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[ROM]** L-Droid v3.0.2 **[i9000][AOSP][4.4.4][Fast][Stable][Linaro 4.7][23/08/14]

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By rodman01, Recognized Themer / Contributor on 8th July 2014, 07:44 PM
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By SeniorLimpio

By downloading and installing this ROM you accept that your warranty is void and that I am in no way responsible for any damage or data loss that may incur.


Senior Limpio introduces his rom to you:

"L-Droid is a rom loosely based off of SlimRoms AOSP sources with various sources picked from other great developers. I have spent the last 6 months putting together a ROM for my Galaxy S3 that I could use as a daily driver and also contains all the features I like on my phone. This rom comes with all the bells and whistles but without taking a hit on battery life. I do this on my spare time and absolutely love it so I hope you'll like my work. As I am just setting up my thread I will add more detail on this later. If at any point you have a bug or a feature request to point out, I would be more than willing to look into it as long as I have a logcat or source code to work with. Enjoy! "


Active display
Gesture anywhere
Lock screen Notifications
SlimRoms navigation bar
Floating window multi-tasking [WIP]
QS drawer and Ribbons
Fully customizable status bar (clock, battery, icons, color)
Breathing notifications
8 lock screen targets
Lock screen shortcuts
Customizable notification panel header
App sidebar
Circle app bar
Driving mode
Customizable recents panel (SlimRecents or stock recents)
Complete animation control
Battery saver mode
Wakelock blocker
Integrated Xposed frameworks
Init.d control
Build.prop control
On the go
And many more....


Coming from another ROM:

1. Take full Nandroid backup
2. Full wipe
3. Flash L-Droid
4. Flash Gapps
5. Wipe caches
6. Reboot

Upgrading from previous version:

1. Take full Nandroid (if desired)
2. Flash L-Droid
3. Flash Gapps as well if you don't have a back up script
4. Wipe caches
5. Reboot


- v3.0.1

In this version the OmniKernel (compiled from sources) is coming with the rom.
- Fix force close when recording second video
- Fix force close in quiet hours
- Removed status bar weather and Viper4Android due to battery drain amongst other things
- Fixed space between status bar and quick settings
- reduce cookie tracking: onResume deletion of cookies
- HOVER: touch to hide
- Disable settings search on all subactivities
- Settings: Don't show protected apps options in restricted profiles
- Settings: Only show clear button when search field has text
- Settings: Option to enable Notification Light when screen is on
- TrafficMeter: added option for auto-hiding on inactivity
- Network traffic colour
- Themes: Build icon cache when applying icons
- Themes: Pass resource IDs instead of bitmaps
- Themes: setUserRequired(false) when updating audibles
- Workaround to update PIE resources on theme changes without need to reboot or disable and renable
- SlimActions: Attempt to fix preloads with PIE in slimroms recent panel
- MediaFile: support more media types
- Fix JNI error in exception reporting
- wallpapercropper: OOM issue while opening *.bmp image
- WallpaperCropper: Fix crash when set .gif as wallpaper
- Fix camera usage tracking
- Don't unnecessarily set LayoutParams on children
- [ActivityManager] Prevent provider creating twice
- ActivityManagerService: Penalise large apps going to background
- Magnification: Fix screen freeze after activity resumes from rotation
- SystemServer: Move sensor init to a new thread
- Add reboot reason to detect device shutdown
- Prevent killing of process during service bringup
- Show plugged type (AC / USB) on QS battery tile
- Themes: Add ability to apply color filters to composed icons
- Make sure ThemeConfig is non-null when loading resources
- PowerManager : Make proximity check opt-in
- audio:Avoid AudioTrackThread if Track creation fails
- audioflinger: Ensure SRS effects are applied on active tracks
- Fix for getPosition after seek
- accelerate camera recording start up speed
- Set the correct audio bit rate for camera recorded content
- RTSP: Don't post AUTimeout check during pause when EOS is nearing
- Added support to query ACodec whether adaptive playback is enabled
- frameworks/av : Add Null check for Audio Track
- stagefright: fix offloading HE-AAC sampling rate
- stagefright: avoid crash while seeking MKV content
- audioflinger: remove wake lock implementation from APS
- stagefright: Do not drop encoded frames when writer is paused
- libstagefright: Disable smoothstreaming for secure playback
- httplive: fix issues during httplive streaming seek
- media: Fix visibility of destructor
- libstagefright: getHFRRatio should return 1 by default
- Revert "libstagefright: set frame packing from codec config"
- mediaplayerservice: Untangle legacy callback function
- Fix aac decoder flush
- Fix Can't play AAC file with ID3 tag
- stagefright: Use HW AAC decoder in ACodec if requested
- stagefright: Correct total duration of HFR clips
- stagefright: Correct timescale in MvHd for HFR
- stagefright: remove target specific checks for hfr
- audio:mute duration at the beginning of the recording
- HLS: getDuration should return -1 for live streams
- Stop thread before deleting object reference
- Disconnect the mediaplayer when reset
- Fix Audio streaming error when playing a stream that contains "end of file".
- Add support for MPEG audio elementary streams in HLS
- stagefright: Use 64 bits for type mask in MediaCodecList
- stagefright: Only invoker HW decoder for actual decoding
- stagefright: Extra checks for HW AAC decoder
- stagefright: Fix stub function
- stagefright: Fix MediaCodecList
- stagefright: Only use HW AAC for AV content
- stagefright: Support for offloading MPEG2 audio
- Fix M3UParser relative path handling
- M3UParser: check for NULL before setting meta data
- Fix Externally reported security issue
- RTSP: Return the buffers in source side while the source is disconnected
- libstagefright: Polish MPEG4Writer for MediaMuxer.
- Support MPEG4 codec in Matroska files
- Support AAC audio (WaveFormat = 0xFF) in AVI container
- Support MP2 contents in AVI container
- AwesomePlayer: improve scheduling of video event to hit PTS
- Fix decoder EOS handling
- AACExtractor: Added support for APE tag
- AC3 support ATS (MPEG2TS) Parser
- AudioTrack: When paused, return cached playback position
- libmedia: ensure mCaptureThread exit within Visualizer destructor
- stagefright: Fix pause logic
- audio: compress offload to pcm fallback on SSR
- stagefright: 24-bit audio support via offloading
- libaudioflinger: add stock resampler in pcm offload path
- frameworks/av: Add output close in AudioTrack destructor for offload
- stagefright: Handle offload fallback for 24-bit tracks
- StagefrightRecorder: correct the flow of resuming or stopping from pause
- libstagefright: fix issues in AH263Assembler
- frameworks/av: miscellaneous fixes
- libstagefright: poke the udp hole twice for future incoming udp packets
- rtsp: keep some damaged access unit to enhance fault tolerance
- libstagefright: Decrease reference count before deleting AudioPlayer
- RTSP: Correct the data type in the check
- HLS: Queue discontinuity only for the first block
- midi audio: allow midi restart even upon stop state
- Updated sources

I've been avoiding doing this since it was so large, but that's basically the changelog for 3.0.0 and 3.0.1[/QUOTE]

- v3.0.0

In this version the OmniKernel (compiled from sources) is coming with the rom.
Originally Posted by Senior_Limpio

Change log is massive so I won't even try to paste it here. The main points are:

- Slim heads up with all the bells and whistles
- floating window fc fixed
- profile and hover tile long press fc fixed
- Contacts tile fc fixed
- status bar weather courtesy of LiquidSmooth
- testing viper4android. If it cause battery drain you can still use official android music fx
- rearranged the vault. Moved advanced settings under system.
- added in ad blocker. Not really sure if it works properly yet.
- lots of under the hood improvements to the functionality of the phone
- updated sources from not only slim but the android community... Lots and lots

There is a whole lot more but if you want, you can take a look at Seniors github:


Known issues:

1. Current bootloop with ART.
2. Dialer torch pulse.
3. FC in launcher settings chosing: theme


All my thanks go to @Senior_Limpio for his great work and his awesome rom and for the permission he gave me for porting his rom to our S1.
And below are the thanks and credits to all, who had been involved in the developing of that rom.
Senior Limpio Quote:
"I would like to give the following special recognition for providing me the tools and inspiration to work on my first ROM.

- @SlimRoms for their excellent base and starting point for L-Droid
- @ayoubadri for creating this awesome boot animation
- @temasek for his awesome ROM and his help along the way
- @JustArchi for his help in various scripting and build optimising ideas
- @kasper_h for his kernel
- @Dragon7780 For various cherry-picks and ideas
- @RohanAJoshi for his fixed camera library for our device

Thanks also to the CM team, C-Rom, crDroid, Omnirom and Paranoid Android for their various source commits." Quote/End

This Rom is an official kanging of i9300 thread by @Senior_Limpio lead developer and author of L-Droid.
So all credits and thanks goes to Senior_Limpio!!

XDA:DevDB Information
L-Droid, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 1 I9000

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: Samsung Galaxy S1 [i9000]
Based On: AOSP [Slimkat]

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.0.2
Stable Release Date: 2014-08-18

Created 2014-07-08
Last Updated 2014-08-23
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8th July 2014, 07:44 PM |#2  
rodman01's Avatar
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Special version: L-Droid meets ArchdDroid v0.1 Experimental
- Aromainstaller
- Selectable apps and kernel
- Gapps included (usual ones not slim gapps
- ArchiDroid features.

- UpdateMe not updated
- others tell me
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8th July 2014, 07:45 PM |#3  
rodman01's Avatar
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perhaps I need another one
8th July 2014, 07:52 PM |#4  
★Michaelo★'s Avatar
Senior Member
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I have a one question, can I must flash a kernel like in instruction or only gapps?

Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA Free mobile app
8th July 2014, 07:59 PM |#5  
rodman01's Avatar
OP Recognized Themer / Contributor
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No, this is not needed. I replaced the slim kernel with mackay kernel and rom is booting....what I just noticed is, that bln seems not to work, so if you want and need this feature too, just flash mackay on top and it should work too.
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8th July 2014, 08:05 PM |#6  
limnaln's Avatar
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Omg, keep going rodman, you're bringing great roms to our community.
Someone give a review.
8th July 2014, 08:11 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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thank you so much sir flashing now
8th July 2014, 08:58 PM |#8  
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Inviato dal mio Nexus 7 utilizzando Tapatalk
8th July 2014, 09:07 PM |#9  
ayed78's Avatar
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gapps not included?

Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA Free mobile app
8th July 2014, 09:10 PM |#10  
rodman01's Avatar
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No, gapps are not included...flashing slim gapps is recommended...
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8th July 2014, 10:00 PM |#11  
★Michaelo★'s Avatar
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Nice ROM, very customizable
Thanks rodman for good work

Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA Free mobile app
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