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By SuperR., Recognized Developer on 28th April 2017, 03:12 PM
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Plugin Installation:
  1. Open the Plugin Manager
  2. Choose Install a Plugin
  3. Choose the plugin you want to install
  4. Choose Run a Plugin
  5. Choose the Plugin you want to run
  6. Enjoy!
NOTE: The usage instructions in each plugin description below assume you have already installed it. When the instructions end, that's when you run the plugin from the plugin manager.

SuperR's Kitchen Plugin Descriptions

SuperR Maintained Plugins:

  • Only for system-as-root devices
  • Adds placeholder files to all empty directories in your project

  • Add all apk files from a directory
  • Choose apk to import
  • Choose directory structure to import
  • Delete files from your ROM based on directory structure
NOTE: To use "Choose directory structure to import" and "Delete files from your ROM based on directory structure", your directory must be set up as the following example:
The above is only an example. You can add anything you want as long as there is a "system" directory inside another directory. When choosing the directory, choose your_directory_name instead of system or it won't work. Think of the directory structure exactly like the kitchen project directory. When you import directory structure, your directory will be copied into your project directory and files will be overwritten if they already exist. When you remove a directory structure, you will choose your_directory_name again and the plugin will remove the same files it finds from your project directory.

  • Unpack Amlogic firmware img

  • Choose an apk from your current rom directory.
  • Decompile the apk.
  • Build apk.
  • Sign apk with 3 options (use signapk.jar, copy original META-INF to new apk, or copy new classes.dex and resources.arsc to original apk).
  • Move apk back to where it came from.
  • Patch smali using .ptch files
  • Delete META-INF from all apk files
  • Delete SEC-INF from all apk files
  • Separate lib directory from all apk files
  • Zipalign apk files

  • Install Aroma in your existing ROM.
  • Create aroma-config using a menu.
  • Choose apk files to add to the option menu.
  1. Extract your ROM normally using ONLY set_metadata or set_perm.

  • Creates an AutoROM config file to automate the extraction process and many other tasks.
  • Currently supports perm type, vendor.img, rom name, custom signature, deodexing, root, su.d, and Busybox

  • Adds lines from a file to build.prop.

  • Combines partition_*.img files into a single img file

  • Create a flashable zip of one or more image files as long as you know the partition name where it should be flashed.
  • Create a flashable patch zip from directories that have matching fs_config and file_contexts3 files
  • Convert updater-script to update-binary script for use in the mods_install plugin
  1. Copy the partition images and/or directories you want in the zip into a new directory in your project.
  2. In the kitchen main menu, choose Plugin Manager > Run a plugin > custom_zip
  3. Choose the new directory from the list.
  4. For img files in by-name devices, type the partition name from your device where it should be flashed (ex. aboot)
  5. For img files in mmcblk devices, choose your block from the list (add it to the device superr_mmc file if needed first).

  • Decrypt ruu.exe and files stored in your current project directory.
  • Extract system.img & boot.img to the current project directory for extraction.

  1. Copy ruu.exe or to current project directory ( must be named exactly

  • Allows rebuilding ext4 img files that have been extracted by the kitchen even if there is not a complete ROM in the project.

  • Downloads and includes Open Gapps in your ROM.
  • Choice of aroma, super, stock, full, mini, micro, nano, or pico
  • Detects Android version and architecture from ROM to download the latest available version for your device.
  • If there is no ROM, it will allow you to choose Android version and architecture.
  • Remove gapps if it already exists.

  • Generates set_metadata lines for every file in project directories that have matching fs_config and file_contexts3 files.

  • Unpack LG kdz files
  • Removes rctd, ccmd, and triton from LG boot.img.

  • Add any flashable zip to your ROM that uses an update-binary script instead of a updater-script
  • Remove mods
  • Shows the kitchen added mods you currently have installed

  • Decrypt firmware.ozip files

  • Unpack payload.bin firmware

  • Unpack Rockchip firmware img files

  • Asks one-by-one if you want to add ro.config.tima=0, ro.config.knox=0, ro.securestorage.knox=false,,, and wlan.wfd.hdcp=disabled to ramdisk default.prop
  • Create tar.md5 from all img, mbn, ext4, and bin files in your ROM directory.
  • Create tar.md5 from all the above except system.img, system.img.ext4, boot.img, and recovery.img
  • Decode OMC/CSC
  • Deodex patch for Android 8.1+
  • Pack *_new.img files to lz4

  • Converts sepolicy denials into allow rules, and optionally patches seplicy with the new rules.
  • Paste a denial
  • Read denials from 00_project_files/logcat.log

  • Removes MTK signature from img files

  • Extract that contains UPDATE.APP
  • Extract img files from UPDATE.APP

  1. Place a or UPDATE.APP in your rom directory.

  • Patches several things in Xiaomi firmware.

  1. Extract your firmware with the kitchen, then run the plugin.

User Contributed Plugins:

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Custom Plugins

The donate version has plugin support. This means you can integrate your own script into the kitchen. Each plugin must have its own directory inside the kitchen plugin directory, and it must be named the same as the plugin script.

/kitchen/tools/plugins/example_python/ (Windows, Linux, Mac)
/kitchen/tools/plugins/example_bash/ (Linux, Mac)
/kitchen/tools/plugins/example_batch/example_batch.bat (Windows)

You can check the example plugins in the kitchen for more details and use them as templates for your own plugin.

There are 3 variables set in the example plugin to take note of:

bd = /path/to/kitchen
rd = /path/to/kitchen/superr_projectname
plugdir = /path/to/kitchen/tools/plugins/pluginname

NOTE: If you would like to contribute a plugin, please PM a link to the plugin for review.
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