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This is an attempt at rooting the UMIDIGI F2. Caution be advised, we are not responsible for your mistakes; but rest assured, most of them can be corrected.
Rooting the F2

This is important, please read thoughtfully.
whatever you do, never ever use SP Flash Tool in "Format All+Download" mode. This will wipe your IMEIs and some other bad stuff will happen like loss of fingerprint sensor. This cannot be reversed by us.
Once bootloader is unlocked, warranty is considered void. By following this guide, you consent to that happening. Safety net CTS will not pass anymore unless you flash Magisk which hides the unlocked bootloader.
Never relock your bootloader while running anything unofficial as the phone will not boot until you unlock again.

And, once again, a lot of bad things can happen like bootloops, if that happens to you don't freak out and reflash stock, redoing the rooting process from the start. It might be time consuming, but that's your safest bet!
More important even, have fun rooting, it's before all a hobby!

Various Resources
>>> Latest official stock ROM <<<
Minimal ADB and Fastboot by shimp208
> Magisk (and Manager) by topjohnwu <
Mediatek SP Flash Tool
Latest unofficial TWRP

Unlocking Bootloader

ATTENTION!! After unlocking the bootloader, all user data in the phone's memory will be lost, so do not forget to throw all the most important things on your computer or flash drive!
1) Activate "Developer options" through Settings > About Phone > Tap Build Number multiple times.
2) Open "Developer options" in Settings > System > Tap Advanced.
Enable "OEM Unlocking" and enter your password to confirm. Enable "USB Debugging" as well.
3) On Windows, download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot by shimp208
On Linux, use your packet manager to install android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot
4) Open command prompt (Win + R > type cmd) or a terminal on linux.

5) Plug your phone, accept the prompt about adb and the PC signature.
6) Type adb reboot bootloader to reboot in fastboot mode.
7) Unlock the bootloader using fastboot flashing unlock and pressing Vol+
8) Unlock the secure partitions using fastboot flashing unlock_critical and pressing Vol+
9) Restart using fastboot reboot
You will now always see "Orange State" at boot; this is completely fine and will only delay your boot by 5 seconds.

Rooting using Magisk patched boot.img
This is "experimental" and is probably overkill, but everyone managed to install Magisk with it.
1) Clean install UMIDIGI_F2_V1.0_20200106.V3.08 with SPFT by selecting the scatter file, pressing download an rebooting the phone (Make sure it is in "Download Mode" and not "Format + Download")
2) Patch boot.img by copying it to your device, using Magisk Manager to patch it, and get back the magisk_patched.img in the Download folder back to your PC.
3) Start ADB while booted; run adb reboot bootloader. Alternative is to reboot to recovery and selecting "reboot to bootloader"
4) unlock if not already done with fastboot flashing unlock followed by fastboot flashing unlock_critical
You can try without --disable-verity --disable-verification if those commands are not recognized. I have not tested without them.
6) fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash boot magisk_patched.img
7) fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash recovery recovery.img (recovery.img from stock)
8) fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img (vbmeta.img from stock)
9) fastboot reboot
When rebooting, install Magisk Manager. It will prompt to finalize the installation, you can do so.
Congratulations ! You are now a proud Magisk user ! All credits goes to @topjohnwu he's the real MVP here.

Returning to stock / Resolving issues
The best way to resolve any issue is to return to stock. Here is the method.
1) Download latest stock ROM ("SPFT .zip") on UMIDIGI's forums
2) Download SP Flash Tool if you don't have it yet (Windows only)
3) Extract stock ROM in SP Flash Tool directory
4) Open SP Flash Tool, Download Tab, "Choose" in Scatter-loading file, select the scatter file in the stock ROM directory.
5) If you want to keep your data, untick "userdata" partition
6) Press Download and connect your device via USB. Reboot the phone or turn it off and everything will be flashed.
7) If you want a full stock experience, I recommend relocking the bootloader so that SafetyNet will pass. Get into fastboot mode by using adb reboot bootloader and use fastboot flashing lock_critical followed by fastboot flashing lock. This will wipe your data once more.
You should be good to go.

Device Tree
>> Download my latest build here <<
Flash in Bootloader mode with fastboot flash recovery twrp_f2.img
Android 10 and TWRP aren't compatible yet. /system and /vendor cannot be mounted. /data partition is encrypted. You can still flash .img and some zips that alter different partitions. Nothing I can do about it.

Different boot modes
Recovery / TWRP :
  • Turn off the phone (or reboot)
  • Press Vol+ and Power until some choice comes up to you
  • Navigate using Vol+, select Recovery Mode using Vol-
Bootloader mode :
  • Boot into TWRP, select Reboot, Bootloader
  • Or use adb reboot bootloader either in recovery or system
  • Or use fastboot reboot-bootloader in fastboot mode
Magisk and EdXposed
Fixing Magisk bootloop
Two techniques that could work after installing a module that broke everything :


Hook your device up to a computer (or other device you can run adb from) and execute the following command:
adb wait-for-device shell magisk --remove-modules

After that you can start your device and as soon as adb is available the command will activate, the modules will be removed and the device will reboot.

You could also try :

If you can't boot your device, this can be done by placing a file in /cache (/data/cache on A/B devices) named ".disable_magisk" (without quotation marks and with the leading dot). This will enable Core Only Mode and you can boot up your device, uninstall the troublesome module and then go into the Manager settings, disable Core Only Mode and reboot. In TWRP you can create the file through the TWRP terminal with the touch command, see below for an example.

Installing EdXposed
Please use the latest YAHFA or Sandhook canary build. I have a report of Xposed-SandHook-v0.4.6.1 (4504)-tdgptedc-release working.
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6th January 2020, 05:40 AM
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Originally Posted by _cab13_

This is an attempt at rooting the UMIDIGI F2. For now, unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciated!

ATTENTION!! After unlocking the bootloader, all user data in the phone's memory will be lost, so do not forget to throw all the most important things on your computer or flash drive!
1) Activate the "for developers" item in the settings (7 times click on the "build number" in the "about phone" settings at the bottom)
2) Go to "Settings"(the main screen of the application) go to "for developers" and move the switches to the enabled position near the items "USB Debugging" and " Unlocking the bootloader"
3) Then download platform tools from here https://developer.andr...eleases/platform-tools
4) Unpack the archive from platform tools to the root of the C: drive(so that the platform-tools folder is in the root of the C drive: )
5) if the process does not go install VCOM driver
6) Switch your smartphone to fastboot mode:
6.1) connect the included phone to the computer
6.2) Open the command prompt
6.2.1) Click Win+R
6.2.2) in the window that appears, write "cmd" and click " OK"
6.3) in the command line when the phone is turned on, write(without quotes)
6.3.1) " cd " (note that there is a space after "cd") and drag the "platform-tools" folder with the cursor to the command line window, press Enter
6.3.2) the Following command "adb reboot bootloader"
6.3.3) Your phone should reboot into Fastboot mode or a window should appear on the phone asking for debugging permission for this computer - put a check mark "Always allow debugging from this computer" and click "OK", repeat point 6.3.2
7) After that, on the computer in the same command line, enter " fastboot flashing unlock"
8) when the smartphone screen will prompt confirm by pressing vol+
9) after you see Finished, restart your device
Now the logo will be labeled Orange state when loading
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7th January 2020, 04:21 PM
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I've rooted my F2. I used magisk to patch the boot.img then flashed the boot.img through fastboot on Linux. It didn't work with magisk 20.1. Had to used the newest magisk manager. I am interested in your twrp if you have one to try. Would you upload it so I may try to flash it.
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7th January 2020, 07:16 PM
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Please upload your patched boot.img file. Thanks
7th January 2020, 10:57 PM
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I would love to have that boot image as well! What magisk version did you use then ? I can start crafting a guide.

EDIT: what boxes did you tick in Magisk Manager ?

EDIT 2: did you pad the boot image with DD ? Or maybe you wiped the boot partition beforehand to make it all zeroes ? It seems to be the missing thing and a known bug in Magisk.
8th January 2020, 12:10 AM
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Magisk 20.2 was what I used. Then flashed the boot through fastboot using Debian Linux.

Rooted f2 boot IMG
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8th January 2020, 04:00 AM
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I've tried everything to get it rooted but any magisk patched boot image I flash just sends it into a bootloop including the one posted in this thread. It doesn't matter whether I flash it in Linux or Windows, in fastboot or in SP Flash Tool. What stock build are you guys on, the European or the Global? It seems that the boot.img is the same in both.
8th January 2020, 02:17 PM
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Apparently the issue is that the bootloader really doesn't like the fact that the image is not the full size of the partition. I'll try to dd it to the "max" size so it completely replaces the boot image and not only parts of it.
8th January 2020, 02:35 PM
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Seems to be an issue with the bootloader which doesn't like being flashed with a smaller boot image than it's partition size. Could you try padding it ?
With this command
dd if=/dev/zero of=magisk_patched.img bs=1 count=1 seek=33554431
EDIT: Double post, my internet is pretty bad, I thought the first one didn't go. Can't delete apparently.
8th January 2020, 03:34 PM
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When I unlocked the bootloader I also unlocked critical areas
fastboot flashing unlock_critical
Warning---- this will wipe your phone again just like the bootloader unlock.
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8th January 2020, 03:52 PM
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Haha seems to be the key to it ! Thanks for the update !
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