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By LgPWN'd, Senior Member on 23rd May 2019, 08:34 PM
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Ok so I am here today to give you a TWRP recovery and A Liniage OS 16 Rom ported from a GSI.
And a quick how to on setting it all up..
I Am In No WAY responsible for ANYTHING YOU choose to do to your phone.
If you use this and your Dog eats your Cat, Your phone catches fire and burns down your house, or you loose all your game-saves pictures and other files it's NOT MY FAULT.

So requirements are :
#1: Willingness to format your phone and loose all apps and data.{MAKE A BACK-UP}

#2: ADB and Fastboot working on your PC.

#3: The Files I Will Link to or attach .

# Some Time to work on it, and half a Brain

There will be Two methods to accomplish basically the same thing,
Method 1 gives you the long way and it leaves you with the bare basic LOS 16 installed no root no gapps...
on the other hand Method 2 will leave you with LOS 16 and My favorite version of the pixil launcher and stock Gapps included and basically everything working.

download the package that I will upload for everyone...

Unlock your bootloader.... there may be multiple ways to do so but for me I enabled usb debugging and OEM unlocking in developers options {if you don't know how to do that you should run far away now !} then I gave the command
 adb reboot bootloader
and this takes you to fastboot mode...
once there issue the following command to unlock your bootloader AND factory-reset the phone
fastboot oem unlock
 fastboot reboot
Now your bootloader is unlocked and your device has been wiped in the process...
so let it boot up then go through the setup wizard and I just skip through everything as we will be wiping it once again in a minute... and just need to get to developer options and re-enable adb...
so do that...

STEP 3: Now that your bootloader is unlocked comes the fun stuff...
Firstly you need an SD-card with at least 4-6 GB free space and before continuing we want to move our LOS-16 System.img to our sd-card so we can install it from TWRP so once that's on the root of Sd-card's storage continue with this guide....
we need to disable DM-Varity to use twrp so we flash a magisk-patched-boot.img
so move the files Patched_boot.img AND twrp_alcatel_5059r_v3-2-3.img to a folder on desktop and open a command prompt /terminal/powershell-window at the file's location.. then issue this command to the phone .
 adb reboot bootloader
and once again we are in fastboot mode.
now we want to use fastboot to replace the stock boot image and stock recovery with our patched boot image and twrp recovery image..
fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img
fastboot flash recovery twrp_alcatel_5059r_v3-2-3.img
after this we want to reboot to recovery using the hardware keys. because if we don't the stock system will erase our twrp and replace it with stock recovery on boot.
so we do
fastboot reboot
and soon as you press enter on your keyboard grab the phone and continually hold down the volume-up key and hold the power key .
once you see the alcatel logo and message about unlocked bootloader, you quickly release ONLY the power key for a second then repress and hold it for a count of 5 seconds. then release the power key again and quickly repress it for another 5 seconds and keep doing that for a moment until the screen flashes white then displays the TWRP splash screen.
once we are in twrp it'll ask for the encryption password...
WE DONT HAVE ONE , So just hit Cancel
then it'll ask about system modifications and whatnot,
just swipe to allow modifications.
now we want to head to Wipe > Advanced-Wipe > Format Data
you'll have to type in
and let it do it's thing.
once done with that we need to reboot to recovery so click the back arrow several times until you are back at twrp's min screen.
head over to Reboot>Recovery
the phone should reboot right back to twrp, you shouldn't see the encryption password screen this time as we formatted DATA.
so now swipe to allow modifications and head back to
Wipe>Advanced-Wipe and check the boxes for system,dalvik-cache,cache,data....
then swipe to wipe them.
then you want to hit the back arrow again till at the main twrp screen again.
Head to Install click on select storage, choose your Sd-card
Click on install zip to change it to install image.
select the LOS image we moved to the Sd-card prieviously,
click on System as the install location.
and finally swipe to flash it.
let it do it's thing.
once completed you will want to click the back arrow again until main twrp screen and reboot to recovery once more....
now once in recovery again you swipe to allow modifications and need to replace the GSI's build.prop file with the one I am including in the zip.
I used adb to accomplish this...
on your PC move the included build.prop file to your working directory{folder your working out of}
and use the terminal/command prompt/powershell to give the following commands
adb devices
you should see the device identified by serial number and the word recovery next to it
adb shell
you should have a root shell on the device,
 rm -rf /system/build.prop
now your back to pc terminal so type:
 adb push build.prop /system/build.prop
adb shell
back to root shell
 chmod 0644 /system/build.prop
and then
 reboot now
at this point your phone should reboot and everything was done correctly it'll go past the alcatel logo and bootlock message and then display the LOS 16 boot animation then it'll show a funny looking screen that has an android guy and the message " Please wait while your device is being encrypted"
it'll have a progress counter and when the count-down reacheds zero it'll just hang there....
that's ok, hold the power key until the phone reboots and you should get the los bootanimation followed by the LOS setup wizard start screen.
and you go through the set-up wizard and you'll be in LOS 16 PIE

Now if you want google apps to work there's a few more steps and they will be the same for both method 1 and method 2
if you flash gapps after rebooting from that you'll get a million messages about google play services and google apps crashing ... it's ok
you need to enable usb debugging in the LOS 16 and then sideload the apk ( Device+ID.apk )
adb sideload "Device+ID.apk"
once installed
open it to get the GSF registration number for your device.
then if you open the play store you'll be greeted by the google DEVICE UNCERTIFIED page...
Don't fret , this is why we fixed the build.prop to reflect our devices orig. build fingerprint...
So scroll down to the bottom of that page and see the last option about Custom Roms
there is a link there... long press that link and choose open in browser
you'll be greeted by the registration page for google...
make sure you are signed into google through your browser...( <---VERY IMPORTANT ) by opening another page to google gmail or the like and signing in with your google account.
then go back to the registration page and hit refresh ...
now it should recognize you by your gmail account in the top right corner i think.
anyhow... go to that ( Device+ID.apk ) that we sideloaded and click on the second set of numbers down the list it should mention (GSF) and choose copy . it'll copy the numbers to your clipboard.
now go back to the browser page from google about registration and paste the copied number into the place next to the (Register) button and then click the register button
it should then list your id converted to decimal on the page...
I did this several times from my PC and got no where but after doing it from the phone it's self a couple minutes later i clicked on one of the error messages about google play services and wholy-krap it finnally let me open google-play-store.
at this point your ready to go....
for an informative article with pictures about this check here:

Now for Method 2
method two involves all the same steps as method 1 up until you get to TWRP... except that instead of moving the LOS16 system.img to your Sdcard before begining you'll want to extract the I've included and move that whole folder to the sdcard...then
go back and read method 1 and once you are booted into twrp for the first time STOP and come back here to Method 2
Now once you get to twrp the first time the first thing to do is click cancel on the encryption screen then swipe to allow modifications on the next screen. then once at the main twrp screen we need to make a back-up that we will likely never use...
so go to Backup>choose storage (micro sd-card) and then make a back-up, Name the back-up My-Backup so that you can easily find it later. to save space and time I'd recommend backing up just the boot partition.
that'll complete quickly...
now for the weird work-around/Dirty-Hack stuff
you should have the contents of a folder called (alcatel-idelXTRA-5059r-LOS16-modded-2019-05-23) on the root of your sd-card's storage...
and we just made our first back-up from twrp of our boot partition.
so from the main twrp screen we go to Advanced>File-manageer>external_sd we should find a folder labeled(TWRP)
inside that should be a folder labled (BACKUPS) and inside that should be yet one more folder with your device's serial or android ID as the label mine is (49NJ6TORP****VRG) your's may read differently. and finally inside That folder you should find the back-up you previously made (My-Backup) if you followed my instructions.
now we need to go back to the root of our sd-card's storage by clicking (up a level) several times and then click on the folder i had you move there earlier (alcatel-idelXTRA-5059r-LOS16-modded-2019-05-23) and once you click it you'll see files inside look down to the right hand corner in twrp
you should see a little blue folder button with a check-mark , Click that button
then it'll show you options....
click (Move) button then click (up a level) it'll look like it took you all the way back to the beginning top level of file manager, now we navigate to where we want the folder Moved to, so click external_sd > TWRP>BACKUPS>49NJ6TORP****VRG"or what-ever it named your device" > and when you see your (My-Backup) folder STOP... now click the folder button bottom right again, and you're presented with a screen saying moving blah blah blah : to : blah blah blah...
just swipe to move it there.
once you've done that click the back arrow to leave file manager and back out to the main twrp screen again...
Now click Restore>select storage> Micro Sdcard >ok and you should see two things to choose from...
(My-Backup) " the one you created earlier "
obviously choose the second one (alcatel-idelXTRA-5059r-LOS16-modded-2019-05-23)
it'll ask you which partitons to restore
make sure ALL of the available boxes are checked should be boot, recovery, cache, and system
then swipe to restore...
after that's done we want to make sure we don't have any issues so back out to the main twrp screen
go to Wipe>Advanced Wipe and choose Dalvik/art Cache and also Cache and Data
swipe to wipe.
then back out once more and goto Wipe>Format Data and type yes and click the blue check mark on the keyboard to continue
after formating data
back out to main twrp screen and go to Reboot>System and if prompted choose NOT to install TWRP app
it wont work for you any way.
it should now reboot and do the please wait while encrypting your device thing again ...
after it counts down to zero it'll hang so just hold down the power button until it reboots and you'll get los boot animation followed by Los setup wizard.
go ahead and setup your device once completed the setup wizard you'll want to follow the part at the end of Method 1 above to get google apps and playstore working.....

then you're Done.
NOTE with method two you'll also have a modified /system/etc/hosts file so you'll basically have ad malware and porn protection too. if you don't want that you can replace the content of your hosts file with
Code: localhost
::1 localhost
from twrp etc.

if you like what I've done and want to motivate me to do even more please click thanks and consider a small donation of the price of a coffee or stout Beer

AIO-Package =

EDIT Somehow forgot to add the magisk patched boot.img to the file
will upload separately later

here's the zip with patched_boot.img
23rd May 2019, 08:35 PM |#2  
OP Senior Member
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Credit where it's due:
@Sloogle_Flugelmann and @riskybusiness
for the thread located:
Which got me thinking....
@Andy Yan for building the GSI that I used to port this
@phhusson for all the work on treble and GSI'S that made this possible
@topjohnwu for magisk
and Alcatel / TCL for making it easy this time.
23rd May 2019, 08:37 PM |#3  
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Ok so I found a way to disable forced encryption.
allowing TWRP to use our /Data partition again Yeay!!!

So here's how to do it...
Download the attached file from this post....
put it on your desktop or what ever folder your working out of...
Extract IT and find fstab.mt6739
open your terminal/CMD window and then boot to TWRP.
once in TWRP go ahead and go to Mounts>vendor
and make sure /vendor partition is mounted...
then go back to the pc and type...

adb shell rm -rf /vendor/etc/fstab.mt6739
 adb push fstab.mt6739 /vendor/etc/fstab.mt6739
adb shell chmod 0644 /vendor/etc/fstab.mt6739
now go back over to fone, and in twrp back out to main screen and then go to wipe>format Data >type yes
let it do that....
once finished go ahead and reboot to android system
It'll boot up and takes a few minutes to go through the whole set-up wizard again.
but this time you will NOT see the darn little Encrypting the Krap out of android screen...
PROFIT !!!!!

Method 2:
Download attached file , EXTRACT IT , move fstab.mt6739 to your external sd card....
reboot to twrp,
in twrp at main screen go to
Mount>vendor and make sure /vendor is mounted, and mount> Micro SD Card make sure you have sdcard mounted...
then hit back arrow.
from main screen go to Advanced > File Manager > vendor > etc > fstab.mt6739
click the file and then click Delete
now scroll back to top (Up A Level) > (Up A Level) > external_sd
now look for the file you downloaded with the name fstab.mt6739
click on it then click Move
then once again vendor > etc
now click the little blue folder icon bottom right corner
It'll say,
just swipe to confirm
after that hit Back
now to fix the permissions
(up a level) > vendor > etc > click on fstab.mt6739
click on chmod
it'll show
go ahead and delete the zeros and then type 0644
then hit the checkmark to complete action (bottom right corner)
once done just hit back back back...
till main twrp screen
now to format data to remove the encryption...
back out to main screen and then go to wipe>format Data >type yes
let it do that....
once finished go ahead and reboot to android system
It'll boot up and takes a few minutes to go through the whole set-up wizard again.
but this time you will NOT see the darn little Encrypting the Krap out of android screen...
PROFIT !!!!!

If this helped you, please consider the thanks button....
If this saved your day maybe you'd like to buy me a cup of coffee?
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23rd May 2019, 08:37 PM |#4  
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Network unlock package available now
Ok so I have found a way to network unlock the fone but developing it has cost me nearly $80

I am considering sharing a restore package that you can use to restore a back-up from twrp to get your fone Unlocked for any GSM carrier...
But as I have seen NO ONE post in this thread yet, I'll save it...

I may even make it a gift for anyone who donates anything more than $3 to me for my time effort and expenses in developing all this stuff.
In the mean time I'm using it to unlock brand new alcatel 5059r's and then resale them Unlocked on my ebay store...

if anyone's interested either hit thanks and post about your interest here...
or shoot me a private message...
5th June 2019, 08:48 AM |#5  
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Got it fully rooted
I got the los 16 pie gsi rooted through a long combination of dirty hacks that in the end allows the official los 16 addonsu to work correctly.
Don't know if ill ever get around to sharing exact details but I will upload a rooted los 16 rom here very soon

will work on that getting that rooted system.img uploaded sometime this week hopefully
12th June 2019, 10:47 PM |#6  
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Alcatel Da And Auth Files
I scoured the net and finally took apart another program to get these but here's the AUTH & DA files for this device....

also going to add an archive containing all ALCATEL DA and AUTH files I have now....

of course it seems I'm the only one interested in this device...
so probably no one will ever think to look here for them...

but if you do , And if this helps in any way....
Don't forget to click thanks button
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