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S9+ Features Port [17.08.18] Dr.Ketan ROM I Jio VoLTE I Xposed I DEX support I Oreo

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By dr.ketan, Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor on 29th September 2017, 05:52 PM
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N950F/FD Dr.Ketan ROM DeKnoxed

ROM Features (Oreo)


- Based on official oreo N950FXXU4CRH3
- S9+ Features - Very limited port. Better can say features port. Some S9+ features ported like

  • Live Wallpaper
  • Video play on LockScreen
  • Dolby
- Device status set to Official
- Included wide range of CSC (Total 213)
- Decrypted CSC features
- OMC flash have now three option
  • N950F omc
  • N950N omc
  • skip (NO omc)
- Aroma includes option to root(magisk)/No root (For SuperSu - read below add on at end of post)
- Good LOck 2018
  • Edge lighting plus (aroma selectable)
  • Side Key (One hand Operation) - Aroma selectable
  • QS Color - ROM Tool (No CSC restriction)
  • Lock Star - ROM Tool (No CSC restriction)
  • Task Changer (Recents) - ROM Tool (No CSC restriction)
  • Routines - ROM Tool (No CSC restriction)
- Clock Face for AOD and LockScreen
- Included stock enforcing kernel
- Reduced call disconnect delay.
- DEX station (Not tested)
- High Volume warning disabled
- Hign brightness strain warning disabled
- Screenshot in Secure Tab
- Camera flashlight up to 1% battery
- Denoxed with minimally debloated (tried to preserve most functions though)
- Ad-Free preactivated Toggle in ROM Tool
- Enabled Launcher Rotation Toggle in launcher settings.
- Reboot to recovery (If not available, apply essential fix from ROM Tool)
- Show/Hide emergency in Power Menu
- Show/Hide Users in PowerMenu for multiusers.
- 3minit battery and 3minit clock (you will get option to choose just after finishing setup, also you can change anytime from ROM Tool)
- Added some important samsung stuff
  1. Calculator
  2. Email
  3. Music
  4. Samsung Gear
  5. S Health
  6. S Internet
- Titanium Backup aroma selected
- SystemUI mods
  1. No secure login (After reboot no need to compulsory use PIN, it can be unlocked with fingerprint)
  2. Battery Bar with thickness and color option
  3. Network meter with Toggle (Lt/Rt/Quick Panel/None) with color option
  4. Virtual Key with Toggle (Lt side - Menu, Rt side - Power, Centre - Home)
  5. Double tap statusbar to sleep
- Internet browser Secret mode
- S Health patched for using with rooted device.
- Able to web login with biometrics on samsung browser
- ROM Control (ROM Tool - ROM control) with following option
Toggles for System UI as mentioned above
Sound modes (Untested)
There are few more options will be there but won't work if those are not mentioned here.
- ROM Tool with following options
  1. Auto detect Busybox and auto flash if using magisk, Manual option to install for SuperSU users)
  2. NavigationBar heights on the fly (Smaller/Stock)
  3. Long Press Home customization : Select Device assistance as LP Home from settings, then select if you want to use it to assign to any available app/service), You can reset choice from ROM control
  4. Scloud - As this is major battery killer, You ca enable/disable anytime from ROM control
  5. Fbind Helper : Small tool to use Fbind magisk module (Need to install separately from Magisk - Download - Magic Folder Binder. It is same like folder mount. You can mount Int SD folder to Ext SD
  6. Battery and Clock selection - Select stock/3minit battery/clock on the fly.
  7. EFS Backup. Single click EFS Backup (Storage location - Int Storage/MyEFS)
  8. Viper sound mode - Single click enable/disable Viper sound mode (should work with both magisk/supersu) & option to choose old/New viper, You can switch between anytime (just reboot needed in between)
    If you want to use any other version of Viper, first enable one(Old/New) and then you can install other version as regular apk to work.
    Also to note that, viper will work after 15-20 sec of rebooting device (you will see a toast msg Viper activated' after every boot if you have enabled it).
  9. Some additional toggles (will auto apply on first boot or you can force apply by - ROM Tool - Apply essential fix)
  10. NavigationBar custom color
  11. Update & Fix section

    Important instruction for ROM Tool - After clean install ROM Tool should ask supersu permission on first boot, if you don't see call then manually check magisk/supersu log
- Multi CSC. It contains many CSC inside (All included under 'OXM') and will auto installed. If you have other CSC installed (Other than Original One), you may get message to RESET after first boot. In that case, you will lose root and have to flash magisk again to retain root access.

- Xposed Installer Pre installed without framework
If you don't using xposed - simply uninstall it as regular user app and it won't change anything
If you want to use xposed - Open Xposed installer from app drawer - Click on cloud symbol below - Install/Update - Select 'Install' - Grant SU access -
Reboot when script run and ask to reboot. First time it may take longer to boot.
After boot, you will have Xposed ready to use.

* Some fetures may vary depend on ROM version. Read changelog post for latest update and features of current version.

Credit and Thanks :
@Chainfire - Respected elite developer for supersu and his unbelievable contribution to XDA/Android community. @wanam - Respected elite developer for his awesome contribution and references to his works.
@topjohnwu for Magisk
@xperiacle the amazing developer for reference to his work and tools. @gharrington for 3minit battery and QuickLaunch.
ROM Control source and all credit and thanks goes to @daxgirl and @Wuby986 for their open source project for RomControl.
@Tkkg1994 for his permissive kernel @AbrahamGC for some ideas @frap129 for Spectrum app. samsungvn htcmania for tips and some stock apps

XDA:DevDB Information
Dr.Ketan ROM N8, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (2017 Phone)

dr.ketan, Dr.Ketan
ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2017-09-29
Last Updated 2018-08-17
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29th September 2017, 05:53 PM |#2  
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Installation and Download

Important :

- This will void warranty.
- As of now you will lose Samsung Pay and Secure folder forever if you root once, even unrooting won't help. (hope in future we can get it working on tripped knox device)
- OTA likely won't work once you root device.

Installation :

If you are on stock ROM/Recovery, follow below said steps

1.Enable Developer Option (settings - about phone - Software information - Tap 7 times on build number to activate developer option in settings menu)
2.Enable OEM Unlock from developer option (If you don't have this option then read this you can't flash ROM before this option available.)
3.Download and copy ROM File to Ext SD card, Use ES file/Root explorer or any similar to check MD5, it should be match with provided in download section.
4.Download This TWRP by tkkg1994 for Oreo which is ready to flash using Odin (For Nougat download this and extract to tar.md5)
5.Switch Off device
6.Press Vol down + Bixby + Power to reboot to download mode, press volume up when asked to continue to download mode
7.Download Odin and open it, Disable 'Auto reboot' from option menu of Odin
8.Select TWRP (tar image) with AP tab of Odin and Start
9.Once Successfully flashed, you will see 'Passed' in Odin tab
10.Disconnect device and hold Vol down + power till screen goes off, Now immediately press Vol Up + Bixby + Power to reboot to TWRP
11.Select to allow modification
12.From TWRP, Select WIPE menu - Then FORMAT DATA - You need to type 'yes' to perform wipe. WARNING : This will erase all data including Int SD storage from device
13.Once format device completes, go back and select REBOOT' Menu and then - 'RECOVERY', This will reboot to TWRP again
14.Now select Install and navigate path to Ext SD card - ROM zip file, you have copied earlier
15.Let device boot, and read ROM specific Instructions below.
16.If ROM doesn't include your original CSC - Read post #5

If you are on CWM recovery and custom ROM already, Follow below said steps.

1.Download ROM zip and place on Int Storage/Ext SD and check MD5
2.Reboot to recovery and select factory reset and flash ROM zip you have copied in step 1.
3.Let device boot,Read ROM specific instructions below.
4.If ROM doesn't include your original CSC - Read post #5

Some ROM specific instructions

1. On first boot, ROM Tool will ask to grant supersu, grant it. (If it doesn't then you must check if you have lost root), After around 3-4 min of granting permission, it will check for required busybox module, If it is missing then, you will see a dialogue message for it. Message give you two options 1.Skip OR 2.Install. Normally option 2 is recommended except you don't want to reboot device.

2.If you have OEM unlock option appeared after 7 days , Please select 'Patch OEM' option in aroma. After that OEM unlock option should remain intact immediately after flashing ROM.
Before rebooting device make sure you have OEM unlock option available in developer's option and enabled.

Read ChangeLog of ROM you are going to flash for any specific instructions. Link to changelog is available in next post below.

Can I dirty flash (without factory reset) ROM? No, We don't recommend it. If you are able to handle consequences with dirty flash then proceed, but don't post bugs in forum without clean installing ROM.
PS : Who can handle consequences of dirty flashing, they never need to ask this question in forum.

For Encryption - Read This

Download :

Instructions provided above are for latest version of ROM only, on previous versions of ROM it may or may not be same, we recommend to flash latest ROM only.

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29th September 2017, 05:53 PM |#3  
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O1 - 24.03.2018

O2 - 30.03.2018

O3 - 02.04.2018

O4 - 04.04.2018

O5 - 19.04.2018

O6 - 03.05.2018

O7P - 03.06.2018

O8P - 24.06.2018

O9P - 06.07.2018

O10P - 21.07.2018

O11P - 30.07.2018

O12P - 11.08.2018

O13P - 17.08.2018

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29th September 2017, 05:53 PM |#4  
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Bootloader, Modems and stock recovery :

Bootloader Modem and stock recovery collection

Download and extract it. You will find installation instructions inside it

Read this for getting latest bootloader and modem

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29th September 2017, 05:55 PM |#5  
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CSC Included in ROM

Following CSC are included in ROM, If your original CSC includes below in list, you don't need to take extra measures after flashing ROM zip else you need to flash your original CSC. Read end of post how to flash original CSC

Included CSC are :
  1. ACG
  2. ACR
  3. AFG
  4. AFR
  5. ALE
  6. AME
  7. AMO
  8. ANC
  9. ARO
  10. ATL
  11. ATO
  12. ATT
  13. AUT
  14. AVF
  15. BAT
  16. BGL
  17. BMC
  18. BNG
  19. BOG
  20. BRI
  21. BST
  22. BVO
  23. BWA
  24. CAC
  25. CAM
  26. CCT
  27. CDR
  28. CHE
  29. CHL
  30. CHO
  31. CHR
  32. CHV
  33. CHX
  34. CNX
  35. COA
  36. COM
  37. COO
  38. COS
  39. CPA
  40. CRC
  41. CRO
  42. CTI
  43. CTP
  44. CTU
  45. CWW
  46. CYV
  47. DBT
  48. DCO
  49. DHR
  50. DKR
  51. DNL
  52. DOR
  53. DPL
  54. DRE
  55. DTM
  56. ECO
  57. ECT
  58. EGY
  59. EON
  60. ESK
  61. ETL
  62. EUR
  63. EVR
  64. FMC
  65. FTM
  66. GCF
  67. GLW
  68. H3G
  69. HTS
  70. ICE
  71. ILO
  72. INS
  73. ITV
  74. IUS
  75. JDI
  76. KDO
  77. KSA
  78. KTC
  79. LAO
  80. LRA
  81. LUC
  82. LUX
  83. MAX
  84. MBM
  85. MEO
  86. MET
  87. MID
  88. MOB
  89. MTB
  90. MTL
  91. MWD
  92. MYM
  93. NEE
  94. NPL
  95. O2U
  96. OMN
  97. OPS
  98. OPT
  99. OPV
  100. ORO
  101. ORS
  102. ORX
  103. PAK
  104. PCT
  105. PCW
  106. PEO
  107. PET
  108. PGU
  109. PHE
  110. PHN
  111. PNT
  112. PRO
  113. PRT
  114. PSN
  115. PSP
  116. PVT
  117. ROM
  118. RWC
  119. SEB
  120. SEE
  121. SEK
  122. SER
  123. SFR
  124. SIM
  125. SKC
  126. SKZ
  127. SLK
  128. SPR
  129. SWC
  130. TCE
  131. TCL
  132. TDR
  133. TEL
  134. TFN
  135. TGY
  136. THL
  137. THR
  138. TLS
  139. TMB
  140. TMH
  141. TMS
  142. TMZ
  143. TNL
  144. TNZ
  145. TPA
  146. TPH
  147. TPL
  148. TRG
  149. TTT
  150. TUN
  151. TUR
  152. UNE
  153. UPO
  154. USC
  155. UYO
  156. VAU
  157. VD2
  158. VDC
  159. VDF
  160. VDH
  161. VDI
  162. VGR
  163. VIP
  164. VMU
  165. VOD
  166. VTR
  167. VZW
  168. WIN
  169. WMC
  170. XAA
  171. XAC
  172. XAS
  173. XEC
  174. XEF
  175. XEH
  176. XEO
  177. XEU
  178. XFE
  179. XFV
  180. XID
  181. XME
  182. XSA
  183. XSG
  184. XSP
  185. XTC
  186. XXV
  187. ZTA
  188. ZTO

  189. BTC
  190. BTU
  191. CEL
  192. CPW
  193. GLB
  194. LYS
  195. MAT
  196. MM1
  197. PCL
  198. PTR
  199. SIN
  200. SMA
  201. SMP
  202. STH
  203. TEB
  204. TMC
  205. WTL
  206. XFA

My CSC is not included in above list, what should I do?

There are some extra CSC available separately below in this post. If your's included in that then get it and follow instructions provided.
If your CSC is not included in above list then better you should flash CSC file from stock firmware.

First Install your desired ROM
1.Download your original firmware from samfirmware or updato or any similar
2.Make copy of it, in case it messed up then you may need not to re download again
3.Rt click on PC on file you have download and select 7zip and select open archive (you may use any other similar to winzip if you wish)
4.You will see a file name started with HOME_CSC_***.tar.md5
5.Drag and drop that file to PC
6.Reboot device to download mode and select HOME_CSC_**.tar.md5 file with CSC tab of Odin and flash
7.let device reboot, you may see a warning to reset data to apply new CSC - Ignore it
8.Reboot device to Recovery - Wipe Data (regular wipe, not full format)
9.Select Dr.Ketan ROM zip (N3 or up) - skip everything except choose one of your desired root method like Magisk OR SuperSU
(If you are on other ROM, you should download Magisk/SuperSU separately and should choose same which was you had while flashing ROM)
10.Reboot device - Now you will have your own original CSC


Flashable CSC

Download your CSC form below list if available and copy along with ROM file. Once you finish clean flashing ROM, immediately flash CSC file without reboot in between

Available Flashable CSC


Download Flashable CSC zip

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29th September 2017, 06:43 PM |#6  
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Great to see Dr.Ketan at Note 8 section, looks promising
Downloading when I can find the link :P
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29th September 2017, 06:46 PM |#7  
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Downloads link ?
29th September 2017, 07:09 PM |#8  
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Thanks Doctor.....

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29th September 2017, 07:20 PM |#9  
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is gear vr present?
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