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By judas1977, Senior Member on 27th August 2014, 11:57 AM
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OK, let's call it test thread and pay no attention to it)
It's placeholder for now...



You need to have at least official 4.1.2 ROM with temporary CWM recovery (or ANY other 4.1+ custom ROM with recovery) to install this ROM

Although 4.2 i 4.3 branches of Slim ROMs are considered as not officially developed anymore - device and (especially) kernel sources are still under development - beside of this, i could add some features here and there - so let's call those ROMs as "in development stage". That way the ROMs are recommended only to people with at least some basic knowledge about Android troubleshooting. If your knowledge about Android is enough only to use the basic features of the phone then stay with 2.36 or 4.1.2 ROMs (or any other ROM, whatever. Just don't ask how to enable BLN or development menu for a thousand of times).

Main Features of SlimROMs [may vary depending on Android version]
  • The Real Dark Slim (TRDS)
  • SlimPIE
  • Expanded Desktop
  • LCD Density Changer
  • List View & System Animation
  • Navigation Bar & Ring
  • Notification Power Widget
  • Privacy Guard
  • Profiles
  • Quick Settings
  • RAM Bar
  • Theme Engine
  • Widgets Viewpager
  • Performance Settings

For more details go to official SlimROMs site:

Main features of used kernels*
  • Code base updated to Linux 3.0.x+, depending on used sources*.
  • CPU OC (up to 1250MHz, stability depends on your unit quality)
  • GPU OC (up to 730MHz, stability is pretty good, but speed bust is debatable)
  • CPU/GPU undervolting
  • Many governors and i/o schedulers available

* Probably main releases will be based on default TC kernels, however i consider adding separate kernel zip packages with @ChronoMonochrome's kernel (or maybe even one slightly modified by me)

Other characteristics of my ROMs:
  • Compiled with SaberMod toolchain
  • Compiled with optimization level -O3 [mix of "original" SlimSaber optimizations and JustArchi's optimalization commit]
  • compiled with necessary changes resulted from above changes

Source code:

Default Kernel by TeamCanjica
Chrono Kernel 3.1
xxxxxx [old, non-OC kernel - maybe later]

Special Thanks
- Samsung – for a good device with a terrible 4.1.2 firmware;
- SlimRoms - for ROM sources;
- TeamCanjica, @Rox especially. Without your contribution sources of our device would be much, much less usable;
- bagnz0r - for starting a "real work" on device sources, and being an inspiration for other developers;
- dh.harald - for your contribution in early stage of device sources development;
- ecim.tecul - for OMX patches (cleaning in 10.2 stage);
- jereksel, percy-g2, munjeni - help, support and fixes;
- cocafe, zwliew, chronomonochrome - for work on kernel sources;
- Novafusion - for helping on Android 4.4.x (fixes, OMX implementations);
- sparksco - for SaberMod toolchain;
- JustArchi - for his optimalizations;
- and everybody who contributed.

Special thanks to fusionjack - for the inspiration and for SlimSaber Project. Original threads of SlimSaber Reborn (Android 4.3.1 based) and SlimSaber KitKat) for Galaxy SII here:

SlimSaber Reborn

SlimSaber (KitKat)

More info about connections between my work and SlimSaber in specific ROMs sections.


Android 4.3.1:
ROM: BUILD I - 2014-08-25
Kernel (original):soon
Kernel (ChronoMonochrome sources): soon
Gapps: Slim Gapps

Android 4.4.4:
ROM: soon
Kernel (original): soon
Kernel (ChronoMonochrome sources): soon
Gapps: soon

Buttons backlight disabling pack: soon
Alternative keyboard:
- xperia: not so soon
- original one: not so soon
Host file: soon

ROM Info
SlimBean, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Ace II
ROM OS Version: 4.3.1 JellyBean
Sources: SlimRoms (original)
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.101, 3.1.1
ROM Firmware Required: official JellyBean (with CWM recovery) or higher
Recovery: TWRP
Version Information
Status: Stable
Official ROM version number:
Initial Build Date:
Initial Build Release Date:
Current Build Release Date:
Current Build Number:

Inspiration for "creating" this ROM was SlimSaber Reborn by @fusionjack. Some claimed it as most stable/best ROM for Galaxy SII (i9100) phone. Too bad, compiling the ROM for Codina using SlimSaber Reborn sources (manifest) ended with some major issues [System ui silently crashes after receiving statusbar notification]. So, in short words - IT IS NOT SLIMSABER REBORN version for Galaxy Ace II . My ROM uses original SlimROMs sources, but...
1. Modified to work with our phone of course (OMX patches, low in-call workaround implementation, with some apps removed, etc.)
2. Mix of SlimSaber and JustArchi's optimalizations WITH all necessary fixes [build, external/bash]
3. Specific device sources
4. Device specific kernel sources
5. TWRP Recovery taken from KitKat branch
6. Some apps removed (e-mail, exchange, live wallpapers, etc.)
7. Original keyboard switched to Android L Keyboard
8. Things borrowed from SlimSaber Reborn:
  • Some of memory leak fixes in Settings and frameworks/base sources
  • SaberMod toolchain sources taken from SSR manifest
  • Some GPS fixes (may be reverted, because i'm not sure if helps or just the opposite).

So, once again - it's not a SlimSaber Reborn exact implementation (but it's close in some parts). I think it's possible, that next releases (if any) could be even more close to SSR, but it never will be "clean SSR", because of apps removed by me and differences in device/kernel sources (which is not the same with differences between both devices). I think next step will be Omni Performance Control integration...

Anyway - there wouldn't be my SlimBean ROM without SlimSaber Reborn...

ROM Info
SlimSaber Kitkat, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Ace II
ROM OS Version: 4.4.4 Kitkat
Sources: SlimSaber by fusionjack
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.101, 3.1.1
ROM Firmware Required: official JellyBean (with CWM recovery) or higher
Recovery: TWRP
Version Information
Status: Beta
Official ROM version number:
Initial Build Date:
Initial Build Release Date:
Current Build Release Date:
Current Build Number:

Yes, that build is very close to original SlimSaber KitKat for Galaxy SII (apart from device/kernel differences AND those apps deleted by me). So this time all credits goes to @fusionjack [rest of credits you'll find in his thread]. I made that ROM because... well, i lost confidence in some of our leading ROMs and @shine911 didn't release his SlimKat ROM for long time (last one had serious issues with recovery storages and camera i think). But i wanted to test SlimKat ROM so badly... then i found SlimSaber topics... In the same time some of our fellows claimed that current (or in general) Kitkats are worse than leading 4.3.1 ROMs for our device. Well, i don't think that is so easy, but one is sure - KitKat source update from 4.4.2 -> 4.4.4 wasn't best thing that happened to our device's ROMs. So, first i tried to make our version of SS Reborn, but there was major issue (described above), so i tried to make SlimSaber Kitkat...

Short for now (didn't even tested last builds): It's much more SlimSaber than 4.3.1 version. Actually it uses SlimSaber repository (platform_manifest) with only device specific modification (as said before: omx patches, low in-call workarounds) and maybe some more apps removed. Maybe (just like in 4.3.1 build) i'll change original keyboard to Android L version...

But, in general, it's (or should i say: will be) SlimSaber for Codina).

When i tried to build my own versions of SlimSaber ROMs for Codina - i decided to release it in one thread. Then - i had to decide how "deep" should that project be. Should i stop on 4.3.1 Android version, or move further, to build "complete Slim base"... I took a look into our device sources and found out, that 4.2.2 should be the final border. Our 4.1.2 sources are not good developed as 4.2.2 (which are much less developed than 4.3.1, updated lately thanx to courtesy of @Rox), but good enough (I think).

But what for? We have couple of SlimBean 4.2.2. builds, and probably nobody uses it anyway). Ok, but we have slightly modified device source AND major progress in kernel sources (OC, UV, etc.). Because of it - it was good ground for learning of making ROMs).

And i like number 3 more than number 2).

ROM based on Android 4.2.2 (planned at the beginning) cancelled [for now?]
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