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[ROM] [ 7.1.1 | 7.1.2 ] Official madOS - Vernee Apollo Lite [MT6797]

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This is a Official Build of madOS ( based on AOSP N ) for Vernee Apollo Lite, MTK 6797 SoC

madOS is based on pure A.O.S.P. with many additional customizations and MediaTek support.

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
Installation Instructions:
  • Download ROM from M.A.D. Facebook
    OR via xda DevDB
  • Download OpenGapps nano or pico from OpenGapps
    (choose Arm64 and Android 7.0 / Android 7.1 / Android 7.1.x -Depending on the rom build you downloaded)
  • Download BeansGapps MINI from BeansGapps
    (choose the MINI Package)

  • Boot to recovery
  • Wipe data if you are not coming from AOSP N /madOS already
  • Install rom
  • Reboot to recovery again, and Flash your desire Gapps and SuperSU if you need root
  • Reboot

  • RIL (Calls /SMS, Data connection)
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • FingerPrint
  • Audio / Mediaserver
  • Sensors
  • Lights
  • Both storages & MTP
  • HW decoding /encoding
  • Camera & Camcorder
  • GPS & aGPS
  • FmRadio
  • Hal sensor (For flip Cover)
  • Leds
  • Video Recording 4K
  • M.A.D. Extras Settings: SmartWake; Sensors Calibration; Status Bar options; etc
    & Band-Mode on SIM Settings

Not working:
  • You tell me

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] [ 7.1.1 | 7.1.2 ] Official madOS - Vernee Apollo Lite [MT6797], ROM for the Android General

superdragonpt, DerTeufel1980, fire855, visi0nary
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2016-12-30
Beta Release Date: 2016-12-24

Created 2016-12-24
Last Updated 2017-08-19
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24th December 2016, 03:28 PM |#2  
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General F.A.Q.

Q: What the hell is madOS ?
A: madOS, (M.A.D. Team OS), is a ROM based on pure A.O.S.P. with extended capabilities and customizations made by or merge/adapted by M.A.D. Team.

Q: Which recovery should I use for this ROM?
A: Latest M.A.D. TWRP recovery for Apollo Lite
available here

Update to TWRP v: 3.1.1-0 Mandatory for 7.1.2:
available here

Q: Some translations are missing for my language, can I help?
A: Sure you can, please check our translations repo available here , you can either do a pull request, or if you don't know how to work with git, sent us the XML. Strings for your language ( Check Readme on repo).

Q: What's working ?
A: Check first Post for current status

Update for 7.1.1

Q: When I try to install the ROM it says "Error 7 symlink failed", what gives?
A: You need to unmount /system first on twrp

Q: After flashing TWRP says "No OS Installed?"
A: Ignore this message. If the ROM flash indicated as being successful, you can swipe to reboot and the OS should boot.

Q: Do i really need full wipes?
A: Yeah

Q: App "x" doesn't work, why?
A: Probably not compatible with Nougat yet, feedback is welcome

Q: Is the rom rooted?
A: NO, But you can easily root with SuperSU v2.76 onwards.
For 7.1.2: Only Latest SuperSU works

Q: Does xposed work?
A: As of now, there's no Xposed for N, so no

Q: Does busybox still works on Nougat?
A: yes

Q: AdAway no longer works on Nougat, what can I do?
A: Simply install busybox first, available from the Play Store, and it'll download hosts and work just fine then

Q: Data Connection does not work, why?
A: The ROM, already includes latest APNs, if you still have no active data connection, check your APN settings

Q: How is battery life with Nougat on the Jiayu?
A: It should be comparable to Marshmallow.
Update: We've already fixed several memory leaks and draining issues

Q: Does this build support Vulcan?
A: No. Vulcan does not provide support for MediaTek (yet?)

Q: Does doze work in this build?
A: Yes. You do not have to enable anything; it is active by default.

Q: Does this ROM supports Substratum ?
A: YES, latest rootless substratum is supported on madOS

madOS: We are now an Official Substratum supported rom

Q: Does the ROM features disabling SIMs , On Settings SIM Options?
A: YES, we've now merged our own implementation (adapted for N)

Q: when will (feature/issue here) be fixed?
A: NO ETA , please

Porting F.A.Q.
No porting support, no port questions allowed on this thread, and porting PMs will be auto-deleted, porting replies will be reported as well

Q:What GAPPS package should I use?
A: BeansGapps or Open GAPPS

Update 7.1.2
Beans GAPPS (MINI) or OpenGapps (pico/nano) Packages, are recommended

Q: How to properly install GAPPS?
A:Flash Rom + Flash Gapps at once

CREDITS and Thanks
  • madOS Team
  • Our translators, credits list here
  • A.O.S.P.
  • Slim Roms
  • Pure Nexus
  • Lineage
  • DU (Dirty Unicorns)
  • Omni

HELP supporting madOS

We do this on our free time, however we do have costs on maintaining this :/

Any donation is highly appreciated

You can donate by using
this link

If the above doesn't work in your country, then you can directly donate by using this e-mail adress:

About madOS Proprietary Apps

You are NOT allowed by any means, to use our madOS apps on any other build, your rom
This is exclusively for OFFICIAL madOS ROM releases

@To Moderators: Feel free to clean the thread, whenever users start spamming, severe OT, or questioning about porting...
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24th December 2016, 03:28 PM |#3  
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Build [7.1.1] 20161224 - Beta 1

  • Initial Release

Build [7.1.1] 20161230 - Stable 1

  • Fixed in-call volume control
  • Fixed offline charging
  • Fixed notification led
  • LED: Added Color picker in LED notification (settings>Notifications> ..)
  • Fixed WiFi Tethering
  • Fixed RDS ( FMradio )
  • Fixed Hall Sensor /adds flip cover support
  • Added navbar settings - M.A.D. extras
  • Added long-press power for toggling torch feature
  • Improved Smart Wake
  • Kernel upstreamed to latest Linux 3.18.46
  • Enabled Enforcing SE Linux
  • Merged various security patches
  • Other small improvements

Build [7.1.1] 20170210 - Stable 2
  • Updated to 7.1.1 r22 ( NMF26X )
  • Security patch level: February 5, 2017
  • Improved Satellite Nav : Glonass is now properly used & better precision
  • Improved LED custom Settings
  • Improved Tethering
  • Improved SmartWake
  • Improved Hall sensor ( new own handling )
  • Better handling of other WebViews
  • Fixed Deep Sleep (new own handling, without the need of using MTK's bad handling )
  • Power Hal optimizations / mem leaks fixs
  • Fixed Thermal Issues

M.A.D. Extras Settings:

Battery Customizations:
  • Option to change status style (portrait; icon landscape; circle; text; hidden)
  • Battery Percentage (inside icon; hidden; next to the icon)
  • Double-tap to sleep
  • Brightness Control
  • Slidding Home button
  • Clock Customizations:
  • Option to show clock and Date
  • Option to show clock seconds
  • Alignement: Right clock; left; Center
  • AM / PM Clock
  • Date Options: Hidden; Small; Normal
  • Date format

Network Traffic Customizations:
  • Options for Network Traffic Monitor (ingoing, outgoing; both)
  • Display Unit
  • Update interval
  • Hide/ Show arrows
  • Auto hide
  • Inactivity threshold

Navigation Bar Customizations:
  • Buttons & Layout Options
  • Show / hide arrows keys
  • Enable/ disable Pixel design
  • Nav Bar dimension Options ( choose dp for height/width)
  • Nav Bar button tint ( choose color)
  • Slide Nav bar actions
  • Nav Bar Navigation dimmer options
  • Dynamic NavBar Background
  • Option to choose NavBar on/when in rotation
  • Many other small improvements

Build madOS [7.1.1] 20170318 (Stable 3 )
  • Update to 7.1.1 r28 N6F26U
  • Android Security Patch Level: March 5, 2017
  • madOS Versioning
  • Re-designed and re-named MAD Extras --> madOS Extras
  • madOS Extras: PIE is here!
  • madOS Extras: Improved M.A.D. Navigation Bar
  • madOS Extras: Added Scheduled power ON/OFF
    ( with the hability of power OFF alarms)
  • Added new M.A.D. Offline animation
  • Improvements on default camera app (Snap)
  • Added new rootless substratum Theme Engine
  • Added Eleven, Lineage Music Player (AOSP one never worked)
  • Improvements and fixs on Quick Settings (QS)
  • Rom performance optimizations
  • New translations from Github merged

Build madOS [7.1.2] 20170527 ( Stable 4)

Update to 7.1.2
Patch Level: May 2017
madOS version v1.1

  • madlauncher: (AOSP based, but on mad steroids with several options)
  • madCamera: Our own camera (with several improvements for MediaTek based devices)

Telephony :
  • RIL improvements
  • Fixed a badass NullPointer on Telephony (Operator related)
  • Network / SIM Status fixes
  • wlan and connection improvements
  • Added sdcardfs support
  • Support for the new substratum (madOS is now an official supported rom)

Other Features:
  • omnijaws weather (Lockscreen & Status bar,etc)
--> with huge madOS improvememts over the original implementations
  • Power Menu Options
  • One handed mode
  • Lockscreen PIN quick unlock & quick unlock improvements
  • Added SIP Options
  • QS (Quick Settings) Options
  • Custom Carrier Label options
  • madOS NavBar: fixup
  • Bluetooth: battery status options
  • AlarmsBlocker
  • WakelockBlocker
  • Recents Options
  • Pie: New SlimPie (ported by mad from lp to N) & improved

  • CompassTile
  • NFC Tile
  • Compass & Language toggle Tiles
  • madOS Tile
  • etc ..

Other fixes & Improvements:

  • DeepSleep Improvements
  • couple GAPPS related issues
  • location provider errors
  • SchedulePowerOnOff
  • facelock
  • Removed Gello , Welcome chromium
  • faster app switching
  • AppOps
  • gesture events
  • PhoneWindowManager
  • anr's
  • NPE's
  • memory leaks
  • masOS offline charging animation
  • Dashboard & madOS settings cleanup
  • Miracast issues on some dongles

There's other fixes & features included on this release
--> Too much to write on a changelog

Build madOS [7.1.2] 20170819 ( Stable 5)

This update needs to be flashed as firmware upgrade with the SP Flash Tool. The flashing of this ROM will format the internal storage of the phone.
Please backup your data before flashing. (
Future updates will be as normal zip package for TWRP again)

Edit: please replace the boot.IMG with this new one:
It fixs bad battery parameters

  • Patch Level: August 2017
  • Kernel version 3.18.64
  • Fixed deepsleep/wakeup problem
  • Fixed random app crashes
  • Fixed 4k video recording
  • Fixed HDR
  • Fixed bluetooth disconnects
  • Fixed nightlight
  • Fixed sdcard issues
  • Fixed screen recording
  • Removed processor settings
  • Enabled force encryption
  • Fixed substratum issues
  • New feature for showing charging current & voltage on lockscreen
  • Added & enabled F2FS
  • Reworked MTK RIL implementation
  • Some more improvements
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24th December 2016, 03:30 PM |#4  
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Merry christmas and happy holidays!
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24th December 2016, 03:31 PM |#5  
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Merry Christmas
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24th December 2016, 03:53 PM |#6  
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This is our present to the community

M.A.D. Team worked around the clock to have the release reach the current state, so that we could offer this lovely present


M.A.D. Team
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24th December 2016, 03:56 PM |#7  
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Merry chistmas thanks

Enviado do meu Apollo Lite através de Tapatalk
24th December 2016, 04:07 PM |#8  
Junior Member
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You guys are beyond awesome! Merry Christmas and thank you very much.
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24th December 2016, 04:42 PM |#10  
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I had completely forgotten that there's no Xposed for Nougat yet... oh well, it's only a minor downgrade to the situation I had a few days ago (I only rooted and installed Xposed two days ago...).

Downloading and backing up stuff as we speak. Will report on how awesome this is, later.

Great work and many thanks!
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24th December 2016, 04:43 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by dobermann24

Yeah. Danke. Do you have xposed to work ?

There's no stable xposed for Android N yet
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