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Screenshot of APK Easy Tool v1.56

Apk Easy Tool is a lightweight application that enables you to manage, sign, compile and decompile the APK files for the apps you are working on.

Allows you to manage the updates and fixes from one place
The program comes with a clean and user-friendly interface that is unlikely to give you troubles. You can get started by selecting the desired file via the browsing function of the tool or drag and drop.

The interface displays various information about the APK files, including package name, version, minimum SDK version and version code. From the main window, you can make the desired modifications as the main functions and additional options are all available in this tab.

Speaking of functionality, some of the main operations you can perform via this tool, you can count compiling, decompiling, signing, extracting and installing the APK. In case you are working with ROMs only, then you can make further changes from the Framework tab. Moreover, if you feel you missed something, you can check all operations performed from the Log output tab.

A straightforward app for managing APK files efficiently
A noteworthy feature of the tool is that you can create the new code separately and overwrite the current APK with a simple drag and drop. It goes without saying that this operation can save you a lot of time and effort.

In the eventuality that you provide frequent fixes and updates for your Android games or tools and want to be able to manage this processes smoother, then perhaps Apk Easy Tool could come in handy.

- Softpedia

Same as apktool, APK Easy Tool is neither intended for piracy and other non-legal uses. It could be used for localizing, adding some features or support for custom platforms, analyzing applications and much more.

APK Easy Tool is absolute free for commercial and non-commercial use.

Before posting:
- Follow XDA rules (especially when newbies created an account just to come here only to post something)
- Read the FAQ first, your answers might be there. If not, search the issue/problem on Google or on XDA, it's a lot easier to search than you think
- Have any problem with APK Easy Tool, check the log and read what it says. Mostly the issues are apktool.jar related, search the log keywords on https://github.com/iBotPeaches/Apktool/issues and/or baksmali/smali related here: https://github.com/JesusFreke/smali/issues. Do remove "is:issue is : open" to search better
- Questions about how to add toast, edit xml, etc does not belong here, they are out of topic. Regarding framework modding should be posted at the correct section of your device(s) (I guess)
- To post an issue here, explain full detail about the issue, and a full log. Screenshot or video are optional but are very helpful. I may or may not respond if not enough details
- Keep in mind that there's a big difference between identifying issues related specifically to the "APK Easy Tool Software (by evildog1)" and the "Apktool Java Utility (by iBotPeaches). Detailed infomation by Ibuprophen https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho...&postcount=491
- No discussion about pirating or modding a game. This is development only, keep the tool legal use but I still won't be responsible how you using it.
- Anything else, post here

- Windows 7 or above
- .NET Framework 4.6.2 or above
- Java SE/JDK for decompile, compile, and sign APK. If you don't have Java installed, you can only use Zipalign or Install APK. Download and install Java SE/JDK now

Decomile and compile APK, DEX and JAR files, with SPACE, symbols and germany, danish, swedish etc... characters support. Can cancel during operation

Signing and ZipAligning of APK/JAR files. Can cancel during operation

Extract/Zip APK
Extract and zip APK with 7z Compression-level 0-9. Can cancel during operation

APK Infomation
Show APK infomation with icon using aapt dump badging and link to Play Store

Install your framework and manage framework paths

Log output
View your logs to find errors. Set date to view your previous logs
Sided log output is only available for higher resolution with 1250 width and above.

Change options of tool, decompile, compile, sign and zipalign. Options: Java heap, Apktool version, apksigner version, directories, java path, Windows explorer integration, remeber window position and more
All options and textboxes are saved as config.xml and will load on launch
Quick options on main.

Drag and drop
Drop APK, DEX, JAR files and Decompiled folder on buttons to perform actions. Drop outside buttons to select/open as file/folder

Apktool.jar version selection
Can switch to other versions of apktool.kar on options
Add other apktool.jar in "Apktool" folder

4 buttons to open work directories of decompiled APK, compiled APK, extracted APK and zipped APK
Jumplist shortcuts

Windows explorer integration
Do actions by just right-clicking on APK file and choose the following options, decomile or compile APK, DEX, and JAR files, Zipalign APK, Check align, Sign APK and Install APK

Getting started:
  1. Download .msi or zip file,
  2. If you download .msi, open it and simply install it. If you download portable version .zip, extract to the portable drive you like to.
  3. Launch APK Easy Tool, directory are automatically set
  4. Select the APK file you want to work with or drop the APK to perform an action
  5. Do some work and good luck

You do not need to select APK and set the directory if you do drag and drop actions.

Framework are for ROM developers and System App modder only

It works the same way as the command line version

Download links:
Both stable and beta versions are included

Softpedia link

Google Drive link (Recommended)

Android File Host link

Box link

Yandex link (Better download speed for russian)

Baidu link (Better download speed for china)

Evildog1 (Creator of this tool)
ibotpeaches (Creator of apktool.jar)
Google, Android NDK (adb, aapt, apksigner and zipalign)
bootstraponline (signapk)
Igor Pavlov (7zip)
JesusFreke (Smali/Baksmali)
dwmkerr (SharpShell https://github.com/dwmkerr/sharpshell)

If you support me, feel free to donate and I appreciate it

In attachments

Extra stuff:
Apktool dev build:
Thanks to @Cerberus007
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evildog1 Senior Member
It is very important that you fully read your log and FAQ before posting!

Q: I'm getting an error brut.androlib.AndrolibException: brut.common.BrutException: could not exec (exit code = -1073741515):
A: You are using apktool 2.4.0, it have aapt related issues https://github.com/iBotPeaches/Apktool/issues/2141. There are some ways to fix it:
- Uninstall Java 32-bit and install Java 64-bit. Versions doesn't matter i think.
- Download apktool 2.3.4 jar or older, place them in [path of APK easy tool]\Apktool\ and switch apktool version in Options.

Q: I'm getting resource error: brut.androlib.AndrolibException: brut.common.BrutException: could not exec:
A: Either clear framework (In Framework tab) or download apktool 2.3.4 jar or older, place them in [path of APK easy tool]\Apktool\ and switch apktool version in Options.

You can download older versions of apktool here: https://bitbucket.org/iBotPeaches/apktool/downloads/

Q: I can't decompile or compile
A: It's not unusual that it won't decompile or compile. Check the log output what it says. Search on Google or search issue on https://github.com/iBotPeaches/Apktool/issues/
The common issues are invalid syntaxes, corrupted APK, resource error, etc.
APK may be protected/obfuscated. Respect the developer/company if they decided to protect APK for a reason
You may try clear framework cache or change CMD modes. Avoid using "Arguments" at the moment since it gets stuck often
Share your log file if you want to.

Q: How can I update or downgrade apktool.jar?
A: Download apktool.jar here: https://bitbucket.org/iBotPeaches/apktool/downloads/
Place apktool.jar inside \APK Easy Tool\Apktool. Restart the tool if running
Go to Options and switch apktool version

Q: I'm getting an error "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError"
A: Go to Options tab and Increase Java heap size if you got out of memory error

Q: Window is not opening but still appear in taskbar
A: The window is out of screen. Press SHIFT + Q to reset
Or edit the config.xml and change




Q: How to enable high DPI aware support? (Windows 10)
A: Is your screen high DPI and the window is blurry, you can force enable high DPI awareness.
Close APK Easy Tool first
Right click on the .exe file, select Properties

Compatibilty -> Change high DPI settings

Check Override high DPI scaling behavior and select Application in the drop down

Click OK and OK

Q: Are spaces and symbols in filename supported?
A: Yes you can have spaces, symbols and special characters like germany, etc... in a filename unlike other tools.

Q: Why APK Easy Tool has been flagged as virus/malware?
A: First of all, all anti-virus softwares are NEVER 100% perfect like human and you should not always 100% trust the results. No anti-virus can be perfect
There are many reasons why. Mostly it detecting the similar codes or behaviour that most criminals are using.
I work very hard to avoid false positive as much as possible but it keeps detecting
In general, most anti-viruses can flag any apps for money.

I never make anything malcious and harm anyone in this community.

Q: Is drag and drop supported?
A: Yes it supports drag and drop APK/ZIP file
Simply drop a file on buttons to do something.
- Drop an APK file on "Decompile APK" button to
decompile APK in the same directory
- Drop an APK file outside (drop file on white background)
to select APK to work on.

Q: How can I reset APK Easy Tool?
A: Go to Options -> General. Scroll down and click Reset to default.
You can also manually delete or modify "config.xml" beside .exe

Q: Is APK Easy Tool collecting any data?
A: No, it doesn't. We respect your privacy very seriously
It only have ability to connect to read-only secure server that checks for updates.

Q: Is APK Easy Tool free forever?
Yes, it's free forever. No ads, no premium, no PUP (Potentially unwanted program) and lifetime support

Q: Do you release the source code?
A: No, I don't because anyone can take advantage like changing credits and/or add malcious codes whatever in it easly
Read these articles as example why open source is not always good idea:
It's very easy to work with WinForm based on C#

Q: Alternatives?
A: Try out Tickle​ My Android, a command line tool that are also easy to use.
But don't just think switching to other tool will solve any apktool issues, so don't forget to switch to apktool 2.3.4 or older to avoid strange issues

APK Easy Tool v1.57 Beta-1 Changelog (2019-11-29)

===[ New features ]===
- Added --only-main-classes (Only disassemble the main dex classes (classes[0-9]*.dex) in the root.) (apktool 2.4.1)

===[ Enhancements ]===
- Updated Apktool to apktool-2.4.1-b05f19-11.20.2019.jar (Thanks to Cerberus007 https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho...&postcount=606)
- Add Hungarian and Simplified Chinese language XML
- Refine UI a bit so it fits for multi languages
- Removed timeout for loading icon. It will take quite longer to load icon but more accurate
- Language: Removed DOWN2_NOTE_LBL because the bitbucket server with TLS 1.2 enforced is already secure
- Update check for beta version is separate

===[ Removed features ]===
- Compression-level and java-heap labels removed because it's unnecessary. They don't change it often. The options are not removed

APK Easy Tool v1.56 Changelog (2019-11-21)
===[ New Features ]===
- Flash taskbar icon (Can be disabled in options)
- High DPI support
- Count instances in form title if 2 or more instance are open "APK Easy Tool - Instance (number)"
- Sign selected APK if the APK is not compiled yet (does not overwrite)
- The long awaited feature, XML based multi-language support

===[ Enhancements ]===
- Force TLS 1.2 connection due to Win10 issue that always use TLS 1.0 by default
- Loading APK infomation no longer lags
- Delay loading icon by 0.2 seconds to avoid no icon error
- "legacytemplog(time)" changed to "RecentLog-Instance(number)" so it makes more sense for multiple instances
- Updated aapt, zipalign and apksigner executeable to 29.0.2 from Android SDK (Google)
- Updated adb executeable to 1.0.41 from Android SDK (Google)
- Updated smali.jar/baksmali.jar (JesusFreke) to 2.3.4
- Downgraded apktool.jar to 2.3.4 for stability
- Updated SharpShell to https://github.com/dwmkerr/sharpshell
- srm.exe renamed to ServerRegistrationManager.exe so it makes sense and doesn't look suspecious
- Code optimizations to fix false positive issues. Finally 0/68 detection on Virustotal. Keep in mind any anti-virus may falsely detect as malcious anytime
apkeasytool.exe: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/...c9e8/detection
apkeasytool-x64.exe: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/...735a/detection

===[ Fixed issues ]===
- Log file were not found if clearing framework
- Freezes when dropping APK with very long filename
- Couldn't decompile dex using Rigt-click (AETShellExt.dll)
- Couldn't launch activity path with explorer.exe
- Stuck if using CMD mode - Arguments (Still unable to fully get the log)

===[ Removed features ]===
- FAQ tab. We use text file for that instead
- Auto size notice box (Unnecessary)
- Remove "Disable reading APK info (Improve performance)" as the lag was fixed

APK Easy Tool v1.55 Changelog (2019-05-11)

===[ New Features ]===
- Show Launch activity on APK info box. Useful to know what smali is the main activity. Click on it to open the file directly if decompiled directory exist
- --use-aapt2 and other apktool options added https://ibotpeaches.github.io/Apktoo...ation/#options
- Set API levels for decompiling and compiling

===[ Fixed issues ]===
- Fixed SharpShell and Server Registration Manager (Replaced sharpshell.dll and srm.exe from release version https://github.com/dwmkerr/sharpshell/releases)
- Double slashes when changing all directories in root path
- Some buttons were disabled for no reason
- Didn't log anything if CMD WriteLine mode (Legacy mode) is selected
- Trying to load icon as xml instead png. Added workaround to avoid it.

===[ Enhancements ]===
- On C drive, if the program is stored on system location that would require admin rights, it will create folders and write files on user Documents instead.
- Updated apktool.jar (ibotpeaches) to 2.4.0
- Updated 7-Zip libs (Igor Pavlov) to (2019-02-21)
- Updated aapt.exe and adb.exe (Android NDK) to 28.0.3
- Updated smali.jar/baksmali.jar (JesusFreke) to 2.2.6
- Ask before decompiling if decompile folder exists
- Replace spaces with underscore now for target file path in order to use with other tools that doesn't support spaces
- Some UI changes
- CMD WriteLine mode (Legacy mode) is now default since the arguments mode (Normal mode) is buggy and cause stuck in progess sometimes
- For cancelling, it will only kill one process that it is currently using instead killing all, java, adb, 7z and zipalign. Killing is the only way to cancel at the moment
- AETShellExt.dll will use apkeasytool-x64.exe if the system is x64

===[ Removed features ]===
- Removed prompt "Do you want APK Easy Tool to setup following work directories?" that caused config.xml to be locked for no reason
- srm-x64.exe is no longer necessary


APK Easy Tool v1.541 Changelog (2018-09-16)

===[ Fixed issues ]===
- Fixed wrong path of config.xml.
- Compile name textbox places wrong location when using high DPI (Removed auto new location point)
- File not found when installing framework
- Added exception of copying to clipboard to avoid crash.
- APK info and icon does not load on startup

===[ Enhancements ]===
config.xml will always save on Documents folder if the tool is stored on C drive. Implement of path on C drive is working in progress


APK Easy Tool v1.54 Changelog (2018-09-11)

===[ New Features ]===
- Option to disable APK reading for better performance
- Open to replace spaces with underscore for compiled apk
- Ability to get version of signature scheme. Just to know if APK have new signature or not.
- Added Server Registration Manager for 64-bit OS (srm-64.exe) since srm.exe for any CPU causes problem on 64-bit OS on some machines.
- Build 64-bit version of APK Easy Tool. Useful to avoid out of memory error when working with heavy APK that require huge amoumt of memory

===[ Fixed issues ]===
- Names not renamed when selecting APK on drop down
- File path of Pem and pk8 reverts to default even file exists
- Apktool selection reset to default or become blank

===[ Enhancements ]===
- Update apktool.jar to 2.3.4
- Be able to use APK Easy Tool without WindowsAPICodePack. Following features will be disabled if Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.dll and Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Shell.dll does not exist: JumpList and Taskbar progress
- Improve performance of reading APK
- Icons will load from temp cache if icon file exists
- Icons will be extracted to each folder of package name to avoid loading wrong icon.
- Show SDK version with Android version
- Updated apksigner.jar (0.8)(by Android NDK) to 28.0.1
- Updated aapt.exe (by Android NDK) to 28.0.1
- Updated baksmali/smali (by JesusFreke) to 2.5.5
- Updated adb (by Android NDK) to 1.0.40
- Updated zipalign to 28.0.1
- Resetting to default no longer delete xml file but override xml file to default
- Renamed sign1.pk8 and sign2.pem to apkeasytool.pk8 and apkeasytool.pem just to have cool alias name (APKEASYT.RSA and APKEASYT.SF). To rename file alias name, you can rename existing keys or create your own jks key with your own alias name
- Another clean up to avoid false positive
- UI changes

===[ Removed features ]===
- Removed loading configuration from registry in favor of xml (To import your registry, use 1.53, close to save xml file, then upgrade to 1.54)


APK Easy Tool v1.53 Changelog (2018-08-04)

As APK Easy Tool getting higher change to get detected as malcious (called false positive), I work harder clean up the code and remove some codes and features in order to reduce the change of getting detected. And no, I'm not removing features for no reason like big companies do.

You may read Bitdefender's article why anti-virus detected a clean file as malcious https://www.bitdefender.com/support/...tive)-851.html

===[ New Features ]===
- Support Decompile/Compile JAR file, with JAR detection in drag and drop
- Option to set custom path of java executeable
- [AETShellExt.dll] Added .dex and .jar extension
- Your config will be saved as config.xml beside APK Easy Tool instead in registry. If config.xml is not found beside APK Easy Tool, it will load your config from registry. Registry saving/loading feature will be removed in next version in favor of XML.
- Remember if Log output was opened or closed

===[ Fixed issues ]===
- File access error when mass signing APKs
- Fail to load APK infomation
- Other small bug fixes

===[ Enhancements ]===
- Some code improvements and removed some useless codes to get rid of false positive
- Signed the assembly (Virustotal will still report it as unsigned). It might also get rid of false positive

===[ Removed features ]===
- Removed CMD from jumplist
- Removed option to Unlock textboxes and unlocked all textboxes. It is unnecessary to make them read only.
- Removed auto save log after actions due to false positive (Bad programming practices)
- Removed AES encryption due to false positive. The password can't be restored and it will be stored as base64 instead. I recommended you to update and secure your computer as much as possible if you don't want your password stolen
- Removed embedded DLL due to false positive. Now you need Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.dll and Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Shell.dll placed beside apkeasytool.exe file

APK Easy Tool v1.52 Changelog (18 july 2018)

===[ New Features ]===
- Jumplist to open work folders
- Link to Play Store (https://play.google.com)
- Icon can be loaded if opened with decompiled folder
- Indeterminate Taskbar ProgressBar
- Check alignment of APK file
- Shell Context Menu (Windows Explorer integration), must enable it on option. If enabled, you can right-click of APK file or Decompiled directory to perform action with APK Easy Tool (AETShellExt.dll). It uses following CMD arguments:
-d Decompile APK
-c Compile APK
-s Sign APK
-a Zipalign APK
-ca CheckAlign APK
-i Install APK
-e Extract APK
-z Zip APK
Usage: ./apkeasytool.exe <arg> "path with quotes"
You can open APK with APK Easy Tool if you change standard program or use CMD argument: ./apkeasytool.exe "APK file path with quotes"
APK Easy Tool menu only appear if androidmanifest.xml exist
- Option to disable completed message box

===[ Fixed issues ]===
- Didn't check if update is available (Was removed by accident)
- Didn't check if java is installed (Was removed by accident)

===[ Enhancements ]===
- Improvement of legacy CMD mode and now it works on everything
- Some UI changes
- Added "no icon" icon if icon fails to load

===[ Removed features ]===
- News tab

APK Easy Tool v1.51 Changelog (22 june 2018)
This version should be more stable now

===[ New Features ]===
- Option to clear framework cache
- A blue down arrow button to visit apktool website to download
- CMD modes: Normal, Legacy and Batch scripting. Useful to temporary fix tool getting stuck. Legacy mode is now default. This feature is still under testing
Normal: Execute CMD normally using .NET Process
Legacy: Execute CMD using WriteLine. It works excatly as AET v1.39 and below.
Batch scripting: Generate .bat file and execute it
- Log Level: Verbose (default) and Warn & Error. Useful to temporary fix tool getting stuck. This feature is still under testing
Verbose: Default logging
Warn & Error: Only log warning and errors. Reduces buffer size to avoid tool getting stuck during decompilation/compilation
- New update dialog with changelog. It will popup instead showing update notice below
- Dropdown history of APK path and APK names
- Options to disable history and clear history
- Sided Log output window. The button will only appear for screen resolution that have higher width than 1250.

===[ Fixed Issues ]===
- Image duplicating if using high DPI 125%
- Zipaligned APK is placed within the decompiled directory
- Wrong command usage of signapk.jar
- apktool.jar were not auto selected when using it first time or after reset
- Signing ZIP file does nothing or executes wrong command
- Wrong path when compiling selected decompiled APK
- File extension recognized incorrectly which caused missing characters after dot if the file/folder name contains dot symbol

===[ Enhancements ]===
- Anti-virus false positives fixed (Gen:Variant.Ursu). If such happens again, please contact.
- APK Easy Tool will warn if anti-virus have blocked it from file changes.
- A bit smaller window size
- Owner email changed. The previous email is no longer active
- Some text changes
- Some UI changes
- Automatically delete existing directory before baksmaling
- Updated 7-Zip binary to 18.05 (Author of 7-Zip: Igor Pavlov https://www.7-zip.org)
- Updated Baksmali/smali to 2.2.4 (Author of Baksmali/smali: JesusFreke https://github.com/JesusFreke/smali)

===[ Removed features ]===
- Embedded browser in News section has been removed due to false positives, issues with Wine-HQ and critical security issue with Internet Explorer on outdated systems.

Older changelogs

v1.50 (2017-02-13)

[New Features]
- Signing APK with keystore. Must be enabled in options.
- Remember password of keystore. Password will be AES encrypted on exit
- Added restart button
- Added copy context menu in Apk Infomation Dialog
- Added framework tagging (ROM developing)
- Added option to change framework installation directory (ROM developing)
- Added option to select framework directory to (ROM developing)
- Added Smali/Baksmali (BETA)
- Added button to change all output directories
- Added button to select decompiled folder so you can select folder decompiled from other tools
- Option to disable news and log
- Mass signing (drag and drop on Sign APK button)

- Open framework directory will open Temp folder if apktool folder not found
- Redesigned Options, Framework, News and About page
- Some UI changes
- Disabled zip signing if using apksigner.jar. It is not supported yet.
- Quick options added to options
- Changed orders from Compile-Sign-Zipalign-Install to Compile-Zipalign-Sign-Install

[Fixed Issues]
- Pressing cancel still continue the task
- Drag and drop to sign apk was forced to sign with signapk.jar
- Same icon appear when selecting other apk
- Tells you to compile apk first even dropped apk file to zipalign.
- Minor text fixes

[Removed features]
- Removed aapt dumping in logs. It is no longer needed.
- Removed framework counter.
- Removed Sign Selected APK in favor of drag and dropping.

[Known bugs]
- Stuck when decompiling Google Maps

v1.41 (2017-12-01)
- Added News tab. It requires an internet connection
- Added options to change path of signing keys .pem and .pk8
- Added donation button
- Added Full APK Infomation.
- Added options to select your own .pk8 and .pem file for signing
- Improved apktool version check.
- Fixed wrong directory when the program auto create them
- Removed changelogs from the tool. You can see them in news and online
- Removed WS_EX_COMPOSITED to get rid of some UI glitches. Weird UI drawing may occur but looks cool for me .
- Changed transparent BackColor to write to improve UI performance a bit
- .NET framework target is 4.6
- Some UI changes
- Some fixes

1.40 (2017-11-05)
- Added package infomation with icon. Icon cache is stored at %AppData%\Local\Temp\AET and it's automatically cleared
- Added copy to clipboard on package name. Just click on package name to copy to clipboard.
- Added extract/zip APK button with drag and drop support. (Requested)
- Added an option to remember window position. Useful for multiple monitors. Press SHIFT + Q to reset position if window is out of screen. (Requested)
- Added 7zip binary to extract / zip file. Why because it's faster and better than crappy .NET version.
- Added background workers to remove lags.
- Added framework file counter to check how many framework is installed
- Added "copy" context menu on Logs fields. Select the text, right click and click "copy" to copy to clipboard
- Added option to enable dump APK infomation using aapt.
- Added option to change extracted APK / zipped APK
- Added apksigner.jar for Java 9 and an option to switch between apksigner and signapk
- Options to change path are moved to Options.
- False positives fixed. Buisness and crappy unpopular anti-virus that nobody uses it, still detect this tool as a malware
- Update check improved.
- Updated adb to 1.0.39, and aapt and zipalign to 27.0.0 (SDK 27) (Android 8.1.0)
- Re-written CMD arguments code from scratch. Signing issue aka 0 KB should be gone forever
- Zipalign verbose output disabled by default.
- New logo font
- New waiting UI.
- Improved UI.
- Improved checks.
- Inplemented log system. It will create log files everyday and it will continue to load/save logs if the file is created and the date still match.
- Removed exe downloader.
- Removed Kill adb button. It is not necessary.
- Removed setup directories for me button. The program automatically create directories if they are not set.
- German (üöä), danish (æøå) and some other foreign characters are supported. Chinese, japanese, etc are ONLY supported IF system locale is correctly set. See more: https://www.top-password.com/blog/ta...-command-line/
- Uncheck "Sign APK after compile" no longer uncheck and grey out "Install APK after compile". Now you can install unsigned APK for rooted devices only.
- Check "Keep original signature" no longer uncheck "Install APK after compile" and disable "Zipalign"
- Fixed tab orders
- Drag and drop APK on framework install button now supported
- Java heap size is 1024 MB by default

1.39 (2017-09-10)
- Changed "Setup directories for me" behavior. If you place the tool in C disk and you click on that button, it will create folders in your documents folder. If placed in different disk, it will create folders in the same place where the tool is located
- Added more tooltips for detailed explanations
- Added Quick Help tab
- Quickly added apktool version file check on main page
- Fixed 0 kb .apk signing bug
- Removed update.exe. It was not necessary
- Some UI improvements
- Some text fixes

1.38 (2017-06-24)
- Added an X button to dismiss update
- Added a button to open APKTool folder
- Fixed all directories. This tool no longer looking for wrong directories in system32 when executing this tool via CMD or RUN.
- Fixed ADB APK installation.
- Improved logs
- Improved UI
- Improved update system. Update.exe that is located in Resource folder is no longer needed
- Removed ADB kill-server. It wasn't needed anyway
- Extra: Added 2 .dll for ADB support on Win7 in ZIP file. Please extract them from ZIP file and place it in Resource folder if you come from previous version

1.37 (2017-04-13)
- Fixed sign APK after compile
- Support signing flashable ZIP for ROM developers. You can drag and drop ZIP file on Sign APK button to sign a ZIP file
- Some minor fixes

1.36 (2017-03-19)
- Fixed very slow startup on some Win7 system
- Fixed tab orders
- Faster startup. Java and update check are delayed by 2 seconds
- Tool will not quit if Java is not installed. Tool will not quit if Java is not installed. You can only zipalign or install an APK file, but Java still required for other features
- Added an option to enable/disable tips and ToolTips
- Added an option to enable/disable check for updates
- Logo changes.
- Removed unused checkbox
- Improved update check
- Minor text and bug fixes

1.35 (2017-03-10)
- Critical fix: Checkboxes does not apply even they are checked.
- Minor text fixes

1.34 (2017-02-18)
- Fixed path error for compiling APK
- Added icon for Framework directory button
- Minor text fixes

1.33 (2017-02-14) (Hotfix)
- Fixed sign APK that couldn't sign correctly because the file name was wrong
- Fixed path of Framework directory

1.32 (2017-02-14) (Hotfix)
- Add a timer in update.exe to prevent it launching the tool twice. This tool will replace Update.exe on Resourced folder
- Fixed Update.exe trying to place downloaded file in wrong location when logged in as administrator
- Fixed form size bug when a new update is avaliable

1.31 (2017-02-14) (hotfix)
- Disabled checks for Sign selected APK
- Improved signing APK functions. Overwrite APK applies to Sign APK and Sign selected APK
- New font in the logo
- Fixed update function
- Debug commands in log file
- Minor text fixes

1.3 (2017-02-12)
- Quick release
- Drag and drop file support
- More options to decompile and compile
- Added cancel button in waiting dialog box
- Added Clear logs when exit
- Added Allow path changes in textbox
- Added Java heap option. Default 512m
- Added ZipAlign
- Added options to rename the apk file
- Added options to select apktool version.
- Added some tooltips
- Code cleanup
- Better font
- Removed help tab. I will create a PDF help file when i have time
- Path options moved back to main tab
- This tool no longer extract resources to appdata. Now we have installer
- Minor text fixes
and more...

1.2 (2016-08-10)
- Better UI with icons in buttons
- Fixed framework installer
- Disabled maximize button and resize window
- APK installer (beta)
- Configs are stored in registry
- Add reset button
- Code cleanup

v1.14 (2016-04-05)
- Added an option to disable debug info to prevents baksmali from writing out debug info (.local, .param, .line, etc).

v1.13 (2016-04-01)
- Fixed decompile apk detection
- "Please wait" popup now shown in the task bar

v1.12 (2016-03-28)
- Updated apktool.jar to 2.1.0
- Using XML to save the configuration instead using Windows settings.
- Bug fixes

v1.11 (2016-03-21)
- Fixed APK signer (compiled APK and selected APK)
- Added an option to overwrite the selected APK file
- Fixed app icon
- Updated assembly infomation.

v1.1 (2016-03-18)
- Removed sign APK from re-compile APK
- Added a checkbox of signing APK, and it will remember if you checked it
- Framework installer now using apktool commands to install frameworks. You can install multiple frameworks
- Added Sign compiled APK
- Added more checks and error messages
- Added open log button
- The tool will extract its resources to personal documents (C:\Users\your name\Documents) instead
- Removed auto setup directories when running the tool.
- Added a button to setup directories. Use this if you are lazy
- Removed framework check. I will work with the new framework check
- Added icon
- Bug fixes

v1.03 (2016-03-11)
- Fixed APK signer that is signing selected APK instead compiled APK after re-compiling. Don't think that your recompiled APK was broken

v1.02 (2016-03-10)
- Reduced timeout of waiting popup
- Added more error messages to prevent .NET framework crash
- Code cleanup

v1.01 (2016-03-08)
- Hide console box
- Fixed stuck in please wait when signing an APK

v1.0 (2016-03-06)
- First release
11th March 2016 09:30 PM 1 Thanks
kikinda Member
nice tool,thanks.
12th March 2016 03:45 PM 3 Thanks
evildog1 Senior Member
Originally Posted by kikinda

nice tool,thanks.

No problem. hope you enjoy the tool
13th March 2016 03:03 PM 1 Thanks
kikinda Member
ok,there is a problem. when I try to recompile there is nothing hapening. the compiled apks folder is empty. With this app http://mdc.html5.qq.com/?channel_id=20820
13th March 2016 11:01 PM 0 Thanks
wertzPH Senior Member
aren't you suppose not to sign system apps? is it possible with this tool?
14th March 2016 12:31 AM 1 Thanks
Stupifier Senior Member
Originally Posted by wertzPH

aren't you suppose not to sign system apps? is it possible with this tool?

Ya, I wondered about this too? Looking at the GUI, it appears there is no Option to Re-Compile without Signing. Any help/advice?
15th March 2016 02:57 PM 1 Thanks
evildog1 Senior Member
Originally Posted by wertzPH

aren't you suppose not to sign system apps? is it possible with this tool?

Originally Posted by Stupifier

Ya, I wondered about this too? Looking at the GUI, it appears there is no Option to Re-Compile without Signing. Any help/advice?

I didn't think about it, because i was thinking that the APK can't install without signing so i added sign apk. i have never tried to sign system apps because i don't develop system apps but i will fix it asap
15th March 2016 03:00 PM 2 Thanks
evildog1 Senior Member
Originally Posted by kikinda

ok,there is a problem. when I try to recompile there is nothing hapening. the compiled apks folder is empty. With this app http://mdc.html5.qq.com/?channel_id=20820

i'm sorry to hear that. have you checked the log.txt inside APK Easy Tool?
15th March 2016 08:02 PM 2 Thanks
Aimbot91 Senior Member
I am getting this error in log file:

'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
But l have Java installed on my pc
Edit: l forget to add Java PATH nevermind.
Can you add clone apk function in this tool?
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