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[ROM][LineageOS13.0][Marshmallow][Android 6.0.1] NightOwl 20171029-Fixed

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By bauner, Retired Recognized Developer on 23rd November 2015, 04:57 PM
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Announcement from bauner: NightOwl LineageOS13 20171029-Fixed
This is the NightOwl LineageOS 13.0 Android 6.0.1 20171029-Fixed built from source for the Galaxy Note 1 GT-N7000/GT-N7000B

This Rom is developed to provide you an as close as possible experience of LineageOS 13.0 on the GT-N7000 without modifying the stock LineageOS look and feel

The LineageOS13 20171029-Fixed is tested and running stable for all day use.
The most functions are working but there still can be some minor bugs!

Use my Roms only if you are sure about the risks of flashing custom Roms/Kernel to your device. I'm not responsible for any damage caused by using one of my files.
Because of the ART runtime in Android 5/6 all Apps will need more space. If you want to install more Apps you should think about repartitioning your internal storage.
You can also find a repartition howto in the Howto Install section.

* Fixed Apps can cause a Bootloop
I made a fixed version of 20171029 because all my testroms after 10/2017 did not work stable and I currently don't know the exact reason

Older Changes:

* Updated lineage sources
* October security patches
* 'Krack' vulnerability fixes
* Updated lineage sources
* September security patches
* Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length
* Updated lineage sources
* July security patches
* Updated lineage sources
* June security patches
* Possible miracast fix
* Updated lineage sources
* May security patches
* Fixed whatsapp videocall colors with back camera
* Some kernel updates
* Updated lineage sources
* April security patches
* Some kernel updates
* Updated lineage source
* February security patches
* Added the earlier skipped frameworks/av november patches
* New dark bootanimation (modified by Fix_ita)
* Colors in whatsapp video calls fixed
* Possible ix for Sound cuts off at low volume playback
* Remove 800Mhz cpu step up limit
* Some kernel updates
* Toybox: fix loading of custom kernel modules
* Based on LineageOS
* Updated sources
* January security patches
* Merged updates from lineage smdk4412 kernel
* Updated cm sources
* December security patches
* Merged updates from cm smdk4412 kernel
* Xposed is working again with an workaround from @arter97
* Reverted frameworks/av november patches to fix screenrecording and instagram video upload
* Merged cm changes
* November security patches
* Use better working gps blobs fom nexus 10
* Video recording in whatsapp and other apps is working again
* Removed nonremovale flag from sdcard1
* Merged cm changes
* October security patches
* Enabled secure adb
* Possible fix for chromecast (please give me your feedback because I don't have a chromecast)
* Merged cm changes
* September security patches
* Merged cm changes
* August security patches
* Enable MMS with disabled mobile data
* Use my kernel again
* Reverted zram, lz4 and lmk updates in the kernel because of stability problems
* 350mb zram lzo 1 stream
* Merged cm changes
* July security patches
* Camera: HAL improvements and fixes
* Smdk4412 based kernel
* Removed 13 step cpu table
* Merged cm changes
* June security patches
* Many updates from the smdk4412 kernel (mostly for zRam and Lmk)
* Added Westwood TCP Algorithm
* Added Sio/Sioplus scheduler
* Mali 3 step 160/200/267MHz
* 13 CPU steps
* zRam use lz4 compression
* 400MB zRam lz4 2 stream
* Back to Ondemand
* Removed custom lmk override (make it more aggressive)
* Merged cm changes
* May security patches
* Fixed instagram (and other apps) video upload
* Fixed builtin screenrecording app
* Fixed front camera pictures
* Updated ext4 driver to fix ext4 related crashes
* Fixed 'TIME_NS' and 'UID' not found errors
* Standalone hotplug policy
* Update pegasusq in kernel
* Enabled pegasusq
* Use pegasusq as default
* Pegasusq powerhal (to support battery profiles again)
* Enabled config_enableAutoPowerModes to support app standby
* Delete lockscreen shortcuts fixed
* Pattern unlock for dialer fixed
* Swap buffers workaround
* Kernel updates from smdk4412
* Use hammerhead drm blobs
* Updated cm sources
* April security patches
* Opensource libUMP
* Fixed crash in clock settings
* Start macloader later
* Start gps later
* Added more timeservers for gps
* Disable hw keys and enable navbar in settings
* Some sepolicy updates to set enforcing in future versions
* Translations for the gesture settings
* Trim on reboot support (if you create a file "trim" on the /cache partition)
* Merged some updates from the smdk4412 kernel
* mm: remove compressed copy from zram in-memory
* Modified art settings to fix playstore crashes
* Optional twrp and 3.0.2 IsoRec recovery
* Exchange support back again
* Themes dont loose icons on reboot
* Fixed clock crash on alarm
* Fix crash in call log
* Better screen rotation fix
* Fixed sdcard problems
* Fixed screen rotation
* Add back gesture support for ambient display
Changes beta 4.1:
* Fixed beta4 problems on clean install/factory reset
* Better fix for the screen rotation problem
Changes beta 4:
* Updated cm sources
* March security patches
* Fix for not working screen rotation after some time of usage
* Removed gesture wake support (did consume to much battery)
* Netflix is working
* Limit dex2oat to 2 threads to reduce the lag while installing/updating apps
* Enabled DMA CMA and MFC cMA
* Optimized zRam settings
* Disabled low latency audio (fix audio stuttering in some games)
* Possible fix for bt music stuttering
* Enabled cant reallocate omx buffers
* Merged some smdk4412 kernel updates
* Kernel: OOM performance improvement
* Flashlight is working with screen off
* F2fs support (only possible with twrp isorec)
* Kernel: cgroup: Take css_set_lock from cgroup_css_sets_empty()
* Kernel cgroup: Fix use after free of cgrp (cgrp->css_sets)
* Fixed h.264 fullscreen videos in browser
* Optional twrp and 3.0.0 IsoRec recovery
Changes beta 3:
* merged cm changes
* february security patches
* stagefright: fix YV12 chroma stride align for Exynos4
* bring SamsungExynos4RIL inline with framework-fixed 2g/3g switch
* fix MTP USB node permissions
* ambient display with proximity sensor support
* daydream support
* netflix hack ---please test netflix and give me some feedback
(also if you know videos which will work in cm12.1 and not in cm13 please tell it to me)
* update wifi fw to
* update media_codecs.xml
* back to smdk4412 usb gadget driver
* stop the modem from crashing and rebooting the device for no real reason
* wifi driver bring in sync with smdk4412 kernel
* Zeitferne's freeze fix new version
* Lanchon's IsoRec support
* optional twrp IsoRec recovery
Changes beta 2:
* merged cm changes
* january security patches
* some kernel config changes
* updated interactive governor
* updated row iosched
* back to stock samsung usb gadget driver
* zeitferne's freeze fix
* fixed move apps to sd
* back to aosp webview to fix webview related app problems
* vold: Make public volumes publicly writable based on WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
* fixed ext sd permissions for some apps (like titanium backup)
* camera add storage location
* stock browser will ask for storage permissions on first download instead of crashing with permission denied
* audio recorder storage permissions fixed
* wifi disconnect sometimes in standby seems to be fixed
Changes beta 1.1:
Fixed screen flickering
Changes beta 1:
Merged cm changes
GPS is working
Added ota updater
Fixed the installation of big apps
Wifi configuration changes
Some kernel updates
Changes alpha 4.1:
Almost the same as alpha 4
+Sim pin usage fixed
+possible fix for the sdcards in some apps
Changes alpha 4:
Android 6.0.1
fixed ril crash after end call
most video formats are now working (also youtube videos)
video recording is working
alpha 3:
Ril is working (you should disable the sim pin usage before or you will need your puk code everytime after a reboot)
No more app optimization after each reboot
Merged cm changes from today
alpha 2:
More stable as alpha1
Sdcards are fixed
Changed ART settings
Gapps are working (please use my provided modified gapps because the current opengapps will break the keyboard)
Tuned lmk to fix self closing apps
Google webview as default
Some kernel fixes

Known issues LineageOS 13.0 20170925:

The sdcards should be vfat formatted
Other webview versions as the default can break the video playback in the browser.
If you have installed any webview versions/updates from the playstore or as apk please uninstall it to use the webview version from the fix.

How to Install:
If you are running a custom Kitkat or Lollipop Rom:

1. Copy Rom + Google Apps to your sdcard.
2. Boot into recovery
3. Factory Reset + Format the /system partition
4. Flash the Rom and Gapps.
5. Reboot

The steps to install it from an stock samsung rom are:

If you have already an samsung 4.1.x running you can skip step 1

1.flash N7000ZSLR1_N7000OZSLR1_BRI (or any other other 4.1.2) stock rom using odin
2.Copy Rom + Google Apps to your sdcard.
3.flash PhilZ-cwm6-XXLT6-XSA-5.06.1.tar.md5 ( to get cwm recovery by using odin or mobile odin
4. boot into recovery
5. flash this kernel to get an updated cwm recovery
(this step will make your old rom unbootable stuck in the n7000 screen but you can boot into recovery with press and hold "home" and "volume+" buttons and power on your phone)
6. you need to reboot! your device now to recovery
7. you are now in the updated recovery and you need to do a factory reset (and to go sure you should also format the /system partition)
8. you can now install the rom and gapps and reboot your device

Howto Repartition your device and install this Rom:

Savin Vasudevan has written all the needed steps to repartition your device to add more space for installing Apps
(Please replace the files in Step 16 with the newest ones from this Post for cm13/android6)

Lanchon has made a tool to make it also possible to repartition your device in the recovery after you have installed the rom without loosing your data

Here you can find 2 example zip file for the n7000 and some instructions how to use it with NightOwl

Updating If you are running an earlier NightOwl LineageOS13/cm13 version:

1. Copy Rom to your sdcard.
2. Boot into recovery
3. Flash the Rom (you dont need to reflash the gapps if you update from an earlier nightowl version)
4. Wipe dalvik-cache and format the /cache partition (This will not delete your apps or data)
5. Reboot

How to enable root:

1. Go to Settings-About phone and tip 7 times on Build number to enable the Developer options
2. Go to Settings-Developer options-Root access and set it to Apps and ADB
3. (Optional) Install supersu from the playstore (because some apps have problems with the stock root implementation)
3.1 Open supersu and let it update the su binary (choose normal)

The official (systemless) supersu recovery versions will not work
If you want to flash supersu in the recovery you can use this modified versions

LineageOS 13.0 20171029-Fixed Rom:
(AFH Link because currently the XDA DevDB upload is not working for me)
Google Apps for LineageOS13/cm 13:
Use only micro, nano or pico Gapps!

Addons for Beta3 and newer Roms:
Recovery flashable TWRP 3.1.0-0 build2 recovery (IsoRec)
Recovery flashable TWRP 3.0.2 recovery (IsoRec) (New version with OTG support)
New version which will also work with cm12.1
Recovery flashable TWRP recovery (IsoRec)
Recovery flashable Package to remove a IsoRec recovery and use the kernel inbuild recovery again

LineageOS 13.0 20171029 Kernel only:

Older versions:

LineageOS 13.0 20171029 Rom:
LineageOS 13.0 20170925 Rom:
LineageOS 13.0 20170925 Kernel only:
LineageOS 13.0 20170720 Rom:
LineageOS 13.0 20170720 Kernel only:
LineageOS 13.0 20170630 Rom:
LineageOS 13.0 20170630 Kernel only:
LineageOS 13.0 20170528 Rom:
LineageOS 13.0 20170528 Kernel only:
LineageOS 13.0 20170413 Rom:
LineageOS 13.0 20170413 Kernel only:
LineageOS 13.0 20170313 Rom:
LineageOS 13.0 20170313 Kernel only:
LineageOS13 20170204 Rom:
LineageOS 13 20170204 Kernel only:
CM13 20161214 Rom:
CM13 20161214 Kernel only:
CM13 20161115 Rom:
CM13 20161115 Kernel only:
CM13 20161110 Rom:
CM13 20161110 Kernel only:
CM13 20161012 Rom:
CM13 20161012 Kernel only:
CM13 20160914 Rom:
CM13 20160914 Kernel only:
CM13 20160807 Rom:
CM13 20160807 Kernel only:
CM13 20160711 Rom:
Update for 20160711 to fix video playback in the browser and in some apps:
If you have installed any webview versions from the playstore or as apk please uninstall it to use the webview version from the fix
CM13 20160616 Rom:
CM13 20160616 Kernel only:
CM13 20160510 Rom:
CM13 Beta 5 Rom:
CM13 Beta 4.3 Rom:
CM13 Beta 3 Rom:
CM13 Beta 2 Rom:
Addons for Beta2:
Recovery flashable Testversion of the new CM13 Snap Camera
Recovery flashable Package to restore the Beta2 default Camera
(if you go back to the default camera you need to answer all 4 permission requests with allow on the first camera start)
CM13 Beta 1.1 Rom:
CM13 Beta 1 Rom:
CM13 alpha 4.1 Rom:
CM13 alpha 4 Rom:
CM13 alpha 3 Rom:
CM13 alpha 2 Rom:
CM13 alpha 1 Rom:

A big THX to:

Cyanogenmod Team
Lysergic Acid
Haxynox team
Dmitry Grinberg

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][LineageOS13.0][Marshmallow][Android 6.0.1] NightOwl 20171029-Fixed, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: Kitkat/Lollipop compatible recovery
Based On: LineageOS

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated
Current Stable Version: 20171029-Fixed
Stable Release Date: 2018-02-25

Created 2015-11-23
Last Updated 2018-08-10
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23rd November 2015, 05:23 PM |#2  
panamera2011's Avatar
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Wow big thank bauner!

Inviato dal mio H60-L02 utilizzando Tapatalk
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23rd November 2015, 05:41 PM |#3  
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Congrats on your release!
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23rd November 2015, 07:01 PM |#4  
Thanks Meter: 17
Wow its nice to see cm13 for n7000. Thanks bauner very much for your effort.
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23rd November 2015, 07:51 PM |#5  
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Holy crap!
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23rd November 2015, 09:04 PM |#6  
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Gracias. Thank you
23rd November 2015, 09:27 PM |#7  
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Thank you for your continued support to this device, @bauner.
23rd November 2015, 09:53 PM |#8  
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Thank you for your old note.

Envoyé de mon GT-N7000 en utilisant Tapatalk
23rd November 2015, 10:00 PM |#9  
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Thanks sir.
İf ril fix on next alpha. İ will start use.
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23rd November 2015, 10:23 PM |#10  
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I have some problems, No SIM Card - No Service and Unfortunately, Music has stopped !
23rd November 2015, 10:29 PM |#11  
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Ok @bauner, i have tested alpha

First impression - animations are really smooth and almost everything is working.

There are few lags, but that is normal at this stage of development.

Hd video playback is not working, but hd recording works good

And one thing which is not working on cm12.1 is working on 13 - flashlight during screen off.

There were also problems at startup with setting google account.

First impression - rom with very big potencial.

Thank you bauner.

Regards, kalZakath

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