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By ApriliaM3, RC-RT Committee / Senior Moderator on 22nd April 2014, 04:50 AM
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Hello and welcome to the India Specific forums,

Before clicking the "New Thread" or "Post Reply" buttons, please take the time to read some rules / guidelines for posting in this forum:

1) Read and follow the Forum Rules:
Plain and simple. No further explanation needed
2) Post your message in the proper subforum (see above):
All threads for Questions, Requests, and Help & Troubleshooting needs, go in the Q&A Help & Troubleshooting sub-forum, (if one exists for your device), and any misplaced threads will be promptly moved to their correct location. Users that continually post in the wrong forum will be addressed accordingly. If you're unsure of where your post or thread belongs, please read the Forum Rules again.
3) No Off-Topic threads allowed:
While some moderator teams may allow the creation of Off-Topic threads, within these forums it is not permitted. There is an entire General Off-Topic forum devoted to this type of discussion and there are enough threads already available to meet anyone's off-topic needs. All Off-Topic threads will be deleted promptly and without warning. Users who continually create these type of threads will be addressed accordingly. A certain amount of Off-Topic discussion is permitted in other threads within these forums and will generally be allowed at the discretion of the thread creator (OP). If you're concerned with the amount of off-topic discussion and misplaced questions in the Development forums, please consider making a Q&A Thread for your ROM / Kernel / Project / etc.
4) No threads or posts asking for the Best / Most stable ROM / Kernel / Mod / whatever, or created for the purpose of comparing Phones / ROMs / Kernels / Mods / whatever:
These threads / posts will be deleted promptly and without warning. They have a history of causing problems due to trolls, fanboys and various troublemakers, and are therefore no longer allowed. Regardless of this reasoning, there is really no way to judge whether or not a particular piece of work is better than another because it's all relative to begin with. If you want to know what piece of work is better for you, install something and try it out for yourself. If you don't like it, try something else. Our Developers work hard to provide us their contributions, free of charge. Please show them the respect they deserve by trying something out and giving them your Feedback.
5) Don't ask for an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival):
Asking for an ETA is the XDA equivalent of telling a Developer that the free work they provide just isn't enough for you. It usually comes across as rude and / or demanding and most Developers will take offense to it. Even if a particular Developer doesn't mind being asked for an ETA, there are many that do, and there's a good possibility that it will incite arguments in the forum. In the end, it's just best to avoid doing it altogether. If you have no other choice but to ask for an ETA (i.e. the work you're doing absolutely depends on it), then please, do it through a private message and keep it out of the public forums.
6) Keep your signatures at a respectable size:
While members are given a great deal of freedom in creating personalized signatures, it is expected that this freedom is not abused. Abnormally large signatures are obnoxious to most users and they tend to be a major distraction from the topic at hand. If your signature is double the size of an average post or larger, you can expect to be asked to change it. If you're not sure whether the size of your signature is within respectable limits, feel free to contact a member of the Moderation Team that is assigned to this forum and ask for clarification.
7) Be nice:
It's not that hard. If you've got nothing constructive or civil to say, don't even bother posting. If you feel the need to respond negatively to someone, please refer to #8.
8) Report all violations of the aforementioned rules / guidelines and DO NOT respond to them in the open forum:
If you happen to notice a rule violation, use the "Report Post" button in the upper right hand corner of the offending post, or send them a polite reminder through private message so they may resolve the problem on their own (for minor violations of course). Please do not respond publicly to posts that are in violation of the rules. Regardless of the fact that it creates more work for moderators to do when cleaning the forum, responding to them in public only compounds the issue and it puts you at risk of getting into trouble yourself. Moderators have much more effective ways of dealing with these situations, than by arguing back and forth and disrupting the entire thread, so please, let us handle it.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this or any other matter, please feel free to contact a member of the Moderation Team that is assigned to this forum.
You can find a list of the assigned Moderators at the top of each sub-forum page.

With that, here are a few great threads to help you get the most out of your experience here... Please take advantage of them:
And as always...

Thank you, and enjoy your time on XDA
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