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[ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1_r33] BlissPop 4.0.3 by Team Bliss [hlte/xx]

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*** NIGHTLY builds available here ***

Team Bliss Website

Bliss Roms now has a new website with several features.
Member sign-up, giveaways, weekly newsletter for members,
staff information, downloads and the option to open support tickets for issues
are just a few of the great features available on our website.
Huge thanks to @pjgraber03 for developing and maintaining our website.

Team Bliss is a team consisting of developers and device maintainers that work on this project in our spare
time to be able to give Android users a custom rom packed with features that will make a lasting impression.

Team Bliss is pleased to present to you BlissPop Rom!

BlissPop is one of the most highly customizable roms that you can install on your mobile device,
and you will have a truly blissful experience.
BlissPop is CM12 based, with some features added in, and we will continue to update features as they become available.
A huge thanks to CyanogenMod for the source, and all the work and dedication their team puts in to keep us updated.
We will keep up to date with the latest CM code, and updates will be posted on a regular basis.
However, please do not ask for ETA's. We will update the links as soon as they become available.

We will not tolerate any rudeness or anyone being disrespectful in this thread.
We will do our best to answer your questions or concerns as soon as possible.

Personalization Options

CM12 Theme Manager (Early Development so there will be some bugs)
-Deep Darkness theme by @_moelle included

Status Bar
-Clock & Date Options
-Option to show seconds in time
-Battery Options (Portrait, Landscape, Circle, Text or Hidden)
-Battery Bar Options
-Mobile & Wifi Network IconsOptions
-Status Bar Header
-Notification & System Icon Options
-Traffic Monitor
-Brightness Control
-SuperUser Indicator
-Notification Count
-Notification Ticker
-Carrier Label Options

Recents Options
-Clear All Button Tweaks
-Option to show Google search bar in recents Menu
-OmniSwitch (Option to replace recents menu with Omniswitch)

Notification Drawer
-Tile Options
-Quick Setting Options
-Quick & Smart Pulldown
-Brightness Slider Options

Lockscreen Options
-Disable Camera
-Disable Dialer
-Clock Widget Settings

Power Menu Options
-Power Off
-Screenshot (with delay option)
-Screen Record
-Profile Switcher
-Airplane Mode
-User Switcher
-Device Lockdown
-Sound Panel

-Power Button End Call Option
-Home Button Options
-Back Button Wake Up Option
-Menu Button Options
-Search Button Options

Pie Control
-Buttons Options
-Style & Dimension Options
-Trigger Options

Gesture Anywhere
-Location Options
-Trigger Regions

-Toast Animations
-Listview Animations
-System Animations
-Scrolling Cache
-Scrolling Modifiers

App Circle Bar
-Choose what apps you want to show on the App Circle Bar
-Trigger width, position and height

Device Control
-Control Kernel, CPU, GPU & Many Extra Settings

Bliss Download Section
-All current downloads for your convenience

AudioFX Equalizer

Display Options
-Wake Up on Charge
-Prevent Accidential Wake Up
-Double Tap to Sleep
-Reported Density
-Screen Recorder
-Color Calibration

Sound & Notification Options

-Media, Alarm & Ring Volume Options
-Increasing Ring Volume
-Call Vibration
-Interruption Options
-Notification Light Options
-Battery Light Options
-App Notification Options
-Notification Access
-Camera Shutter sound, Screenshot Sound, Safe Headset Volume
-Less Frequent Notifications
-Heads Up Notification with Snooze Timer & Time Out

-SuperSU - Huge thanks to @Chainfire

Other Stuff Included
-User Profiles
-System Profiles
-Location Options
-Security Options
-Privacy Options
-Accounts & Sync
-Language & Input
-Backup & Reset
-Performance Control
-Developer Options
-Rom & Hardware Information

--Many other settings throughout the rom. Take some time to familiarize yourself with all the blissful options!

BlissPop Source

TeamBliss Devices Source

We recommend using either TK GApps, which are available for download Here
Banks GApps, which are available Here

A huge thanks to @TKruzze for maintaining TK GApps!

If you prefer another set of GApps, just make sure you use 5.1.

Download >> Samsung Note 3

Nightly Builds >> Samsung Note 3

Team Bliss is not responsible in any way for anything that happens to your device in the process of flashing.
Please familiarize yourself with flashing and custom rom use before attempting to flash the rom.
Please make sure you download the correct version of BlissPop for your specific device. The links are labeled clearly.

-Make sure you are rooted.
-Make sure you have a custom recovery installed. (TWRP, CWM, Philz CWM)
-Download the latest Bliss Rom & the latest GApps package.
-Boot into recovery.
-Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution
-Flash Bliss Rom
-Flash GAPPs package
-First boot may take up to 10 minutes

As you all know, Lollipop is new and there are going to be bugs.
Please bear with us while we work on getting things updated, and all errors fixed.
If you have a major bug to report that has not been reported already, and is not a known issue with CM,
please take the following steps to report it to us. It will save you time, as well as us.

-Bluetooth Streaming / Transfer issues on some devices.
-Camera locks up at times, and will cause a reboot.

-Download the Catlog app from the Play Store.
There is also a donate version which you can purchase to show appreciation.
-After downloading the Catlog app, go to the app settings, and change the log level to Debug.
-Clear all previous logs and take the exact steps to produce the error you are receiving.
-As soon as you receive the error (probably a force close), go straight into Catlog and stop the log recording.
-Copy and paste the entire log either to Hastebin or Pastebin
-Save the log, and copy and paste the link into the forum with a brief description of the error.
-You can also open trouble tickets on our website for bugs.

If you would like to donate for further development of Bliss Roms,
(or to buy us a beer every now & again), visit this link:
PayPal Donate Link
Any & all donations are greatly appreciated.

The Bliss Team:
Thanks to @skyliner33v for the wallpapers & boot animations.
@pimpmaneaton, @jackeagle, @nprev420, @remicks, @Deliberate, @xboxfanj
@nerdyblonde, @Vortex1969,@pjgraber03, @bracketslash,@death2all110, @electrikjesus,
@kornfed, @_moelle, @asianflavor, @Jiggs82, @genesixxbf3

&& Thanks to a ton of other people who have contributed to the source that we used to build the rom!

XDA:DevDB Information
BlissPop for Samsung N9005 (hlte) (by Team Bliss), ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

genesixxbf3, BitOBSessiOn, KeTuRr74, electrikjesus
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Beta Version: 4.0.3
Beta Release Date: 2016-03-23

Created 2015-02-14
Last Updated 2016-03-30
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14th February 2015, 06:36 PM |#2  
genesixxbf3's Avatar
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   * device/samsung/i9300/
d97aa1d updated to fit with Archi

   * device/samsung/smdk4412-common/
c975c8b Update defaults.xml
cdfbfe1 updated with archi
92bb5f8 Revert "Revert "Revert "update AdvancedDisplay"""

   * external/e2fsprogs/
23e9eca resize: allow static build

   * frameworks/base/
01c56f5 QSColor: Improvements (1/2)
ae79ed8 Keep status bar greeting persistant during theme change
2eddf9f ScreenOrientationTile : Add instanceof checks for AnimatedVectorDrawables
b324727 Themes: Check if updateConfiguration should be called
7d5b619 SystemUI: visualizer tile improvements
816e6ab SystemUI: fix flashlight tile disappearing breifly Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <> Change-Id: Iceb8503c85f37bb11ccd332cd30c258f2e85c0a4
63109b5 Revert "Hide msim 'no-sim' icons"
67e1c2a Settings: Don't attempt to forward writes from System -> Secure.
721d000 Merge topics 'WIP Do not merge yet', 'Settings Reorganization (Do Not Merge)' into lp5.0

   * packages/apps/Mms/
5f6f91e Adding message bubble selected colours
bc03f44 Fixing dropdown background colour
568d3da Fix actionbar text
14705d3 fixing slight header colour issue
6f2819d Mms themeing fix

   * packages/apps/Settings/
b2e7234 Merge "Make ListView Animations look better" into lp5.0
3246cd9 App Circle Bar Tile [2/3]
1c5cc76 NavBar tile [2/3]
3aacf18 QSColor: Improvements - transparent shade (2/2)

   * vendor/htc/
394f185 Merge remote-tracking branch 'mup/cm-12.0' into lp5.0


   * frameworks/base/
fbe8082 Merge "Keep Bliss logo persistant during theme change" into lp5.0

   * packages/apps/Settings/
40526c9 Make ListView Animations look better

   * vendor/htc/
2c88dbb Merge pull request #124 from blunden/cm-12.0
2d83e68 m8: Fix keymaster blob path

   * vendor/motorola/
3ec10c8 Add condor blobs
3d68e02 remove condor


   * device/lge/d801/
8e4d861 update toolchain

   * device/lge/d802/
ef7bede remove useless line
14d7652 update optimisation

   * device/lge/d803/
3328540 toolchaune update

   * device/lge/g2-common/
8e2000a update everything

   * device/motorola/victara/
7381d54 Update with cyanogen
13703fd Ambiant display fix

   * external/whispersystems/WhisperPush/
5b62782 Automatic translation import

   * frameworks/base/
d73c47d Changed qs_background_drawable_color
acba84a Enable Buttons and Status Bar settings Multi-user enabled
0fc6d06 IMS: Add emergency call failures
d8c99df IMS: Add FDN call failure

   * frameworks/opt/net/ims/
e5b4efb IMS:3-way Conf Success but Active call refer fails

   * packages/apps/BluetoothExt/
e07510f Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/CMAccount/
30997b7 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/CMFileManager/
5da5e65 Automatic translation import
f54b7a6 cmfm: add support for init navigation in a concrete folder
39bb829 cmfm: add support for Intent.EXTRA_MIME_TYPES

   * packages/apps/CMWallpapers/
cd46a7e Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Calculator/
ec0062d Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Calendar/
82f0c0d Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
76db2ff Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Contacts/
ba67be5 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
873a41e Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Eleven/
7f0c9ed Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Gallery2/
f1fa7c9 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Mms/
f7143cc Mms: give sender text more space to accommodate Chinese characters
ca43614 Fix merge derp.
bcf964c Cleanup.
3c9d266 Mms: Add missing text preview in SlideListItemView.

   * packages/apps/OpenCamera/
baa9bc3 Update to OpenCamera v1.23
5fdea3e Added in .gitreview file

   * packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
002b947 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Settings/
0ba3cd8 Settings: reorganization

   * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
bce5500 SetupWizard: Make sure fragment is attached in callback
ec7edd5 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/SoundRecorder/
25ec919 SoundRecorder: Fix trying to view recordings without CM File Manager
9834c04 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Stk/
d1d8569 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Terminal/
55e5a0b Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/ThemeChooser/
b1eb89b Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/Trebuchet/
b29ee17 Automatic translation import
98b721d Trebuchet: Live Settings - stop loader before reloading dynamic grid

   * packages/apps/UnifiedEmail/
0812ca4 Automatic translation import

   * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
53bc753 Automatic translation import

   * packages/providers/ThemesProvider/
c1c81b6 Automatic translation import

   * packages/services/Mms/
9ccbb97 Automatic translation import

   * packages/wallpapers/Galaxy4/
e069bab Automatic translation import

   * packages/wallpapers/PhaseBeam/
310cf73 Automatic translation import

   * packages/wallpapers/PhotoPhase/
c1fea7f Automatic translation import

   * vendor/bliss/
ebbca13 apns-conf: remove default type from all vzw apns

   * vendor/samsung/
582d4aa Merge branch 'cm-12.0' of into cm-12.0
b023060 Merge pull request #583 from solk2/cm-12.0

   * vendor/sony/
e1a1349 Merge pull request #104 from varunchitre15/cm-12.0
26cf3f7 taoshan: regenerate some makefiles
3f5d625 Merge pull request #102 from varunchitre15/cm-12.0
6d92403 taoshan: add libimage-jpeg-enc-omx-comp and libmmstillomx as shared lib


   * device/lge/g2-common/
2fb742e Ambiant display fix
344cd59 Build in permissive
cd6abc7 Build in permissive

   * device/motorola/victara/
0e2a2f0 Update config.xml
2622fc4 Ambiant display fix
6ddc095 Update bliss.dependencies
415becb Update bliss.dependencies

   * device/samsung/hlte/
8745f28 Update bliss.dependencies
3d7456e Update bliss.dependencies
c23da5b Update bliss.dependencies
e24766a Update bliss.dependencies
138fbac Update bliss.dependencies

   * device/samsung/hlte-common/
40ee91d Update bliss.dependencies

   * device/samsung/i9300/
e9633ba Ambiant display fix
a8df75b Update config.xml
a952f57 Ambiant display fix
5ff7e7b Ambiant display fix
0b143bc trying to fix
fdaa6f2 Update config.xml

   * device/samsung/smdk4412-common/
14b8c7f Revert "Revert "update AdvancedDisplay""

   * frameworks/base/
cf0eee8 Keep Bliss logo persistant during theme change
82afaf0 Themes: Enhanced theming capabilities [1/3]
dfe9eed Avert duplicating translation in drawing a background drawable
26f488e Revert "WindowManager: Toast message is not visible in some scenarios"
3acd7fa Strings improvements
9948cc0 SettingsProvider: add advanced_mode
2d419e9 Clean up Javadocs for UEventObserver
057db84 Materialize toast frames
db57a5b Revert "Base: SlimPie (1/2)"
b97c1c6 SystemUI : Make navbar back,recent not re-assignable
2d02663 Revert "Allow configuration of recents and back navbar keys"

   * frameworks/minikin/
c5d47d1 Revert "Move coverage bitmap from FontCollection to FontFamily"

   * frameworks/opt/telephony/
cee190c SMSDispatcher: Add option for sending pseudo-multipart SMSes

   * kernel/samsung/smdk4412/
d4cba56 i9300: activate powersave governor

   * packages/apps/Bluetooth/
f13a7a6 Automatic translation import

   * packages/apps/DeviceControl/
27c280e strings: fix typo
87c1683 add more logging
e281701 app manager: fix another crash
baf9fb2 Typo in french translation of support_message
125206c sensors: fix derp
a26af15 more: move media scanner to own category, remove its icon
5b0fa94 about: move to own package, merge support and welcome fragment
6e200b9 merge performance extras to device features
9b2fe35 update menu icons
aeec8f4 promote filesystem and thermal driver to menu entries
6ebfc20 editors: move to own package, remove build prop quick tweaks
48979c1 bump versioncode
4014d5d do not exclude everything from recents
2efb7b6 update some drawables
145cdc2 sensors: add sensor information
ac72b87 device: move to own package, cleanup
65848d1 flasher: move to new package, cleanup

   * packages/apps/Settings/
4621fc3 Add MultiUser support for additional Settings
8436f92 Add CM Advanced Settings Mode
a87cd11 REVERT: Settings SlimPie (2/2)

   * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
da8333a SetupWizard: Update setting constants.

   * packages/apps/ThemeChooser/
3712d15 Themes: Enhanced theming capabilities [3/3]

   * packages/providers/ThemesProvider/
a62acf1 close more cursors...

   * packages/services/Telephony/
7b677f7 TeleService: Add all supported network modes

   * system/core/
c86e715 healthd: charger: Make battery capacity in charging animation opt-in

   * vendor/bliss/
1f23eda More Reliance (rcomnet) updates
44dc174 Prioritize Airtel GPRS over Airtel Live in India.

   * vendor/htc/
c271895 Merge remote-tracking branch 'mup/cm-12.0' into lp5.0


   * device/lge/d803/
b5f6a8f update everything

   * device/lge/g2-common/
33d63a6 allow f320 to build

   * device/motorola/victara/
9ac8714 Update

   * device/samsung/i9300/
d185c84 Update
bdb9ed1 fix ambient display
3379992 trying to fix
96d67fd remove spaces
3be24f9 Update

   * frameworks/av/
17dcba1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/cm-12.0' into cm-12.0

   * frameworks/base/
8cfcc70 Merge "Increase Window Animations Scale Setting" into lp5.0
2f54560 Merge "Add hdpi resolution Bliss statusbar icon" into lp5.0
f3c747d Add hdpi resolution Bliss statusbar icon
15e7aaf Increase Window Animations Scale Setting
6f072dd Bliss logo in statusbar (1/2)
8e68429 Add in a 2nd NABAR_ALWAYS_MENU, this will allow a persistant menu option on both sides of navbar.
274a841 [Base] Volume panel timeout
923c388 Fix 'fuchsia' typo.
a1a2831 Recents long press: add pluggable implementation - Adds a Secure.Setting for the activity component to handle   Intent.ACTION_RECENTS_LONG_PRESS. - Adds a new intent ACTION_RECENTS_LONG_PRESS for the   long press of the recents button. Other system applications   can register for the intent to provide custom handling.   Handlers of this intent are queried for in the settings   application, and if no handlers are found, the default   implementation falls back on ActionUtils.switchToLastApp().

   * hardware/ti/wpan/
b898c29 uim: Disable verbose debugging

   * kernel/lge/msm8974/
c88e938 Rename cyanogenmod_f320x_defconfig to cyanogenmod_f320_defconfig

   * kernel/samsung/smdk4412/
db97b76 powersave: Turn CPUs offline while active Similar to 9829836f63a65aa314926a330d0eaea522b524df
ff2cba0 cypress-touchkey: fix behaviour
c286a15 Revert "drivers: cypress-touchkey: fix led behavior"

   * packages/apps/Settings/
e8b04e4 Settings: Bliss logo in statusbar (2/2)
7f95e95  [Settings] Volume panel timeout Signed-off-by: Cristiano Matos <>
699c91b Settings: Clean up code style in ButtonSettings Change-Id: I6df0ee12536dcca2b9734785bebe16a0fea7f0c2
b94b61f Profiles: fix a ClassCastException
29c5bc0 Settings: ButtonSettings: Introduce recents long press action Add a new preference in Settings > Buttons > Recents long press action that controls the behavior of recents long press intent ACTION_RECENTS_LONG_PRESS.

   * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
1a68418 SetupWizard: Images to get overlayed on mass market devices
01f21da SetupWizard: Add option to apply default theme if one exists

   * vendor/htc/
750df3f Merge pull request #123 from thoemy/cm-12.0
6a44618 endeavoru: Use Huawei P6 RXN_IntApp
b1329d4 Revert "m8: ship wcnss firmware"

   * vendor/samsung/
2710ab2 trlte-common: Remove
881cd3f ks01lte: Revert to KK GPS blobs.
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14th February 2015, 06:36 PM |#3  
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14th February 2015, 06:59 PM |#4  
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14th February 2015, 08:14 PM |#5  
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How do we get the theme to be that grey color like in the screenshots? The Deep Darkness theme is too dark. Is it in the settings somewhere?
14th February 2015, 08:22 PM |#6  
genesixxbf3's Avatar
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Originally Posted by azngujuonfire

How do we get the theme to be that grey color like in the screenshots? The Deep Darkness theme is too dark. Is it in the settings somewhere?

it was Deep darkness
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14th February 2015, 10:12 PM |#7  
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So how the rom is working?
14th February 2015, 10:33 PM |#8  
austino pele's Avatar
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Nice to get official on ma device
14th February 2015, 10:53 PM |#9  
Thanks Meter: 3
Originally Posted by genesixxbf3

it was Deep darkness

Originally Posted by genesixxbf3

So how the rom is working?

Oh haha. The actual deep darkness theme is too dark for me haha. The screenshot is more how I want it lol. The ROM so far is working well. Phone calls work great, doesn't drain the battery when sleeping so far. Hoping to get 5+ hours of screen on time!
15th February 2015, 02:16 AM |#10  
corcgaigh's Avatar
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Anybody flash this on sprint.
Thanks for bringing this to the N3 guys
15th February 2015, 08:52 AM |#11  
Marvino.'s Avatar
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Thumbs up Awesome work!
Such awesome work really..!
I've a Q then; if I flashed this rom could I be able to revert back to KitKat roms or not?
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