Announcement from USBhost: If you get AC3 problems redownload everyone who downloaded the first release had broken AC3.
MX Player Custom Codec - Screenshots
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Downloads for MX Player Custom Codec

Filename Date Size Downloads Link
MD5: 2a440271a194fced66773d25b5822c2d
2018-03-28 04:17 6.11MB 3758
MD5: 47904f8a436830334e2c4dd88d1cff75
2018-03-28 04:17 5.98MB 1125
MD5: 391c9da236acbd8fa610fd434329690a
2018-03-28 04:17 5.18MB 762
MD5: 2e8c062c911896adfd2f73643c04ef6b
2018-03-28 04:16 5.48MB 29155
MD5: ff59c468d812141a04351a39a9dc59f7
2018-03-28 04:16 22.75MB 6284

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