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[INDEX] Motorola Droid Razr (2012)

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By sd_shadow, Recognized Contributor on 6th February 2015, 11:13 PM
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Motorola Droid Razr

Helpful Information
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6th February 2015, 11:13 PM |#2  
Basic Device Information
There are 4 Variants of the Razr
They have different System Versions and different radios.

XT908: CDMA/GSM Motorola RAZR MAXX XT908 Specs
XT909: CDMA? Motorola RAZR XT909 Specifications
XT910: GSM Motorola RAZR XT910 Specs
XT912: CDMA (Verizon)/GSM (Outside USA only)Motorola DROID RAZR XT912 Specs

Factory Reset and Other Features
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6th February 2015, 11:13 PM |#3  
Official Firmware links and Details
There may be other mirrors listed in my
[INDEX]Motorola Unbricking Tools

XT912 Firmware Links

XT908 Firmware Links

[XT910] Firmware Links (spyder UMTS)

XT912 Firmware Details

Android Version Carrier Build Number
System Version Build Date
Bootloader Version Secure Versions
Size Link MD5 Checksum

2.3.6 Verizon US 6.5.1-167_DHD-14_M2-5
Blur_Version.6.12.173.XT912.Verizon.en.US Wed Dec 28 16:48:13 EST 2011
Display: 0A.6C Secure: 01 Main: 02 View Detail

2.3.6 Verizon US 6.5.1-167_DHD-14_M3-8
Blur_Version.6.12.181.XT912.Verizon.en.US Thu Mar 8 12:33:02 CST 2012
Display: 0A.6C Secure: 01 Main: 02 View Detail
1.13 GiB DOWNLOAD 202566F2536FF19FDFB5C3FCDE72AC7F

2.3.5 Verizon US 6.5.1-73_DHD-11_M1-2
Blur_Version.6.11.748.XT912.Verizon.en.US Wed Nov 30 22:23:34 CST 2011
Display: 0A.66 Secure: 01 Main: 02 View Detail
1.15 GiB DOWNLOAD 0C827F14937B9BFC802684764219FB33

2.3.5 Verizon US 6.5.1-73_DHD-11_TA-3
Blur_Version.6.11.744.XT912.Verizon.en.US Wed Oct 26 18:47:38 CDT 2011
Display: 0A.66 Secure: 01 Main: 02 View Detail
1.14 GiB DOWNLOAD 8A59103BECBECF22CC77371196E395D8

4.0.4 Verizon US 6.7.2-180_DHD-16_M4-31
Blur_Version.6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US Thu Jun 14 14:57:16 CDT 2012
Display: 0A.74 Secure: 01 Main: 03 View Detail
812.7 MiB DOWNLOAD 4DFCAD30D38F1F25CCDB251E723271FA

4.1.2 Verizon US 9.8.2O-72_VZW-16
Blur_Version.98.72.16.XT912.Verizon.en.US Fri Feb 1 20:37:25 CST 2013
Display: 0A.77 Secure: 01 Main: 05 View Detail
615.8 MiB DOWNLOAD F2FDEB9565F99D6FC0A956426F351C78

4.1.2 Verizon US 9.8.2O-72_VZW-16-5
Blur_Version.98.72.165.XT912.Verizon.en.US 11/25/2013 17:24:30
Display: 0A.77 Secure: 01 Main: 05 View Detail
614 MB (644,076,403 bytes) 410F338706C1AD599E839DDE4FD60A23

Motorola RAZR (XT910) Firmware details

Size _______MD5
Carrier ___________Filename

Developer Edition
Hong Kong / Taiwan
Latin America
Puerto Rico
Unknown Carrier

686.6 MiB 8F284C848F615E8D53EABCD9C6BCD957
Claro Latin America 6.5.1-167_SLC-M34_R01_LATAM_USASPYCLALALA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xm
684.9 MiB 4E315B9394D58F7F3E406CFA2F0BBF38
Claro Latin America 6.5.1-167_SLC-M34_R01_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDCLAGEB1B2B5B8B8LA030.0R_U
686.6 MiB 9BEF044E1CC3ED591C708CCA1F1A6588
Unknown Carrier
697.5 MiB 4C2961882AEC518D05D7687C43EAB233
Telcel Mexico 6.5.1-167_SLC-M36_R01_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDTELMXB1B2B5B8B8LA030.0R_U
685.0 MiB F768A0B5C4093C924A0AE597031A171C
Claro Latin America 6.5.1-167_SLC-M36_R02_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDCLAGEB1B2B5B8B8LA030.0R_U
686.6 MiB 224727F971D1506DF95CAD06269A278F .
Unknown Carrier
686.6 MiB 0D046528A3937E4967A53F42098AFBCD
Claro Puerto Rico
681.8 MiB DCCC52F88299614DE8C62E1D3BEEEE05
Retail Latin American
684.9 MiB 59C3DF77300C4ECD23B7DBBCB23C4D90
705.5 MiB 05DC721B90C2DDF4ED40BFAF9D83D04B
Movistar Venezuela 6.5.1-167_SLC-M37_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDMVSGEB1B2B5B8B8LA030.0R_USASP YMOVVZ0LA_P009_c672bbd997_HWp2b_CFC_fastboot.xml.z ip
696.4 MiB 658FE64DBF28F21D7FE4231A0851A5FE
Retail Brazilian 6.5.1-167_SLC-M37_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDRETBRB1B2B5B8B8LA030.0R_USASP YRETBRLA_P021_b8cb72a7e2_HWp2b_CFC_fastboot.xml.zi p
680.1 MiB A72C178E1DE6F43B259E0BE2E2E0C53A
Retail Latin American 6.5.1-167_SLC-M37_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDRETLAB1B2B5B8B8LA030.0R_USASP
660.0 MiB 50B5DE9B80AC55A4EEC2B64337372028
669.5 MiB F4BD8AD7381FFBE303B84429124D7750
Telcel Mexico 6.5.1_73_SLC-24_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDTELMXB1B2B5B8B8LA01A.0R_USASPY TELMX0LA_P004_A006_HWp2b_Service1FF_fastboot.xml.z ip
692.2 MiB B34B24AE3577C39BB2C2F378B506B892
Personal Argentina 6.5.1_73_SLC-25_SIGNLATAM_USASPYPERAR0LA_P004_P004_P001_A003_A0
682.6 MiB 0852ECC122D34D8C4790A5DE71950BBE
Retail Brazilian 6.5.1_73_SLC-25_SIGNLATAM_USASPYRETBRLA_P016_P019_A013_A014_HWp
694.2 MiB 02DF3D011A1FA419772DCC468F7DD6A6
Personal Latin America
694.0 MiB 0D12CE45374A406498FE1240BD2E4DAA
Personal Argentina 6.5.1_73_SLC-8.1M_LATAM_USASPYPERAR0LA_Service1FF_fastboot.xml. zip
525.5 MiB B7C5495826F30C0F02DD140DBC25289A
Vivo Brazil 6.7.2-180_SLC-29_R01_LATAM_SPYDERICSVIVBRLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.
519.6 MiB B390AFFDB34B9DCB2E7905D8CBAAAB6F
Tigo Columbia 6.7.2-180_SLC-29_R03_LATAM_SPYDERICSCOMCOLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.
538.5 MiB DDA773BC5C42E86E2497F36C3D36AA9E
OI Brazil 6.7.2-180_SLC-31_LATAM_SPYDERICSOIBRLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml.z ip
564.7 MiB 31A41DD404A67BA9249F6E573E7DBB50
Retail Brazilian 6.7.2-180_SLC-31_LATAM_SPYDERICSRETBRLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml. zip
530.7 MiB 2EC5C465C3231A6464BCBCA7ED687DBC
Claro Brazil 6.7.2-180_SLC-31_R01LATAM_SPYDERICSCLABRLA_Service1FF_fastboot.x
530.7 MiB 353AC66D43AF1668F95FB42079471DA8
Claro Brazil 6.7.2-180_SLC-31_R01_LATAM_SPYDERICSCLABRLA_Service1FF_fastboot.
521.4 MiB 87E87EE28D0F1AACA493A28291F8FE63
Claro Latin America 6.7.2-180_SLC-34_LATAM_SPYDERICSCLALALA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml. zip
529.6 MiB 328D6F1796C875142CBEF06604F2219C
Retail Brazilian (MAXX)
554.0 MiB 2093ACBEC03D65C37FBCFCFA41956061
Movistar Latin America 6.7.2-180_SLC-34_R01_LATAM_SPYDERICSMOVLALA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.
520.4 MiB 73EE49FB2A0C346F428D9F9B5434554E
Claro Latin America 6.7.2-180_SLC-34_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDCLAGEB1B2B5B8B8LA033.0R_SPYDER
528.7 MiB A9753EBB73BD8BF57F19564B742B8989
Retail Brazilian (MAXX) 6.7.2-180_SLC-34_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDRETBRPLUSB1B2B5B8B8LA033.0R_SP YDERICSMAXRETBRLA_P002_A006_HWp2b_CFC_fastboot.xml .zip
528.3 MiB 9E6886E6B7F534636902E2217A02971E
Claro Brazil 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_LATAM_SPYDERICSCLABRLA_Service1FF_fastboot.xml. zip
551.6 MiB C5690E683D651AC38DD11730CAB72486
Movistar Latin America 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_LATAM_SPYDERICSMOVLALA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml. zip
536.2 MiB B5444A9126E99164E59C0B0E40059F62
OI Brazil 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_LATAM_SPYDERICSOIBRLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml.z ip
578.9 MiB 9270E8AB28CA185EAA8EBF6D48B78476
Personal Argentina 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_LATAM_SPYDERICSPERARLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml. zip
562.4 MiB FE3595B2E99F9F76F112C9899AF8D877
Retail Brazilian 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_LATAM_SPYDERICSRETBRLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml. zip
562.4 MiB 7EC0B86CEC8F542D46133CB4405CBFB1
TIM Brazil 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_LATAM_SPYDERICSTIMBRLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml. zip
523.1 MiB 414D6F69739C2592B829F0FF8D556FA0
Vivo Brazil 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_LATAM_SPYDERICSVIVBRLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml. zip
523.9 MiB 181517C14B99889687F3CE815169628C
Retail Argentinian 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_R01_LATAM_SPYDERICSRETARLA_ServiceCFC_fastboot.
496.1 MiB 9E29F3EB76B56CAF8B2219139B15BC44
Fido Canada 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_R02_SIGNLATAM_SPYDERICSFIDO_P011_A012_HWp2b_CFC
501.0 MiB 6D3B38B8EEC1B80206E73A5285561C57
Rogers Canada 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_R02_SIGNLATAM_SPYDERICSROGERS_P012_A012_HWp2b_C
518.1 MiB F19357F62B99BCDCD845ABA0E8BE1AD1
Claro Latin America 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDCLAGEB1B2B5B8B8LA033.0R_SPYDER
551.0 MiB DA7602E80C554B4409F2A7880BDC1911
551.0 MiB BE2AE7E15D615D838900B4C65A1FB4B4
Telcel Mexico 6.7.2-180_SLC-35_SIGNLATAM_USASPYDTELMXB1B2B5B8B8LA033.0R_SPYDER ICSTELMXLA_P030_A052_HWp2b_ServiceCFC_fastboot.xml .zip
547.6 MiB D30AD2FAAA9E95A7D57214869E6A25D2 O2
Germany 9.8.2O-124_SPUEM-14_S7_USASPDRICS01O2DEE1007.0R_USASPDRJBO2DE_P010_
629.2 MiB EB284E462382A53F7DB59A378974B30E
Unknown Carrier 9.8.2O-124_SPUEM-14_S7_USASPDRICS01O2UKE1007.0R_USASPDRJBO2GB_P013_
525.7 MiB 63B9603E19EE56D22E7E37EF332B3FF9
Retail French 9.8.2O-124_SPUEM-14_S7_USASPDRICS01RTFE1007.0R_USASPDRJBRTFR_P013_A
640.3 MiB A03AE12DEA2E6C3F6A4150E4ACDFF4B7
Retail British 9.8.2O-124_SPUEM-14_S7_USASPDRICS01RUKE1007.0R_USASPDRJBRTGB_P011_b
594.5 MiB 4E2B8C952A6E378BD8748D1BA9CD2EAF
T-Mobile Germany 9.8.2O-124_SPUEM-14_S7_USASPDRICS01TMOGE1007.0R_USASPDRJBTMDE_P011_
615.7 MiB 637ED76F475CE76FC8871A54F43B1001
547.6 MiB F9530151326F3FD2869A0FFA3038EE9E
Vodafone Germany 9.8.2O-124_SPUEM-14_S7_USASPDRICS01VFGE1007.0R_USASPDRJBRTVFDE_P011
478.5 MiB 628D02425959F444EE7DC7C20703BCE7
Movistar Argentina
483.1 MiB D9CCF1026492B1C44906D78227435B69
Retail Brazilian 9.8.2O-124_SPUL-17_Retail_BR_SIGNED_S3_USASPYDRETBRB1B2B5B8B8LA038
489.5 MiB 10F536539154E7AFDEC201C2C9B627D5
TIM Brazil
512.6 MiB BD135A8ABE3F77B0F98B0088569B9DB9
Fido Canada
512.8 MiB 743DF5545307E90ABCAAC0CBE1A35EED
Rogers Canada
679.1 MiB 1854965389DA68C4CD10D9EEBF809E6E
Fido Canada
685.6 MiB 406F78A12CBF8AB10D19F9152AC8EE50
Rogers Canada
851.6 MiB D5E4C5A2C3C1E962527B98D1A7484A76
Asia (Operator)
849.9 MiB C3A2704C852B590F48AC12BC3B8F27D7
Retail Asian
876.3 MiB 72A714256761A607055CA99EF82BE46A
Optus Australia
915.8 MiB BA0F02488FDEE0EF46E389933B9BD921
Israel (Operator)
863.6 MiB 3D3A0498CFE3EAF50547AB035A549437
Retail South Africa / UAE
840.7 MiB AFD5AB3E64E3F018B224AFD7D71EAA90
Retail Central Europe
723.1 MiB E4E458DAA43577F9227FB442C40F2510
Developer Edition
822.5 MiB 04D294AE939327F21C6673F007DD43BD
O2 Germany
837.0 MiB CCF7D6311E537F6E8916776414775193 T-Mobile Germany
846.5 MiB 28C2A2A277B7920ABB696B31ABEF0C71
Vodafone Germany
806.0 MiB 0A1D0198276BC6C5100AAE8148C1BCC7
Retail French SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-167_SPU-15-M2-1-FR_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTFR_HWp2b_Servi
741.0 MiB 4D3F57A28EBC4143C973AC5F32E86345
Yoigo Spain
864.3 MiB FDF88BC8E2AE4BBA30E9B9C5BAF33AC5
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-167_SPU-15-M2-3_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTGB_HWp2b_Servic
863.1 MiB 631092823283F396DD83AC181B983862
TIM Italy SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-167_SPU-15-M2-4_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRTIMIT_HWp2b_Servi
864.3 MiB 307ECC1704263915370958303A352928
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-167_SPU-15-M2_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTGB_HWp2b_Servi
795.4 MiB 51AF981CBAACBDA6B3332C60FAF9C167
T-Mobile Germany SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-11-M1-2-DE_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRTMDE_HWp2b_Servi
799.7 MiB D1215986465E65FB484354F4E7469DCA
Vodafone Germany SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-11-M1-2-DE_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRVFDE_HWp2b_Servi
812.2 MiB 3086F39571E2E85CB28200C694FC1AA9
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-11-M1-2-RT_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTGB_HWp2b_Servi
797.5 MiB 2C5CE40FC25F79C43CDE3ACA5E68D249
SFR France SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-11-M1-2-SFR_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRVFFR_HWp2b_Serv
681.4 MiB BD4480F67A474D55D951CC5E82431DE0
Developer Edition
785.0 MiB 46A7676B131CF981139254CEF445A13D
Retail Central Europe SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-11-M1-2_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTCEE_HWp2b_Servi
812.2 MiB BD9928569428811814F94045E9E7325A
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-11-M1-2_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTGB_HWp2b_Servic
697.0 MiB B760DC3C0F60ADE5654536AF5FB8AB38
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-11-PASS-10_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTGB_HWp2b_Servi
724.7 MiB 8566E6679AA57DFB0F7F10BFBBA65714
SFR France SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-9-TA-4_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRVFFR_HWp2b_Servic
702.2 MiB EF3F6C5C4702B210E505A4496873DFA9
O2 Germany SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-9-TA-6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRO2DE_HWp2b_Servic
708.4 MiB C27A4210AACA140119E798383DD98638
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-9-TA-6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTGB_HWp2b_Servic
708.4 MiB 1FED3E150AD4400737782408DC061858
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-9_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTGB_HWp2b_Servic
743.2 MiB 041F26DCC6173EE5E79FC2B59F69F132
TIM Italy SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-9_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRTIMIT_HWp2b_Servi
690.4 MiB A6964268EE96091956D44581A787FD97
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.2_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSRTGB_HWp2b_
570.8 MiB E0E58A881DAA8E1FD4FF9C4227073143
Vodafone Germany SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.6_04.10.00R_0A.74_RTVFDE_CFC_HWp2b_SIGNED.xml.z ip
570.7 MiB 215C5C8D44E8B6EFAFA89352F945A5A9
O2 Germany SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSO2DE_HWp2b_
603.7 MiB 406C944DDDB0FC1D12A3ABEAD5B5566C
Retail Central Europe SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSRTCEE_HWp2b
557.0 MiB 166966D08CAD7CEA32B0EC9485B21FC0
Retail French SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSRTFR_HWp2b_
693.3 MiB CD89D95986CAF65F0289B83033646D2C
Retail British SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSRTGB_HWp2b_
679.4 MiB BFC7E1B7AE79EA9A89ADB806D65D3F0B
TIM Italy SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSTIMIT_HWp2b
620.4 MiB C20D3DC5076E6AC2D0B3E0039BF6E474
SFR France SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSVFFR_HWp2b_
527.4 MiB 3129D64CF1BED323181204B1D9692BD9
Yoigo Spain SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.6_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSYOIES_HWp2b
594.0 MiB E05D2E942BC5BF63E423A3AC66A762D7
T-Mobile Germany SPDREM_U_01.6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.9_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRICSTMDE_HWp2b_
884.6 MiB 8C5B75D619F4B00C0CAE78C77437086C
Asia (Operator)
835.7 MiB F2F79344DB03ED847BF46538C0B21B10
Retail Hong Kong / Taiwan
896.5 MiB 7797C5837BB8CD538AF7630F43B1C977
Retail South Africa / UAE
556.9 MiB C6537842CFD57264E8C73ABC3F7EBC68
Asia (Operator) SPYDERIRD_U.
544.8 MiB 801137F33DE049F38B8F2FAF771B4599
Retail Hong Kong / Taiwan SPYDERIRD_U.
567.9 MiB 56215607384CEB087227A76FB14B8FAC
Retail South Africa / UAE SPYDERIRD_U.
557.0 MiB B338AD2EF36FA3B7D8879507BA3098A8
Asia (Operator) SPYDERIRD_U.
544.9 MiB AEC3A44CC3EB15A622325BAD071EFEAD
Retail Hong Kong / Taiwan SPYDERIRD_U.
541.4 MiB 9B555E89C6586C62D303DA71F413D1C3
Unknown Carrier SPYDERIRD_U.
568.1 MiB 49B371ADFE1DD78EE2F1F30D724A777C
Optus Australia SPYDERIRD_U.
567.9 MiB 416C06241608A78548C18D57E8172E60
Retail South Africa / UAE SPYDERIRD_U.
802.6 MiB 3C929A8FB4C463BA2AEF0EF313B58E5F
Retail Chinese fastboot-p2b_spyder_umts_spyder-user-2.3.6-6.5.1_GC-136-SPDU-13-54-release-keys-ChinaRetail-CN_Retail.tar.gz

XT912 Updates (installed in stock recovery)
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6th February 2015, 11:19 PM |#4  
Device Tools, Root/Un-root/Un-brick methods
USB Drivers
Rooting Jellybean/Android 4.1
Restoring Original Stock Firmware/XMLs
Motorola Razr Firmwares [XT912][XT908][XT910]

Safestrap Custom Recovery
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6th February 2015, 11:21 PM |#5  
Custom Roms
Lollipop/ Android 5.0 Roms use 3.75 Safestrap
KitKat Roms

GApps-Google Apps
Many Custom roms don't include Google Apps/GApps (playstore...)
Sometimes Dev posts a link to preferred GApps version.
For the XT910/XT912 I suggest installing a Minimal Gapps because of the smaller System size and lower memory compared to newer devices, like pa_gapps-modular-nano...
Be sure to install a GApps Version that matched Android version of Custom Rom.
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6th February 2015, 11:23 PM |#6  
Kernels & Radios
Using GSM
The XT912 was Sim Locked and GSM Locked until ICS Update.
The XT912 can now be used with non USA GSM networks, without a Sim unlock code.
The XT912 can not be use with USA GMS networks or non Verizon CDMA networks.
Custom Kernel
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MODS, GUIDES, and Misc
ICS: Razrs Edge by Dan Rosenberg
Repair Hardware
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File Type: apk Safestrap-umts_spyder_3.73.apk - [Click for QR Code] (5.98 MB, 588 views)
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Here is one simple custom kernel for Lollipop roms,it gives you more schedulers and governors.

Btw,it's nice to have all usefull information and links in one place. :thumbup:

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Installing Safestrap 3.75
17 Aug 2015: Currently the newest version is Safestrap 3.75
Cm12 requires safestrap v3.75 (or newer)
XT910: Safestrap-XXXXX-v3.75.apk"]Safestrap-umts_spyder-v3.75.apk
XT912/XT908: Safestrap-XXXXX-v3.75.apk"]Safestrap-spyder-v3.75.apk

[Video] How to install Safestrap 3.75 and Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on the Motorola Droid Bionic, Droid 4 and Droid Razr
Video Installing/Upgrading Safestrap 3.75 and Installing a Lollypop Rom

ROM slots are created on internal SD card

if you have a XT912 or XT894, There is a Modified Safestrap 3.75 for unused partitions (/preinstall & /webtop) by Mentor.37



Note: Mentor.37 has removed the Safestrap splash screen, so you must select reboot to recovery from rom or Boot to safestrap from Stock Boot Mode Selection Menu

Basic Instructions
Device needs to be rooted (see Safestrap)
Download safestrap.apk
Place on SD card of Device
Use a File Manager to install SafeStrap

Select a package Installer (Shouldn't matter Which one).

select Install

open Safestrap app
Select Install Recovery
Select Allow on SuperSu Popup
Select Reboot to Recovery

Options for booting to Twrp Reecovery
  • In Safestrap App select Reboot to Recovery
  • While rebooting select Recovery on Safestrap Splash screen (not included in Mentor.37's)
  • Booting to safestrap from Stock Boot Mode Selection Menu
    • Power off, Hold Both volume buttons, Power on,
      release buttons at
      Boot Mode Selection Menu>
      Scroll down with volume down button, to
      BP Tools,
      Select with Volume UP button, should boot directly to SafeStrap (if it's still there).

Backing up a Rom
Recommend that you backup current rom before installing a new rom, especially if you are going to install over Stock Rom.
tap Backup (on Home screen)

will continue...

Creating a Rom Slot
In Twrp
Select Boot Options
Select a Rom Slot (1-4)
Select Partition Sizes
Sizes depend on Rom, Gapps, other Apps...
Partition Sizes cannot be changed again without deleting Rom slot.
Start with System: 700MB Data: 2000MB Cache: 10MB (For Lolipop)
Selected Space cannot be larger than Free Space
Select Create Rom Slot
This will take Several minutes
screen will likely go black
Don't worry screen time just timed out, tap touch screen to wake.
After rom slot is created, it should be automatically selected.

Installing a Rom
Make sure the Rom Slot you want is selected (see 2nd line from top of Twrp Screen)
Select Wipe>Advanced Wipe>Check Dalvik Cache, Android Secure, Data, Cache, System
Swipe to Wipe
Home screen
Select Install
Select Storage option Internal or External SD card that rom zip is on.
Browse to file and select
Swipe to Confirm Flash
Should take a min or 2 to install, watch for errors
if you see any errors, rom may not boot correct
it may not say successful or complete
when you see Wipe Cache/Dalvik and Reboot options it's done.
Select Wipe Cache
Swipe to wipe
Select Back
Select Reboot
Rom should should boot within 10 mins, if it doesn't something's wrong.
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7th February 2015, 01:08 AM |#10  
Nice work shadow you been keeping busy. Glad someone is still supporting these older forums and doing a nice job of it also
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7th February 2015, 01:10 AM |#11  

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