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By bauner, Retired Recognized Developer on 13th November 2014, 02:23 PM
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Announcement from bauner: CM12.1 20180124 is Out!!!
This is the NightOwl cm12.1 Android 5.1.1 20180124 built from source for the Galaxy Note 1 GT-N7000/GT-N7000B

This Rom is developed to provide you an as close as possible experience of CyanogenMod 12.1 on the GT-N7000 without modifying the stock CyanogenMod look and feel

The CM12.1 20180124 is tested and stable. The most things are working well, but there still can be some minor bugs!

Use my Roms only if you are sure about the risks of flashing custom Roms/Kernel to your device. I'm not responsible for any damage caused by using one of my files.
Join the NightOwl community on Google+
Thanks to TouchLeClouds for creating the page.

Because of the new ART runtime from Android 5.x all Apps will need more space. If you want to install more Apps you should think about repartitioning your internal storage.
You can also find a repartition howto in the Howto Install section.

Changelog cm12.1 20180124:

* Fixed some Apps/App updates can cause a bootloop
* Fixed whatsapp videocall colors with back camera
* Allow installation on GT-I9220
* This will be my last cm12.1 version

Old changelogs:

* Colors in whatsapp video calls fixed
* Remove 800Mhz cpu step up limit
* Some kernel updates
* New dark bootanimation (modified by Fix_ita)
* Possible fix for Sound cuts off at low volume playback
* Updated sources
* Videos in the youtube app are working again
* This will maybe be my last cm12.1 version
* Merged cm changes
* November security patches
* (frameworks/av only with the october security patches to not break the avc encoder in apps like instagram)
* Workaround from @arter97 to get Xposed working with the new security updates
* Updated widevine libs
* Video recording/telephony/streaming fixed in apps like facebook and whatsapp
* Merged cm changes
* October security patches
* Possible chromecast fix
* Kernel: disable unneeded USB DEVICEFS
* Alternate kernel with permissive selinux is availible as addon in the download section
* Merged cm changes
* September security patches
* Merged cm changes
* August security patches
* Reverted zram, lz4 and lmk updates in the kernel because of stability problems
* 350mb zram lzo 1 stream
* Use my kernel again
* Merged cm changes
* July security patches
* Smdk4412 based kernel
* Removed 13 step cpu table
* Back to aosp webview to fix videos in browser
* Camera hal updates from cm13
* Merged cm changes
* June security patches
* Many updates from the smdk4412 kernel (mostly for zRam and Lmk)
* Added Westwood TCP Algorithm
* Added Sio/Sioplus scheduler
* Mali 3 step 160/200/267MHz
* 13 CPU steps
* zRam use lz4 compression
* 400MB zRam lz4 2 stream
* Back to Ondemand
* Make the lmk a little bit more aggressive
* Merged cm changes
* Standalone hotplug policy
* Pegasusq updates
* Enabled pegasusq
* Pegasusq as default
* Rewrote performance profiles for pegasusq
* Kernel updates from smdk4412
* Updated ext4 driver
* Swap buffers workaround
* Fixed instagram video upload
* Fixed a supersu selinux denial
* Updated cm sources
* April security patches
* Removed low latency audio to fix audio stuttering in some games
* Sensors: Force a minimum interval between gyro state changes
* mm: remove compressed copy from zram in-memory
* Modified art settings to fix playstore crashes
* Disable hw keys and enable navbar in settings
* Start gps later
* Start macloader later
* Added more timeservers for gps
* Merged some updates from the smdk4412 kernel
* Gesture support for ambient display
* Updated cm sources
* March security patches
* Kernel: OOM performance improvement
* Merged some smdk4412 kernel updates
* Tweaked f2fs options (only with the default kernel and twrp)
* Optimized zRam settings
* Limit dex2oat to 2 threads
* OMX.SEC.M4V.Decoder set native color format
* Merged cm changes
* February security update
* Zeitferne's freeze fix new version
* Update row to v4
* Stop the modem from crashing and rebooting the device for no real reason
* Fixed some selinux denials
* Isorec recovery support (only with the default kernel)
* Back to smdk4412 usb gadget driver
* Wifi driver bring in sync with smdk4412 kernel
* Update wifi fw to
* Experimental f2fs support for data and cache partition (only with the default kernel and twrp)
* Updated cm sources
* January security patches
* Disable add_random also for external sdcard
* Set dex2oat timeout 1 min below package manager timeout
* Kernel:
* Updated interactive governor (from 3.4)
* Modified reserved mem values to fix app2sd
* Back to 3.0.31 usb gadget driver (fix freezings in mass storage mode)
* Optimized AES and SHA1 routines
* Updated cm sources
* December security patches
* Increased timeouts to fix some app installation problems
* Screenrecording is working
* Daydreams are supported again
* Kernel: fixed some possible problems in the mali driver
* TWRP kernel: fixed offmode charging animation
* Updated CM sources
* Android-5.1.1_r24
* Kernel: many performance and stability updates
* Ril updates
* zRam back to 1 device
* zRam/LZO better performance
* SELinux enforcing
* ART: Disable dex2oat watchdog
* Build kernel with the default toolchain
* Wifi: supplicant scan interval from 20 to 30
* Dreams feature disabled
* Google webview 46 to fix images in many apps
* Device encryption is working (Experimental!)
* Added USB charging only mode
* Analog dock support
* Updated CM sources
* Performance and stability improvements
* Faster booting
* Back to default libwebview
* Reduced cpu load on video playback
* MMS are now working
* Removed Emulate additional screens in dev settings (It crashed the device and you need a factory reset to get it working again)
* Correctly handle unsupported OMX color format
* CyanogenMod Performance Profiles support added
* Battery mode Quicksetting fixed
* Updated wifi config
* Wifi direct is working
* Kernel: updated wifi drivers
* Kernel:udp: fix behavior of wrong checksums
* kernel: Replace with a bc script
* Kernel:mm/ashmem.c: fixed a typo introduced by samsung
* Kernel: futex-prevent-requeue-pi-on-same-futex.patch
* Updated CM sources (Android 5.1.1_r18)
* Fixed random slowdowns from 20150904
* Hopefully fixed the random softreboot from 20150904
* Use Google webview 45 (better security less ram usage)
* Reverted some kernel changes (need more testing first)
* Battery life should be a bit better
* Disable some kernel logspam
* Ext4 should now work as sdcard filesystem (but you still should use vfat)
* Updated CM sources
* Updated Stagefright patch
* Mediaserver vulnerability fix
* Added OTA Update function
* Back to the old Thermal Throttling workaround
* Build the kernel with GCC 4.4.3 (For better stability)
* Use dlmalloc allocator
* A few smaller Kernel/Rom fixes
merged cm changes (includes the stagefright security fix)
no ksm as default
the optional ksm is a little bit more battery friendly
enabled zram as default to fix self closing apps
tuned the lowmemory killer to close background apps earlier and foreground apps later
resize the system partition filesystem to use the full partition size
better working dalvik vm settings for our device
network arrows fixed
kernel many mm updates
kernel removed some logspam
kernel usb updates
kernel fixed some wrong defines after the mali update
kernel netfilter updates
better thermal throttling fix
camera: activate continuous focus on video recording
camera: correct preview resolution
apps on the sdcard should not disappear from the home screen after a reboot
Merged cm changes from 20150711
Show battery percentage is fixed
Fixed Wallpaper select (you don't need a reboot to show the new wallpaper)
Orientation sensor is fixed
KSM is more battery friendly
Disable sec thermistor in kernel
Block based installation
There is no more the need to reflash the gapps after updating the rom
(Your installed gapps needs to contain /system/addon.d/ which defines the backuptool.functions. If they don't contain it you need to reflash it yourself after you have updated the rom)
Fixed the wifi/wifi related soft reboot problems of the 20150708 release
It will now also work on devices with damaged wifi hardware again
As you can now select the wifi region in the wifi settings I removed the hack "disable use the mcc for wifi"
(Wifi must be disabled and wifi "scanning always enable" needs to be enabled at the time you change the region code in the wifi settings)
fixed big battery drain and heating after recording a video with the camera (the cpu did never go below 500mhz untill you reboot the device)(exist since cm11(or earlier??))
merged cm changes (android 5.1.1_r6)
green stripes in videos fixed (in browser and videoplayer)
nuplayer is working correct
nuplayer as default (please disable awesomeplayer yourself in the developer settings if you have updated from an older version)
manual network select fixed
switched to stock samsung based kernel
ksm enabled default
zram support
trim support
vpn fixed
triangle away is working again
button backlight control working
ext4 speedup
lzo speedup
fpbug fix v2
faster charge
add extra free kbytes tunable
10mb higher lowMemoryKillerMinFreeKbytesAbsolute value
Changelog cm12.1 20150613:
The same as 20150612 but with backported memory management from kernel 3.0.64 to fix the performance problem
If you already have running the 20150612 Rom you only need to flash the 20150613 kernel only to update
Changelog cm12.1 20150612:
Merged cm changes (Android 5.1.1_r3 with the new App drawer in Trebuchet)
Codec changes to fix some movie types in Nuplayer
Changes in wifi config
smdk4210 kernel with mali r3p2 to fix the reboot, freezing, heating and battery drain problem (no zram, ksm, trim and selinux support atm)
Changelog cm12.1 Beta 5:
Merged cm changes
Skip audio tracks with volume keys should work
Backuptool is present again
Manual network select is working
Selinux is in permissive mode again till the wifi and gps problems are solved
Multiuser support is disabled
You can enable zram and ksm with the zip file for beta3 again
Changelog cm12.1 Beta 4:
Merged cm changes
Set SELinux to enforcing
Mute microphone in call is working
Keep trebuchet in ram (If you want to use another launcher as the stock one in Beta 4 you should flash this in recovery too: )
Wifi is not setting the region code from sim card (If you life in an affected country wifi should work now, but you need to do an factory reset to see your access point)
Changelog cm12.1 Beta 3:
Merged cm changes (Android 5.1.1)
Update RIL header to V11
Back to stock lmk values
Wifi config changes
KSM and zRam are disabled as default
Changelog cm12.1 Beta 2:
Merged cm changes
Videos in browser working
Import contacts from sim and sd is working
Add APN's is working
Not mount unused preload partition on boot
Mount /data with nodiscard
Revert "libril: Merge xmm6262 and xmm6260 to single lib."
A few smaller kernel updates
Changelog cm12.1 Beta 1:
Merged cm changes
Fixed bionic bug to make Firefox, Chrome, Google Docs and working again
cm12.1 Preview:
Same as CM12.0 Beta10 + Updated to cm12.1
Changelog cm12.0 Beta10:
Merged cm changes from 17.03.2015
Optimized ART settings
zRam 400mb on 2 devices
Low moemory killer values RW to make adjustment Apps working
Wifi init changes to get Wifi direct working (untested)
Battery saver settings back in settings-battery
Changing lockscreen shortcuts is working
Ondemand counting iowait as busy revertet for better battery life
Changelog Beta9:
Kernel (init script) update to fix offmode charging
Merged cm changes
Lmk adjusted again (lagfix)
Restore Apps from google account is working again
Stock camera HD recording fixed (thx to Lysergic Acid for the fix)
QR scanner in whatsapp web is working
Battery drain/heating fixed with wifi off
Enabling wifi bug fixed
Bootanimation memleak fixed (thx to arter97 for the fix)
Used more unchanged cm repos
Kernel updates for lollipop networking
Kernel enabled idletimer
Fix for USB Otg (untested)
Reverted some kernel changes which seems to cause oom errors
Beta 8.0.3:
disabled the contiguous memory allocator to hopefully fix the sdcard problems in recovery
Beta 8.0.2:
Reworked cpu voltage table to fix crashes
mali back to stock voltage
huangyuxuan01's patch to enable the contiguous memory allocator
use the new bootanimation from mahmoud fayed
Beta 8:
Merged cm changes
Front cam working
Use cm12 update-binary
Updater-script updated to work with the cm12 update-binary
Selinux enabled (in permissive mode)
Rescent app switcher is smoother
Kernel: reworked voltage table
Kernel: mali 166mhz in first step
Kernel: wlan driver updated
Kernel: wifi wakelocks reduced
Better lowmomory killer values for better multitasking
Fixed the soft reboot bug on devices with damaged wifi hardware
Kernel: HTC's async fsync
Kernel: philz recovery
Stylus gestures support
Home button recent app switcher fixed
Disabled pre dexopt (Wipe the dalvik-cache in recovery after updating from an older beta!!!)
New bootanimation from DroidTwe4kz
Exfat should work
Not enabled keyboard on clean install fixed
Kernel/Rom: Trim support (Please read trim Howto)
Merged cm changes
Set back to transparent lockscreen on default theme
Apps on sdcard will work again
Adjusted low memory killer again to keep more ram free
Some minor kernel updates
Panorama mode is now working in the camera app
Cmupdater removed
More selectable quick settings
Setting min/max cpu clock is now working
Merged all cm changes
Theme engine is now working without as it should
Low memory killer adjusted
Faster boot
Fixed an memleak in adb
Fixed youtube glitches on resolution change
Included oneplus one camera
Clock Location in status bar
merged the latest cm changes ((including the theme engine) there is an bug in the theme engine pls wait for beta6 before use it)
sort, add and remove icons in quick settings is now fully working
removed dynamic fsync in the kernel to prevent data corruption
FP Bug fix in kernel updated to zeitferne's version
fixed an typo in xmm6260 libril which could cause mobile data connection problems
merged xmm6262 and xmm6260 libril to single lib
merged the latest cm changes
possible crashes in recovery after rom installing fixed
ambient display doze feature added
wifi automatic reconnect is fixed
sort and remove icons in quick settings (be carefull with remove because the feature to add icons is not working)
you can hide the new symbol for an running su session in the notification bar
the fstab uses the new syntax for internal sd too
Wifi should work without the need to enable scanning always enable
Memleak fixes in frameworks/base
FP-Bug fix
Low power mode is working
Off mode charging animation is working
videoplayer reboot bug is fixed
keyboard in first start wizard is fixed
internal sdcard is fixed (thx to Lysergic Acid and the Omni Team)
comma in calculator
android 5.0.2
notification sound in some apps
bootanimation does not stop to early
signal strenght bar is fixed
ril fixes for manual network selecting

Known issues cm12.1 20170312:

If you have problems with videos in the browser uninstall "Android System WebView" in the playstore and reboot your device
Your sdcards should be formated with vfat (ext4 is working since 20150913 too. Exfat support is unknown)
Device Encryption is experimental working since 20151030. If you wan't to test it make a backup in the recovery first!

How to Install:
If you are running a custom Kitkat 4.4 Rom:

1. Copy Rom + Google Apps to your sdcard.
2. Boot into recovery
3. Factory Reset + Format the /system partition
4. Flash the Rom and Gapps.
5. Reboot

The steps to install it from an stock samsung rom are:

If you have already an samsung 4.1.x running you can skip step 1

1.flash N7000ZSLR1_N7000OZSLR1_BRI (or any other other 4.1.2) stock rom using odin
2.Copy Rom + Google Apps to your sdcard.
3.flash PhilZ-cwm6-XXLT6-XSA-5.06.1.tar.md5 ( to get cwm recovery by using odin or mobile odin
4. boot into recovery
5. flash this kernel to get an updated recovery
(this step will make your old rom unbootable stuck in the n7000 screen but you can boot into recovery with press and hold "home" and "volume+" buttons and power on your phone)
6. you need to reboot! your device now to recovery
7. you are now in the updated recovery and you need to do a factory reset (and to go sure you should also format the /system partition)
8. you can now install the rom and gapps and reboot your device

Howto Repartition your device and install this Rom:

Savin Vasudevan has written all the needed steps to repartition your device to add more space for installing Apps
(Please replace the files in Step 16 with the newest ones from this Post)

Lanchon has made a tool to make it also possible to repartition your device in the recovery after you have installed the rom without loosing your data

Here you can find 2 example zip file for the n7000 and some instructions how to use it with NightOwl

Updating If you are running an earlier NightOwl cm12.1 version:

1. Copy Rom to your sdcard.
2. Boot into recovery
3. Flash the Rom (in current versions you dont need to reflash the gapps)
4. Wipe dalvik-cache and format the /cache partition (This will not delete your apps or data)
5. Reboot

How to enable root:

1. Go to Settings-About phone and tip 7 times on Build number to enable the Developer options
2. Go to Settings-Developer options-Root access and set it to Apps and ADB
3. (Optional) Install supersu from the playstore (Do not use the systemless supersu recovery versions)
3.1 Open supersu and let it update the su binary (choose normal)

Trim Howto:

You can manual trim in the recovery if you flash from this post or with an app like Trimmer (fstrim) from playstore

CM12.1 20180124 Rom:

Google Apps for cm12.1:
Use only micro, nano or pico Gapps!

CM12.1 20180124 Kernel only:
(If you are using another kernel and want to go back to the default kernel.)

Addons for CM12.1 20160215 and newer:
Recovery flashable TWRP 3.1.0-0 build2 recovery (IsoRec)
Recovery flashable TWRP 3.0.2-0 recovery (IsoRec) (New version with OTG support)
Recovery flashable TWRP recovery (IsoRec)
Recovery flashable Package to remove a IsoRec recovery and use the kernel inbuild recovery again

OLD Releases:

CM12.1 20170312 Rom:
CM12.1 20170312 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20170312 Kernel with permissive selinux:
CM12.1 20170113 Rom:
CM12.1 20170113 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20170113 Kernel with permissive selinux:

CM12.1 20161119 Rom:
CM12.1 20161119 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20161119 Kernel with permissive selinux:
CM12.1 20161017 Rom:
CM12.1 20161017 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20161017 Kernel with permissive selinux:
CM12.1 20160916 Rom:
CM12.1 20160916 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160813 Rom:
CM12.1 20160813 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160721 Rom:
CM12.1 20160721 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160619 Rom:
CM12.1 20160619 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160514 Rom:
CM12.1 20160514 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160413 Rom:
CM12.1 20160413 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160316 Rom:
CM12.1 20160316 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160215 Rom:
CM12.1 20160215 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160109 Rom:
CM12.1 20160109 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20160109 Alternate kernel with TWRP recovery
CM12.1 20151211 Rom:
CM12.1 20151211 kernel only:
CM12.1 20151211 twrp kernel:
CM12.1 20151030 Rom:
CM12.1 20151030 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20151030 Alternate Testkernel with TWRP recovery and a few memory configuration changes
CM12.1 20151030 Selinux permissive Kernel only:
CM12.1 20151003 Rom:
CM12.1 20151003 Kernel only:
CM12.1 20150913 Rom:
CM12.1 20150904 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 20150904:
20150904 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 20150802:
CM12.1 20150802 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 20150711:
CM12.1 20150711 Kernel only:
Optional flashable files for cm12.1 20150711:
Disable KSM (KSM is enabled as default in the rom):
Re-enable KSM: (please don't use older files to re enable ksm in 20150711)
Enable zRam (300mb on 2 devices):
Disable zRam:
Rom CM12.1 20150709:
CM12.1 20150709 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 20150613
CM12.1 20150613 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 20150612:
CM12.1 20150612 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 Beta 5:
CM12.1 Beta 5 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 Beta 4:
If you want to use another launcher as the stock one in Beta 4 you should flash this in recovery too:
CM12.1 Beta 4 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 Beta 3:
Please read this if you want to enable zRam and KSM in Beta3:
CM12.1 Beta 3 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 Beta 2:
CM12.1 Beta 2 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 Beta 1:
CM12.1 Beta 1 Kernel only:
Rom CM12.1 Preview:
Please read this before you install the cm12.1 preview
CM12.1 Preview Kernel only:

Google Apps for cm12.0 Roms:
Rom CM12.0 Beta 10:
CM12.0 Beta 10 Kernel only:
Rom Beta 9.0.1:
Beta 9.0.1 Kernel only:
Old Beta 8.0.3:
Beta 8.0.3 Kernel only:
Old Beta 7:
Beta7 fix to enable onscreen keyboard as default:
Beta 7 Kernel update only:
Old Beta 6:
Old Beta 6 kernel only:
Old Beta 5:
Old Beta 5 kernel only:[/SIZE]
Old Beta 4:
Old Kernel update for Beta4 with the following changes:
Removed the Dynamic fsync to prevent data corruption.
Updated to zeitferne's FP Bug fix

Old Beta 3:

Old Beta 3 kernel only:

Old Beta 2:

Old Beta 1:

Old alpha 5:

Old Alpha3:

Old Alpha 2:
Old Pre-Alpha:

A big THX to:

Cyanogenmod Team
Omnirom Team
Lysergic Acid

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][CM12.1][Lollipop][Android 5.1.1] NightOwl 20180124, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: You need an ROM/Kernel with CWM 6.0.5+ to flash the ROM
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated
Current Stable Version: 20180124
Stable Release Date: 2018-01-24

Created 2014-12-27
Last Updated 2018-01-24
Attached Thumbnails
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The Following 510 Users Say Thank You to bauner For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift bauner Ad-Free
13th November 2014, 02:33 PM |#2  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 92
Thanks a lot for the ROM.....however I'll wait for recovery to work at least. Thanks again
The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to I_android For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift I_android Ad-Free
13th November 2014, 03:05 PM |#3  
KalZakath's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 327
I know IT is prealpha but i've got a question ? How good are Animations working ?

Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA Free mobile app
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13th November 2014, 03:10 PM |#4  
tysonraylee's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Gotham
Thanks Meter: 846
First, Aweosme!!
Second, Subscribed!!
thank you very much for your hard work
Now if someone could only let me know how to flash a recovery/kernel through Odin successfully without having to lose data then i will definitely flash this one.
last time i lost recovery when i flashed PA beta 5, i had to flash a pre-rooted GB ROM to get recovery back which wiped my whole internal sd.
Please let me know
thank you very much again
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13th November 2014, 03:23 PM |#5  
kazuna69's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag anywhere
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Thank you so much, @bauner

I really appreciate you, thank you so much for giving us hope
13th November 2014, 03:26 PM |#6  
mjrifath's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Colombo
Thanks Meter: 953
Thanks for the Rom bauner.
Really appreciate your contribution to Note community.
Hope not working things will be fixed in upcoming builds.

Thanks again.
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13th November 2014, 03:39 PM |#7  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 255
Wow! I was not expecting this! I'm gonna wait until at least the recovery works... but this is awesome! Thanks!
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13th November 2014, 04:04 PM |#8  
KalZakath's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 327
Guys from omni rom fixed ril for i9300. Daily driver 5.0 is closer and closer
The Following User Says Thank You to KalZakath For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift KalZakath Ad-Free
13th November 2014, 04:07 PM |#9  
Thanks Meter: 32
Thumbs up
This gonna be good, great works man
13th November 2014, 04:29 PM |#10  
Senior Member
Flag Woodbridge, NJ
Thanks Meter: 16
Thumbs up
Originally Posted by bauner

Here is an preview of cm12 android 5.0 build from source.
This is pre alpha! most things are not working!

most of stock apps

not working:
mobile network
home button
sometimes fc's/reboots
no recovery (to go back to another rom you have to flash kernel/recovery or full rom with odin or heimdall)


copy to sdcard
boot into recovery
factory reset
flash the zip file


You rock . Waiting with bated breath
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to [email protected] For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift [email protected] Ad-Free
13th November 2014, 05:02 PM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 19
Originally Posted by [email protected]

You rock . Waiting with bated breath

I am hardly waiting for Android L full working rom

---------- Post added at 06:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:40 PM ----------

Hello sir, Can you build Android L on official sumsang touchwiz
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