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[MOD] [GNEX] BEATS+XLOUDER! 4.3.1/4.4.2 [16/12] ☆ #BangonPhilippines! ☆

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Notice: Flashables are divided into Post #1 and Post #3. Post #1 will contain all the information, misc & flashables for 4.1.2 and Post #3 will contain the flashables for 4.2.1/4.2.2, take note all the latest will be the most recent upload

What This Mod Does:

The Galaxy Nexus GSM has pitifully low volume. Previous fixes like the Volume+ app and Franco's app only increased the volume on music playback, or in the headphones, but did nothing for in-call volume or notifications.

This mod changes all that. It will increase ALL volume, across the entire phone: ringtone, music, notifications, loudspeaker sound, ear speaker sound, in-call volume, and headset.


-Custom recovery like CWM or TWRP.
-Jellybean Deodexed OR Odexed.
-Custom kernel with high quality audio tweak enabled is recommended (e.g. Franco or Trinity or AK).
-Nandroid Backup, I implore people to have at least one recent one as this method is faster.

Compatible With :

-Galaxy Nexus, Kindle Fire (reported), also Nexus 7.
-Universal for all kernels and ROMs.
-All major players, including: Google Music, Noozy, PowerAMP (see note below), Apollo, PlayerPRO.

Note on PowerAMP - To allow PowerAMP to be controlled by external DSP/EQ you must disable Direct Volume Control under Audio Tweaks in Settings.


*Revert previously installed patch as necessary.

1. Copy zip to Internal Storage
2. Boot to custom recovery
3. Install zip from sdcard
4. Reboot
5. Choose EIZO ReWire PRO under Settings > Sound > Music Effects

Note: If you do not have the "Music Effects" submenu then EIZO should be enabled by default since it's the only DSP present.


What you should do:
  • Configure EIZO, Select it in Music Effects.
  • Refer to the Op for EIZO settings.
  • Practice tuning your own values. EVERY user has their own listening experience. What sounds good to one and not the other doesn't become the fault of the MOD.
  • Keep backups of your Alsa Mixer if you use call recording BEFORE flashing this MOD
  • Keep backups (The revert is safe) but I am not responsible for loops if you flash this on another device.
  • Flash the MOD after every ROM flash. Not necessarily kernel flash.
  • Search if your ROM has been mentioned. KEYWORDS are a must. Example is 'PA works' and the results will be displayed. If not feel free to ask and I shall assist you.

What you shouldn't do:
  • Test the loudness via Settings. There is an implemented system limiter so you can't tell the difference. Call yourself or sms yourself so you can know the difference.
  • Complain of distortion without testing your own values. I've set a recommend layout in the OP hoping it's to give you an idea.
  • Error 7, Error 7 is a halt procedure. Please debug the error and see what's written before saying Error 7 only.
  • Alternate flashing. (I know some of you prefer to flash the Gnexus mod on the N7 but doing so breaks the media codes, if you have the patience to swap the media codes in etc folder of the N7 then it's fine)
  • Don't use Noozy lockscreen controls, they're unreliable till a new app is remade.
  • Don't use compression in EIZO. Causes massive volume fluctuations as it was set to be an AVLS.
  • Please refrain from asking about PowerAMP as it denies the use of third party DSP's which make PlayerPro a better alternative.

  • Awesome.. who's done a great job, and a big thanks to bigxie too for the epic 4.1 port.
  • montrealguy for fixing up this guide for me where it wasn't as clear as it should be, Thanks buddy, much appreciated.
  • TheGingerbreadMan for testing out and giving feedbacks on each version religiously to make sure it works flawlessly.
  • Cyanogen team for their epic libs.
  • MASSIVE MASSIVE THANKS! to r-ikfoot! If not for you I wouldn't have gotten beat's working back again. And of course Alastor89 for guiding me to the right path. Kindly go over to his thread and show him some love.
  • hidato_aori partnership with Noozy + EIZO Labs
  • osm0sis for writing the noob-proof installer and revert in the newer releases to make it safer and easier for everyone, as well as
  • completely universal.
  • Bewinxed & osm0sis for organizing this post for me.
  • And of course, Massive thanks to the community for their feedback, appreciation to a massive audiophile (me) and to those involved in the project to make GNexus an amazing smartphone among the rest. Thanks to everyone who supports this project.[/SIZE][/I]

Tests to know the difference!

PS: Don't forget to try these options (Credits to bdubs4200)

Re: Noozy Distribution - Noozy went dark, all threads about it including it's files. It is included in the patch but if you want it seperately, you're welcome to grab it from my post here


EULA : The version of Noozy attached is by no means gained via monetary conditions, the attached copy is the free one released under the open source EULA and not the paid modified apk on the market. Under any circumstances this APK will not be used to market, sell, or be promoted for monetary gains and will be used for personal, non commercial use.



If you like my work, feel free to buy me a beer.


NexusLouderV8B1 4.3 only

- Porting over libs
- Testing Xlouder libs
- Testing HTC libs
- Debugging & reloading of apps.

Missing :

- Volume factor, I was afraid over it's % increase and so I kept it at a safe level, but loud.
- Lack if kernel with ezkeels in-ear loudness (high quality) support hence I had to balance out the old values and new (Bass isn't as strong but I have a solution)


- Raising the volume in-app (noozy) won't increase past 10/15, you need to tab out, raise the volume and accept to bypass the safety limit
- Bass needs retuning and so do some volume levels
- New codecs were added in 4.3, they need to be affected aswell and added to media_codecs.xml aswell as audio_config, atm they are't tuned

I still have 3 builds to test. This is as much as I could do with what was given, AOSP/AOKP has a really buggy tree and I just grabbed what I could off the github to make due. Alot of work needs to be done, this is the fastest I could do without a device.

If build #2 loads up fine, I'll upload that aswell, and feedback would be highly appreciated I won't be posting it up on the OP unless we've come to a general consensus this deems worthy, as Build#2 will be posted here aswell. When everything works as intended I will post it to Post #2, where all experimental builds go.

Instructions :

- All versions posted share the same revert, they are just done differently with different changelogs.
- If you flash Build#1, in order to test Build#2 you must flash the revert, then flash the other build.
EG: You are on Build#1->Flash Revert->Flash Build#2->Flash Revert->Flash Build #[?], Where X will be the next build #.

Changelog Build#2

- For Build#2 avoid using SoundEnchancements in MusicFX, it was meant to emulate the libs but the permissions make it think it's an EQ.Loading it will cause to stop
- Added modified SoundEnchancements.apk
- Edited 10% more loudness.
- Added new Volume.db
- Tuned a few values until ezkeels audio mod is released.
- Fixed few issues

Changelog Build#3

- Decided to screw it, and boosted volume all the way to around +70% (If I did the math correctly and based it off stock)
- Loudest among the 3 builds
- new Volume.db
- More tuning of values
- Added support for video/x-vnd.on2.vp8 codec (YouTube)

Changelog Build#4

-Updated Beats libs
-Updated Soundcontrol libs
-Updated Dolby apk & libs
-Updated Codecs sys/etc
-Updated Alsa files & codecs
-Removed SoundEnchancements
-Added Samsung volume hacks
-Updated Volume.db, soundbooster.txt, media xml & codecs.
-Optimized battery consumption
-Updates core libs based on new CM10.2

Changelog Build#9

- Deletd SwiqiSettings.apk
- Deleted Volume.db
- Deleted mixer_path.xml as this caused conflicts and replaced with a better solution
- AB, EIZO & Dolby all proven to work after building from CM tree
- Bass refinement
- Complete overhaul of MOD again from scratch and refined each aspect
- Cleaned, compressed and updated libs overall
- Tested with PA, CM, Stock, All system's go.
- Fixed issue : EIZO & Beats crops the sound by 50% when options are selected
- Fixed issue : Stopping a song in between clears selected options
- Fixed issue : Selecting a new song starts off louder suddenly then drops
- Fixed issue : Random FC when changing tracks
- Fixed issue : Skipping tracks fluctuated volume
- Fixed issue : Static sound when listening to lower frequencies
- Fixed issue : Audio wakelock randomly popping up during notifications
- Fixed issue : Sound permanently lowered when call/notification comes in
- Fixed issue : Random FC of Settings after applying changes.

Caution: Clear cache/data for all DSP's if you had saved values previously as 4.3 and 4.2.2 settings delete them as they are like 2 saucy women in a bar getting ready for a ghetto booty showdown.

Word to the wise, In order for the DSP's to kick in, 4.3 has made some security changes where it won't just run in the background, For EIZO & Beats to kick in, you need to launch the app manually after selecting it from Music->Effects, proceed to GMusic or App of choice, followed by going to the EQ settings from the music app, and change the settings. When changing DSP's from one to another, completely close out the app from the Multi-tasking menu, and notification bar (Best if you FC it from App Info) then change DSP in Music->Effects Settings and finally relaunch the app, making your changes in the EQ.

Will keep editing this post as more updates pursue---In the meanwhile

IMPORTANT : Please Read This
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3rd July 2012, 11:08 AM |#2  
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3rd July 2012, 11:08 AM |#3  
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Notice : All 4.2.1/4.2.2 flashables are here. Kindly flash the latest upload. Cheers.

Note: Don't know what to put with EIZO and Noozy? Click this

V6Beta1 4.2 | 4.2.1 Changelog

-Fixed CWM/TWRP compatibility (Now works flawlessly for both)
-Added Bravia Engine V2
-Removed the line that disables androidmediaeffects under framework (no more need to replace that file)
-successfully added added and correctly loaded through audioeffects.conf, so no more FC and eq works Bass Boost
-Added Beats black edition of DSPManager (the one provided with ACID audio) [This is in data/app so which means you can remove it if you don't like it]
-Added libbeatscorehtc, libsrscorehtc, libsrsprocessing from Droid DNA [HTC Bass should work now]
-Fixed Revert for both CWM/TWRP
-Updated EIZO EQ to the latest build, this should fix the FC most people are having.
-Cleaned and trimmed a few values
-Added a semi louder version of, AOSP based.

V6 Beta2

-AOSP/Stock based ROMS only. For now.
-Fixed random hiccups over audio
-Fixed low static sounds
-Loudness is back from V5Beta3
-Updated version of EIZO

V6 Beta3

-Finally based on AOKP (This means it's compatible for ALL ROM's), back to universal baby!
-Lowered memory consumption, previously there was a leak which I might have overlooked. Tried to fix it in this build.
-Updated fix for broken resampler on 4.2
-Updated libs/hw for loudest possible incall/notifications.
-Updated latest EIZO thanks to Louis & bombadier for direct download links.
-Bluetooth a2dp fix (testing phase)
-Updated lib/soundfx libs to latest based on official AOKP release.
-Small hotfixes

V6 Beta5

-Based on AOKP libs so therefore they should work for all, Tested on Stock.PA.AOKP and they load perfectly fine.
-Properly working Revert, glitch free this time.
-Added proper working a2dp Bluetooth fix that comes with 4.2.2
-Added Updated Beats back in. (Credits to Awesome)
-Added Sony DolbyMobile (Credits to Awesome)
-Added HTC latest updated libs
-Fixed minor bugs with volume (If you are using PA, the volume bug occurs from the ROM, not the MOD)
-Debugged the build.prop tweaks to make sure they get loaded properly this time.

V6 Beta7

After weeks of testing, feedback and constant caching I have finally come to a conclusion with making it loudest as possible in both terms without much reliance on EIZO. Your music experience is now dependent on EIZO, but configuring buildin in EIZO still works.
Alot of people had said they don't notice anything, well with this. Enjoy.
Loudness, now safety limited.
Updated libs for
Louder incall/speakers
Tuned values and etc
Replaced soundfx libs with less violent libs, this should address issues regarding static and such.


Decided to start a new version considering the last one was perfect and is considered RC1 (Thanks to Osm0sis >)

-Added a whole bunch of XLouder tweaks
-Added a whole bunch of HTC tweaks based on recent HTC emulation
-Added HTC One's libs (Win or lose I decided to throw them in)
-Loudness factor increased
-Level of bass and clarity restored from V6
-Fixed issues that caused certain new players to be unable to adapt to libs due to older audio_conf
-Updated audio_conf
-Updated Beats.apk (Wonderful thanks to amazing @.awesome. for this
-Updated Dobly
-Added new SoundEnchancement.apk (Credits to who ported it)
-Updated core system libs/hw/soundfx
-Updated framework (This should load Xlouder perfectly without any issues, thanks to Xperia Z files) -Curse you for late Jellybean-
-Updated audio conf with experimental config (This should allow you to use PowerAMP properly like previous build)
-Updated Alsa files
-Fixed alot of unwanted code that doesn't get loaded properly
-Removed bulk files
-Updated Volume.db (This should stabilize things without having to cause issues)
-Cleared most static freq.
-Bunch of fixes

For all previous version Revert's you can grab them here!

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3rd July 2012, 11:09 AM |#4  
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I know this may sound retarded but... Is this mod just for JB or we can use it on ICS as well? Or perhaps it's just for ICS...? Cause I see no such details...

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
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3rd July 2012, 11:10 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by Prazaar

DL not Working

404 - Not Found

3rd July 2012, 11:13 AM |#6  
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Sorry, can't figure out why xda's file attachment isn't working, Regardless, added another mediafire mirror, Thanks for letting me know

Updated OP

@Formhault, According to Awesome's thread he mentioned the files were from ICS to fix the JB issue (OP of his thread), So yes it should work.
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3rd July 2012, 11:21 AM |#7  
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The second link is OK, thanks.

500 Ko ?

Thank for sharing
3rd July 2012, 11:22 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by RiderOnSuzuki

The second link is OK, thanks.

500 Ko ?

Thank for sharing

You'd be surprised how that makes all the difference o_o

Edit: Updated OP with screenshots
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3rd July 2012, 11:31 AM |#9  
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It's fantastic, thanks man.
3rd July 2012, 11:36 AM |#10  
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I don't see CyanogenMod being mentioned anywhere, is this just DSPManager renamed? Would like to hear some feedback as the UI should be very familiar to anyone who have used CM before.
3rd July 2012, 11:44 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by ock

I don't see CyanogenMod being mentioned anywhere, is this just DSPManager renamed? Would like to hear some feedback as the UI should be very familiar to anyone who have used CM before.

Actually you're right. I did notice that too, if you look in the lib files, you'll see lib, but it's not completely DSP although it uses the same basis, as we don't have any DSP support for our phone, plus there's a whole lot of bin's and edit's to support the change, So it's not just some rename

Just so we don't shoot the messenger :P
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