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[OFFICIAL XDA][BETA][FEB 05]XDA Labs: Forum App + App Installer + Xposed Repo

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By blk_jack, XDA Labs & Feed Dev/RD on 5th November 2015, 09:30 PM
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Announcement from blk_jack: Join us on IRC in #xda-labs on Freenode!

Hi everyone,

We (at XDA) have been working on something.

This is XDA Labs. The name isn't final, and this is not the "official" launch... but we are (quietly) giving you guys a chance to try it out so we can get some feedback. So....what is it?

First and foremost, it's a speedy way to access the forums (ad-free!). You'll see a lot that's familiar with XDA One, because we merged the code into Labs and made a handful of much-needed improvements.

Second, it's a new way to access all the Xposed modules you love.

And third, it's a way to distribute apps-- and eventually all sorts of stuff that people upload to XDA. It is 100% pro-developer in that 1) we allow all types of apps (including stuff not allowed on Play), 2) we don't remove apps without warning and without communication to the developer, 3) we enable developers to sell apps, receiving 100% of the proceeds directly, 4) we accept Bitcoin payment, which is fast, easy, and low cost, and 5) we utilize alpha, beta and stable release channels so devs can have control in how they distribute apps to users.

If you are a developer and want to add your app, go here:

Otherwise...use the app, and tell us what you think! Again, Labs is very much Beta right now so keep your expectations in check!

XDA:DevDB Information
XDA Labs, App for all devices (see above for details)

blk_jack, svetius, bitpushr, rwestergren

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 1.1.4
Beta Release Date: 2018-02-05

Created 2015-11-05
Last Updated 2018-02-05
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5th November 2015, 09:30 PM |#2  
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OP XDA Labs & Feed Dev/RD
Flag Toronto
Thanks Meter: 10,745
Known Issues
  • Multiple embedded quotes can break/rearrange incorrectly
  • Multi-quote is limited to current page
  • Chipset/architecture specific app builds unavailable (arm64/intel/etc)
  • If your account name has been manually changed on XDA it also needs to be changed in Labs and can only be done by an admin
  • Additional glitches, quirks and other bugs listed here (maintained by @Wood Man)

General Limitations
  • [HIDE]/[STRIKE] forum tags aren't rendered
  • Attachments can't be added when editing posts
  • Files can't be removed once attached (user must start post over)

Support Your Device!
If your device isn't being identified correctly, please take a look at the Android Device Names Registry. This is a community maintained repo you can contribute to so Labs (and other apps) can rightfully identify your device.
Community Chat
Want to chat with the team or other Labs users? Want to help debug an issue?
Join us on Telegram in the XDA Labs group!
Help translate! Aide Ã?* traduire! Aiutare a tradurre!
Head on over to our page on thee mighty CrowdIn to join in the fun!
Q: Where's the source!?!?
Not available and no ETA. It's not up to us (the team behind Labs), so please don't ask as we're not the ones to answer.

Q: Notifications seem a bit inconsistent or delayed! What gives?!
Labs uses a very light-weight notification service that uses MQTT instead of Google Play Services. Due to the changes first found in M, Android has made Google Play Services the only way for apps to reliably get notifications. You can get around this by manually adding Labs to the "Don't Optimize" list in Settings -> Apps -> Special Access -> Battery optimization -> All apps. The term "Don't Optimize" is misleading, Labs won't drain your battery and you'll get notifications properly. Read more about it here.

Q: How do I disable the Apps/Xposed part of the app? I only want forums!
Right now you can't! We're looking into letting the user disable parts of the app, but in the meantime you can enable the XDA Forums launcher icon. When loading directly into the Forums none of the App/Xposed sections will be loaded into memory. See this post for more info.

Q: Since this app is part-store and it won't be allowed on Play, how do I get updates?!
Good question! Labs has OTA self-updates that will notify you when a new version is available.

Q: I'm getting a Parse error when installing apps, what gives?
This is a Package Installer issue. Check out a workaround here.

Q: I have updates from GroovyAPKs/GoogleAPKs for apps I haven't even installed via Labs! What gives?!
From the explanation in the app itself:
In addition to indie apps, Labs also contains staged roll-out versions of popular big-name apps. This means you can get the latest release of Hangouts before it's available on Play for your device or country. Updating via Labs still lets you get future updates. You just get the newer version sooner. Yay!

These staged roll-outs are snatched as soon as the roll-out begins and made available immediately in Labs. They're hand-picked by cyborgs at XDA (GroovyAPKs/GoogleAPKs) and are identical to the versions eventually pushed out on Google Play..
You can block apps by clicking on the circle with a / slash through it above the Apps tab.

Q: Can you change the paged layout of threads to endlessly scroll instead?
Sorry, this change requires a substantial amount of backend work done first and as such is not planned for any time in the near future.

Q: How can I add an App?
Simply visit and login using your XDA username.

Q: I'm an Xposed Mod dev, how do I add a banner, screenshots, etc to my mods?
Xposed Mods are still added/edited on rovo89's Once your Xposed Mod is added there, you can log into the Labs console to add a banner, screenshots and more to your mod!

Q: How can I add my Wallpaper??
We're working on expanding our dev console to support the upload and management of user submitted wallpapers.

Q: I found a bug! Fix it!
Yea yea, sure sure. First, if possible, download the latest debug build. Second, recreate your issue while capturing a log using logcat. Third, post a brief description of how to re-create your issue, with your device information and the log attached. It's that easy! EDIT: This has been roughly outlined in this post. Feel free to use it as a guide but do not ask support related questions on adb or how to capture logs.
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5th November 2015, 09:30 PM |#3  
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OP XDA Labs & Feed Dev/RD
Flag Toronto
Thanks Meter: 10,745
We wish to keep this app updated according to constructive user feedback. Here's a peak at what's next for the app!
  • CPU/chipset build options (intel/arm64/etc)
  • Auto-update apps toggle for rooted devices
  • Ability to hide/disable parts of the app you don't use
  • Super dark AMOLED theme
  • Nickname auto-complete on PM, mention, etc
  • Download wallpapers
  • Moderation tools
  • Data-saver for forum images (load on-demand instead of automatically)

Check out the suggestions list here

[Download Labs]

1.1.4b (Feb 05)
Notice: Upgrading to 1.1.4b may temporarily break installed substratum themes. Please rebuild the XDA Labs overlay to fix this.
  • [feature] LG theme support (thanks @markbencze!)
  • [tweak] Add more supported devices
  • [tweak] Upgrade network stack
  • [tweak] Upgrade Android support libs
  • [tweak] Upgrade search backend
  • [tweak] Updated translations
  • [fix] Portal news network error (September 15)
  • [tweak] Add support for more devices
  • [tweak] Add telegram chat link
  • [tweak] Translation updates, added Korean
  • [fix] Back-end file attachment errors more descriptive
  • [fix] Broken / out-of-order image bug in N/O
  • [fix] Download receiver crash on some devices
  • [fix] OP post tag vanishing on rotation
  • [fix] Forum launch fragment crash (June 4)
  • [fix] Certain network requests/actions randomly failing
  • [fix] Mangled translations
  • [fix] Revamp retry code for handling forum API request failure
  • [tweak] Extract out some colors for themes
  • [tweak] Update translations
  • [tweak] Update device names lib

1.1.1b (January 18)
  • [feature] Scroll to the top of tabs by clicking tab title
  • [feature] Add support for https forum links
  • [tweak] Updated device names lib
  • [tweak] Updated SearchPlus libs
  • [tweak] Thread search results launch new stack (>KK)
  • [tweak] Shared forum URLs default to https
  • [tweak] Browser option for failed forum URL parse
  • [tweak] Play edition removal prompt on full upgrade
  • [tweak] Update translations / add Arabic
  • [fix] Backing out of articles properly kills video
  • [fix] Prevent quoting/replies in locked threads
  • [fix] Fix page # in URL in thread share/browser
  • [fix] KK issues with SearchPlus

1.1.0b (November 11)
  • [feature] Forum Search webview replaced with Search Plus
  • [feature] Launcher shortcuts for Android 7.1
  • [tweak] Circle icons for Android 7.1
  • [tweak] forumdisplay URLs added to parser
  • [tweak] Add shortcut from Android notification settings
  • [tweak] Optimize app/xposed list refresh request
  • [tweak] More supported devices to My Device
  • [tweak] Update translations
  • [fix] Themes change without app restart
  • [fix] Thread list resume crash

1.0.9b (October 14)
  • [feature] Auto-draft saving for posts/PMs
  • [feature] Android Wear full notification support
  • [feature] Enhanced notifications
  • [tweak] Quote/Mention/PM caching and pre-loading
  • [tweak] Dismissed notifications not shown again
  • [tweak] Thread OP can now edit thread title
  • [tweak] Unseen thread default switched back to end
  • [tweak] Tweak rating star speed & rounding
  • [tweak] Thread search results UI
  • [tweak] Load multi-page thread search results
  • [tweak] Share article shortcut
  • [tweak] Add drafts to post edits
  • [tweak] Thread search results sorted by date
  • [tweak] Update to Nougat support libs
  • [tweak] Update 3rd party libs
  • [tweak] Update DB lib, use faster sorting for results
  • [tweak] Update translations
  • [tweak] App signing certificate validation
  • [tweak] Clickable links in app description
  • [tweak] Thread list rendering now much faster
  • [tweak] NavDrawer shown in Forums section if unread notices
  • [tweak] Removed All forum tab
  • [tweak] Find a forum search icon only shown in Forum tabs
  • [fix] Some device detect mismatches
  • [fix] Single page threads properly marked as read on visit
  • [fix] Thread marked as read on new reply
  • [fix] Light theme star rating white on white
  • [fix] Review modal button wrap
  • [fix] Existing drafts not saving properly
  • [fix] Xposed light theme star rating
  • [fix] Share news article crash
  • [fix] Edit post adding [URL] to [IMG/YOUTUBE] urls
  • [fix] [QUOTE] without username not properly rendering
  • [fix] Review edittext not wrapping
  • [fix] Welcome screen test builds opt-in
  • [fix] Highlighted threads hiding star ratings
  • [fix] New/Top forums in reverse order
  • [fix] Threads not loading for logged out users
  • [fix] Thread search additional pages load indicator
  • [fix] No byline bugs/crash
  • [fix] Black device images
  • [fix] Vanishing thread list FAB
  • [fix] News articles showing incorrect relative time
  • [fix] Last page goes to last unread page for all threads
  • [fix] Some external URLs crashing
  • [fix] App/Xposed description rich format
  • [fix] Quote/Mention/PM unread count updates
  • [fix] Removed app "take me back" button crash
  • [fix] My Device icon tinting black
  • [fix] Cached PM far-future date glitch
  • [fix] Kitkat notifications sometimes not showing
  • [fix] App/Xposed builds not showing year
  • [fix] Hide thread search spinner if only 1 page
  • [fix] Thread search crash
  • [fix] Single page mention/quote/message issues
  • [fix] Rare crashes due to cache changes
  • [fix] Improvements to fragment caching and data retention
  • [fix] Emoticon selection fragment crash
  • [fix] Bad rating crash
  • [fix] Properly show empty forums

1.0.8b (July 27)
  • [feature] Search in-thread
  • [fix] Threads loading on top of eachother
  • [fix] Shortcuts always go to end of thread (July 26)
  • [feature] My Device section
  • [tweak] Translation update
  • [tweak] Update forums icon
  • [tweak] Unread thread default switched to first post
  • [fix] Blank Xposed description crash
  • [fix] Crash fixes, removed some unused cruft
  • [fix] Quoted posts from other threads
  • [fix] Forum discussion button transition and backstack
  • [fix] Registration/Login button wrapping
  • [fix] Share URL for apps
  • [fix] Full and play editions of Labs now launch proper activities
  • [fix] Fix unnecessary root lookup of regular apps
  • [fix] User avatar refreshed (daily) with access token
  • [fix] Disabled apps properly removed from cache on demand
  • [fix] Some Xposed modules not launching
  • [fix] Parsed URLs now obey first/last page settings

Help with Debugging?
Debugging builds are the ones listed with the -debug file name They are identical to the regular builds and will get OTA updates, they just log more verbosely to help with debugging.
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5th November 2015, 09:55 PM |#4  
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OP XDA Labs & Feed Dev/RD
Flag Toronto
Thanks Meter: 10,745
Spread the word and support Labs
Show your love!
Using labs is supporting indie Android dev, the backbone of the XDA Developers community. Show your support by choosing one of our signatures. Each signature represents a different role or relationship you might have with Labs. Are you a developer using the platform? Are you a translator who has contributed to the app? Maybe just an advocate? Helpful tester?? We got you covered!

Copy/paste the markdown string into your signature here

Large signatures



Beta tester



Small signatures



Beta tester



Small wrapped signatures



Beta tester



Signatures are courtesy of @Faiz Malkani. Hey did you know he did the Labs icon/logo too? What a great guy!

If you're viewing this in Labs, the NOPARSE tag won't be working and you'll see the image instead of the code. I realize the irony
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5th November 2015, 09:58 PM |#5  
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Hey all, we're really proud of this! If you have feedback please feel free to say so in this thread or post feedback to us privately.
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5th November 2015, 10:08 PM |#6  
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Forum Moderator / XDA Labs Contributor
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Already suggested features
Here below, the list of the already suggested features/tweaks/ideas.
Some important points about this post :
> It should hopefully prevent people from asking for already suggested stuff,
> It's not meant to push blk_jack,
> It DOESN'T MEAN it will be done by blk_jack, it's up to him to decide. It's just a suggestion box,
> Some suggestions don't appear here because they are already mentioned in the API limitations list in post #2 and post #7.
List of suggestions:

* 1- Swipe to view next/previous attached image of a post instead of having to back out of an image and open the next one > Quoting blk_jack "Right now with the way posts are fetched and structured it was too much work. Maybe in the future though."
* 2- Tweak about <current page # / total # of page> in the "Jump to page" drop-down of a thread view: HERE
* 3- Suggestion #3 moved to #4
* 4- Posts and PMs management:
a) About posts and PMs: add a new "split" button. This "split" button would allow to easily separate a quoted post in different blocks allowing to comment one by one multiple bits of the post. HERE
b) About posts and PMs: more formatting tools in creation/edition view (bold, italic, embedded links, etc.)
c) About PMs: is it possible to implement "long press to multi-select" for messages in Inbox/Sent items in order to remove the messages by selection method (select messages to be deleted - click "delete" icon or "3dot menu - delete messages"). HERE.
* 5- Personal history of our previous searches for search plus
* 6- Sort/filter/pin options for subscribed threads/forums > will hopefully come soon
* 7- Ability to bookmark posts and hold them in a list directly from XDA Labs
* 8- Ability to see separate unread counter badges for quotes and mentions: 1 counter badge for each tab title.
* 9- Manually (on touch) and/or automatically hide the FAB after a few seconds. For instance in full size attachment picture view and in PM view, etc.
* 10- Ability to answer News and Discussion articles directly from XDA Labs > Not sure if it's feasible since it's powered by Disqus.
* 11- Ability to answer to Apps/Xposed reviews directly from XDA Labs
* 12- Ability to report reviews of Apps/Xposed to some moderators who will be able to delete them if necessary: HERE and HERE
* 13- Ability to organize:
a) the order of Threads/Forums tabs,
b) the "Subscribed threads" into newly created folders or tabs and these be classified accordingly as each user wished such as "development", "programming", "ROMS", "root", etc.
* 14- Ability to see somewhere the WHOLE title of a thread (useful for long titles): HERE.
* 15- In Apps, Xposed, Wallpaper tabs, being able to set the views independently for each tab, rather than the view being applied to all three tabs simultaneously.
* 16- The app should display an error message if we don't fill the Message subject when we create a PM.
* 17- A different rendering (font/size/shade) for the byline displayed in posts. Something more discrete, this way posts would be more readable.
* 18- In case of images loading failure in a post, add a mark in the post which shows that there should be image(s) which can't be loaded.
* 19- Add a custom path setting for Forum downloads
* 20- Download count for apps in their respective pages. Also in the developer control panel, see download count for each apps separately.
* 21- Ability to ignore xposed modules updates like it's already the case for apps.
* 22- Resizing large Forum images on server-side if possible, to avoid lags/crashes of Labs.
* 23- Ability to report posts directly from XDA Labs > is it a part of "moderation tools" mentioned in the roadmap?
* 24- Ability to open external XDA articles with XDA Labs: HERE
* 25- Add an "Unread" tab which list all posts across the site: HERE
* 26- Improve profile page : add home country, edit profile options directly from XDA Labs, ability to see user's posts (all posts, started threads, thanked posts) from the profile page.
* 27- Do not show members' posts which are in the ignore list + add/delete a member to/from the ignore list > It might not be possible at the moment because of an API limitation.
* 28- Add a toggle to show/hide WEB signature within XDA Labs
* 29- Add an option to choose any language (expand the "Force english" in settings to all system languages): HERE
* 30- The XDA avatar, which is circle in shape, has a white holo that bound the icon. It should be good to set the default background color for avatar to the post-card background color (eg #1A1A1A)? It will look a lot smoother that way: HERE
* 31- Add an Exit button in navdrawer and also a double tap or long-press action (configurable by a toggle in settings) on back button allowing to close every opened stacks and close XDA Labs: HERE, HERE and HERE
* 32- How about adding a yellow circle around the profile pic that show thanks level (not thanks counter but thanks level/bar)?
* 33- Some moderators title colors are missing in XDA Labs, would it be possible to complete this list and to fit to the website rendering? Idea from Sir @malybru on July 2016 HERE.
* 34- Show a progress bar of how far attachment is uploaded.
* 35- Add an info button (i) in every devices' threads (if possible) for the device information on the side of the Device Name.
* 36- When viewing a thread or forum the header collapses to make more screen space available. Could that be made optional? (more info HERE).
* 37- Links color is not easily readable with white theme, especially in quoted messages. could it be changed to a more readable color in both white and dark themes? HERE
* 38- Handling of 'Custom' Emotes, for example:
* 39- Ability to open images in full screen within Labs news articles (both featured image of the title background and images of the article itself) just like attached pics in forum posts. HERE and HERE.
* 40- Ability to remove or at least hide some participated threads within XDA Labs. Related posts:
* 41- Theming of app pages are done with respect to color of the app icon. But sometimes it gets hard to read texts of buttons on "dark mode" of XDA Labs. Could there be some kind of filter to decide whether the hex code of app icon color is near or confusable with hex code of background color of dark mode so that it uses white text (or default orange text) instead of such colors on those app pages? HERE, answered HERE.
* 42- Accessibility support: Label all unlabelled buttons so the app is more accessible with talkback.
* 43- Add currently installed version number of Apps/Xposed in overview pages. HERE.
[JOKE]00- * Each time we open XDA labs, could *SOME $* be added to @mrrocketdog's bank account?[/JOKE]

List of implemented suggestions:

* 44- Allow themes to be able to theme XDA Labs on LG devices via an xml file. What is required is an xml called "overlay" be placed into the xml folder. It basically just makes the app "theme ready". Requested HERE.
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5th November 2015, 10:10 PM |#7  
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Forum Moderator / XDA Labs Contributor
Thanks Meter: 9,519
Known issues
XDA Labs v1.1.4b issues (in addition to the known issues of post #2)

Note for testers: please read HERE about XDA Labs debug version / OTA updates.
* 1- Almost invisible buttons in action bar (white on white) for some devices only (old versions of Android): HERE
* 4- When we open a user profile page and then QUICKLY open PM shortcut before the end of profile loading, the recipient is stuck on "Loading...". Check 2nd part of this post HERE
* 7- Some translation issues: HERE and HERE
* 11- Sometimes, the loading spin at the bottom of threads tabs doesn't appear: HERE
* 13- If your post creates a new page, this post is sometimes not shown in the thread, even with a refresh. HERE. Note: The workaround by blk_jack HERE is not enough, sometimes we are not bounced in threads list view and the post is not shown.
* 26- Avatar pictures which have not a square format appear stretched in navdrawer, thread list and post edition/creation: HERE and more info HERE.
* 27- In some threads, posts could appear in the wrong order. HERE and HERE.
* 32- Lists (using LIST tag) are sometimes displayed a wrong way: missing points and missing lines: HERE and HERE.
* 33- 2 toasts instead of 1 are displayed when we subscribe or unsubscribe to a thread: HERE
* 44- The app may crash while browsing in Xposed tab (modules list > scrolling > module details > modules list > srolling, etc.): HERE and HERE.
* 48- Sometimes, the next page of in-thread search results doesn't load, it spins forever UNTIL we scroll up and down again and then the next page loads. It's kind of "kick start" to make the next page appears: HERE.
* 52- Quote/mentions counts could not be cleared in some cases (workaround: go into quotes/mentions tabs and pull down to refresh to force-clear counters): HERE
* 55- Quoting or creating posts or PMs which contains non english characters (or text with paragraphs pasted from a copy/paste) could break the final post (the comment is fully or partially not shown): HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
* 57- If scrolling down to the end of the PM list it gets stuck in "nothing to show" screen and it's impossible to reload: HERE and HERE
* 58- Username mentions inside an embedded link are not shown correctly, it renders with MENTION tags instead of @ + username: HERE and HERE
* 60- In the Xiaomi Mi5 "My Device" page (from navdrawer), Real Life Review section appears twice but only the first one works normally: HERE
* 61- Sometimes, some threads can't be opened with Labs (parse error). It's due to the fragments in the XDA one code and seems to happen when the app has been killed by Android but still has state data on restore: HERE and HERE
* 62- App crash after double tap on the eye icon (mark as read button): HERE
* 63- Users who have square brackets in their username can break the quotes and the ability to be clicked on to go to its original post : HERE, HERE and HERE.
* 64- Labs doesn't like a blackslash at the end of the text within tags (QUOTE, CODE, B, I, etc.), it breaks the rendering : HERE, HERE and HERE.
* 65- The Oneplus 3/3T cross development subforum redirection doesn't appear in the OP3T forum in XDA Labs: HERE and HERE.
* 67- Images aren't cached anymore (avatars, images in News section, etc.): HERE, HERE and HERE.
* 68- Empty permission popup when trying to install some apps like "Ball Maze" game: HERE and HERE
* 70- The quote system fails to include RTL (right lo left) characters (this problem does NOT happens on web XDA): HERE and HERE.
* 71- App crash while opening a specific profile page or the XDA Labs About screen in a specific thread/situation, we can reproduce if we follow the procedure HERE or HERE.
* 72- Thread/Sub-forum/Forum shortcut creation doesn't work on Android 8.0 Oreo (shortcut icons are not added on homescreen). HERE and HERE.
* 73- Sometimes, it's not possible to upload more than 1 picture in a post with Labs, it depends on the thread we are in. HERE and HERE.
List of intentional behaviours (for now)
* 18- When we quote a post which includes embedded links, those links are not shown as a link but as text: HERE
* 19- When we quote a post including LIST Tags, LIST and * are missing in post creation screen: HERE
Backend issues
* 17b- Some threads like those with zero reply or just a few replies can't be displayed in XDA Labs yet (or gives URL parse error when opened from an external link). HERE is a sum-up and HERE.
* 21- [BACKEND ISSUE?] Some posts can't be edited (big posts?): HERE, HERE and HERE.
* 37- In-thread search doesn't work in both XDA Labs and XDA website for private threads (Private RC Forum for instance)! There is always no result found. HERE.
* 42- Some apps can be wrongly not shown as installed in Labs (e.g. TugaBrowser): HERE
* 43- [BACKEND ISSUE?] Some threads are sometimes not shown up in Labs, maybe depending on how is the last post of the thread: HERE
* 49- [BACKEND ISSUE? / API limitation?] In regard to moderators' threads at the top of each forum (XDA rules/moderation team, etc.), XDA Labs doesn't process the redirection from those threads to main forum threads. XDA Labs displays an empty post. Example: THIS THREAD, from THIS FORUM. Initial report HERE.
* 56- The app may crash while opening Quotes/Mentions tab. This issue could depend on data contained in Quotes/Mentions tab (from the backend): HERE and HERE
Known API limitations at the moment
Not possible to:
* Handle the following commonly used BBCODEs: HIDE, STRIKE, NOPARSE, FONT, SIZE, COLOR, U (underline), RIGHT, LEFT, ...
* Show post numbers.
* Add or delete attachments when editing a post: HERE
* Remove attachments one by one while creating a post. We still can abort creating the post and resume from the saved draft if we want to keep the text without the attachments.
* Multi select threads or sub forums (in order to mark as read for instance, or something else): HERE or HERE
* Marked as read top level forums: HERE
* Add an online marker, like the green dot on Tapatalk: HERE
* Add inline attachments (for now, better use IMG tags with images URLS instead): HERE
* Show more than 10 posts per page in thread view: HERE
* See the recipient of the sent PMs: HERE
* Display the exact reason of some post creation/edition errors: responses from the backend API are often generic error (e.g. "400 Bad Request", "Error creating new post"): HERE

Credits to bug hunters:
aditya7051 | andy356 | Ankit Dey | Artim_96 | Bajanman | BillGoss | Darth | david72262 | daviduco | dustin_b | Eleo | iXaidyiu | Ja_som | jasio2k | jorgen2009 | joshuous | Matt07211 | Maxr1998 | Meneldur | moriel5 | MrWasdennnoch | MSF Jarvis | Naman Bhalla | PalmCentro | pavlepiramida | powerpoint45 | QuickNET Tech | SalarX | Scartozzi | suku_patel_22 | tag68 | Trafalgar Square | Zeyn Karim | @ all other members I forgot
5th November 2015, 10:11 PM |#8  
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Forum Moderator / XDA Labs Contributor
Thanks Meter: 9,519
Fixed issues
Fixed issues
* [v1.0.6.3b] Some users can't launch certain xposed modules through XDA Labs. It happens when a xposed module hasn't any launcher activity or if its icon is manually disabled from launcher: HERE and HERE
* [v1.0.6.3b] XDA Labs gets stuck on "finding post position" loading popup when we try to reach a deleted post for instance from the quotes/mentions tab: HERE >>> tested OK with Android 6.0.1
* Share action in the App page throws a 404 error in the browser. HERE
* 2- [Can't reproduce it anymore] Sometimes we have an empty list in "Ignore installed apps" screen: Check 2nd part of this post HERE
* 5- [v1.1.3b] If we upload a big txt file, the error message is not the right one: we have "network error... ": HERE
* 6- Search plus feature glitches for older versions of Android: HERE and HERE
* 9- Redirection issues with links in Search plus feature results for older versions of Android: HERE
* 8- [v1.0.8.4b, more info HERE] When we launch XDA labs with a THREAD SHORTCUT and right after (while splash screen) rotate the phone on landscape >>> Empty screen: HERE
* 10- [v1.0.8.5b] Sometimes, the little rating star in threads list view is not displayed: HERE
* 12- [v1.0.8.2b] The "Save" button in rating screen is not big enough, in French and also maybe other languages, there is a glitch: HERE
* 14- [Can't reproduce anymore (v1.0.8.9b, october 2016)] Subscription star and 3-dot button wrongly displayed (very rare, happened 1 or 2 times) on subscription threads list screen: HERE
* 15- [v1.0.8.5b] When manually adding IMG tags with an image link, the app automatically adds URL tags inside IMG tags when we create or edit a post.. The same with YOUTUBE tags for instance: HERE
* 16- [v1.0.8.6b] "No byline" written in posts + reproductible app crash: HERE and HERE
* 17a- [Backend issue fixed on September 2nd 2016] QA threads (created by QA BOT) can't be displayed in XDA Labs yet (it gives URL parse error). HERE is a sum-up of this BACKEND related issue.
* 20- [v1.0.8.5b (and maybe earlier)] Layout issues in Apps screen. Android support lib bug that affects KK devices when fully collapsed with CollapsingToolbarLayout: HERE
* 23- [Can't reproduce anymore] Post sometimes not shown after creation even in the same page. We have to refresh to see it: HERE
* 24- [v1.0.8.3b] App rating stars are not visible in white theme vs visible in dark theme. The problem only exists in list view and in xposed section, other two views (grid view, icon view) show rating on white theme just fine: HERE
* 25- [Backend issue fixed] For some users: login issues / connectivity errors / apps downloads issue: HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
* 28- [v1.0.8.5b] If we enable the "Labs tester" option while installing XDA Labs ("Bugs be damned, I want to test"), then the "Labs tester" item in settings is wrongly set to OFF. HERE
* 29- [v1.0.8.5b or backend issue?] Sometimes, we can see duplicate threads in Participated threads: HERE and HERE
* 30- [v1.0.8.6b] In-thread search results UI: the loading spin at the bottom of the screen while loading next 20 results is not shown: HERE
* 31- [v1.0.8.5b] When writing a review of an app, the whole review is typed in one single line. HERE, HERE and HERE
* 35- [v1.0.8.7b] Within the apps section, the description formatting (bold and italics and the like) are only rendered after we press the "Show More" link: HERE
* 36- [Backend issue fixed on september 5th 2016] Some pictures (like the one posted POST 5313) can't be displayed by Labs in a private RC forum, the loading spin appears but the picture is not shown: HERE
* 38- [v1.0.8.6b] The thumbnails for devices are not displayed in the app since version v1.0.8.xb: HERE
* 39- [v1.0.8.6b] App crash when we click on certain links in profile page : HERE and HERE
* 40- [Was not an issue. The solution is HERE] Some uploaded apps in Labs store are not shown up. We can find them in the app search results but once in the app page, it says the app has been removed: HERE and HERE
* 41- [v1.0.8.7b] App crash when we press the "Take me back" button in an app page where it's displayed "This ain't good, this app has been removed! Don't worry, we'll fix this soon": HERE
* 45- [v1.0.8.7b] In the in-thread search results screen, the new spinning circle is wrongly displayed (and it spins forever) when there are < or = 10 search results to load: HERE
* 46- [v1.0.8.7b] The device icon in navdrawer can sometimes appear in black color instead of white: HERE
* 47- [v1.0.8.8b] App crash in the in-thread search result screen while scrolling down after a second search: HERE
* 50- [Noticed as fixed on November 14th 2016] Saygus v2 sub-forums (for instance) don't show up in Labs. It abnormally says "network connection error": HERE
* 51- [v1.0.9.1b] Switching from dark theme to light theme and vice versa in Forums causes the text to remain light/dark causing readability issues. Note: If we quit the app and then resume it, the bug is gone: HERE and HERE
* 53- XDA Labs crash on startup for some ROMs/devices: HERE, HERE and HERE
* 54- Page content of some threads or entire sub-forums or thread lists are sometimes not displayed, we can see "Network connection error" message instead.: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
* 59- [v1.1.0.2b] If we use the share thread feature within a thread page, we always get the URL including the LAST page number: HERE
* 66- [v1.1.3.2b] App crash due to fragment? HERE and HERE.
* 69- [v1.1.3b] Cosmetic bug: when the screen orientation has changed from landscape to portrait or vice versa the little -OP- indicator for the opening poster disappears: HERE.

Not bugs of XDA Labs
* 3- In thread view, depending on our swipe gesture, the header with first/last page is sometimes not displayed: HERE

Already listed in post 2
* 22- The device detection in "My device" section doesn't work correctly for some device models: HERE

Very rare / Not reproductible
* 34- We sometimes can swipe up or down indefinitely in threads until we have a blank screen on top or bottom of a page. HERE.
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i can't open the app it force closes every time i try to launch it

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