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By pranavkpr, Senior Member on 10th July 2019, 11:34 PM
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Announcement from pranavkpr: Evolution X NEW UPDATE IS OUT !

Evolution X 2.0 for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 [X00T]

Pixel UI, Android Q vibes, Customization and more. We are Evolution X!

- Clock Settings
- Clock Font's & Colors
- Battery Icon Customization
- EvoX Icon Toggle (39 Styles)
- Roaming Icon toggle
- VoLTE & 4G Icon Toggle
- Pixel Animation Toggle
- Invert Layout
- Extra Button Customization
- One-Handed Mode
- Navigation Gestures
- Portrait/Landscape Hight/Width Configurations
- Pulse (Navbar Audio Visualization)
Quick Settings
- QS Rows & Columns Customization
- Tile Titles Toggle
- QS Panel Color's (RGB picker)
- QS Panel Opacity Selector
- Quick Pulldown (Right/Left)
- QS Edit Icon Toggle
- Bottom Brightness Slider Toggle
- QS Animations (Flip/Rotate)
- QS Styles (24 Including QDP4 Styles)
- Status bar visibility toggle
- Clock Styles (14 Including Q Clock)
- Clock Font Sizes & Colors
- Date/Alarms/Zen Hider
Ambient Display
- Music Ticker & Visualization Options
- Ambient Display Gestures (Hand Wave, etc.)
- Wallpaper/Light/Dark switching
- Accent's (43 Including 6 Q Accents)
Buttons and Gestures
- AOSP & Fingerprint Gestures
- Power Menu Customization
- Volume Key Cursor Control
- Volume Key Playback Control
- Volume Panel Placement (Right/Left)
- Heads Up Notification & less Annoying Toggle
- Notification Timeout
- Snooze timer
- Stoplist & Blacklist for Heads up
- Smart Notification Sounds
- Kill App Button
- In-Call Vibrations
- Q Style Seek Bar
- Gaming Mode
- Doze Settings & Profiles
- Wakelock Blocker
- Alarm Blocker
- Sensor Block Per Package
- Signature Spoofing Support
- Time In State Monitor
- Default USB Config
- Wake On Plug

Known issues
You Tell Me


Reboot to recovery
Download the proper zip for the device
Wipe data/cache/system when coming from ROMs that are not AOSP based
Flash the latest build
Flash TWRP Installer ZIP
Reboot to system
Reboot to recovery
Flash Magisk
Reboot to system


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XDA:DevDB Information
Evolution-X, ROM for the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: Android 10
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Pie Firmware 059

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2019-12-08

Created 2019-07-10
Last Updated 2019-12-08
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10th July 2019, 11:34 PM |#2  
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Initial Build
- Stock Kernel: Stardust 0.5 EAS
- Max Notification Count: 8
- FM Radio Fixed
Evolution X 2.0 (15/07/19)

Update: 20/07/19
- Add VPN QS tile
- Add VPN status bar icon toggle
- Under the hood fixes and improvements to framework
- Add toggle to choose screenshot type (in misc settings)
- Add LTE QS tile (w/ multi sim support)
- Fix crash when long pressing the Gaming Mode QS tile
- Add banner to Ambient Music Ticker (same as in Pixel's Now Playing banner)
- Add HW keys QS tile
- Add 21 new accent colors from popular brands
- Add 6 accent colors from POSP
- Add 29 accent colors from Bootleggers
- Bring back Gaming mode QS tile
- Bring back wellbeing grayscale QS tile
- Fix end color for Gradient Lockscreen clock styles
- Improvements and fixes to Gaming Mode

-Stock Kernel Upstream
-Gcam Updated

Update 20/07/19

Update: 27/07/2019

Source Side
- Add ability to restrict per-app vpn usage
- Add lock pattern grid sizes
- Add lock pattern visibility settings
- Display correct device type in lock screen suggestion
- Fix bluetooth pan memory leakage
- Overhaul Evolution settings again (add categories/summaries, remove/replace options, re-organize)
- Revert moving the lockscreen lock/FP icon above the clock
- Use correct icon to reset battery stats
- Add ability to move Battery icon/estimates position between QS panel and header
- Move Battery Estimates toggle from Battery settings to Evo Settings
- Hide QS tile overlays in Settings > Apps
- Add OxygenOS and Triangle QS tiles
- Add special captive portal servers for chinese
- Fix Android Auto flickering (from PE)
- Fix lag during screen recording (from PE)
- Import Q Clock translations from Q Beta 3
- Whitelist Font Manager to avoid bootloops
- Always show alarm clock heads up notification while using Less boring heads up option
- Disable launch music player by default
- Use Gaming Mode icons from OOS
- Improve Aggressive Battery
- Longer wifi scan intervals
- Fix status bar icons tinting while in split screen
- Fix SystemUI failing to go to doze
- Rename Evolution X in Settings app to Evolution Xtras

Device Side
- Selinux Enforcing
- Zenparts 2
- System UI Lag Fixed
- Kernel Upstream
- Widevine L1


Update 10/08/2019

Source Side:
- OTA app improvements
— Add link to ROM developer profile
— Add link to donate to device maintainer
- Remove preinstalled Lawnchair
- Revert changes to Double tap gestures (combine both options again)
- Revert Settings changes causing lag
- Use proper Q battery icon in battery usage screen
- Remove permissions check for Pixel Launcher
- Fix constant SystemUI FC for some devices
- Tint Q clock top row with wallpaper primary color
- Merge August security patches
- Backport Android Q DP5 Firmware version fragment
- Show full Kernel version when clicking Kernel version preference
- Expose lockdown button in Lock screen preferences
- Use new add icon button for bluetooth preferences
- Move Face auto unlock option into Screen lock settings
- Move Ambient Display items into Lock screen preferences
- Replace Ambient Display option in Display settings with Lock screen preferences
- Framework improvements/bug fixes
- Add prebuilt Lawnchair
- Fix setting QS bg alpha crashing SystemUI

Device Side:
- Fixed System UI Lags On Stock Kernel
- Updated Stock Kernel To Stardust 0.4.4

Update: 25/08/2019

Source Side:
- Add Explicit SBC Dual Channel (SBC HD) support
- Add keylayout for Xbox One USB controller and Xbox Elite controller
- Add mapping files for latest Xbox BT Controller
- Add mapping files for DualShock3 and DualShock4
- Add new Papers app (replaces EvoXPapers)
- Add Recorder app with internal audio recording support
- Add QS tile for OOS Screen Recorder
- Disable vibrate on plug while device is in silent mode
- Fix alignment for Status bar notification ticker
- Improve floating background for Black theme
- Increase maximum Bluetooth SBC codec bitrate for SBC HD
- LiveDisplay improvements
- Match Data usage size formatting for QS and Settings app
- Port extended screenshot function from OOS
- Remove Gboard/Wellbeing overlays
- Settings: Add hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
- Settings: Import Adaptive Battery translations from crosshatch
- Update gapps
- Update WeatherClient
- Bring back old Gaming Mode QS tile
- Fix HW Keys QS tile long press behavior
- Remove Gaming Mode settings
- Revert Location QS tile to old behavior

Device Side:
- Stock Kernel Upstream & Improvements
- Updated Blobs
- Red Led Also On Medium Charge
- Added 3GB Patch


Update: 30/08/2019

Source Side:
- Add option to hide USB debugging notification
- Add Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
- Allow to switch display mode for devices that support multiple modes
- Don't colorize Battery icon when level is critical
- Fix fingerprint detection for FP wake and unlock
- Fix internal recording audio volume while headset is connected
- Grant Google Wallpapers storage permission
- Grant Markup app storage permission
- Fix network traffic autohide default behavior
- Make FP detection in pocket mode configurable
- Revert changes to floating background for black theme
- Update icons for OTA app
- Update Miscellaneous icon for Evo Xtras

Device Side:
- Fixed Cts Profile without magisk
- Upstreamed Kernel / Updated Gcam
- Fixed Low Incall vol on last build


Update: 17/09/2019

Source Side:
- Merged September Security Patch

- Android 10 stuff
- Backport proper WiFi icons
- BT, Hotspot, WiFi QS icon animations
- Fix status icon animations
- Optimizations to FirmwareVersionSettings
- Signal icons (show X for empty state)

- Improvements to Media player seekbar
- Navbar: Always add shadow on home button on some cases
- Notification ticker: don't tick in do not disturb
- Speed up some animations
- Stop resetting battery stats after reboot with battery level >= 90
- Update default material popup animations
- Battery styles: Add Circle battery style from PA
- QS Tile: Add default data sub switcher in CellularTile
- Sound: Add back increasing ring feature

Device Side:
- Improved App Launch Times And Fixed ui Stuttering
- Upstream


Update: 20/10/2019 (Android 10)

- Initial Build

Update: 27/10/2019

- Add 3 finger swipe gesture to take screenshots
- Add Lockscreen Charging info
- Add Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
- Add Double tap to sleep on status bar
- Add Fingerprint vibration toggle
- Add support for SiM 2 ringtone (hidden when not inserted/single sim devices)
- Add support for In call vibration modes
- Add toggles for brightness slider position
- Add toggle for Auto Brightness button
- Add toggle to hide power menu on lockscreen
- Allow to disable Lockscreen Media Art
- Settings: Add charging vibration settings
- Settings: Add Lockscreen quick unlock toggle
- Settings: Add toggle to scramble pin layout while unlocking
- Settings: Lockscreen rotation config support
- Settings: Open app when clicking on icon in App Info
- Settings: show battery times in summary
Show BT Battery level when available
Please Don't Report Issues If You're Not On Stock Kernel


Update: 17/11/2019

UPDATE: 17/11/2019 (Android 10)

- Non Sar (Legacy)

----Source Side----
- Add light version for evo bootanimation (by Shen Wenlin)
- Add Network traffic support
- Add button brightness/backlight options
- Add support for HW keys customization
- Allow disabling home key when ringing
- Add Volume rocker Wake support
- Add Volume rocker Music control
- Add Volume rocker Cursor control
- Add Option to turn on torch when holding power button
- Add proximity check for power button torch
- Add Wake on plug option
- Add Accidental touch option
- Add Gaming Mode QS tile
- Add HW Keys QS tile
- Add toggle to disable FC dialogs
- Allow configuring Lockscreen media art Blur level
- Bring back lockscreen visualizer
- Add pulse options for visualizer
- Remove other options from Caffeine tile except Infinite
- Screen off skip tracks: Support media apps remote sessions
- Make AOD music ticker compatible with double tap sensor
- Add back SELinux info into firmware window
- Add permission hub google previously removed
- Enable LTE+ icon by default
- Merge November security patch
- Temporarily hide empty Evo X settings categories

----Device Side----
- Updated Blobs To 059
- Added back aod Support
- Fixed Incall Earphones Mic
- Fixed A Rare Rotation Bug

Please Don't Report Issues If You're Not On Stock Kernel

Hit Thanks If You Like My Work:fingers-crossed:

Update: 08/12/2019

UPDATE: 08/12/2019 (Android 10)

- Non Sar (Legacy)


- Fix app hangs on whatsapp/insta/ShareIt/etc
- Fix Gaming mode turning off instantly in some apps
- Fix NullPointerException in Gdrive
- Fix portrait battery icon being too big
- Fix QS side margins
- Fix SODs by removing Proximity check on Wake feature
- Fix SystemUI crash when changing themes
- Add more orientation sanity checks
- Bring back Screen off animations
- Fix LED notifications not blinking
- Keep recent tasks for more time in memory
- Remove Lockscreen Charging Info
- Refactor VoLTE icon implementation
- Type Clock: Bring back translations
- Always show date in QS header
- Bring back BatteryDetail from Battery Saver QS tile
- Fix status bar battery icon padding
- FOD: Enable burn-in protection even when not in AOD
- Remove redundant battery percentage tuner in Statusbar items options
- Remove Privacy Indicator option and toggles (overlaps with qs header network traffic)
- Try to fix battery estimates missing
- Try to fix setting custom symbol near text on charging
- Add Increasing Ring support to Sounds
- Add missing summaries to carrier label & clock font styles settings
- Fix FP Vibrate toggle
- Merge December security patch
- Remove broken Screen off animations
- Remove BT SBC HD support
- Remove LOS recorder
- Set status bar clock & carrier label font to Google Sans by default
- Update Evo version from 3.3 Wicked to 3.4 Storm
* Lot More Which Could not be included here-- Check About Phone

• Fixed many audio issues
• Fixed Airtel Volte
• Updated Many Blobs
• Fixed system UI acting weird after crash
• Fixed device showing connected after plugging out
• Fixed Slow wifi speed & upstream

Please Don't Report Issues If You're Not On Stock Kernel

Hit Thanks If You Like My Work:fingers-crossed:
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11th July 2019, 06:52 AM |#3  
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Link download is broken dude
11th July 2019, 08:36 AM |#4  
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Broken link
11th July 2019, 10:14 AM |#5  
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Screenshota please
11th July 2019, 03:02 PM |#6  
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Broken link.

Why don't u take over the official? The previous dev is ded for this ROM.
11th July 2019, 05:01 PM |#7  
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Download Link Updated & Screenshots Added In Second Post
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11th July 2019, 05:08 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Jaggerjacquez

Broken link.

Why don't u take over the official? The previous dev is ded for this ROM.

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11th July 2019, 06:16 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by pranavkpr


Good😁 I am waiting for official tag..great work bro..
11th July 2019, 07:10 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by pranavkpr


Great. I'll be waiting to use this one.
11th July 2019, 07:37 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Jaggerjacquez

Great. I'll be waiting to use this one.

No need to wait..its just a tag
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