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Announcement from Synman: KOT49H has been released!
Synman's Grouper with Tilapia (GwT) ROM - Screenshots
Downloads for Synman's Grouper with Tilapia (GwT) ROM

Filename Date Size Downloads Link
MD5: ca82ef755c09f32907bb818e1adba3de
2013-12-23 10:10 168.09MB 1604
MD5: db53fd8050312a7e57ba634c1afaa505
2013-11-17 15:16 288.49MB 525
MD5: 5ae59f8e0b43428903112ec7cb1ef997
2013-11-06 23:31 13.42MB 82
MD5: 92afed5cbdccf395ed074d4e0c84fa90
2013-11-06 23:00 179.61MB 360

Max filesize for the download area is currently 2GB.

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