Announcement from Has.007: The ROM is now rebased on the latest Russian Firmware G530HXXS2BPI4.Update Is Up See In The Downloads Section!
Neo's Stock - Screenshots
Downloads for Neo's Stock

Filename Date Size Downloads Link
Modem Files For
MD5: 4364589fab7183a6a32cb1f6f1526539
2016-12-20 19:00 29.63MB 992
MD5: 52e8b599a2294bcde945d1ad47c1b1ec
2016-12-20 18:14 482.58MB 3818
MD5: 70a7454c6df7e9c1276c2b51e6955075
2016-08-01 11:33 482.05MB 3962

Max filesize for the download area is currently 2GB.

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