_to_playstore.plz - Attach Youtube to playstore if it was previously detached.
  • iYTBP_uninstall.plz - Completely uninstall iYTBP: root version, magisk module and detach module.

Known bugs:
  1. What bugs? Never heard of them.
  2. Buying things within the nonroot version of the app causes crash. Likely due to MicroG but tbh, it's better this way for your security. Just use original youtube to buy the stuff you want.
  3. Ok, not really a bug but since people don't read it's experimental, ExoPlayer V2 might be causing crashes when coming back from background playback on some devices.
  4. Non-Root stuck on I Agree Page? ->

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Discord Invite Telegram Invite Vanced Website
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BUG Reports

Steps to do before reporting a bug
  1. Do a search and see if it has already been reported
  2. Check that the bug is actually a Vanced bug and doesn't happen in the original YouTube.
Steps to do when reporting a bug
  1. Make sure you are being enough descriptive of the problem.
  2. Take a logcat (Google search if you don't know how). Especially if the issue is a crash.
  3. Taking pictures of the problem doesn't hurt.
  4. If the report is vaque (missing information) it will most likely just be ignored. If you are not going to show any effort in resolving the problem, why should I?


Q.Where did the normal(white) apk go??
A.White is included in both versions choose the alternate theme you prefer for night time etc.

Q. How to install updates ?
A. Just download the latest apk and install as you previously did before.

Q. Do I need to re-install detach script for every new YouTube Vanced update ?
A. No!

Q. Can I install this as I normally install any other apk ?
A. Only the non root version.

Q. Can I download videos with this ?
A. No (and you never will)! but the official YouTube Offline Video feature is working in Supported countries.

Q. Why is <xyz> variant not available to download ?
A. We release 2 Unified builds of non root, one with the stock youtube theme and another with an amoled friendly theme. 8 root apks are provided, all of which are nodpi variants as google has become very aggressive in pushing updates that the only way to avoid it is using some form of detaching.

Q. Installation successful but YouTube is not showing up in launcher, why ?
A. You did not use the latest magisk version or installer. This only applied for Oreo.

Q. Does 'Crop to fit' feature work for S8 and S8+ users ?
A. Yes! It works on the rooted version but not in the non-root since the package name is changed. However, there is an alternative new Pinch to Zoom feature with basically the same functionality.

Q. Is history working ?
A. Yes! Make sure you whitelist * in your adblocker. And non-root users need to check that they are not using a brand account due to MicroG bug. If you are, you need to merge the accounts to get the history working (YouTube Settings) Merging process will clean the current history.

Q. Does PIP mode works ?
A. Yes on Oreo Only!

Q. When will you release the new version ?
A. Usually within a couple of days after the official apk is available in apkmirror. But please don't ask for ETA!

Q. Does background playback download video ?
A. No, it does not. After going into background playback, you will only download audio so there will be much less data usage.

Q. I can't login on Non-Root, I get stuck on the I agree page. What to do?
A. For time being, use this workaround here.
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GDrive (All versions)
Alternative Mirrors: AFH (rarely updated) Mediafire (only the latest)
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Good job guys
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Love you guys ๐Ÿ˜˜
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magisk repo is not updated yet
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Freshly clean sheet! good job guys!
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Installer still 2.8 ?
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Magisk not there yet...
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Updater process ended with ERROR: 1
Error installing zip file ยด/external_sd/

What am I doing wrong?
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