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⚡[MODULE][NFS-INJECTOR] [Forcefulness/Energy Aware][ZOOM][X1]⚡

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By k1ks, Senior Member on 22nd October 2018, 01:23 PM
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Version : X1 - Status : Stable - Updated : 01-05-2020

Copyright 2020 K1KS

WARNING : NFS must not in any circumstances be combined with kernel tweaks , risk of conflicts.
In no case take into account the defamation of certain kernels devs , NFS is risk free and totally systemless.

~~ PowerFull And Advanced Module For Forcefulness & Energy Aware ~~


A magisk module which aims to improve kernel/RAM management, by using values between performance and battery savings. Flash, and forget.

=============* 1 - INTRODUCTIONS *=============

This module aim to improve kernel / ram management between efficiency and energy aware. Using a complex algorithm, it determine the most optimal settings between battery and performance for your device.
NFS improve your overall experience, as well as specifically enhances PUBG performance, Others Games also.
Very simple to use, You just install it and it will handle everything else. This tool is, in part proactive .
It takes heavily into account, the amount of memory on your device, to calculate the appropriate values.
Excellent multitasking and memory management.
Improve Standby, as well as screen battery life - A smooth and fluid,overall enhanced,user experience.

It works on all OS with all kernels ( HMP / EAS ).

Improve PUBG Mobile Lags (Others Games also)

> Excellent multitasting and memory management
> Improve Standby , as well as screen battery life
> A smooth and fluid , overal enhanced , user experience
> Fix PUBG Mobil Lag ( Others Games also )

Fix PUBG Mobil Lag with NFS-INJECTOR :*

=============* 2 - REQUIREMENTS *=============

A rooted device is required to run this mod which is pretty much common these days with Magisk , so your device should be compatible to this mod .*
The installation of the mod is quite simple as it’s a flashable Zip that can be flashed using Magisk Manegr or any custom recovery.
So all you need to do is to download the Module file from the download link provided below and flash it .

* ARMv7 (armeabi-v7a) ARMv8 (arm64-v8a) x64bit (x86_64)
* Rooted phone with Magisk v19+
* Custom recovery [ CWMR, TWRP , Philz , CarlivTouch ]
* Stock / Custom Kernel ( Custom Kernel to Full Enjoy )

If you want to better performance with the kernels tuning by NFS so choose the kernel which giving with more features
like many governor , scheduler , tcp and additionale feature like wackelock ...

* Conflicts should not be noticed with Spectrum, Nfs will write over **
* HUAWEI Users , Interaction may be possible with perfgenius_config *
* If you change kernel , delete the NFS folder in /data before new one *
* XXX Users , Untick No Limits Module , Reboot , FLash NFS , reboot ,tick No Limits *
* Be carefull , the interaction of several modules of the same kind are not recommended *
* Some kernel apps like EX Kernel Manager, Kernel adiutor can interact with NFS settings *
* Almost 100% of benchmarks are wrong , Only UX *
* Control SafetyNet , ctsProfile : YES / basicintegrity : YES *

=============* 3 - FEATURES *=============

NFS is a universal module that will play more boards to bring a better performance with a good battery life.
Start after boot when first process is found ( Avoid bootloop )*
SeLinux Toggle ( Default Stock )
Supervision of kernel parameters
Adapts memory management according to available memory.
Auto Set Governor ( Tunables ) and Schreduler
Net Stimulation for better browsing
Various built-in DNS customs ( Guard , CloudFlare , Google )
Several modes available to provide optimal satisfaction according to your expectations
And Many More

List Of Things Supported:

# SUPPORT GOVERNORS = pixel_schedutil helix_schedutil smurfutil_flex pixutil pwrutilx darkness schedutil blu_schedutil blu_active zzmoove interactivepro interactiveplus interactiveX interactive phantom ondemand cultivation
# SUPPORT SCHEDULER = anxiety fiops sioplus sio zen tripndroid row bfq cfq deadline noop
# SUPPORT TCP = ascarex sociopath westwood cubic reno

=============* 4 - BETA DEVICES *=============

List devices are tested and run with NFS Injector™ Beta ( Not updated , Much More ) :

Redmi Note 5 Pro
Redmi K20 Pro
Redmi Note 7
Redmi 6A
Redmi 4
Redmi Note 5A Prime
Pocophone F1
Mi Max 3
Redmi 5A
Pixel 2 XL
Pixel 4 XL
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
Samsung Galaxy J1 2016
OnePlus 3T
OnePlus 5
OnePlus 6/6T
HTC U12+
Moto X4
Asus Max Pro M1
Asus Max Pro M2

=============* 5 - DOWNLOAD *=============

A stable release is a version that has been tested as thoroughly as possible and is as reliable as we can make it.*
It does not have all the new features of a beta release and it does not have the latest fixes for problems.

Stable Versions :

=============* 6 - INSTALLATION *=============

1) Download the zip
2) Flash It
3) Reboot
4) Enjoy!!

Flash And Forgot*

To check the good activity of NFS a one log file are created in root/data/NFS/**

Warning : Allow at least some mins after first boot for the NFS Folder to populate.
This log is very important for all support in case of problems to help you better, come without is useless

In the case of an Stable update, flash over.
Flash same zip to uninstall, if needed.

=============* 7 - SETUP *=============

NFS is autonomous with his proactive equipment : SMART_CONTROL

This Feature will choose the best settings for your devices based on several variables like RAM , games ....
All will be settle for your best experience.
Nevertheless, these defaults are based on several previous feedback.

You can have your hand on several elements , do not change defaults settings right away, test it to give more feedback.

Nfs is not responsible for behavior change following changes in these options.
Just switch number in each file.
Mode User, DNS Customs Scale Animations, Selinux, Governor / Scheduler.
The configuration files are stored in the NFS database (root/data/NFS/**)

# User Mode (mode.txt) :

0 = Balanced Mode / 1 = Ultra Mode / 2 = Game Mode / 3 = Battery Saver

Balanced Mode It automatically increases your CPU’s speed when your computer needs it, and reduces it when it isn’t necessary.
This is the default setting, efficiency and energy aware, and it should be fine most of the time.

Ultra Mode While it’s designed for users with high-performance workstations, you can enable it on any device, and get more power out of the machines.
It’ll definitely have an impact on your phone’s performance, especially on a gaming machine.
NFS already has a Game Mode but it improves the experience and not the performance.

Game Mode It promises to make your phone great for gamer by offering a more consistent gaming experience.
Even if your hardware configuration is modest, the Game Mode makes games more playable.

Battery Saver It changes certain settings to conserve battery power.
Only One way, battery life with no boost.

# Sync User ( sync.txt )

0 = OFF / 1 = ON

By default , Sync is kept .
All data that any app thinks it has written to storage (as it explicitly instructed the OS to do so), but has not been written yet by the OS, may be lost in case of an unexpected system crash.
So as long as the system is running normally, all cached data is eventually written to the eMMC/SD, usually a few seconds after the write request, and everything works normally.

You are aware of the risk.

# DNS USER ( dns.txt )


By default , No DNS is enabled.

# SELINUX USER ( linux.txt )


By default , Status SE is stock
Security-Enhanced Linux, abbreviated SELinux, is a Linux security module (LSM).
IT makes it possible to define a policy of mandatory access control to elements of a system from Linux.


Governor : A module of the kernel which has the role of managing the frequency of the processor according to the demand for resources of the system and the applications.
For example, when launching a game, the governor will increase the processor frequency, then decrease it during a standby

Scheduler : Input/output (I/O) scheduling is a term used to describe the method computer operating systems decide the order that block I/O operations will be submitted to storage volumes.

TCP : The main goal of a TCP algorithm is to avoid sending more data than the network is capable of transmitting, that is, to avoid causing network congestion.
Different algorithms respond differently to network loads, but they are all based on the same principle of avoiding network congestion.

Also , If you feel that the current scheduler/governor/tcp choosen by NFS isnt working for you.
You can change them in respective.txt files.
Be sure to use lowercase , as its case-sensitive. ( governor.txt / scheduler.txt / tcp.txt )

Help :


=============* 8 - F.A.Q *=============

# How to install NFS?
Flash with Magisk Manager or recovery

# Works with this or that device, rom kernel?
Universal module, so yes

# Works with AKT, Lspeed, Lkt, or another tweaks?
No, risk of conflict

# Log access problem?
Change to explore app (Total Commander, Root Browser ...)

# Does NFS work?
A log is created in /data/NFS/nfs.log to check its status

# How did the options change?
Read instructions

# I wish to change kernel?
Delete Nfs folder in / data and flash the kernel

# Lag device after a day ??
A device must be rebooted once a day

# How to uninstall NFS?
Delete it with Magisk manager or reflash the same zip

# No internet access after having Dns custom activity?
Change dns, some isp blocks access

# Why zram is disabled?
Nfs deactivates the zram to allow a better fluidity and battery backup

# What to do with lag?
Try to change govenor schreduler

=============* 9 - CREDITS / SUPPORT *=============

- NFS - Injector Official Telegram :
- NFS - Injector Channel Telegram :
- Unity Template Developers - @Zackptg5*and @ahrion*
- Official Logo : @indunrise
Thanks to Them

=============* 10 - CHANGELOG *=============

### X1
- Add CodeName : Zoom
- Add Codeversion : X1
- Update Governor Database ( Add lightningutil & InteractiveS9 Support)
- Drop cdg tcp Support ( Unstable )
- Add sqlite,fps,kernel build info and gpu info
- Update Game List ( Add azure lane game )
- Use UID To Bypass Kernel Blocker
- Update System Property Accessory
- Add Special Property For Android 10
- Add Supersampling Tuner ( Pro )
- Update Ads/Analytics Disabler
- Update Doze
- update EAS Specific Kernel
- Add UX Task Optimizer ( Pro )
- Update VM & Swapinness
- Update LMK
- Update CPU_Boost ( Turn Off Boost only for Battery Saver Mode Now)
- Update Schedtune & Dyn schedtune
- Add Process Scheduler Tuner
- Update Overwatch According To Current VM
- Force Using Magisk BusyBox For Some command
- Update Binary Name
- Whole Code Revision
- Fix Derped Code
- Update Command
- Fixx Null Main Linnker
- Compiled Using Clang 9.x, Enabled LTO and O3 Optimisation
- Reduce Binary Size
- Some Cleanup On Compiler Side
- Update NFS Manager ( V1.3 )

### V13.5
- Update Anti-Blocker
- Improve Binary Security
- Update VM
- Algorithm Upgrade For LMK
- Nuke Boeffla ( Specific Kernel wakelocks )
- Improve EAS Governor Detection
- Fix Governor Detection
- Update CPU Tune Database ( Add schedutilX Governor, Fix Script )
- Update IO
- Remove chown
- NFS Manager For Public
- Update OpenGL Tweak Detection

### V13
- Add CodeName : Guardian
- Adjustments NFS Engine
- Add Detection Klapse Info
- Not Using Magisk Busybox Anymore ( Since Its ****ed Some Command )
- Implementation of Active VM Tuner
- Update Smart Control Logic
- Update Cpu Power EAS
- Update Stune/Dyn Stune Boost Multimode
- Update IO Scheduler
- Update Doze Mode
- Add OverWatch Engine, Experimental ( Pro ) ( Check Device During Its Operation And Settle Device In Function For Prevent Wakelocks And Avoid Excess Memory )
- Add Toggle for Analytics & Ads Google Disabler (ads.txt)
- Remove Swappiness Toggle (swap.txt)
- Remove Launcher/SystemUi Keeper
- Remove Some useless Things after Revision Script
- Update To MMT-E 1.4
- Add chown Functions
- Update Governor Database ( Add interactiveS9 Support )
- Compiler Speed & Security Improvement
- Update LMK & MFK$
- Improve Root Detection
- Misc.

### V12
- Add CodeName : Nemesis
- Add Checking Busybox Path
- Force Using Magisk Busybox
- Adjustments VM / LMK
- Add More Support Stune
- Update IO Request
- Add Launcher / SystemUi Keeper ( Pro )
- Add Internet Shield Ipv4/Ipv6 ( Pro )
- Update Google Play Fix Drain
- Update NetBoost
- LPM Levels Updated
- GPU Optimizer Updated
- Kill Nfs Binary
- Switch To MMT-Extended
- Increased Security
- Add More Things
- Misc.

### V11.1
- Fix Magisk Issue
- Fix More

### V11
- Add CodeName : BrainStorm
- Update to Unity 5.0
- Implementation Of The Basic / Pro Version
- Update Boot Complete Script
- Update Smart_Control
- Add X86 Soc Support
- Update Cpu Scheduler
- Adjustments VM & LMK & MFK$
- Update NetBoost and Add support Buffersize/Ril Multimode
- Add Analytics & Ads Google Disabler
- Add Open GL Renderer Tuner
- Add Doze Custom
- Full Fix Revision
- Fix After Boot
- Update Waiting Time
- Misc.

### V10.0
- Add CodeName : Santa
- HotFix Selinux Things
- Misc.

### V9.5
- Add CodeName : Santa
- Update LMK & MFK$ Calculation Balanced / Battery
- Update System Proprety Accessory
- Add msmnile Prime Detection
- Add More Stuffs in LowMemoryKiller
- Misc.

### V9.0
- Add CodeName : Titan
- Add Support Cdg/Bbr Tcp
- Update HMP/EAS Specific Values
- Update CPU Database
- Update CPU_Boost
- Update Thermal Base
- Update VM & LMK & MFK$ Calculation
- Remove Breaker
- Full Script Revision
- Misc

### V8.8
- Add CodeName : Paragon
- Update LMK
- Update IO Scheduler Blocks
- Misc.

### V8.7
- Add CodeName : Paragon
- Hotfix VM Value
- Add Thermal Switch Support
- Update Minfree/Mfk For Ram Management
- Update IO Scheduler Blocks
- Add Swappiness Value Control
- Rcu & Reference Amount Mem Removed
- Misc.

### V8.6
- Add CodeName : Paragon
- Increase VM For Ultra / Balanced
- Update IO Scheduler Blocks
- Update Hmp / Eas Specific Values
- Increase AdrenoBoost Values
- Add Support For Stune Off
- Fix Partial Log

### V8.5
- Add CodeName : Paragon
- Encrypted Version For Kangers
- Breaker Updated for LS
- Update VM & LMK
- Update Calculation IO Blocks
- Update System Proprety Accessory
- Update Kernel Task
- Zram & Simple Gpu Support Over
- Sync No More Disabled by Default
- Total Check Script

### V8.0
- Add CodeName : Infinite
- Update VM & LMK
- Update Gpu Optimizer for AdrenoBoost
- Update Hmp/Eas Specific Values
- Clean / Fix Script
- Add Support Intelliactive
- Update NetBoost

### V7.8
- Hotfix Zram/Zswap Part

### V7.7
- Hotfix For VnSwap

### V7.6
- Hotfix For PUBG Detection

### V7.5
- Add CodeName : FlashPoint
- Update Breaker , compatibilty LSpeed
- Update All Propety
- Add Support for TCP Receive Buffer Size
- Update VM For All Profiles
- Update Memory Management
- Add Multiples LMK Parameters
- Update Smart_Control
- Update Dalvik Tuner
- Remove Some Props Lines
- Fix All Perms

### V7.0
- Add CodeName : DeathStroke
- Update Minfree/Mfk For Ram Management
- Update LMK Calculation
- Update NetSpeed
- Update CPU Scheduler
- Update All boost update ( Cpuboost , Dsboost .....)
- Update Boeffla Wakelock Blocker Path
- Disable Some More debugs
- Update Smart_Control Variable
- Add GPU Frequency Throttling Disabled
- Update VM for Balanced / Ultra
- Add SQLite Query Optimizer
- Script Cleanups And Rearrange Back
- Update Logging
- Add AARCH Detection
- Fix Boeffla Wakelock Path
- Update To Unity 4.4

### V6.5
- Add CodeName : Archer
- Add Some Name Packages Game
- Update Smart_Control For IO Sched
- Fix Mode Status After Clean Flash
- Update Minfree/Mfk/EMfk For Ram Management
- Update Cpu Power , Cultivation added
- Add Detection Specific HMP/EAS Kernel Part Tuner ( No Trademark )
- Add Gpu Optimizer ( No Trademark )
- Update Dalvik Tuner
- Update I/O Schreduling , All values readjusted
- Log improved , All gamed showing
- Update Logging
- Update To Unity 4.2

### V6.3
- Update low RAM detection level (Under 2048Mb)
- Ajustement Smart_Control on Middle_Range devices

### V6.2
- HotFix For Redraw Issue

### V6.0
- Add CodeName : Steel
- Improved Fluidity
- Update Kernel Tasks
- Add Status Flash ( Clean Flash )
- Improved Kill Debugging
- Improved Swappiness Management
- Update Minfree/Mfk/EMfk For Ram Management
- Smart Control ( Automatic Detection )
- Update Sync Module ( ON/OFF )
- Add Support For Phantom governor
- Add Some Name Packages Game
- Add Support For Disable Touchwiz Swap
- Add Low Power Management Levels
- Update Logging
- Update To Unity 4.1

### V5.5
- Add CodeName : Crisis
- Update Cpu Interactive
- Update Kernel Tasks
- Improved Security ( WARNING )
- Add Net Values
- Add More Dns Custom ( Verisign , CleanBrowsing : Testing ...)
- Add Dalvik Tuner
- Add Magisk Version Detection
- Update Mfk/Emfk Calculation
- Update Sync Module
- Update / Fix To Unity 4.0

### V5.0
- Add CodeName : Hunter
- Update Minfree/Mfk in Ram Management
- Update Gaming Mode
- Add Multi Mode Property
- Script Restructuring ( Reorganizations )
- Update To Unity 3.3
- Update Compression Modules
- Thanks To @Zackptg5 For fix Unity 3.3

### V4.5
- Add CodeName : GodSpeed
- Update IO Scheduler with Tunables Modes
- Update Cpu Power
- Total Revision of the NFS Engine
- Some Stuff removed
- Update VM Kernel All Modes

### V4.0
- Add CodeName : FireStorm
- Update Governors Database ( See Support List Governors )
- Update Cpu Power with Tunables values
- Improve LMK For Battery Saver & Balanced
- Stune Boost Reduction for Ultra & Gaming
- Remove Battery Stats features ( Useless )
- Bypassing Bad Info CPU Cores
- Update Adj Custom in Memory Management
- Adreno Idler Customs for Balance/Battery_Saver
- Remover Tpd Mode & Hid Magic & Clean Up & Net Values

### V3.5
- Add CodeName : Art_Light
- Update Module to Unity V3
- Add Battery Mode , All Modes Renammed
0 : Balance Mode
1 : Ultra Mode
2 : Game Mode
3 : Battery Saver Mode
- Update All Values
- New Method Settings for TCP & SELinux
- Fix Zip Recognition by Magisk
- FIX DNS and Add Google Public DNS
- Add Some Governors & Schedulers
- Update Fix GP
- Update config Boeffla wakelock blocker
- New Formula calculation MKK/EMFK
- Remove Launcher UI Keeper and Fstrim
- Correct Perms & Clean Script

### V3.2
- Update Network Speed , Stable Connections Browsing / Pubg
- Fix Half Log ( Analytics off )

### V3.1
- Fix Google Analytics Off
- Fix Zram Script
- Little Adjustments on Cpu Boost & Random
- Minor Fix

### V3.0
- Add CodeName : ForceFul
- Re Enable SeLinux Permissive
- Complete Update LowMemory Killer
- Update SchedTune
- Add Cpu Power Governor
- Update Network Speed
- Add Control Scheduler
- Update Network Speed
- Added ability to change profiles

0 : Balance Mode
1 : Performance Mode
2 : Game Mode
- Add DnsGuard DNS / DNS CloudFlare
- Add Scale Up Animation
- Fix CPU Power
- Mutate Old GP Fix to Google Analytics Off
- Various Fix and Clean Script

### V2.7
- Update Network Speed
- Add Reset Battery Stats
- Update Random Optimizer
- Add Priority Process
- Add Disable Ksm/uKsm if Useless

### V2.5
- Update Module Prop
- Update Low Memory Killer / VM
- Update Entro / Random
- Update Tcp Congestion
- Add Deactivation TouchBoost
- Add Kill Debugging
- Add Some set Wackelocks
- Add Deactivation Kernel Tasks
- Add Secutity Check
- Rngd Removed

### V2.0
- Update Low Memory Killer
- Adjuste VM a little More
- Adjuste Stune
- Update KSM
- Update Random
- Add FSTrim System / Data / Cache
- Add Clean Up

### V1.5
- Add Disable CRC checks ( Battery + )
- Update Low Memory Killer
- Update VM
- Update IO Queue Size
- ZRam / Zswap Disabled ( Battery + )
- Add SchedTune Boost Tune
- Add Disable Fast Dormancy ( Battery + )
- Various fix ( Incompatible with current kernel for Inappropriate Values )
- Remove Custom Doze , unsuitable value with new system
- Clean Script

### V1.2
- Remove Mount System
- Update Kill Google Apps and Network
- Fix Force Close app and Magisk query
- Update Module to Unity v1.7.2

### V1.0
- Initial Releaseial Release

A lot of things will be added in the next updates

=============* 11 - DONATIONS *=============

You will allow me to have a better motivation for the good of all and get out more of new even more efficient versions.

Thank you to all of you.

Sorry For my English*

'Click On The Thank You Button & Constructive Feedbacks Are Really Appreciated'
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22nd October 2018, 01:55 PM |#2  
ahrion's Avatar
Retired Forum Moderator / Recognized Developer
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What does this do?
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22nd October 2018, 02:02 PM |#3  
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Donate to Me
Master K1ks is back thank you very much and welcome again
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22nd October 2018, 02:41 PM |#4  
RubeusHagrid's Avatar
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And he is back with a superb mod once again, welcomeback to XDA @k1ks we were waiting for your my phone will be faster and better...
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22nd October 2018, 03:21 PM |#5  
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Specifically, what DOES this do?

---------- Post added at 03:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:52 PM ----------

Let me rephrase my last post to say DO NOT install this, unless you like your apps to spontaneously close and stability issues

Because that's exactly what happened when I just tried it

Uninstalling now...

LOS 15.1 on Note 4...
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22nd October 2018, 04:11 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by ahrion

What does this do?

Improve Overall user experience.

Originally Posted by Jole7

Master K1ks is back thank you very much and welcome again

Originally Posted by RubeusHagrid

And he is back with a superb mod once again, welcomeback to XDA @k1ks we were waiting for your my phone will be faster and better...

Thanks a lot .

Originally Posted by 73sydney

Specifically, what DOES this do?

---------- Post added at 03:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:52 PM ----------

Let me rephrase my last post to say DO NOT install this, unless you like your apps to spontaneously close and stability issues

Because that's exactly what happened when I just tried it

Uninstalling now...

LOS 15.1 on Note 4...

It's your experience , never had such behavior before with a lot of devices.
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22nd October 2018, 05:29 PM |#7  
Ayman ae's Avatar
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Can you describe in detail what exactly it does?
22nd October 2018, 05:49 PM |#8  
Flag Kangar, Perlis.
Thanks Meter: 19
Ok got the module running with magisk 17.3 beta... works flawlessly in terms of user interface.

Everything thing feels buttery smooth. I have not experience unusual apps closure of that sort as reported above. Will keep this running to monitor my device's performance. Thanks.

BTW, I'm on Oppo Find 7 32gb running latest crdroid 4.7 Oreo build.
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22nd October 2018, 06:05 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by k1ks

Improve Overall user experience.

Originally Posted by Ayman ae

Can you describe in detail what exactly it does?

That's extremely vague.
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22nd October 2018, 06:06 PM |#10  
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Runs PERFECT on mix2s running latedt miui P. Tested and get exceptional battery life and fluidity
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22nd October 2018, 06:09 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Z953RR

Runs PERFECT on mix2s running latedt miui P. Tested and get exceptional battery life and fluidity

Module released 4 hrs back and u are claiming about excellent battery life how can you judge battery in such short time
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