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[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.1.1] BlissPop 3.4 by Team Bliss [Jewel]-6/10

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By fizbanrapper, Senior Member on 2nd December 2014, 02:46 AM
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Team Bliss Website

Team Bliss is pleased to present to you BlissPop Rom - (BOSP)
BlissPop is one of the most highly customizable roms that you can install on your mobile device, and you will have a truly blissful experience.
BlissPop is CM12 based, with some features added in, and we will continue to update features as they become available.
A huge thanks to CyanogenMod for the source, and all the work and dedication their team puts in to keep us updated.
We will keep up to date with the latest CM code, and updates will be posted on a regular basis.
However, please do not ask for ETA's. We will update the links as soon as they become available.

We will not tolerate any rudeness or anyone being disrespectful in this thread.
We will do our best to answer your questions or concerns as soon as possible.

--Will be updated soon

BlissPop Source

We recommend using Banks GApps. The latest are available Here

Another great set of GApps is PA GApps available here:
PA GApps
Thanks to @TKruzze for maintaining PA GApps.

If you prefer another set of GApps, just make sure you use 5.0.

See second post for link to ROM builds

Team Bliss is not responsible in any way for anything that happens to your device in the process of flashing.
Please familiarize yourself with flashing and custom rom use before attempting to flash the rom.
Please make sure you download the correct version of BlissPop for your specific device. The links are labeled clearly.

-If you are S-ON, get S-OFF first, or you'll have to flash the kernel separately (Instructions for both of these things can be found elsewhere. I'm assuming you're already S-OFF as you're reading this.
-New partition layout (HBoot 2.10+)
-Make sure you have CAPTAIN THROWBACK's latest TWRP recovery
-Download the latest Bliss Rom & the latest GApps package.
-Boot into recovery.
-Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution (I generally dirty flash, but do so at your own risk!)
-Flash Bliss Rom without flashing GApps.
-Boot into ROM. Once it appears to have fully loaded, don't reboot immediately. Leave the phone on for approximately 3 minutes to let it finish its backgound processes.
-Reboot into recovery.
-Flash GAPPs package.

As you all know, Lollipop is new and there are going to be bugs.
Please bear with us while we work on getting things updated, and all errors fixed.
If you have a major bug to report that has not been reported already, and is not a known issue with CM,
please take the following steps to report it to us. It will save you time, as well as us.

-Download the Catlog app from the Play Store.
There is also a donate version which you can purchase to show appreciation.
-After downloading the Catlog app, go to the app settings, and change the log level to Debug.
-Clear all previous logs and take the exact steps to produce the error you are receiving.
-As soon as you receive the error (probably a force close), go straight into Catlog and stop the log recording.
-Copy and paste the entire log either to Hastebin or Pastebin
-Save the log, and copy and paste the link into the forum with a brief description of the error.
-You can also open trouble tickets on our website for bugs.

If you would like to donate for further development of Bliss Roms,
(or to buy us a beer every now & again), visit this link:
PayPal Donate Link
Any & all donations are greatly appreciated.

The Bliss Team:
Thanks to @skyliner33v for the wallpapers & boot animations.
@pimpmaneaton, @jackeagle, @nprev420, @remicks, @Deliberate, @xboxfanj
@nerdyblonde, @Vortex1969,@pjgraber03, @bracketslash,@death2all110

&& Thanks to a ton of other people who have contributed to the source that we used to build the rom!

XDA:DevDB Information
BlissPop, ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: 5.0.X Build

XDA:DevDB Information
BlissPop, ROM for the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE

fizbanrapper, skyliner33v, pimpmaneaton
ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: 2.10+ HBOOT
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 1.0
Beta Release Date: 2014-12-01

Created 2014-12-02
Last Updated 2015-06-10
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2nd December 2014, 02:47 AM |#2  
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Boot ROM by itself first, then flash gapps after rebooting.

FYI, if you dirty-flash, you're probably going to have to flash gapps again to get google play services back.

Links won't change any more. I'll update the thread title to reflect the newest build's date. I'm just throwing all of the BlissPop jewel builds into their own folder, so just look at the dates, download & enjoy!

>>>Newest builds here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
^^^UP THERE!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Older builds
12/4 build should fix fc dialer issue
12/03 build
First build - 12/01
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2nd December 2014, 02:47 AM |#3  
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APN Issues?

If you're having issues connecting to mobile data or sending MMS messages, there's a good chance its an APN issue. If your issue is sending MMS, you need to change the MMSC. If your issue is mobile data, you're going to need to change the APN. Both of these are accessed the same way.

Unfortunately fixing this issue is a moving target. It had gotten pretty easy by the end of kitkat's development, but this is one of the few areas where LP has taken a step back.

I'll try to update this as AOSP & CM make changes to the source code, so the most recent (and easiest) fix is documented here.

As the fix is a moving target, what worked yesterday, could break data or brick your phone tomorrow, so proceed at your own risk. Make a nandroid!

Click the button below to see old fixes. I'm keeping this here for reference in the event that tonight's commits break today's convenient fix.

You used to be able to delete the wrong APNs and just leave the good ones. That doesn't work anymore. UPDATE 12/29/14 - I'm not sure about this method with the latest build. This might work now.

You used to be able to get to the APNs menu and add the correct APNs manually. Same thing here!
UPDATE 12/29/14 - I'm not sure about this method with the latest build. This likely works now.

I fully expect that in a few weeks, one or all of these easier methods will work.
UPDATE 12/29/14 - I was right!

1. Root
2. SQL Editor Lite (or similar app)

1. navigate to data/data/ and using SQL Editor, open the file telephony.db (MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF THIS FILE FIRST!)
2. Select 'carriers'
3. Select the magnifying glass to perform a search.
4. Enter '310120' in the filter value field and select 'OK'.
5. You're now looking at all of the APNs that your phone cycles through as it tries to connect to EV-DO, eHRPD & LTE. You need to look at this list of names, then determine which carrier you're on (for most of you, this will be Sprint, though myself and many others are on Ting.)
6. You're going to have to edit the following fields in the wrong APNs so that they match your carrier's APN settings:
7. Save and exit.
8. It might work fine right away, but you may have to toggle airplane mode or reboot in order to get this to work.

Overwrite apn-conf.xml in the system/etc folder with the desired apns. Then use the APNs menu to pull across the correct APNs by selecting 'restore default'.

Making the file...
You can start by making a copy of the apn-conf.xml file. Delete everything except for test APNs and 310120 APNs (these are the APNs for Sprint and mvno carriers).

You want to have at least 3 APNs. They should all be the same, except for the bearer. You want one with '13' as the bearer, one with '14' as the bearer, and one without a specified bearer (almost positive this is indicated by using '0' in the bearer field.

Delete the apns that do not correspond to your carrier. If you're using Sprint, you really don't want your phone trying to connect with Ting or Virgin's apns.

Sprint's apn is n.ispsn with an mmsc of Ting is n.t8.ispsn with an mmsc of You'll find the others already in the canned apn file.
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2nd December 2014, 02:47 AM |#4  
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There are a variety of different things I do to make my phone more energy efficient and improve its performance. I figure'd I'd share them here in case anyone is interested. I'll update and make changes as new apps come out etc. I delete certain things because I don't need them. If you use them, don't delete them! (common sense)

I always delete the following (some are just junk, but others are deleted because I use 3rd party apps that do the same thing or better):
AOSP keyboard (AOSP keyboard likes to open itself in the background on a regular basis)
Messaging (I use 3rd party)
Email & Exchange (Android's versions are fine, but I prefer AquaMail)
Google+, Google Hangouts, Google Music, Google Games, Google Movies Google Whatever other garbage they're trying to make me use.
Text-to-Speech engine
Sound Recorder
Google Search

Another option is freezing these or other apps. You can do this through Titanium Backup (TiBu) and a variety of other apps.
I'm a huge fan of Titanium Backup, but for freezing apps, I haven't found anything better than App Quarantine (I know nothing about the dev).

App Quarantine will allow you to freeze and defrost apps a lot more quickly than you could if you were relying on TiBu alone since you don't have to go through a ton of menus. It also has a really great widget that allows you to freeze or defrost and launch an app directly from your launcher. There's even an option to do so with one "click".

More to be added later.
2nd December 2014, 02:55 AM |#5  
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* android/
24eb8c9 manifest: Add APQ8064 HAL repositories
ac89e92 Enable new SetupWizard and re-enable CMAccount

* build/
2e8e927 Merge "Don't ship VoiceDialer" into lp5.0
7e6d2c1 Don't ship VoiceDialer

* frameworks/base/
66e4177 Add config_hasRemovableLid
df116a2 Telecomm: Fix typo in toString call
e9c0536 Detect status bar carrier state when theme change.
dcac470 Revert "Dont recreate statusbar when apply theme"
f04d406 SystemUI: don't use hardcoded textSize in LocationTile

* packages/apps/Dialer/
6869270 Remove extra call stats header

* packages/apps/LockClock/
6ced4cf We still need to be at SDK 21.
443d6dd Revert "Materialize, (1/2):"

* packages/apps/Settings/
84f700d Statusbar carrier label: setOnPreferenceChangeListener
41ce928 Settings: Update notification drawer drawable
2bf69bc Move Device Control inside Performance settings. credit:<remicks>
285e77e Settings: Move expanded desktop setting up.

* packages/apps/SetupWizard/
0d39727 SetupWizard: Advance if account exists

* packages/providers/MediaProvider/
178978b Revert "Media-Provider: Material Black"

* packages/themes/DeepDarkness/
b0402bb Update to latest apk

* prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-SM-4.9/
8687969 Squash commits to save repo space

* prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-SM-4.8.5/
bd7881f Squash commits to save repo space

* vendor/bliss/
8de6ec4 And let there be a new setup wizard

* vendor/cm/
694a111 Stupid tabs
5925975 And let there be a new setup wizard


* bootable/recovery/
ed08fea mtdutils: Fix mounting partitions by-name
66c8cfd recovery: Fix a couple bugs in sideload cache logic
744ec25 install: Allow f2fs to reserve bytes for footer encryption

* frameworks/base/
6ebf798 SystemUI: port lock screen toggle tile
af2a278 SystemUI: animate state in Performance profile
b24518d Themes: Update LoadedApk resources.
2536cf9 Themes: Don't add common assets if files cannot be accessed
852bdd4 SystemUI: port compass tile to cm-12.0
621e8b3 SystemUI: add NFC tile
31e1b3a Merge changes Icf5804d5,Ib1fa0c87 into lp5.0
ada9c4f Merge "SystemUI: port performance profile toggle" into lp5.0
565e67f Merge "SystemUI: add Profiles tile" into lp5.0
5ca8db8 Merge "SystemUI : Add QSDetailItems" into lp5.0
1d199ad Merge "WindowManagerService: Fix On-Screen keyboard popups when hw-keyboard is present" into lp5.0
4694574 SystemUI : Add missing assets for AdbTile
c5a9d92 SystemUI : Add adb over network tile
25756ca SystemUI: port performance profile toggle
ec35dd0 SystemUI: add Profiles tile
eb9ec68 SystemUI : Add QSDetailItems
e91fe15 WindowManagerService: Fix On-Screen keyboard popups when hw-keyboard is present
262f7b0 utils: Introduce ScreenType class
79a46ac Avoid deadlock between ActivityManagerService and ProcessStatsService.
61f98ba Prevent wrong system ui visibility callback after the user swipe
0456925 Cleanup
c8acd03 core: Set the power menu volume selector as green
c621b46 lowmemorykiller: Overwrite LMK parameters for low-tier devices
c7af1de Themes: System theme should clear wallpaper
7e67f37 Base: make framework-layout colors themeable

* frameworks/native/
241733d libgui: add support for Samsung external gralloc usecases

* packages/apps/CMAccount/
7b8ff6f CMAccount: Pass along the result
26a608f CMAccount: Return same result codes as GMS account setup

* packages/apps/Calendar/
e1b2003 Calendar: Add some simplified chinese translations

* packages/apps/Mms/
0fe0506 Mms : Add the ability to attach Calendar Events

* packages/apps/OpenCamera/
2e1a577 Update readme
711b204 Initial Commit to get building.
4dbb365 Initial commit

* packages/apps/Settings/
7f7207b Settings: add newly added toggles
0ca1c4c Merge "Settings : Add adb over network tile" into lp5.0
dfaba81 Settings : Add adb over network tile
ca2dacc Clean up code after ScreenType FWB commit
d63469e Cleanup.

* packages/apps/SetupWizard/
b7e0ddb SetupWizard: Fix double advance after adding account
dc8c56b SetupWizard: Separate the CM services and settings page
59730c2 SetupWizard: Improve some of the transitions
4e0c85b SetupWizard: Launch activities before loading fragments
1fcde39 SetupWizard: Add loading fragment if launching into another activity
501a250 SetupWizard: remove logspam
b990a95 SetupWizard: Use GMS AccountManager as intended
61a331f SetupWizard: Better handle next and previous actions
30af327 SetupWizard: Launch GMS account setup by intent

* packages/themes/DeepDarkness/
42fd368 Add DeppDarkness Theme
2acc58f Initial empty repository

* vendor/asus/
034434e Merge pull request #64 from chrmhoffmann/cm-12.0
54ad3a4 tf300t: remove camera wrapper instead force older camera API.

* vendor/bliss/
5f3e630 Goodbye CameraNext and Hello OpenCamera.
7b6d087 Start building DeepDarkness again.
6289e21 Revert "Add DeepDarkness to build."

* vendor/cm/
861997d bootanimation: New boot animation for lollipop
972e00b Added APN for Claro (Costa Rica)
05c0189 vendor:cm: contributors: updates for cm-12.0


* android/
bbdabba manifest: re-add vendor/cyngn

* frameworks/base/
822dee4 Themes: Ensure themed fonts always have fallbacks
8188af3 bootanim: Add continuous splash support
01e58d8 Dont recreate statusbar when apply theme
1c8a81d SystemUI: animate expanded volume panel
7999f67 Merge "Centralize QuickSettings constants" into lp5.0
dd1f882 Merge " @param tag resolver doesn't match params, from cr to resolver. DroidDoc happiness finally." into lp5.0
bb75e43 Centralize QuickSettings constants
5aebdc4 @param tag resolver doesn't match params, from cr to resolver. DroidDoc happiness finally.
f54dd15 Do not allow the navigation bar to move if width == height
7aaca0a Remove unused POLICY_CONTROL_SELECTED. Unbreak public api.
cff378c FWB: LS weather disabler (1/2)
b99dc88 Revert "Revert "SystemUI: Remove redundant and broken setText on temperture view.""
9d3f044 Revert "Revert "Keyguard: Create lockscreen weather, move weatherimpl to utils.""
b1b8642 frameworks/base: Bringup expanded desktop and implement per-user configuration.

* frameworks/native/
8cb77d3 frameworks/native: surfaceflinger: Add Group cache
0155748 sf: Enable tilerender feature only if needed

* packages/apps/Bluetooth/
06ac089 Bluetooth: Improve CAF strings

* packages/apps/CMAccount/
21a7ff0 CMAccount: Rip out setup wizard and get building in L

* packages/apps/Calculator/
980fb9c Calculator: add CN translations

* packages/apps/Calendar/
651f0ce Calendar - Fix the title in Year View on tablets.

* packages/apps/Contacts/
0e24ab6 Contacts: Impove CAF strings
c0e8dc5 Remove leftover blacklist code
520990b Revert "Support adding contacts to blacklist and whitelist"

* packages/apps/Settings/
e4161bb Settings: allow Profiles to be launched externally
433a504 Settings : Update for centralized quick settings
56fa4dc Add dynamic summary for Brighthness slider setting
7bbf171 We are still using Checkbox, have yet to go to switch.
8f6be9d Settings: fix empty Wifi triggers screen
65acc74 Settings: Don't load per-app extdesk into memory if not USER_CONFIGURABLE.
03e3125 Some fixes.
c060692 Merge changes I50678747,Ibf56c60d,I969d8842 into lp5.0
6880000 Merge changes Iff1b9821,Iff4a7188 into lp5.0
81be5f6 Settings: LS weather disabler (2/2)
d73d932 Settings: Also disallow profile names with spaces
66a10b6 Restart systemui
33a22d7 Settings: Bringup expanded desktop and implement per-user configuration.
60f2489 Added russian translation #2
86af705 Added russian translation #2

* packages/apps/SetupWizard/
9e6beba SetupWizard: Launch gms setup in immersive mode
8b4ab4c SetupWizard: Updated sim missing string
8913799 SetupWizard: Add privacy policy popup

* packages/apps/Trebuchet/
5c75290 Update Larger icons setting for better usability
5ede4fe Fix settings pane button alignment.

* packages/services/Telephony/
b9f70c4 Telephony: Cleanup CAF strings

* vendor/bliss/
d75c21e cm: sepolicy: Allow use of dexclassloader by systemserver

* vendor/cm/
c6eb71e cm: sepolicy: Allow use of dexclassloader by systemserver

* vendor/cyngn/
e1b7169 allow-permissions: Add android.permission.RECOVERY to updater apps


* bootable/recovery/
1965c23 Revert "minui: graphics_fbdev: Fix BGRA panels regardless of depth"
5e6490b Allow f2fs to reserve bytes for footer when formatting
60bd079 recovery:updater: Changes to support 32->64 bit upgrades

* build/
d2b9c26 Merge "build: releasetools: ota: Add support for 32-64 bit upgrades" into lp5.0
829d4a0 build: releasetools: ota: Add support for 32-64 bit upgrades

* frameworks/base/
c7bbf09 SystemUI: reset timeout when expanding volume panel
fbff831 [1/3] Frameworks: Proximity speaker (Updated to PS3)
114c438 core: Unbreak public API
a100c96 Hide GlowPadView warnings
293184f SettingsProvider : Add functions for delimited strings

* packages/apps/Browser/
e9eb17c Add DuckDuckGo browser search to English US locale

* packages/apps/CMFileManager/
a083297 CMFileManager: Add some simplified chinese translations
89fed52 File Manager: Add additional supported filetypes.

* packages/apps/Calculator/
d8e8418 Calculator: Remove unused strings
cfdbfbb Add some simplified chinese translations

* packages/apps/Calendar/
629086e Calendar - Bug fixes in DeleteEvents activity
836ee44 Calendar : Respond to calendar events share intent

* packages/apps/InCallUI/
f2455ed Set glowpad opacity to 50%
f7b46bf Contact details on incoming call (1/2)
e420c7d [3/3] InCallUI: Proximity speaker (Updated to PS6)

* packages/apps/Mms/
b07ad37 Mms: cleanup resources
9e979ea Change multi sim selection button height to wrap_content.

* packages/apps/Settings/
d4d26c6 Settings: cleanup resources
ac0e3ac Merge "Cleanup and fix QS tile implementation" into lp5.0
9ebcfb9 Merge "Settings: Enforce non-blank profile names" into lp5.0
5104cdc Cleanup and fix QS tile implementation
5ea1e81 Settings: Enforce non-blank profile names
ba2cc21 Small orphographic fixes in russian translation

* packages/apps/SetupWizard/
716ffa8 SetupWizard: More refactor to match redlines

* packages/apps/ThemeChooser/
c099c04 Clean up string resources

* packages/services/Telephony/
95954fd [2/3] Telephony: Proximity speaker (Updated to PS8)

* vendor/bliss/
cc74ae8 Update SuperSU to v2.45

* vendor/cm/
968998d bootanimation: Remove halfres zips before regenerating them


* build/
78b0699 Merge "Remove only running changelog generator running when flag is present in BoardConfig and have it run when squisher runs." into lp5.0
6469a1d Merge "Find correct file name." into lp5.0
bf0f1fb Remove only running changelog generator running when flag is present in BoardConfig and have it run when squisher runs.
a61fbab Find correct file name.
5391497 Merge "build: kernel: Fix stray "@"" into lp5.0
64da112 Merge "Fix if SELINUX or VARIANT_DEFCONFIG is defined" into lp5.0
43e62f3 Merge "Add support for OSX up to 10.10 and CLI Tools" into lp5.0
5e07388 build: kernel: Fix stray "@"
25a8bee Fix if SELINUX or VARIANT_DEFCONFIG is defined
d511637 Add support for OSX up to 10.10 and CLI Tools

* frameworks/av/
5bb3448 ACodec: Initialize numChannels and sampleRate for flac codec
9be2b5a NuPlayer : send the correct streaming info while opening audio sink
1887577 NuPlayer : Ignore the INVALID_OPERATION error during resume.
13f7792 NuPlayer: Fix for audio mute after call termination
da4b74f Media: Make media support DRM file's playing
ff32b70 NuPlayer: add implementations of suspend/resume APIs
dca645f libstagefright: Add missing check for software encoder
cd5521a nuplayer: Fixes for PCM offload
2c331d2 stagefright: Fix AC3 playback
93ee252 stagefright: More bit depth plumbing
3d0c505 audiopolicy: Fix for device selection during concurrent audio playback
b9e6013 nuplayer: Fix audio glitch heard in non-offload path
ca26741 libstagefright: Allocate cached camera buffers for sw encoders
8360f48 ToneGenerator.h: Add C++11 workaround for static const float member initialization
a69010e libmedia: Add HVGA camcorder quality
9b30503 libstagefright: Fix SDK compilation issues
b1a4415 libstagefright: Avoid fallback to software encoders
645add8 audioflinger: clear effect buffers for duplicating output

* frameworks/base/
a023828 Themes: Restructure resource cache [1/2]
4dd6508 Revert "Keyguard: Create lockscreen weather, move weatherimpl to utils."
808aded Revert "SystemUI: Remove redundant and broken setText on temperture view."
5c05a54 storage: Don't list removed volumes in storage list
63dffd0 frameworks/base : testNoManagedUsersIfLowRamDevice failure
6ed1516 Fix null pointer exception in KeyguardUpdateMonitor.
7da9bff SystemUI: Fix the wrong speech in TalkBack application.
5337fbf OBEX: Include NameHeader in final PUT Server Response
468ec05 frameworks/base: Add HVGA camcorder profile
d63fdaf AppOps: fix "contact" delete ops check failed
66877a9 Keyguard: Avoid null pointer exception
adde49c [Screen recorder] fix vol up + power button combo
d058a40 Powermenu screenshot delay [1/2]
f660ef7 Move qs brightness slider setting to secure.
0e3dfa0 SystemUI: Update SystemUI to point to new QS secure setting.
ff9fbbf Migrate QS_TILES to Settings.Secure
302a3ff Revert "Frameworks: Material Black"
59ae861 Revert "Contacts/Dialer/InCallUI: Dark theme, (1/7):"
3272c6e Revert "Notifications: Material Dark"
2662189 Revert "Theme.Material colorAccent: Use accent_material_light"
817517c Revert "BootMsgDialog: Use Theme.Material.Dialog.Alert.Dark"
3377085 Revert "Test- Fix black text on black background."
921ae87 Delay Explicit GC from the SystemServer.
922795c fix custom carrier label for KeyGuard
ec38a25 Match Weathercontroller to CM as we have been using it for some time and this file was not updated for some time.
2541756 Navbar: Class members that get set multiple times in the ONE function…
49b5e89 Privacy guard: option to disable notification (1/2)
fccda3b QS: Squashed from EuphoriaOS (1/2)
0ccb08b Fix PIE Controls not sticking after reboot
3450ae3 Fast loadInverse() implementation for the common case

* frameworks/native/
17b268d Themes: Restructure resource cache [2/2]
557f8a9 Conditionally revert "Revert "sf: Make sure HWC_BLENDING_NONE is set for opaque layer""

* hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8960/
f6fd3f0 gralloc: Backward compat for devices using older camera heap

* packages/apps/CMFileManager/
ac44c19 Inform the user if copy/move fails with no space remaining.

* packages/apps/Contacts/
24ddc0b Contacts: fix exporting SIM contacts the first time
8a0bb8d Revert "Contacts/Dialer/InCallUI: Dark theme, (2/7):"
eaf4438 Revert "Fix Group Contacts white on white issue."
19c98ed Revert "Trying to fix black on black in Fav menu"

* packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
2eecb3e Revert "Contacts/Dialer/InCallUI: Dark theme, (3/7):"

* packages/apps/Dialer/
b4ade94 Revert "Contacts/Dialer/InCallUI: Dark theme, (4/7):"

* packages/apps/InCallUI/
da897d5 Revert "Contacts/Dialer/InCallUI: Dark theme, (5/7):"

* packages/apps/Nfc/
d95fea4 Revert "nfc jni: allow bypassing of switching power states"

* packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
133253b OmniSwitch: support locale change
fa801c8 OmniSwitch: allow switching button position

* packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
ab84ee4 Revert "Contacts/Dialer/InCallUI: Dark theme, (6/7):"

* packages/apps/Settings/
a304f23 Settings : Update UsageStats reference
39c502a Powermenu screenshot delay [2/2]
3254fc7 Settings: Move qs brightness slider option to secure
b3e9d7b Settings: Update QS_TILES to point at secure settings.
4a5e9e5 Revert "Settings: Material Black"
7bbfb64 Revert "Fix Owner Info White on White."
e64ec2c Properly hide Dialer setting on non-voice capable devices
d12e194 Revert "No more "Miscellaneous" in Battery Stats"
85cac3f Merge changes I954e8ea3,Ie11d87b8,If9378713,I5aead313,I85c1d6e5 into lp5.0
c4daf67 Merge "No more "Miscellaneous" in Battery Stats" into lp5.0
55ce419 Revert "settings: check if ime switcher pref was remove previously"
5016d20 Privacy guard: option to disable notification (2/2)
a3dfc2f QS: Squashed from EuphoriaOS (2/2)
0488fd0 Settings: Show SAR on Regulatory Info (from CM11)
e9e73e9 settings: check if ime switcher pref was remove previously
e6ea497 Fix NPE in HighTouchSensivity
290ead9 privacyguard: Add Superuser summary
9d62896 No more "Miscellaneous" in Battery Stats

* packages/inputmethods/LatinIME/
607456e Fix ALL the keys for QWERTZ keyboards
f8f91bf LatinIME: Enable Greek spell checking
49fa747 LatinIME: Enable spellchecker for additional languages
17551f4 LatinIME: Fix dicttool build
e04763b LatinIME: Add Hungarian to the available languages for spell check
80802e4 LatinIME: HU enable predictive dictionary and remove unused letters

* packages/services/Telephony/
9a4b436 Revert "Contacts/Dialer/InCallUI: Dark theme, (7/7):"
89ffd2a Phone: Sprint MWI Quirk: Phantom message wait indicator workaround (2/2)
31f6595 Telephony: Use toasts instead of alert dialogs for contact operations
854cc50 Revert "Add Managed Roaming feature support."

* vendor/bliss/
9fc63a6 Add DeepDarkness to build.
b01b39c Added Digicel Trinidad to apns-conf.xml
d1e52b6 Have generator put file where we need it.
b315d99 Lets use the changelog generator.

* vendor/htc/
1601381 Merge remote-tracking branch 'mup/cm-12.0' into lp5.0
a59bb20 Merge pull request #94 from desire816-dev/cm-12.0
938fb53 Merge pull request #117 from u-ra/cm-12.0
aa50e83 memul: Ship ADSPRPC daemon
95a84fa m8: add hdvcp daemon
The Following User Says Thank You to fizbanrapper For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift fizbanrapper Ad-Free
2nd December 2014, 04:10 AM |#6  
Senior Member
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Sweet! I probably don't have time tonight to flash this but I will probably give it a try tomorrow night.

Thanks for bringing lollipop to the EVO so quickly!

---------- Post added at 11:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:03 PM ----------

Originally Posted by fizbanrapper

First build - 12/01

Oh, one quick question. The link for gapps shows 4.4.4 version of gapps. Is that correct? Will that work with the 5.0 ROM?
2nd December 2014, 08:54 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by bpaulien

Sweet! I probably don't have time tonight to flash this but I will probably give it a try tomorrow night.

Thanks for bringing lollipop to the EVO so quickly!

---------- Post added at 11:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:03 PM ----------

Oh, one quick question. The link for gapps shows 4.4.4 version of gapps. Is that correct? Will that work with the 5.0 ROM?

Happy to! I updated the OP for correct gapps. Thanks.
2nd December 2014, 06:48 PM |#8  
Junior Member
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Installed easily, no issues so far. WiFi works, mobile data works, GPS works, have not tried Bluetooth yet. It's extremely snappy.

The only kink I encountered was after the first boot during setup, the phone failed to activate the cellular network. I had no mobile data until rebooting, after which my phone connected to Sprint's LTE network and I could make phone calls and send/receive SMS. Other than that, the ROM is flawless so far. Thanks!
2nd December 2014, 10:36 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by jatooboo

Installed easily, no issues so far. WiFi works, mobile data works, GPS works, have not tried Bluetooth yet. It's extremely snappy.

The only kink I encountered was after the first boot during setup, the phone failed to activate the cellular network. I had no mobile data until rebooting, after which my phone connected to Sprint's LTE network and I could make phone calls and send/receive SMS. Other than that, the ROM is flawless so far. Thanks!

Tried out Bluetooth this afternoon. It turns on and pairs with devices just fine, but media will not play. I can turn Bluetooth off and hear songs/podcasts through the phone speakers, but if I turn the Bluetooth back on the media stops. I tested this with two different BT devices and with two different apps (Google Play Music and BeyondPod). I tried streaming media as well as downloaded.
3rd December 2014, 08:42 AM |#10  
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So my issue here is that I returned to stock, rooted, factory reset, flashed the ROM and then the gapps, but when I boot into the ROM, I have no Google apps. I've tried different gapps packages. I'm using ClockworkMod Any help would be appreciated.
3rd December 2014, 09:15 AM |#11  
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Admittedly silly questions first, before the more advanced folks pop up. Are you flashing LP gapps? Have you tried flashing them again after booting into the rom?

I've had this happen to me before. I simply reflashed gapps after I booted into the rom and everything was cool from there.

I don't know if it will make a difference, but you can flash the latest twrp and see if that changes anything.
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