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[ROM] [JB 4.3] [JWR66Y] [MAGURO] Cataclysm for Galaxy Nexus [Final release]

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By atl4ntis, Senior Member on 16th November 2012, 12:26 PM
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This rom is not for you if you're looking for:

An heavy themed rom with plenty of theming customizations.
A mix of PA/CM/AOKP/XY.
A placebaro build.

This rom is for you if you're looking for:

A clean/stable/bugfree/lagfree stock experience but with many usefull/unique features under the hood.
An actually developed rom where you can ask for anything and not just to add already known features.
A place where the answers to your questions aren't fix permission, wipe cache/dalvik, let it settle a bit.
Clean and clear changelog, no bull****s, no useless info user wise.


This is a new concept about how to make a rom, this brings the power of google AOSP and the bugfree experience of a stock rom
This is my personal idea of how stock rom should be...

Smart3G: "Gimme moar juice!"

- Automatically manage your 2g/2g3g connection:

- It auto switch to 2g when 3g is not needed and switches back when needed.

- When 3G is "needed" you can also choose to switch to 2G on screen OFF and back on Screen ON.

- Now it automatically switch on Low Battery and when charging aswell.

- Optional Force 3G Only network mode.

- More features and details here.

InCall Blocker: "This is a phone afterall..."

- You can silently block incoming calls for:


- You can choose Pickup/Hangup mode instead of normal Reject.

- Blocked Calls appear in Call Log.

- White list mode.

- Optional StatusBar Icon, Notification and associated QuickToggle.

- AutoHide your phone number to Non Contacts.

- More details here.

Fake Call: "No panic"

- Fake/Spoof Incoming Calls at your will.

- Due to being coded at system level, fake calls are basically identical to real ones.

- You can choose from who, delays, pic, ringtone and much more.

- Uses own QuickToggle to trigger the timer to start the incoming fake call.

- More features and details here.

Quick Toggles ™: "The original ones..."

- You can enable/disable/resize/rearrange any toggles, including system and temp ones;

- Optional 4 columns layout;

- You can remove text labels and enable haptic feedback;

- Pull Quick Toggles with just one finger if no ongoing or no clearable notifications, or from left/right.

- Wifi : onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick wifi settings;

- Bluetooth: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick bluetooth settings;

- Mobile Data: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick data usage;

- 2G3G: onClick 2G/2G3G ; onLongclick Smart3G settings; Optional Force 3G Only network mode;

- Screen Suspend: onClick alwaysON/OFF ; onLongclick display settings;

- GPS: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick location settings;

- NFC: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick nfc settings;

- Hot Reboot: onLongClick Hot reboot; (requires SystemUI as root)

- Sync: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick sync settings;

- Wifi Hotspot: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick Tethering settings;

- Torch: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick Brightness popup;

- Rotation Lock; onClick Locked/Unlocked; onLongclick force Landscape/Portrait;

- Force USB Fast Charge;

- ADB over Wi-Fi: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick developer options; (requires SystemUI as root)

- Ringer Mode: Silent/Normal/Vibrate;

- Screenshot: onClick Collapse + Screenshot; onLongclick Screenshot;

- InCall Blocker: onClick goes through all the blocking modes; onLongclick InCall Blocker settings;

- Hide NavBar: onClick Hide/Unhide the Navigation Bar;

- USB Tethering: onClick ON/OFF ; onLongclick Tethering settings;

- Volume: onClick Volume slider; onLongclick Volume settings;

- Ime: onClick input method selection;

- System Monitor - Cpu speed/temp - Battery temp;

- Network Speed Monitor;

More Features:

- Softkeys Fade Mod

- Custom Lockscreen Wallpaper (normal/dimmed)

- % Textbattery + Icon / Text Only / Circle battery / Hide

- Nfc polling mode (S-On Locked/S-On Unlocked/S-Off). Disable Nfc sounds (vibrate instead)

- Expandable Volume Overlay + unlink notification volume

- Remember Volume levels when plugging Headset and auto-adjust them

- Navigation Bar resizable (portrait/landscape or portrait only)

- Full screen caller - consistent Answer with SMS

- Custom Lockscreen Targets

- Clear all recents and Sleep Button (longpress for PowerMenu)

- Speaker volume boost

- Keyboard customization (size and rows) (QWERTY only)

- Sim Toolkit (Stk) Compatible

- Volume Rocker Wake (VolUp + VolDown if music is playing)

- Volume Rocker Music Control

- Volume Rocker Cursor Control

- Longpress Back to kill foreground app

- Optional vibration on remote call connect/disconnect

- Mms with Unicode support - Inverted version available

- Longpress Home to app drawer (Currently supports Nova, Holo, Holo HD, Aphex)

- Quick PIN Unlock

- Full screen lockscreen

- Pull statusbar on fullscreen apps

- 180° rotation

- Led notification support for missed calls. Led pulse shortened to 3sec.

- Extended Power Menu

- Expanded Desktop Mode with and without StatusBar

- onClick and onLongClick actions to StatusBar Clock/Date - Double line layout

- Disable wake when (un)plugged

- H+ UI Support

- Rom settings backup support

- 3G Only network mode

- Go Home after a phone call

- Forces phone to sleep after a missed call

- Announce caller over earphones/headsets (tts).

- Allow only one lockscreen widget to avoid bars/plus/swipe

- National data roaming only

- Lockscreen rotation

- Optional CRT animation - Landscape animation

- Center statusbar clock - AM/PM Style - Disable StatusBar clock

- Longpress recents go to last task

- One click default app picker

- Privacy mode: hide statusbar ticker

- Auto-show statusbar (if hidden) on incoming notifications.

- Start lockscreen widgets maximized

- Disable lockscreen camera

- Disable proximity sensor in call

- Disable Safe Headset volume warning

- Disable beep on volume adjust

- Disable Ime Switcher

- Disable USB Debugging notifications

- Disable GoogleNow swipe gesture

- Deodex, ADB Root, init.d support

- Custom 4.3 Kernel:
- Stock kernel with some useful features, aimed to be stable.
- No SoD or reboots with this one. Source GIT.

- Color Control (Ezekeel)
- Sound Control (Ezekeel)
- Fsync Control (Ezekeel)
- Row i/o sched (Qualcomm)
- Optional WiFi PM Fast
- Fast Charge (Chad Froebel) Toggle / Widget
- Improved Fast Charge (doesn't disable usb mtp) (Joshua Wise)
- Voltage Control (Michael Huang)
- Slightly overclocked GPU
- Compatible with Trickster MOD and PGM


Nov 15, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66Y_Final_release
Oct 22, 2013: Cataclysm specific features are now RTL-aware.
Oct 22, 2013: Misc: hide statusbar ticker for all apps instead of just sms.
Oct 18, 2013: Keyboard layout customization (size/rows) will work for every language/layout.
Oct 15, 2013: Misc: optional auto-show statusbar (if hidden) on incoming notifications.
Oct 14, 2013: Disable fullscreen lockscreen while incall/ringing.
Oct 09, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66Y_Oct-09-2013
Oct 07, 2013: Added FR translation. (Gawayne)
Oct 07, 2013: Added BG translation. (DiDk070)
Oct 05, 2013: Optional hide statusbar/navbar on lockscreen only .
Oct 05, 2013: Lockscreen wallpaper: landscape wallpaper is now sized correctly.
Oct 01, 2013: Shows StatusBar on full screen lockscreen aswell using configurable one or two fingers gesture.
Oct 01, 2013: QuickToggles: use expanded volume for volume toggle.
Sep 30, 2013: Misc: disable low battery warning.
Sep 30, 2013: Expanded desktop: added option to hide only statusbar.
Sep 29, 2013: Added delete button on screenshot notification.
Sep 29, 2013: Misc: enable upside-down rotation.
Sep 28, 2013: Misc: disable phone wake when (un)plugged.
Sep 28, 2013: Optional shows StatusBar on full screen apps using configurable one or two fingers gesture.
Sep 25, 2013: SystemUI: added 2 lines layout on statusbar date.
Sep 24, 2013: QuickToggles: prevent disable location while gps is active.
Sep 07, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66Y_Sep-07-2013
Sep 07, 2013: Revert Dark Theme, available as flashable zip.
Sep 04, 2013; Added EL translation. (jolas)
Sep 04, 2013: Added ZH-simplified translation. (wasdf)
Sep 04, 2013; Added PL translation. (Timsgo)
Sep 03, 2013: Misc: crt animation is now optional.
Sep 02, 2013: Added crt landscape animation.
Aug 31, 2013: Misc: left menu button is now optional.
Aug 30, 2013: QuickToggles: added "Left", "Right", "Always" pulling modes.
Aug 29, 2013: InCall Blocker: added 4th flagged contacts tab in People app.
Aug 29, 2013: Misc: added lockscreen rotation.
Aug 26, 2013: FakeCall: schedulers and timers will stick upon reboot.
Aug 26, 2013: QuickToggles: network speed in byte/kbyte/mbyte accordingly to fit 4 columns layout.
Aug 26, 2013: Clear All Recents: bigger button clickable area.
Aug 23, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66Y_Aug-23-2013
Aug 23, 2013: Added ZH-traditional translation. (wasdf)
Aug 22, 2013: Updated rom sources to android-4.3_r1.1 JWR66Y.
Aug 21, 2013: SoftkeysFadeMod: temporarily disable on ringing call.
Aug 21, 2013: Added VI translation. (dunghnguyen)
Aug 20, 2013: Added PT translation. (tiaoAlvino)
Aug 20, 2013: Added SK translation. (matesc)
Aug 20, 2013: Added CS translation. (matesc)
Aug 20, 2013: If longpress home to app drawer is enabled Gnow ring won't popup, you can still swipe up tho.
Aug 20, 2013: Added ES translation. (nachordez)
Aug 19, 2013: Added DE translation. (matesc)
Aug 19, 2013: Added FI translation. (TToivanen)
Aug 19, 2013: Added NL translation. (kriss1981)
Aug 18, 2013: FakeCall: added scheduler (time/date).
Aug 17, 2013: QuickToggles: added Volume tile.
Aug 16, 2013: VolumeWake won't wake the screen when music is playing, it will with both volUp volDown pressed.
Aug 16, 2013: Clear All Recents became smarter and won't kill the task from which is invoked.
Aug 15, 2013: QuickToggles: added optional 4 columns portrait layout.
Aug 15, 2013: Added RU translation. (gaich)
Aug 12, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr2-JWR66V_Aug-12-2013
Aug 12, 2013: QuickToggles: enabled Ime tile.
Aug 11, 2013: LatinIME: added cs/da/el/fi/hr/nb/nl/pt-pt/sv dicts.
Aug 10, 2013: QuickToggles: own implementation of 2nd row for long labels.
Aug 08, 2013: Misc: keep last task clearing all recents will "dismiss and go back" at the end.
Aug 08, 2013: QuickToggles: enable force usb fast charge toggle only if kernel supports it and phone isn't charging/plugged.
Aug 08, 2013: Kernel: force usb fast charge won't disable usb mtp anymore.
Aug 06, 2013: FakeCall is back.
Aug 06, 2013: Added some extra steps for Music volume stream.
Aug 06, 2013: Misc: sleep button on status bar is now optional.
Aug 06, 2013: Misc: announce caller when on earphones/headsets.
Jul 29, 2013: Added AM/PM Clock style for StatusBar clock.
Jul 26, 2013 : Cataclysm - Android 4.3 beta release
Jul 26, 2013: Updated kernel sources to jb-mr2.
Jul 26, 2013: Updated rom sources to android-4.3_r1 JWR66V.
Jul 26, 2013: Removed FakeCall (for now?)
Jul 26, 2013: Removed PowerKey longpress on screen off (for now?)
Jul 25, 2013: T9 Dialer: enabled by default.
Jul 22, 2013: QuickToggles: added brightness percent on brightness tile.
Jul 22, 2013: Smart3G: enabling mobile data should switch before connecting.
Jul 22, 2013: Misc: longpress home to app drawer. Currently supports Nova, Holo, Holo HD, Aphex launchers. (may require system_server as root)
Jul 22, 2013: Misc: keep last task when clearing all recents.
Jul 19, 2013: Default Notification Led pulse shortened to 3s (down from 7s).
Jul 19, 2013: Removed CM T9 dialer. (Available as stock in 4.3)
Jul 16, 2013: Removed powerKey camera shutter and volKeys zoom. (First available as stock in 4.3)
Jul 16, 2013: Misc: move phone app to back only on regular disconnect, i.e. not on busy calls.
May 31, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr1.2-JDQ39E_May-31-2013
May 29, 2013: Misc: longpressing recents go to last task.
May 27, 2013: Added 1click "open with" app resolver, default "use once", 2 click "use always".
May 27, 2013: SoftKeysFadeMod: refresh on NavBar resize.
May 26, 2013: QuickToggles: Usb FastCharge can be enabled only when usb is disconnected.
May 26, 2013: QuickToggles: Wifi-Hotspot restores previous wifi state when disabled.
May 26, 2013: QuickToggles: Wifi-adb/Usb-Tethering icons and strings are now consistent with others when wifi/usb are disconnected.
May 24, 2013: Kernel: added Row i/o sched.
May 23, 2013: Misc: Volume camera zoom, Powerkey shutter, Force sleep after missed call are now optional.
May 23, 2013: Misc: center StatusBar clock.
May 21, 2013: Misc: go home after phone call now move phone app to back.
May 20, 2013: Misc: vibrate on call pickup/hangup is now only on remote pickup/hangup.
May 19, 2013: QuickToggles: double finger swipe down gesture will bring opposite of one finger gesture (qt or notifications).
May 19, 2013: Misc: start lockscreen widgets maximized.
May 11, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr1.2-JDQ39E_May-11-2013
May 11, 2013: Forces phone to sleep after a missed call only if screen was previously off.
May 10, 2013: Added keyboard qwerty layout customization (size and rows).
May 10, 2013: Misc: allow only one lockscreen widget (no bars).
May 08, 2013: Misc: disable lockscreen camera widget.
May 07, 2013: InCallBlocker: properly group rejected calls of same contact with other call log entries.
May 07, 2013: FakeCall: added proper call log entries for incoming, missed and rejected fake calls.
May 07, 2013: FakeCall: added real notification with hangup while in fake call.
May 07, 2013: FakeCall: added real missed notification for missed fake call.
May 06, 2013: Misc: hide incoming sms/mms text subject/body on statusbar notification.
May 05, 2013: Added "PowerKey while screen off" chooser: Default/Torch/FakeCall/SilentRecorder.
May 02, 2013: Forces phone to sleep after a missed call (regardless of screen timeout).
May 02, 2013: Added led notification support for missed calls.
Apr 30, 2013: Added option to backup/restore all Cataclysm settings (experimental).
Apr 27, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr1.2-JDQ39E_Apr-27-2013
Apr 27, 2013: Quick Toggles: Added USB Tethering tile.
Apr 24, 2013: Added Quick Torch.
Apr 24, 2013: FakeCall: added ability to crop custom pics, select no ringtone, improved code.
Apr 23, 2013: Added custom dimmed wallpaper option to lockscreen wp.
Apr 23, 2013: Misc: disable Nfc sounds, vibrate instead.
Apr 22, 2013: Added Custom Lockscreen Wallpaper.
Apr 21, 2013: SoftKeysFadeMod: refresh on Expanded desktop.
Apr 21, 2013: Quick Toggles: added Hide NavBar tile.
Apr 19, 2013: Misc: disable proximity sensor during calls.
Apr 18, 2013: Misc: Volume key Cursor control.
Apr 18, 2013: Misc: Quick Pin Unlock.
Apr 17, 2013: Misc: 5th number row on Google keyboard (Portrait/QWERTY only).
Apr 17, 2013: Misc: remove StatusBar Clock (excluding the one in the pulldown).
Apr 16, 2013: QuickToggles: added brightness percent to brightness dialog.
Apr 16, 2013: QuickToggles: direct pulldown modes: Never/No Notifications/No clearable notifications.
Apr 15, 2013: Fake Call: pick custom ringtone.
Apr 15, 2013: InCall Blocker: UI redesigned, flag contacts from within the settings.
Apr 14, 2013: Fake Call: loading a contact will load the custom ringtone if any.
Apr 13, 2013: InCall Blocker: added White list mode and Block all contacts.
Apr 12, 2013: Fake Call: load contact data, custom pic, reset/test.
Apr 11, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr1.1-JDQ39_Apr-11-2013
Apr 10, 2013: Fake Call: Added tile and customizations.
Apr 10, 2013: Added Fake Call.
Apr 06, 2013: InCall Blocker: Added Pickup/Hangup behavior.
Apr 06, 2013: InCall Blocker: Added optional Icon and Notification.
Apr 06, 2013: InCall Blocker: Added blocked calls to call logs.
Apr 05, 2013: Misc: remember volume levels when headset is plugged or not.
Apr 05, 2013: Misc: disable Nfc sounds.
Apr 05, 2013: Added Ezekeel Sound Control and Wi-Fi PM Fast switch.
Mar 22, 2013: Shorten vibration on call connect/disconnect.
Mar 21, 2013: Added CM Circle battery + Hide battery.
Mar 21, 2013: Added display percentage in brightness popup.
Mar 21, 2013: Added option to resize just portrait NavBar.
Mar 20, 2013: NavigationBar: resizing now affects landscape mode aswell.
Mar 18, 2013: SoftKeysFadeMod: improved code, refresh on rotate, fix for landscape.
Mar 17, 2013: Text Only Battery: 100/16 holo blue, 15/5 Orange, 4/0 red.
Mar 14, 2013: QuickToggles: some string rewrite.
Mar 14, 2013: Smart3G: Using ScreenOFF switch will force to use ScreenON aswell.
Mar 13, 2013: Smart3G: Added Low Battery and Charging switch.
Mar 13, 2013: Misc: keep StatusBar on Expanded Desktop mode.
Mar 12, 2013: Added Text Only Battery.
Mar 10, 2013: Misc: better implementation of Volume Skip music tracks.
Mar 06, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr1.1-JDQ39_Mar-06-2013
Mar 05, 2013: Misc: disable Safe Headset volume warning.
Mar 05, 2013: Misc: Go Home after a phone call.
Mar 05, 2013: Custom Kernel updated to jb-mr1.1 sources.
Mar 04, 2013: Misc: Volume Rocker Music Control.
Mar 04, 2013: Misc: Volume Rocker Wake.
Mar 04, 2013: Misc: Longpress Back to kill foreground app.
Mar 04, 2013: Added "Enabling..." label when activating Bluetooth with tile.
Mar 04, 2013: Added label notifications on Toggle2G3G tile when switching network mode.
Mar 04, 2013: Added Force3G Only network mode checkbox.
Mar 04, 2013: Using Smart3G will reflect as label on Toggle2G3G tile.
Mar 04, 2013: Using Toggle2G3G tile will disable Smart3G if in use.
Mar 04, 2013: Added Block Flagged Contacts as checkbox aswell.
Mar 04, 2013: Added Block Flagged Contacts to InCall Blocker tile rotation.
Mar 03, 2013: Updated ROM code to AOSP 4.2.2_r1 JDQ39.
Jan 20, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr1-JOP40D_Jan-21-2013
Jan 20, 2013: Misc: disable beep on volume adjust.
Jan 19, 2013: InCallBlocker: hide Phone number to Non Contact.
Jan 18, 2013: Added Network Speed monitor tile.
Jan 18, 2013: Added Smart3G.
Jan 17, 2013: Reset to default unlock anywhere behavior when not using customizable lockscreen shortcuts.
Jan 16, 2013: Bigger send sms textbox to fit at least one sms before scrolling (6 lines).
Jan 15, 2013: Misc: National data roaming.
Jan 15, 2013: Longpressing Torch tile will brings up the Brightness dialog.
Jan 15, 2013: Added VolUP/VolDown zoom feature to GoogleCamera modules.
Jan 14, 2013: Added Nfc polling mode selector (Scr-On Locked/Scr-On Unlocked/Scr-OFF).
Jan 14, 2013: Misc: Link/Unlink notification volume.
Jan 10, 2013: Added visual mark on blocked contacts.
Jan 10, 2013: Added CM full T9 support for foreign languages.
Jan 08, 2013: Added option to disable temporary tiles.
Jan 07, 2013: Cataclysm-jb-mr1-JOP40D_Jan-07-2013
Jan 06, 2013: Added InCall Blocker toggle.
Jan 06, 2013: Added InCall Blocker feature.
Jan 05, 2013: Added "About Cataclysm" section.
Jan 05, 2013: Added option to resize Navigation Bar.
Jan 05, 2013: Added onClick and onLongClick actions to StatusBar Clock/Date.
Jan 05, 2013: Added "Enabling..." label on toggle when turning on Wi-Fi.
Jan 04, 2013: Added "Disable" checkbox in softkey fade mod popup.
Jan 04, 2013: Added size percentage text in toggles resizing popup.
Jan 04, 2013: Added optional haptic feedback for toggle clicks.
Jan 04, 2013: Added option to disable toggle text labels.
Jan 04, 2013: Longpressing RotationLock will switch/force rotation (Portrait/Landscape) regardless of sensor state.
Jan 04, 2013: Added new mount flags to fix eMMC sw/fw bug.
Dec 18, 2012: Misc: enable vibration on Call connect/disconnect.
Dec 17, 2012: Misc: disable GoogleNow swipeUP gesture.
Dec 15, 2012: Cataclysm Xmas Release 2012
Dec 15, 2012: From now on rom will be deodex.
Dec 15, 2012: Added Ringer Mode toggle.
Dec 15, 2012: Added Expanded Desktop feature.
Dec 14, 2012: Added option to disable Battery percent.
Dec 14, 2012: Added option to set Softkeys fading delay.
Dec 13, 2012: Misc: disable USB debugging notification.
Dec 13, 2012: Misc: disable IME Switcher.
Dec 13, 2012: Clear all recents button revisited.
Dec 13, 2012: Added Screenshot toggle.
Dec 12, 2012: Added Overlay Icon for Data On/Off in Mobile Signal toggle.
Dec 10, 2012: From now on Update Pack will wipe cache and dalvik-cache itself.
Dec 10, 2012: Added CM Custom Lockscreen targets.
Dec 10, 2012: Added Clear all Recents Button.
Dec 07, 2012: Added option to reorder toggles via d'n'drop.
Dec 04, 2012: Now QT panel can be pulled down with one finger if no ongoing notification.
Dec 04, 2012: Added option to resize toggles.
Dec 04, 2012: Added ADB over Wi-Fi toggle.
Dec 01, 2012: Added Cpu Speed/Temp - Battery Temp monitor tile.
Nov 30, 2012: Added Force Usb Fast Charge toggle.
Nov 29, 2012: Added support for H+ in StatusBar and QuickToggles.
Nov 28, 2012: Cataclysm-jb-mr1-JOP40D_Nov-28-2012
Nov 28, 2012: Added left menu softkey for simmetry.
Nov 28, 2012: Now softkeys dim have dots for menu aswell when needed.
Nov 28, 2012: Added Unicode support in Mms.apk.
Nov 27, 2012: Added Wifi Hotspot toggle.
Nov 27, 2012: Added Sync Quick Toggle.
Nov 26, 2012: Added Quick Toggles ™ customization.
Nov 23, 2012: Added speaker volume boost.
Nov 23, 2012: Added GPS toggle.
Nov 23, 2012: Added NFC toggle.
Nov 23, 2012: Added Hot Reboot toggle.
Nov 21, 2012: Added de/el/es/fr/it/pl translations.
Nov 21, 2012: Added PowerKey Shutter to GoogleCamera modules.
Nov 21, 2012: Added Extended Power Menu.
Nov 20, 2012: Added 2G3G toggle.
Nov 20, 2012: Added Screen Suspend toggle.
Nov 18, 2012: Added Sleep Button on Notification Bar.
Nov 18, 2012: Added Quick Toggles ™ (BETA).
Nov 17, 2012: Added 40dp Navigation Bar - Softkeys keep their size - No Ime switcher.
Nov 17, 2012: Show Kernel Version.
Nov 16, 2012: Added Expandable Volume Overlay.
Nov 15, 2012: Cataclysm-jb-mr1-JOP40C_Nov-15-2012

Bug Fixes:

Sep 21, 2013: Fix Contacts app rotation FC.
Sep 10, 2013: Fix Sleep Button layout.
Aug 30, 2013: Fixed possible FC on statusbar date click.
Aug 13, 2013: Fixed Sync tile icon not refreshing correctly.
Jul 28, 2013: Fixed "Dialler" typo on en-rGB lang (AOSP bug)
Jul 16, 2013: "%" Char is back on battery tile.
May 31, 2013: Fixed NPE on App Picker.
May 30, 2013: Backup correctly restores default values aswell.
May 30, 2013: Fixed possible SystemUI NPE on first fresh boot.
May 07, 2013: Fixed inability to select lockscreen wallpaper if images were too big.
Apr 27, 2013: Fixed Nfc NPE.
Mar 20, 2013: Fix starting window memory leak. (AOSP bug)
Mar 12, 2013: Fixed Settings FC when using Gallery Daydream features.
Jan 21, 2012: Fixed ime key resource in landscape mode. (AOSP bug)
Jan 11, 2012: Fixed possible NPE on Softkeys Fade Mod delay Popup.
Jan 06, 2012: Fixed QuickToggles Landscape layout. (AOSP bug)
Dec 17, 2012: Menu Button press will only play one click. (AOSP bug)
Dec 17, 2012: Longpressing Sleep Button will open PowerMenu once.
Dec 07, 2012: Settings toggle is back from vacation.
Dec 07, 2012: Sleep button is tired of dancing.
Nov 22, 2012: Fixed missing December. (AOSP bug)

AOSP Team & Google
Chad Froebel
Cyanogenmod Team
Joshua Wise
Michael Huang

BG (DiDk070)
FR (Gawayne)
PL (Timsgo)
EL (jolas)
ZH (wasdf)
VI (dunghnguyen)
PT (tiaoAlvino)
ES (nachordez)
DE - CS -SK (matesc)
FI (TToivanen)
NL (kriss1981)
RU (gaich)

Gapps are included but removed the ones you can easily download from Play Store (see below) if you need them.

Books - Calendar - Current - Gmail - Ears - Earth - Hangouts - Keep - Keyboard - Magazines - Movies - Maps - Music - G+ - Street - Talkback - Google Now/Search Box - Wallet - YouTube.


DOWNLOAD Cataclysm from

DOWNLOAD Cataclysm from AndroidFileHost

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Question FAQ for 4.3 *Updated Sep 07,2013*


I'm reading the FAQ, am i good?
- You sir are the best.

Is this an AOSP ROM?
- Here is an user friendly explanation:

                                                                     /------------------------  add AOSP coded features TO Stock ----------------------->
                                                                    /                                                                                     \
                 Cataclysm Rom                                     /                                                                                       \
Developer     =====================> code features on AOSP ===>                                                                                             ======> User
                   AOSP Rom                                        \                                                                                       /
                                                                    \                                                                                     /
                                                                     \--------------- add some things FROM stock (ie libs) ------> add Gapps ----------->

There's anything missing?
- Only the downloadable gapps from playstore are removed. PlayStore, bootanimation, Photosphere etc are already included. NO NEED TO FLASH ANY GAPPS PACKAGE.
Rom is also already rooted.

Is this ROM heavily themed?
- No, this rom is 100% stock themed.

How should i install this ROM?
- Do a Wipe/Factory reset and then flash. Use either CWM or TWRP (Strongly suggested to update to latest recovery). Should be safe to dirty flash new releases over the old ones.

I'm on JB 4.1 (or 4.2), can i flash this rom directly?
- Coming from 4.1 (or 4.2) for this rom or every other 4.3+ roms i suggest you to flash the 4.3+ google factory image first. Remember to backup your internal storage (music, pics etc.) because it will get erased. Remember also to update your radio and bootloader. Strongly suggested to update to latest recovery either CWM or TWRP.

Why there are multiple packages on home and how should i flash them?
- Flash ROM ---> Flash Nightly Update package (if you want to have the 0day release) ---> Reboot.
- If you already have the Rom installed (latest full release), just flash the Nightly Cumulative Update (no wipe needed).
- Remember that latest cumulative update contains every single update from latest full release till that day.

I don't have root!
- Rom is already rooted, if you're not you probably missed this warning: (from Chainfire) If you're using a recovery that asks you if it should disable flashing the stock recovery, answer no.. In this case just reflash latest SuperSU.

How can i configure the included kernel?
- Use Trickster MOD app: XDA Thread - Google Play link.
Alternatively you can script them, you can refer to this Francisco Franco post for the correct paths.

My Nexus became laggy and sluggish after a while.
- There's an hardware issue on some flash memory chips. If your eMMC model is V3U00M 08/2012 or 09/2012 i suggest to leave always at least 2-3 GB free on it. No need anymore to trim it yourself as it's included in android 4.3. You can use this to check you eMMC model.

Sim Toolkit (stk) isn't installed and/or isn't working correctly, any fix?
- It's not a bug, new Stk will only appear/work correctly if you have the security pin enabled on your sim card. Reenable pin lock and reboot.

Wi-Fi Tethering isn't working!
- In Android 4.2+ tethered traffic is flagged so if your plan doesn't allow it, wifi tethering will likely won't work.
You can use some third party apps like Wifi Tether.

Did you change the incoming call images?
- I've only made the "answer with SMS" consistent with other icons instead of that white and wrong dimensioned icon.

I found a bug, how can i report/help you?
- From my experience and the way i make this rom the bugs you can find can be only related to the features i've added and only to them. So it's very UNLIKELY that reboots, issues with signals, wifi, apps, syncs, gps and everything not Cataclysm feature related are rom issue. If you still think the issue is rom related try to reproduce it or at least check if a reboot solves your issue. (If fx K9mail is stuck at checking mails for whatever reason and drains you battery don't rush reporting it as the rom is draining the juice). A logcat is very appreciated. If you dirty flashed please try a clean flash before reporting anything. Hunting a non existent bug takes away lot of development time.

My mobile signal/radio isn't working anymore!
- There was a bug (now fixed) with TWRP that removed your baseband flashing roms. Update to latest recovery and reflash latest radio via fastboot.

I've flashed some inverted apps and now i got many FC's!
- You're safe to use any inverted Gapps, but replacing system apps, like contacts or phone will break everything.
Atm i provide the inverted mms one, more will follow.

Despite using the AOSP keyboard, customization isn't working.
- Keyboard customization works only on QWERTY layouts, you can switch them inside advanced settings.

Can't download additional dictionaries on AOSP keyboard?
- I've disabled that options as they're not available for AOSP keyboards, i've included many of them already inside. If you still lack one of them you can download the google keyboard from playstore but you'll loose keyboard customization.

May i suggest/request something?
- Suggestions are welcome, but can't promise anything.

I want PIE!
- Here is the alternative PIE.

I want HALO!
- Here is the alternative HALO.

I want RIBBON!
- Here is the alternative RIBBON.

Why the option to longpress home to open app drawer is grayed out?
- Unfortunately this feature depends on launchers, so actually is compatible only with Nova, Holo, Holo HD and Aphex launcher. More will follow.

Why wifi is always enabled on battery stats even if i turn it off?
- Google by default use wifi for some location services even when it's "off". Go to Wifi --> Advanced Settings --> Wifi scan always available to disable it.

Wifi sometimes have problems auto reconnecting to routers when i'm in range and i need to power it off and on to fix it.
- This is a known 4.3 issue currently being investigated by Google.

Pls buddy I want ur mods from the catacalysm, can I have ur codes of some of ur mods that u put in the catacalysm ROM?
- Unfortunately Cataclysm sources aren't publicly available.

My browser keeps asking me to log into google account.
- This is a known 4.3 issue, log your browser onto google account and then set that page as homepage.

My wifi goes to sleep even if i set it to never.
- This is a known android issue, some suggest to change your wifi sleep policy to something else and reboot, then set it back to never.

My GPS isn't working.
- This is a known 4.3 (JWR66Y) issue currently being investigated by Google. Keep in mind that after flashing a new rom first fix takes awhile. Many people fixed their issues with a clean install. Others fixed it by unchecking "Wifi&Mobile Network Location".

Why didn't you answer to my post/pm?
- I try doing my best, but i don't have much time and can miss something.

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16th November 2012, 12:28 PM |#3  
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looks nice..gonna give it a try
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16th November 2012, 12:32 PM |#4  
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I'm happy to have Power Widgets back. I don't like the new quick settings menu at all. The Lockscreen Widgets feature neither.
16th November 2012, 12:38 PM |#5  
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Dont need gaaps or anything? And will it create sdcard0/0 when flashed with CWM..?

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16th November 2012, 12:44 PM |#6  
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Looks good mate. Great that you shared it to the community. Add a little spice to the main post, add screens and stuff. Let me know if you need any help with graphics.
16th November 2012, 12:47 PM |#7  
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that's great....did you need to add some specific camera and gps sources to stock aosp sources?
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16th November 2012, 12:55 PM |#8  
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Interesting downloading.
16th November 2012, 12:57 PM |#9  
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thank for your hard work!
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16th November 2012, 01:02 PM |#10  
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Thanks to the dev, and some screenshots would be great to have
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16th November 2012, 01:03 PM |#11  
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Congrats! First real MOD

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