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This is Toro thread
Here's the Golden Kernel, a modified version of Amperific's A.S.K.P and boype's Fancy. The concept is always to have a hybrid kernel, optimized for galaxy nexus,
in this way there is no more indecision about which kernel flash because this Golden is an all-in-one. This kernel also includes many features of the latest versions of the linux kernel (3.4/3.8+)
A slim, fast and smooth kernel for enjoying your phone.

Well, let's go into serious business

Kernel features

  • Linux Kernel 3.0.88
  • Linaro optimized
  • Fast charge enabled
  • Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP
  • Updated LowMemoryKiller driver (directly from 3.9 experimental kernel)
  • Added fully functional zCache and ZsmAlloc, backported from 3.4 kernel
  • Make zRam LZ4 decompressor work faster in the same CPU cycles
  • Introduce Dynamic Cache Pressure (now you need the correct binary to compile this kernel)
  • Revise Dynamic Writeback algorithm
  • Deep Sleep tweaks
  • Introduce Timer Slack Controller
  • Dynamic PLL Overclock
  • CPU Unaligned Access (much faster booting time because of better kernel decompression)
  • Add newest Adaptive RED Net Scheduler from 3.4 kernel and make it default.
  • Backport OOM Killing algorithm from 3.8 kernel
  • Backport LowMemoryKiller and Timed GPIO drivers from 3.8 kernel
  • CFS kernel scheduler optimization
  • Predefine minfree and adj values
  • Latest Generic Hotplug Helper from 3.10
  • Added Sampling Down Momentum for dinamically changing the factor for scaling down
  • Tuned SmartassH3 to make more use of low frequencies (it's always recommended "Golden gov")
  • Buffer values updated from Samsung original sources(Triple Buffering, Camera)
  • Writeback tweaked to do the work only when the screen is off
  • New Golden Governor (what Golden governor does)
    • Linked boostpulse interface to this governor
    • GPU optimizations
    • Frame buffer member of project butter
    • More deep sleap tweaks
    • New LMK machine
  • Introduce Dynamic Cache Pressure
  • updated HSMMC driver
  • RM CPU topology: multi-core scheduling
  • PGM support (still experimental, the dev of PGM app should add this kernel into his working list)
  • battery life extender (BLX)
  • custom voltage control
  • init.d support
  • selected patches from Google
  • TCP congestion control algorithms: westwood (default), cubic, reno
  • compiled with Google GCC 4.7 toolchain
  • control to set a minimum CPU frequency for screen-on (default: 384 MHz)
  • Optimized ext4 mount options
  • 307MHz to 512MHz GPU as indicated in filename
  • Offering lowered voltages
  • Sound Control with PureAudio values (yeah man, rock your world)
  • SAS controller
  • Fixed wifi! (In 4.2.2 version and 4.3)
  • Updated LZ4 compression from 3.8 drivers
  • Finetuned Golden governor
    • Better performances, better battery life
    • TouchSense+ linked from touchscreen drivers
    • Gamma control with external module (only in 4.2.2 version)
    • System lagfixes
    • Frequencies revisited with entropy control
  • PGM support
  • Elevated SystemUI priority
  • Temperature control
  • zRam module updated from 3.10 kernel
  • Dynamic predefine Undervolt
  • GPU code Improvements
  • LZ4 references to /kernel folder
  • SpeedUp Boost
  • BuiltIn module for WLAN thanks to amperific
  • Finetuned Westwood TC Protocol
  • ION Memory Allocator backported from 3.10 kernel
  • LMK Plus machine ported from kernel (even if it's an old version, it's the most fastest on the market)
  • Removed Google Snappy
  • zsmalloc updated into Golden Governor
  • Finetuned SioPlus shed
  • Updated ROW I/O from 3.10 kernel
  • Bug fixes, stable relase
  • New GoldenX governor
    • Added GoldenX GPU control
    • Fixed freq
    • Kernel Samepage Merging enabled by default
    • Added BoostPulse interface
    • Linked BoostPulse to the touchscreen driver (now the governor can really "sense" a touch and boost the frequency after a specific time threshold)
    • Fixed the Deep Sleep states verification for scaling
    • Added Sampling Down Momentum for dinamically changing the factor for scaling down
  • Added LowBattery Powersave feature for goldenX and interactive governors
  • ROW I/O algorithm revisited from 3.10 kernel
    • ISIX ROW interface for more stability
  • New experimental "Zen" sheduler
  • Re-switched to Linux Kernel 3.0.89
  • Improved touch drivers
  • New Golden I/O Scheduler (what golden sheduler does)
    • Fast latency algorithm
    • Smart screen wakeclock
    • RCU boost and systicl tweaks (now your phone should work like butter)
    • BLD (Battery Low Drain)
  • Wakelock tweaks for WLAN and LTE modem from 3.8 kernel
  • User voltage control
  • Backport interactive patches to interactiveX of 3.4 kernel
  • Lot of logging disabled (fastest phone boot time)
  • Updated GPU Drivers for more smoothness
  • New GoldenX2 governor
    • Better freq. scaling
    • BLS (Battery life saver) when the battery is on >5%
    • Updated idle parameters
    • Finetuned entropy boost
    • Finetuned C4 queue
  • VM, Filesystem, and other governor tweaks
  • Updated Hybla and Illinois TCP Congestion
  • Dynamic Readahead
  • Low Memory Killer from 3.10 Kernel
  • Sysctl Vm Optimizations at boot
  • Fastcharge control
  • DTIM skip override (what DTIM does)
  • Revisited Golden I/O Scheduler and updated its driver to 3.10 kernel
  • Fixed all freq. scaling on 3.4 kernel
  • Added power.tuna.so into the 4.3 kernel's zip
  • Tweaked GoldenX2 governor (for now the best Golden Gov. than ever)
  • Revisited Hybla TCPC (with totally new values for ipv4 optimizations, probably I'll make a Golden TCP Congestion)
  • Revisited Westwood TCPC
  • Undervolt down to (0-1-2-3-6) (less battery drain with high frequencies)
  • RAB algorithm from experimental 3.11 kernel
  • Tweaked Golden I/O Scheduler (now with the fastest latency on the planet)
  • Updated BLX
  • Revisited PGM support, now It's all on the dev's hands
  • Linux Kernel 3.0.94
  • New Golden TCP Congestion
    • New .net buffer algorithm
    • Part of NetProjectX (developed by me, this is a set of tweaks for this kernel fully available from 2.0 version)
    • 3g speedup (now the 3g is faster, but without consuming data traffic)
  • Backported i2c bus drivers from 3.11 experimental kernel and made them fully working
  • Revisited Reno TCPC with 3.8 kernel parameters
  • Sakis3g algorithm (theorical support for 3g USB keys)
  • Switched-off a lot of debugging (faster boot time)
  • New Injector system for the kernel .zip
  • Wi-Fi speedup with 3mbps download peak
  • New GoldenX3 governor
    • Sensitive workload algorithm from 3.9 kernel
    • New low battery profile (when the battery is <15)
    • New CpuProjectX undervolt (another 2.0 feature)
  • Code cleanups


Wipe Dalvik and Cache partition before flashing this kernel

Android 4.2.x
Download Milestone XXG09 - Latest
Download Milestone XXF08

Android 4.3
Download 4.3 XXG09J - Latest
Download 4.3 XXE07J

Sources: https://github.com/Jeeko/Golden_Kernel_4.3
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6th August 2013, 03:38 PM |#2  
jsgraphicart's Avatar
Senior Member
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Nice. I'll try it out.
6th August 2013, 05:10 PM |#3  
itslels's Avatar
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Giving this a spin. Plays nice with root on 4.3. Good Start!

toro, toro!
6th August 2013, 05:39 PM |#4  
fcisco13's Avatar
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Flag houston
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Trying this out on 4.2, thanks.

6th August 2013, 09:56 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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Just found this beast.. Flashing now!! Thanks

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 4
7th August 2013, 06:32 AM |#6  
DroidOnRoids's Avatar
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This... This kernel right here makes the Galaxy Nexus perform the way it should be. GoldenX governor just makes this phone run sooo responsive and sooo fluid.

Just Pure...

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7th August 2013, 12:54 PM |#7  
Jeeko's Avatar
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Ok guys... new Golden Kernel means new Golden I/O Scheduler (I'm planning the wiki) now your phone should run like butter /Wipe chache e Data, always!!

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7th August 2013, 01:14 PM |#8  
vrahn's Avatar
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Ermaferkonguard!!!!! Butter got nothing on this. Its like......Heavens butter...PERFECTION. omg

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda premium
7th August 2013, 08:12 PM |#9  
xain713's Avatar
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This kernel is great ty been running it for a day or so so smooth

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda premium
8th August 2013, 12:45 AM |#10  
itslels's Avatar
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I f'ing love this kernel!!! Running golden setting on both the governor and I/O scheduler. Coupled with 4.3, my gnex has never been so smooth, wow!

toro, toro!
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8th August 2013, 02:23 AM |#11  
revolt1's Avatar
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What setting for better battery life
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golden, kenrel

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