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By DaOldMan, Senior Member on 21st May 2017, 05:08 PM
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Announcement from DaOldMan: Aspire V5.0 has been announced !

# Flash it at your own Risk!
# Your warranty is now VOID: Knox warranty bit is changed to 0x1 !
# We are not responsible for any damage to your equipment, loss of warranty or any kind
  of damage caused by incorrect work of the rom(like your alarm clock not working)!
For heavy kernel users warning: The "tap2wake"  feature is still experimental! By using it you agree with the fact that this can cause Touchscreen freezes or other unpredictable effects. Continue at your own risk.
To all devs: Please contact us before you use any of our rom files in your roms.

This is a developers thread. Asking for ETAs is not allowed. Please use it mainly to submit error reports, using the template bellow to help us improve the rom.

Please use the following "Template" for reporting errors:
1. Bootloader version + baseband (from phone info samsung app - firmware tab)
2. Recovery wipes + old ROM version (if dirty flashed)
3. Kernel (name&version) flashed after rom installation + kernel tweaks (KA, synapse or init.d scripts)
4. Fixes/zips flashed in recovery manually
5. Logs for app FC (data/system/dropbox folder - appcrash file) + matlog if possible
6. Logs for hot reboots to be submitted to kernel dev using syslog app (or manually extracting proc/last_kmsg + data/log/prev_dump.log)

This rom is a product of a team effort. Version 5.0 took us 5 months to build. As in every rom release the team was involved continuously and again we got a lot of help from other devs as well. I thank all for their philanthropic work.

v2.0 preview video:
Members of the Aspire team are:
@DaOldMan – Aspire Rom developer
@6h0st – Phantom Kernel developer
@Eleo, @galili47, @Bullmans - Product evaluation & Support
Aspire members that are retired because of mentioned reasons are:
@Logel – His Note3 caught water damage and couldn't be resurrected
@Kill-Switch – His Note3 burned down and can't be repaired.

Supported devices:
This rom was tested on the n9005 model only. Our rom supports the following devices:
N900D, N9002, N9005, N900W8, N900A, N900T, N900V, N900P, N900K, N900S, N900L, SC-02F, N9007, N900R4, N900J
If you have other model then n9005 please proceed with caution….
N900 or any Exynos models are NOT supported at all.

Aroma Setup:
New extended device support
No wipe options includes a non dalvik cache wipe
Camera choice: Note 4 or Note 7 cameras
Rooting options including SuperSU and Magisk with Safetynet pass included
Debloating menu
Smart Manager debloating menu
Multi CSC choice: Default choice is BTU (United Kingdom)
Special CSC extended menu for Sprint users. Please select Sprint as your provider !
Theming menu was removed since V5.0


Aspire rom changelogs *detailed*:

V5.0 Changelog:

1. Phone badge in TWLauncher fixed
2. Kernel reverted to Phantom T version
3. Fixed statusbar stock colors for correct immersive mode tint
4. @BlackMesa123 nougat header fix
5. Lockscreen clock mod – s8 & c9
6. Rom is using now S8 fonts
7. Long press on home key remoded back to enable stock option so people can use Google Assistant
8. Music control mod added for volume rocker
9. Fix for Usa Sprint/Verizon network – revert framework to latest with sound headphones bug
10. Ime Notification toggle mod
11. Multi Avatar ARC toggle mod
12. BlueTooth scan dialog toggle mod
13. Data saving notification toggle mod
14. Power saving notification toggle mod
15. Framework multiwindow on recents fix
16. Added Sprint APN fix into aroma (thanks to @Buzbee2 )
17. Added Verizon into CSC selection
18. Added Root options into aroma
19. Updated Magisk to Magisk-v16.3(1630)
20. Fixed SafetyNet module to install on rom installation
21. Update&Fixes to TouchWizMod v8 by @josete_1976 (thanks to @ananjaser1211 @Ale95 for porting help)
22. Keyboard custom symbols key layout toggle mod
23. InCallUI "view contact" layout fixed
24. More options for Samsung Cloud in settings
25. Adapt Sound re-calibration possible via Rom Control
26. Fixed Adapt Sound Preview FC
27. unstableWifi framework bug fixed
28. Fixed rtl header in email to lrt
29. Sprint VoiceMail app is preloaded automatically
30. Rom streamlined

Version 4.0 Changelog:

1. GameChanger:HandWriting Framework fully fixed. Handwriting should work in all apps without problems. SNote,Keyboard all work as intended.
2. SQlite fix (thanks @djmax81)
3. Fixed weather lockscreen icon, weather predictions, edge weather in S8 ui
4. Added password entry in lockscreen setting
5. Amount of toggles on first swipe added
6. Data Usage Fix on both swipes (aided by @corsicanu)
7. Dax Data usage mod added
8. Lockscreen rotation mod added
9. Fixed "auto-adjust" in gallery
10. Added Google face unlock option (thanks @ananjaser1211)
11. Fixed config_enableAutoPowerModes in framework to allow doze mode
12. Amount of rows in UX quick toggles increased to 4
13. Amount of toggles in expanded added
14. S8 keyboard ported Nougat by @BlackMesa123
15. S8 Keyboard mod to allow secondary symbols for all languages
16. S8 fix to allow two left multifunction buttons
17. Safe music dialog disabled in rom control by @OvrDriVE
18. Fixed rtl in Grx settings
19. Full volume panel mod (thanks @thereassaad)
20. Device Info mod (thanks @daxgirl)
21. Latest Samsung Email Client
22. Email policy mod with toggle by @txr33
23. Email rtl fix for all languages
24. New SBrowser v6.0 with secret mode enabled (thanks @edzamber)
25. My Files with a Nougat theme (thanks @corsicanu)
25. FirewallM.apk for blocking calls restored per user request
26. Aroma debloating menu added
27. Power management fixed again
28. Vrtheme speedup by @Patrick.H
29. Aroma Progress bar fixed
30. Backup/Restore Aroma options added (thanks @mwilky)
31. New SuperSU in Aroma with new binary
32. Removed all Fingerprint libs & apps (thanks @BlackMesa123)
33. Fixed framework for cpu unsupported methods (thanks @Ale95)
34. Missing auditd binary added
35. Fixed toggle alignment
36. Fixed notification date alignment (thanks @Craftingmod)
37. Removed UPSM app
38. Fix for round Google Search in Browser
39. Add icon in launcher to C9 Weather
40. New ported V5.0 s8 launcher by @josete_1976 (thanks to @ananjaser1211 @Ale95 for porting help)
41. Fix TouchWiz S8 to use C9 weather
42. Reverted ToolboxController
43. Added Debloating SmartManager in Aroma
44. Fixed incall ringing when with headphones&silent/vibrate mode
45. Reverted SoundAlive to old, fully working version
46. Latest SamsungMusic with Lightning mods (thanks to @corsicanu)
47. Latest 6h0st Aspire Kernel !
48. Completely new clock&date mod (thanks @thereassaad)
49. Two new devices added by 6h0st: Us Cellular&KDDI Corporation
50. Libraries fix for system speedup
51. Added SBrowser edge panel
52. Rtl fixes for StatusBar mods
53. New rom control Call menu
54. Call forwarding fixed
55. Much more things for you to discover

Version 3.01 Changelog:

1. GameChanger: The rom is now a full Multi-Language Rom. It has all languages included. There are very few parts with partial translations because those apps like Smart Manager just aren't multilanguage (European smart manager is scaled down).
2. Added SPen Keeper
3. Double Tap to Sleep mod added
4. Fixed Am/Pm mod
5. Fixed HeadsUp Notification in ARC
6. Fixed rotation of LockScreen
7. Compressed some big apps
8. Fixed AutoBrightness bug in framework
9. Status Official Mod (status of rom is Official now), thanks to @Grouxho
10. Removed quickpin unlock Aurora mod (mod bugged, maybe be re-done correctly later)
11. Grouping mod in ARC
12. 1'st or 2'nd swipe brightness mod
13. Fixed power profile in framework
14. Added blur mod in Rom Control
15. Remoded S8 UI with scrolling toggles on top, Nougat brightness slider on top, 6 toggles in a row, thanks to @Craftingmod
16. Data usage automatically used according to brightness mod
17. Password security fixed
18. Theme menu in Rom Control removed to comply with XDA rules
19. Link Share app fixed
20. QuickConnect app added to launcher, thanks to @daxgirl
21. Fixed blank space on brightness on first swipe, thanks to @josephpatrick
22. Fixed s8 clock mod, thanks to @oidy
23. Added TUR csc
24. Fixed SmartSwitch & UniversalSwitch
25. Updated tzdata to 6/17
26. Fixed BTU default launcher home screens
27. Fixed magnifier in toolbox
28. Reprogrammed toolbox settings
29. Updated Phantom Kernel to the last version
30 Added more device Kernels - AT&T and Korea models
31. Updated apps
32. Spelling mistakes reported and found were fixed
33. New mod for Rom Control to show only one 3minit settings link - free or payed by @daxgirl
34. Added missing Google framework files & VolTE framework files (for future use)
35. More that I forgot and you will find out

Version 2.0 Changelog:

1. Removed all Chinese apps & trojan
2. Translated framework
3. Fixed Gps in framework & conf (thanks @logel)
4. Removed useless 64 bit libs
5. Added English versions of Chinese apps
6. Added google apps
7. New Samsung ported keyboard. HandWriting is disabled but everything else works 100%.
8. Replaced Toolbox app (thanks @daxgirl)
9. New RomControl V2.1 – translated, reorganized from scratch
10. Fixed hardware test
11. Fixed QuickTools
12. Added CSC to Aroma
13. Translated Aroma
14. Fixed YouTube freezes
15. Removed call/msg spam filter
16. Fixed Google Play Services permissions
17. Changed default app installer
18. Default locale is CSC dependent
19. Fixed BlueLight filter auto activating without end
20. Fixed SmartStay
21. Disabled & Fixed diagnostic info
22. Removed possibility to enable diagnostic info at setup wizard
23. Fixed batterybar settings
24. Fixed clock size slider
25. Updated 3minit settings app
26. Added mod for roaming notification in Rom Control
27. Fixed TwLauncher default layout on first startup
28. Fixed default quick toggles order
29. Fixed signature V2 mod
30. Fixed Aroma and updated
31. Added native blur on pulldown
32. Added and fixed Private Mode including toggle
33. Fixed Ultra Saving Mode quick toggle
34. Added Toolbox & MultiWindows quick toggle
35. Fixed art updating string
36. New mod for showing model in settings
37. Fixed short number Sms in framework
38. Performance fix in framework (thanks @geiti94)
39. Fixed confirmation power menu dialog in framework
40. Fixed Chinese strings in weather
41. Cable connection doesn't ask for access permission when connected by cable
42. New s8 TwLauncher (thanks @jjjhitel)
43. Changed kernel to Phantom where possible
44. Fixed telephony port
45. Fixed contacts fc when using auto-fix on pictures taken
46. Removed non working mods from Rom Control
47. New S-Music implanted
48. Fixed Display Clock on StatusBar mod in Rom Control
49. Fixed Charging info mod in framework (thanks @thereassaad)
50. Fixed AOD brightness mod in framework
51. New full sized icon for Aspire Rom Control
52. Implanted s8 calculator with conversions
53. Added S8 power menu Icons
54. Fixed Wifi framework for wifi direct to work
55. Fixed default CSC
56. Fixed DpiChanger app (thanks @wuby986 !)
57. More behind the scenes work, fixes, speedups. Use and find out

Version 1.0 Changelog:

All v1-v8 features of the Norma team C9 Pro port. Those include the base port and a lot of mods like:

1. Statusbar virtual buttons
2. Lockscreen mods
3. Battery icon mods
4. Statusbar date & Clock
5. Battery icon
6. Traffic speed display
7. Carrier display in Statusbar
8. Toolbox & Ultra Power Savings apps
9. Advanced Device information
10. Themes free mod
11. Device keys mods
12. Custom dpi app
13. Call recording mod
14. Power menu customizations

Major Norma base features:

1. Port of C9000ZCU1AQC2 base to note3
2. Note 5 spen
3. Note 5 spen gestures
4. Rom Control
5. Automatic brightness repaired
6. Touch fixed
7. Dropdown S7 style
8. Quick unlock for lockscreen pin
9. Cameras ported from N4, S7 and Note7 roms. Please don't ask for N3 camera as it will not happen. Samsung never released a 6.0.1 n3 camera so there is no source to port from
10. Lockscreen weather display
11. BlueLight filter
12. S8 theme and apps
13. StageFright patched

How to install:
1.. Check if you have one of supported models, listed above.
2.. Latest modem & bootloader for your model must be preinstalled.
3.. If not, you will need to install them before you continue.
Warning: Using any of the two options of dirty flashing methods found in Aroma will only work with ext4 partition type!
1. Move the rom to the sd card of the mobile.
2. Be sure you backed up the EFS ! Backup everything else you have in phone.
3. Use twrp recovery 2.x ( recommended) not 3.x as it doesn't work with Aroma installer and installation will fail.
4. Enter recovery. Dirty flash is possible for users with our 4.01 rom (Backup everything in case something goes wrong). Full wipe is required for users of other versions (even for users of v2.0)! (Wipe data/factory settings) . Sprint users that want to get VoiceMail support also need to make a full wipe. Don't wipe the sd card as well . Install the rom from sd card.
5. Use Aroma to choose options and install the actual rom.
6. Reboot.
7. If you installed Magisk wait a bit for the Magisk Manager to appear. It takes few minutes sometimes.
8. Enjoy the rom.

Thanks for v5.0 assistance go to (if I forgot anyone please let me know):
Special thanks go to:
My dear friend @thereassaad Always ready to help, a real friend. Thanks a lot mate !
@ananjaser1211 –Thanks for helping with porting fixes&SystemUI theme mod.
@Grouxho - Thanks for help with clock tint&Official status mod.
@BlackMesa123 - Thank you for all the help!
@corsicanu - Always there to help with porting.
Other guys that helped us, in no special order:
@daxgirl. A dear friend. Without her there would be no Rom.
@josete_1976 - TwLauncherMod developer, great effort !
@Ale95 - TwLauncherMod porting to MM and a lot of help with porting problems
@Ouweshs28 –Chinese rom perculiarities & misc help.
@Wuby986 – Thanks for private mode, dpi changer and help when needed.
@tdunham – Awesome mods thread and personal communications
@tamirda –Toggles mod. Thanks for your personal help
@geiti94 – 32 bit apps tips, framework fix guide
@ambasadii –Hardware info fix
@edzamber –sBrowser updates
@mhmdalsfaf –Adreno drivers
@gharrington - 3minit dev
@Chainfire - the root expert
@lss1977 – for the Lss kernel
@darkera13 – the master of note3 ports, ever
@Craftingmod - for S8 SystemUI mod
@josephpatrick - for 1'st swipe brightness mod
@oidy - for fixed S8 clock layout
@triskaw - Sprint variant fixes
@loudawg11 - Sprint variant beta testing
TheDevsGroup&EliteCrewGroup on Telegram - guys, you all rock !
All our xda users, thank you for using our rom !

Rom Control Sources:
Lss Kernel Sources:
Phantom Kernel Sources:

XDA:DevDB Information
AspireTeam C9 Rom, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

DaOldMan, 6h0st, Eleo,Bullmans, galili47 Logel, Kill-Switch
ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Note 3: N900D, N9002, N9005, N900W8, N900A, N900T, N900V, N900P, N900K, N900S, N900L, SC-02F, N9007, N900R4, N900J
Based On: Samsung TouchWiz

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 5.0
Stable Release Date: 2018-05-18

Created 2017-05-21
Last Updated 2018-11-06
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20170512-010120.png
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Size:	37.2 KB
ID:	4157331   Click image for larger version

Name:	AromaCollageTransparent.jpg
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Size:	223.6 KB
ID:	4157340   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20170511-235730.png
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ID:	4157341   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171222-205544.png
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ID:	4367543   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171222-205712.jpg
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Size:	66.8 KB
ID:	4367544   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171222-205753.jpg
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Size:	98.2 KB
ID:	4367545   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171222-205803.jpg
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ID:	4367546   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171222-205830.jpg
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Size:	59.6 KB
ID:	4367547   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171222-211829.png
Views:	35786
Size:	126.5 KB
ID:	4367548   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171222-223203.jpg
Views:	36496
Size:	116.0 KB
ID:	4367566   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20171222-231223.png
Views:	37268
Size:	185.3 KB
ID:	4367568  
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Download Links
Download from here and don't mirror it on other download sites without our consent please:

V-5.0: Android File Host Link
MD5 of V5.0: 58181c6b0f24e4f3ada4eff5b24dd10c

V-4.01: Android File Host Link
MD5 of V4.01: 24a9acc024620bae1f3f674cbe6d89cf

V-3.01: Android File Host Link
MD5 of V3.01: 69ef436827225b3c99ac1c29077919e3

V-2.0: Android File Host Link
MD5 of V2.0: f3aade7c35e88cb2c8d8734ef876097e
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F.A.Q & Fixes
V5.0 - GPS problems ?
Try tightning all screws on back. If it doesn't help you can try to install the following gps files in recovery: Click here for different gps files

V5.0 - Where are my S8 icons ? No S8 theme ?
Install the following zip in recovery and you will get the S8 themed icons back in TWLauncher: Click here for wild wadi flashible zip
Click here for wild wadi post how to add/remove the S8 icons

V4.01 - I have lags when waking up the phone and while using the rom
Install the following kernel in recovery instead of the built in kernel (choose your variant carefully!): Click here to download version T kernel

V4.01 - Fix for the badge on phone icon bug
Install the following fix for phone icon badge in launchers bug: Click here for the fix

V4.0 - Fix Emoji & Language Download in keyboard
Install the following fix for Emojis and Languages in V4.0 Keyboard: Click here for the fix

V3.01 -The Sound is too loud !
Install the following fix to get back V2.0 sounds: Click here for the fix

V3.01 - I want to stop LockScreen rotation!
Read the following post: Read this post

V3.01 - Samsung Notes doesn't save new Notes
Remove any updates to Samsung Notes and don't update them for now

V2.0 - People that want to install this rom on the Korean variant n900k (ktt) or n900s (skt) or n900l (lgt) please read This Post.

V2.0 - Fix for missing Google Maps framework files for apps that use it. Install in recovery:
Click here for the Fix

People Who Want To Use Magisk Root, use the following posts:
My guide to install Magisk 14.2 with Safenet fixed
Magisk links by @Eleo

Fix for fc for some rare devices, read and follow this post by @[email protected] :
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21st May 2017, 05:14 PM |#4  
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thanks to all aspire team! one question by the way,this rom have s8 infinity live wallpaper?
21st May 2017, 05:26 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by vagenrider

thanks to all aspire team! one question by the way,this rom have s8 infinity live wallpaper?

Sorry, but not in this version. Maybe later.
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21st May 2017, 05:40 PM |#6  
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Well done Aspire team
Good Job
Very nice work
Note 3 users enjoy

Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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21st May 2017, 05:42 PM |#7  
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Thepunisher70: Well done Aspire team
Good Job
Very nice work
Note 3 users enjoy

Thx Bro
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21st May 2017, 05:56 PM |#8  
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Download link?Thanks

Sent from my SM-G950K using Tapatalk
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21st May 2017, 06:00 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by malcho

Download link?Thanks

Sent from my SM-G950K using Tapatalk

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21st May 2017, 06:00 PM |#10  
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good work
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21st May 2017, 06:01 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by malcho

Download link?Thanks

Sent from my SM-G950K using Tapatalk

Oh my long time friend what an honor. We are just finishing OP and uploading the rom. You can see in announcement it will be up soon.
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