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By steadfasterX, Recognized Developer on 3rd August 2020, 10:48 AM
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brought to you by the

 * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). 
 * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before flashing it! 
 * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. 
 * Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device / software.
 * Same statement for XDA.
These builds are for all G4 models: official unlocked and UsU'd devices


About /e/
/e/ is an a mobile ecosystem (ROM + onlines services) that:
  • is open source
  • is pro-privacy
  • is compatible with most existing Android applications
  • cares about usability
  • is as far as possible freed from shackles by Google and OEMs
  • already exists!
It’s the alternative to the Apple/Google duopoly on the smartphone.

... so again and just to be clear: /e/ is not just a ROM, it is more a complete privacy ecosystem and consists of:
  • an installable mobile operating system for smartphones, which is forked from Android and strongly “ungoogled”
  • a set of sorted and improved default open source applications
  • various online services that are linked to the mobile operating system, such as: a meta search engine for the web, drive (with synchronization), mail, calendar, notes, tasks.

  • Based on LineageOS so a very stable base
  • microG fully pre-installed with Signature Spoofing in restricted mode!
  • All features described on the /e/ page: What is e
  • All features and fixes of my LOS 16 builds.
  • Finally I had the time to setup an own OTA server.. so my builds come with full OTA update support
    ... you know that thing which informs you that a new update is there and where you just click to download + install

Difference from pure /e/ or: why are the builds CUSTOM?
  • The /e/ app store has been removed completely (read the FAQ why I did this drastic change)
  • AuroraStore has been added (pls always use "anonymous" unless you need paid apps to avoid bans)
  • F-Droid has been added (The OpenSource alternative store. First search for any apps here!)
  • Dozens of F-Droid repositories are pre-installed (activate them with just a finger tip! That's needed to ensure you only get what you want)

The above changes are the reasons why my builds are of the type "CUSTOM" and not "UNOFFICIAL".
This is according to the rules /e/ defined.

Known issues:

Keep in mind that this is brand new stuff so it may (still) contain unknown issues!
So back up regularly and frequently!
  1. Check the current issues at the github tracker (feel free to help, provide logs etc!)
  2. If you find a bug not listed, follow the instructions here and provide me with the logs: FAQ #1

  • Your device need to be unlocked either officially (h815 international or h811) or by UsU
  • Your bootloader stack should be on lastest MM version for your model. That is e.g. 20p for the H815 models or 20x for H811.
    So.. NO SUPPORT ON LOWER bootloader stacks then the latest MM version for your model
    ... and NO SUPPORT for the BETA v29A as well!!
    -> for your convenience I have created TWRP flashable files for that !!!! (click)
    Of course ensure you just use files for your model, your ARB and UsU'd or not. If unsure ask.
  • in particular that means this thread is for:
    F500, H810, H811, H812, H815 (official unlocked or UsU'd), H819 , LS991, US991, VS986
  • Latest TWRP - PREVIEW build: click or SHRP build: click
  • Do a full Nandroid backup before doing anything!

  1. This single very first step is for UsU'd devices only (SKIP when you have an official unlocked model):
    If you have ever flashed the UsU baseband package: Clean flash the modem partition from your backup in TWRP.
    If you do not know if you ever flashed it simply re-flash your modem partition again and you can be sure. This can't do any harm.
    If you have no backup:
    - TWRP flashable MM modems (N will not work)
  2. Ensure your bootloader is current! You will have issues if you are not on the latest bootloader stack. Read the above Requirements topic to find a link to TWRP flashable files.
  3. Full clean install as described here (FAQ "#2") is highly recommended. DO NOT REPORT ISSUES when you have skipped that step!
  4. Flash /e/
  5. Optional (if you want root): Flash Magisk
  6. Flashing OpenGapps ????? NO No no! you don't want that on a google-free phone! /e/ contains everything you need to live without Google! So flashing OpenGapps on /e/ is like using a bit more secure LOS but that's not the point of /e/. Either try without or go with LOS (imho).
  7. Boot it (will take a bit on first boot!!! be patient!)
  8. Enjoy the most easy way to have a privacy focused and google-free phone!


Get your builds from my leech server (new installs or re-installs)

If you have /e/ installed already and just want to update to a newer release:
Android settings -> Updater (yes my builds have OTA support!)

  1. Builds are updated as soon as possible. There is no build cycle.
  2. Information pertaining to your device is displayed accordingly.
  3. The current build is the latest for your device.

  • search results from this thread: click

Of course in this thread but also by Telegram. I have created a generic group for all stuff around Android : here
and another one if you want to keep up2date whenever I build something (TWRP, SHRP, LOS, /e/, ...): here

  • LineageOS (the base of /e/)
  • The /e/ foundation and all related devs making this experience possible!
  • The Suicide-Squirrel team (ThePiGuy, kessaras, steadfasterX)
  • aoleary
  • and more..

XDA:DevDB Information
g4_eos-pie_custom, ROM for the LG G4

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: latest MM firmware for your model !
Based On: Lineage OS

Version Information
Status: Beta

Created 2020-08-03
Last Updated 2020-08-21
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3rd August 2020, 10:48 AM |#2  
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q #0: Why is the /e/ App store not included??? It is GREAT!
Mainly due to security and privacy concerns. Wth? I thought /e/ is secure and privacy focused? Yes it is but.. read on:

First of all the App store itself has no security or privacy issues. It is opensource and I see no issues with the app itself!
... the most important point for a smartphone is the availability of apps. I mean having a secure device which respects your privacy is great but it will have no chance to win when you cannot get easily apps on it.
... and the most dangerous part for a smartphone is installing apps because here is where Malware can easily step in! So whatever you do never install APK files from a website directly unless you can be 100% safe it is trustworthy.

It is all about trust again and when you look in the sources of the /e/ Apps store you find it connects to:
/e/ makes that not a secret though as you can read here.
So who is behind that Why is /e/ trusting them? While reading through the /e/ forums I found that this page hosts (as far as we know) apps mirrored from apkpure + fdroid.
.. and it's completely unclear who hosts that site and where is behind it. On the other site /e/ (Gael, the founder as well) states clearly they are not in any relation to that site. "They just using their api".

here some facts:
  • you cannot get the owner by a whois request
  • They have a info page here which just roughly describes where the apps are coming from and how
  • There is no detailed privacy statement or even an info if they keep your data GDPR compliant or not
  • No way for devs to get their apps removed or updated

The /e/ foundation clearly states they have no relationship to that repository of apps but some things are interesting aren't they:

During that mentioned discussion and after pointing Gael to that - the welcome message suddenly changed to what it is today..
The full topic where even Gael is talking (not that friendly) is: here

/e/ is providing apps (the most used way to get infected by malware) by an API which is at least questionable.
I do not say /e/ is doing questionable things and as said before the /e/ ROM is 100% trustworthy (otherwise I would not do any builds for it) but that site is truly another story.
An interesting quote of Gael can make one read between the lines (I marked the interesting ones bold and cursive):

Some users have reported that they are using Aurora, [...] (context: we will never integrate this) because it’s infriging the play store terms of services.
For this, we have to use indirect mechanisms, that don’t infrige the play store TOS, and therefore, we are using a service that is not officially part of the /e/ project, and which is called
On the long run, we other plans with partners, to offer something more transparent, but it’s too soon to talk about this.

Of course /e/ needs to ensure that what they are doing is 100% legal and offering an app repository like is not.
My personal assumption is that /e/ is offering that repo - indirectly so not officially by the itself.
A relation between is for sure nothing they want to have public as this would cause legal questions.

So the last question is:
Q: Why do I consider AuroraStore "better" then using and so removed the /e/ apps store and adding AuroraStore instead?
A: Because I definitively know where the apps are coming from when using Aurora instead of /e/. Not just the app itself is OSS (like the /e/ one) the apps are coming directly from the play store instead of an unknown source.

Q #01: I want to report an issue. What is the proper way to do so?
I'm glad that you are asking: before doing so check the KNOWN ISSUES topic in the OP and ofc the other FAQ's listed here!
If you encountered a kernel panic follow FAQ #6 in this post instead.
If you have issues with "just" the boot process follow FAQ #7 for a very easy way to grab the boot logs.
if you have an audio issue follow FAQ #10 instead.

If your issue is not listed there click here to proceed:

If your issue is not listed there follow the directions here briefly and I may can fix it:

logcat GUIDE

Ensure you have done a full CLEAN install before doing so (refer to FAQ #2 for what that means).

Warning: NO SUPPORT when:
- magisk is installed (known to cause issues sometimes - regardless of the ROM or version)
- Xposed is installed (known to cause issues sometimes - regardless of the ROM or version)
If you have installed any of these UNINSTALL or better do a FULL CLEAN install (see FAQ #2) before doing anything else. Often enough these above causes several issues like battery draining, problems on booting and much more. Even when they may work properly you should re-produce your issue without them first and follow the above to grab the log.

Magisk is a great piece of software and besides that it is Open Source which SuperSu never was.
I just saying I do not "support" issues with LOS when you have Magisk installed. Why? It is (like Xposed) extendable with modules (made by whoever) and those can cause billions of issues.
Other then that magisk was sometimes the reason for battery drain etc. Magisk modifies the boot "process" and sits very deep in the system (which is needed to make it work ofc) but that has the potential to make a system/ROM unstable or result in strange behaviors.

so in order to support a specific issue I have to be sure the ROM is in a "clean" state, no magisk, no xposed.
Pro-Tip: set magisk to core functions only to see if an extension causes your issue or not.

Q #02: I want to install clean, how? What is a clean install? What is the recommended way to flash a new ROM version?
A clean install ensures that there are no leftovers from any previous install. One can say that there are 2 phases of a clean flash:
1) regular
2) full - when you (still) encounter issues

Usually the regular one is fully ok when flashing a new ROM version but if you encounter strange issues nobody else is reporting or if a release post is recommending it you should do a full clean install instead.

A regular clean install can be done like this:
  • WIPE -> Advanced -> select: System + Cache
  • Flash the ROM
  • reflash root addon/magisk if you want root

A full clean install needs 2 steps more then the regular:
  • follow the steps for regular clean
  • go back in WIPE -> touch the "FORMAT data" button and type "yes" to format the internal storage (you will LOOSE ALL YOUR DATA - obviously)
  • REBOOT -> Recovery
  • Flash the ROM
  • reflash root addon/magisk if you want root
It is absolutely recommended to create a backup before and COPYING IT to your PC(!) before doing the above.

Q #03: Are there any plans or a chance of official /e/ builds?
TL;DR answer is: no.

/e/ points to LineageOS requirements which need to be met first. LineageOS has "some" requirements before they accept it to do official builds: device-support-requirements.

For sure we do not met all and the most problematic one will be the kernel reqs as do provide a good battery life and a fast kernel kessaras had made unacceptable (for LOS) changes regarding several parts of that requirement topic. So a new kernel (branch) is needed to remove all the improvements we made which are not accepted. This process alone can take weeks (if you do not want to loose every good thing here). A much easier approach here would be to build a "just working" LOS stock kernel without any improvements and fixes and tell everyone: "Flash LOS, then a TITAN kernel afterwards". So while that might be the easier approach it will nevertheless take time to do that kernel and include the reqs + sec patches to the day.

Besides that a bit work is needed to fulfill some of the others like that.

Other then that and that is one of the most important things here:
Even when the device was accepted going official in the past (14.1... long time ago..) an incredible amount of changes happened to get oreo and now pie running. All these will be put to the test. Which actually means every commit we made will be discussed (worst case, yea, but ..) and changed. That can be from a simple "the commit message is wrong" to "pls re-write the code here". You maybe get an idea that this process is nerve-wracking (for me) and costs a lot of my free time.

Before RIL has been fixed (which had happened in the end of June 2019 first) it would have been impossible, I guess.

Now the base is fine, we could put a big amount of time into going to official to get finally ........ yea, what?
Well.. I would free resources on my build and leech server (I don't care - atm)
I would save bandwidth (I don't care - atm)
I would not need to tamper around anymore with (i.e jenkins) build issues (I don't care - atm)
you would get a (/e/ signed) build with a slow kernel, bad battery life and all the goodies missing... unless I build kernels to bring those things back.
ok but to be honest. I can fully understand that request and I would feel better by myself when I were you. You do not know me so are my builds trustworthy ? Who knows. I could be a bad guy.
Besides that I wrote above "I don't care - atm" so that might change in the future right? Correct.. there is no guarantee how long I can provide new builds or offer them on my leech server. There is nothing at the horizon that this might change soon but who knows? I can say that I am incredible happy with my OnePlus 7Tpro and - believe it or not - I run STOCK OxygenOS here.. Why? It is just enough for me. So no need to do any dev there - which means all my dev time is still going here - to the G4. It is also a personal project to learn stuff around the Android eco system and woa.. who knows maybe Q came one day to the G4 as well..
... and yea official builds would give you some kind of guarantee that builds will happen - while that might change with my unofficial builds some day.

So.. as said in the TLDR above: No I personally do not have any plans in going official for the described reasons.
If someone else wants to go that way and needs help, I am here. But I cannot spend my whole free time on that.

Q #04: Will this ROM support / pass SafetyNet?
When you install Magisk you can hide and so yes you might be able to pass SafetyNet. Which can change every day though because even when that might work atm you should note the following:
Magisk has its own protections to ensure you pass safetynet but this is something which will change one day and there is no known method yet to workaround that.

Q #05: It looks like the CPU cores 5 and 6 are disabled - how can I fix that?
There is no fix required! it is fully ok when those are idle. they get hot plugged whenever needed.
we have 2 clusters of CPU cores resulting in a Hexa-core CPU set: (4x1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 & 2x1.8 GHz Cortex-A57)
the big one (2 CPU cores - higher performance = more battery drain, more heat which potentially causing the: bootloop issue) and the little (4 CPU cores - less battery drain but a bit slower) are handled dynamically based on the load of your device.
the big cluster will run ONLY when it is NEEDED - i.e. high load.
so when you look closer: those are not DISABLED they are IDLE which is a big difference.

Q #06: I get a kernel panic or green/purple/blue screen how to grab logs for this?
When you encounter a kernel panic and you are able to reboot without taking out the battery (taking out the battery will erase RAM and so erase the needed logs):
1) reboot (without taking out the battery!) to either TWRP/SHRP or (if you have root access) to your ROM
2) grab everything need from here: /sys/fs/pstore/ (e.g. adb pull /sys/fs/pstore/)
If you don't have a pc near you can do it directly from the device as well:

Enable the terminal app in developer options or download any
Open the terminal app.

cd /sdcard/Download
tar czf pstore.tgz /sys/fs/pstore

Attach pstore.tgz to your post.

It is crucial important that you do this only after the reboot happened . It's not important "when" though - as long as the device stays powered on.

Developers note:
convert PMSG log (requires a linux system):
tr -cd '\11\12\15\40-\176' < pmsg-ramoops-0 | sed 's/TENS\s/\n/g' > readable-pmsg.txt

Q #07a: I get a kernel panic on boot or having other boot issues but the pstore log are empty! What should I do?
Q #07b: How can I provide a clean boot log?

Since a while there is a very easy way to provide debug logs for the boot process. Before my convenient logging you had to follow FAQ #1 to grab them and it was a bit of PITA for some users.
So here you go for a much easier way:
  1. boot Android
  2. once booted : reboot to TWRP/SHRP
  3. when you have a bootloop instead: take the battery out just before the bootloop occurs, or better press the key combo to get into TWRP all the time to eventually get there directly
  4. once in TWRP ensure that "Cache" is mounted in the "Mount" menu (if not mount it by ticking the box)
  5. open a terminal on your PC and type:
    adb pull /cache/debug/boot_lc_crash.txt
    adb pull /cache/debug/boot_lc_full.txt
    adb pull /cache/debug/boot_lc_kernel.txt
  6. paste one by one to a paste service like , or

Q #8: upgrade your bootloader stack only?! Read here how:
Check the OP of this thread which has TWRP flashable files linked.

Q #9: Is there an /e/ specific FAQ?
  • FAQ: click
  • Forum: click
  • HOWTOs: click (a great resource for all your first questions)

Q #10: issues with audio (e.g. echo's, silence on one or the other site, ..)? Read here how to provide a specific log for that:
Do the following steps:
  • 1) Ensure you have adb set up on your PC, and have adb debugging and adb root enabled in developer options on your phone
  • 2) Then perform the following (all one command)

    On Linux:

    adb root ; adb shell "stop audioserver; logcat -c -b all; start audioserver" && sleep 10 && adb logcat -b all |egrep -vi "(dialer|telecom|ril|gsm|touch|brightn|dct|QC-time-services|SST|sensors|AlarmMan|Lights|perfp)"

    On windows:

    adb root ; adb shell "stop audioserver; logcat -c -b all; start audioserver && sleep 10 && logcat -b all |egrep -vi '(dialer|telecom|ril|gsm|touch|brightn|dct|QC-time-services|SST|sensors|AlarmMan|Lights|perfp)' "

  • 3) Then re-produce your audo issue and cancel the logcat from step 2 before hanging up!

  • 4) Share the logcat output from the console screen using

Q #11: I'm scared about that microG , I don't want to expose my phone so is this /e/ version a security risk?
First of all you need a lot of trust installing ANY custom ROM. A developer can do nasty things right? Besides that yes microG allowing to let apps act like as they are another app, also known as signature spoofing. This CAN be a good and a bad thing. Read on why my builds are different:

In general the microG patch is an all or nothing. A ROM which supports microG (i.e. signature spoofing) have that feature enabled, always.
The difference in my /e/ builds is that I am using the "restricted" option of signature spoofing so as long as you trust me you are as safe as without microG.

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3rd August 2020, 10:48 AM |#3  
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3rd August 2020, 03:25 PM |#4  
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Awesome! Nice initiative! Cannot wait to test it when I get my hands on my old G4!
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7th August 2020, 10:23 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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Thank you so much for this port!
No more tinkering with Magisk to stub Google services.
And such good news for the OTA!
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8th August 2020, 09:11 PM |#6  
Senior Member
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Amazing work. I just came back to my G4 to set it up as an in car GPS and this is an amazing ROM for it.
It is very smooth, the device does not overheat, and location works very well.

Thank you Steadfasterx.
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11th August 2020, 02:50 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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Man, this is AWESOME !

The most sustainable phone (well, second to the Fairphones, of course) with the best Google-alternative ROM… Could I ever dream of something better ? OTA updates, maybe ?

EDIT (after reading fully) :
Wow… OTA updates are there. You rock. You really do !!
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12th August 2020, 08:15 AM |#8  
Junior Member
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Thank you for the love that you give to keep this community alive. I still cannot believe that you brought /e/ to LG G4 OTA is also very exciting news.
I also appreciate that you pre-install F-Droid (it is almost the first thing I need when booting to a new ROM).
I have been running your LOS ROMs for a long time. I have heard about /e/ before, and now, I am excited to give it a shot on my h815 device! Just hoping that it receives updates along with your LOS builds.

Good luck
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13th August 2020, 08:26 AM |#9  
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Does encryption work?
I imagine that it's the same limitations as with LineageOS version, TWRP cannot decrypt, isn't it?
13th August 2020, 08:49 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by zeduck

Does encryption work?
I imagine that it's the same limitations as with LineageOS version, TWRP cannot decrypt, isn't it?

yes it does. the limitations is not in the ROM its in TWRP so yes you cannot decrypt.

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13th August 2020, 09:12 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by steadfasterX

yes it does. the limitations is not in the ROM its in TWRP so yes you cannot decrypt.


Thanks for the quick and very clear response!

Just to be sure: as we have OTA updates on this ROM, it's completly usable to encrypt the phone, even if we cannot decrypt partitions with TWRP, right?
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