LineageOS for Kindle HDX 3rd Gen - Screenshots
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Downloads for LineageOS for Kindle HDX 3rd Gen

Filename Date Size Downloads Link
MD5: 864ad64c92faf9109affa77eb0c8fc49
2016-12-16 01:33 353.28MB 3733
MD5: 3293e87884cc35f488df9e50b4510a84
2016-12-13 20:14 353.25MB 278
MD5: b348623d08170901619ce7970d600b01
2016-12-12 11:51 8.78MB 542
MD5: 671ff7563f6b762019503c2b673aa8c3
2016-12-11 19:16 351.02MB 416

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