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[KERNEL][LINARO][EOL]DorimanX kernel for LOS14.1

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By Saber, Recognized Contributor on 25th July 2017, 09:36 AM
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Announcement from Saber: Kernel is now EOL!
Unofficial DorimanX builds by Saber (formerly gsstudios)

The Background:
DorimanX development has stopped for a while now. I've been a long term dorimanx user, but I felt that a lot of features need to be implemented into the kernel. As of a result, I decided to make my own personal builds! Please note that I'm no way as good as the master himself, Dorimanx, but I try to implement features to the best of my abilities. Also, I'm not going to be a proper maintainer of dorimanx kernel, this is just what I've done in my spare time.

If you have problems or if anything goes wrong, you need to reflash your current ROM to revert kernel.

The Mission:
To continue giving support for the much loved kernel. New features and additions will be added to improve flexibility and speed to the already amazing kernel. My goal is to improve DorimanX kernel as much as I can, without sacrificing stability.

I'm not responsible for bricked devices or wrong version flashing
You are using this kernel at your own responsibility

——— !!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!!!!! ———

This kernel includes the following additional features over stock dorimanX kernel:
- CPU Governors: HYPER, Ondemand, pegasusQ, Intellidemand, neoX, darkness, nightmare, zzmoove, sleepy, conservative (Default: HYPER)
- IO Schedulers: ROW, Tripndroid, FIOPS, SIOPlus, BFQ, CFQ, Noop, ZEN, Deadline (Default: ZEN)
- TCP Algorithms: Cubic, Reno, BIC, Westwood, Highspeed, Hybla, HTCP, Vegas, Veno, Scalable, Lp, Yeah, Illinois (Default: Westwood)
- Built with optimised Linaro 4.9 Toolchain
- Built-in Stweaks profiles updated (All profiles suit needs for most people now)
- Trim support (Be careful if you have brickbug affected chip!)
- Updated FPBug/Musicbug fix is already included in this kernel!
- BLN and BLNWW support
- Updated Linux Kernel version to 3.15.0 stable!
- Freezefix is already included in this kernel!
- Isorec support
- MDNIE mode and scenario tuning
- F2FS support

- Allow users to revert kernel back to stock with everything working

- LZ4 Compression (Our Boot partition is way too small to support this)
- Useless CPU governors (such as Userspace)
- Colour tuning support (Unless someone helps me with this)
- Higher thermal limits (We all know what happens if we do this)
- Higher overclocking/Lower underclocking capabilities (So you want less stability and more SODs?)
- Synapse support (Stweaks is the only app that can fully support this kernel)
- Linux Kernel version updates (My skills need to improve first before taking on something this big)

Dorimanx (the real master of the kernel)
Gokhanmoral (Siyah Kernel)
Voku1987(This Kernel)
Alucard_24(This Kernel)
STANTRC(This Kernel)
Entropy512 (CyanogenMod)
Tungstwenty (On screen gestures addon)
Torvalds (Linux Kernel maintainer)
Computoncio (This Kernel)
cybernetus (This Kernel)
stelistcristi (Contents of this post, updates)
chhapil (Kernel build support, updates)
Chet Kener (Linaro/UBER toolchain)
Lanchon (TRIM fix and Isorec for Dorimanx)
Zeitferne (FP Bug/Music Bug fix and freezefix)
Lysergic Acid (LOS14.1)
rINanDO (LOS14.1)
serenitys (LOS14.1)
Realex-fire (Marshmallow/Nougat support and kernel fixes)
Skyline (Material Stweaks and testing)

Refer to third post

Refer to second post

Source code of the kernel can be found here:

- Users will lose a lot of functionality if they dirty flash ROM to restore kernel
- If you reboot your phone, you may experience a large battery percentage drop
- All dorimanx bugs

You should only flash this kernel on top of:
- LineageOS 14.1

CPU Governor and I/O Scheduler Guide
DorimanX tuning guide
TCP Algorithm guide

XDA:DevDB Information
DorimanX kernel for LOS14.1 by Saber, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S II

Saber, dorimanx, Realex-fire
Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: See post #1

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated

Created 2017-07-25
Last Updated 2017-09-19
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25th July 2017, 09:37 AM |#2  
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For live changelogs, see my github:
Kernel: Github Link
Initramfs (Ramdisk): Github Link


DorimanX 13.0 b005
- Pulled updates for tcp, net, uksm, binder and many more from DorimanX OP3T kernel, all thanks to @Realex-fire
- Minor build script improvements
- TCP fast open control added to Stweaks
- HYPER is now the default sleep governor
- Updated busybox from Dorimanx source - Again thanks to @Realex-fire
- Minor fixes to ROM init script

DorimanX 13.0 b004
- Synced scheduler and block changes from linux 3.16
- Synced security/keys and selinux changes from linux 3.16
- Synced kernel/fork, lmk and other changes from dorimanx
- Temporarily disable playready DRM to fix package manager corruption issues
- Remove powerHAL introduced in lineageOS to remove governor setting conflicts
- Various script improvements thanks to @Realex-fire

DorimanX 13.0 b003
- Reverted default governor back to HYPER
- Synced ext4 updates from mainline - Thanks to @Realex-fire
- Partition checking will only check for bad blocks now
- Lower cortexbrain auto read ahead values and add 3072KB option
- Stweaks settings will be reset after flashing this build!

DorimanX 13.0 b002
- Updated exfat from Dorimanx sources
- Reverted the kernel's internal tick rate back to 250
- Changed default governor to Nightmare
- Stweaks profile updates
- Enable adb autostart and insecure adb for debugging purposes

DorimanX 13.0 b001
- Initial LOS14.1 Support
- Re-added Adaptive LMK and UKMS - Better for RAM usage at the cost of some CPU time
- LZO is now being used as the default compression method for ZRAM - Much better compression, worse decompression. Better for our ZRAM size limitations. 
- Synced recent zzmoove updates - New profile, stability updates, some code only for SD devices
- ZEN I/O scheduler updates from Dorimanx
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25th July 2017, 09:37 AM |#3  
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It is important that you make a backup before flashing this kernel. If you want to restore the original kernel found in your ROM, you need to restore from a backup or clean flash your ROM.


Flashing instructions:
1. Download latest kernel build
2. Reboot to recovery
3. Flash kernel zip
4. Reboot

For TRIM users:
To use TRIM, you can download an app on the app store called trimmer or use terminal commands as directed in the troubleshooting guide.

Isorec (Isolated Recovery)
You can use either TWRP or CWM. It is important to note that the default CWM recovery has kernel specific options within the menus, so if you require to use them, be sure to flash the isorec disabler.

Download for isorec recoveries:

If you have a dualboot setup or if you want to set up dualboot, you should stay on StanTRC recovery. If you want to return to StanTRC recovery, flash the isorec disabler:

Forgot to download backup/older kernel/isorec disabler after flashing TWRP?
Go to download mode and flash a kernel .tar file OR wait until OS boots and copy required files to your phone

Main download link:

Mirror download link:

In order to tweak the kernel properly, you need to install stweaks from the apk linked here, or from the XDA downloads page
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25th July 2017, 09:38 AM |#4  
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Q: Why flash your kernel? - For new users of DorimanX kernel
DorimanX kernel is an aftermarket kernel (or custom kernel) that is designed to allow users to tweak their phone at the kernel or near-hardware level side of things. In other words, users get more fine-grained control over their phone, this includes overclocking, underclocking, changing behavior of CPU/GPU etc. Adjusting such settings isn't for the faint-hearted since there is many things to understand, but you aren't required to understand all of the settings. Ultimately, if you want to improve your phone experience, try DorimanX kernel!

Q: Which kernel version build should I flash?
A: Flash the latest stable version if you want the most stable experience. Beta builds will always have the latest features and should be fine to use as a daily driver. Stable builds have been thoroughly tested for issues, but are usually older than current builds. Either way, it's up to you which one you want to flash. Read the changelog for any important changes that might have occurred in a particular build.

Q: Which app should I use to tweak the kernel?
You should only use stweaks to tune DorimanX kernel.

Q: Can I use isorec recovery on DorimanX kernel?
A: Yes you can. All important information was covered in the OP already!

Q: Why should I flash your builds when the last 'real' unofficial build was v008?
A: If you don't want to enjoy awesome features that improve the experience of dorimanx kernel, then it doesn't worry me. Real or not, I don't build kernels to have bad battery life, bad stability and etc. This is my personal build of dorimanx kernel!

Q: Wifi doesn't work after I flash this kernel
A: There are several possible causes to this issue, there could be a problem with your:

- Partitions OR
- Permissions OR
- Gapps OR
- Compatibility with your wifi hardware

Don't use a pit with modded preload! It will just cause issues with ROMs and Kernels. Use stock pit or use a pit with unmodded preload. Sometimes, the gapps package you flash somehow breaks compatibility with the kernel. You can fix this by flashing a different gapps (making sure to clean cache and dalvik). If you have permissions problem, you can fix this by repartitioning your internal sd card or by reflashing back to stock rom. Sometimes, the ROM doesn't fully support the wireless drivers in the kernel, this can be solved by flashing a different ROM or different kernel. But if your wifi hardware is not compatible (a way to tell this is when you have tried everything and failed), there is nothing you can do but reflash the rom or flash a different kernel.

Q: I came from a different custom kernel that used Stweaks, now the app has issues
A: Every time you come from a different custom kernel with stweaks support, make sure to wipe cache and dalvik cache after install dorimanx kernel

Q: My battery life sucks after flashing this kernel!
A: Download and install Betterbatterystats and see what is the culprit to your problem. If it is kernel related, have you made sure you have wipe cache and dalvik and reset stweaks settings? If yes, it would be nice if you posted a logcat.

Q: How do I get a logcat for the kernel?
A: In stweaks, go to BUG-REPORT and tap on KERNEL-BUG.

Q: Why do I get bootloops with this kernel?
A: If you were on a working version on dorimanx before, there is probably something wrong with the installation. Sometimes, bootloops can occur due to corruption of the kernel zip file (usually from bad download) or from corrupted partitions.

Q: What do all of the settings mean? They are all confusing!
A: Please note that DorimanX kernel isn't for users who have just rooted their device. Before jumping into the custom kernel world, try playing around with other kernels first. Once you think you have some experience, read the stweaks beginners guide I made and then attempt to tweak the kernel using stweaks.

Q: How do I trim my partitions?
BEWARE: Make sure you have read all of the precautions before attempting to trim your partitions!

A: install the trimmer app from the playstore. App link . Check for all 3 partitions, and tap on run. grant root access. the 3 fstrim operations should be successful ("partition was trimmed" means success).

alternatively, instead of using trimmer you can run one of these commands (these are better because they also trim /preload):
# on the phone in the terminal app:
su -c "fstrim -v /system; fstrim -v /data; fstrim -v /cache; fstrim -v /preload"

# on your PC if you are connected to the phone via adb:
adb shell su -c "fstrim -v /system; fstrim -v /data; fstrim -v /cache; fstrim -v /preload"

Q: My device is (hard) bricked after flashing your kernel!
A: Have you read all of the precautions before installing the kernel? You made the decision to flash the kernel and now you've stuffed up your phone.

Q: I get constant FCs after flashing your kernel!
A: Have you wiped your cache partition, dalvik cache and reset stweaks settings? If you've done all of these already, a logcat would be nice

Q: How do I use dual boot?
A: There are many guides on how to dual boot roms using dorimanx kernel. Just use the search function on XDA or GOOGLE it!

Q: What's a good combination for CPU governor and I/O scheduler?
A: Have a look at the default settings, they are optimised for our phone

However, here are some settings I recommend:

CPU Governor: HYPER/zzmoove/Darkness

I/O Scheduler: CFQ/BFQ/ZEN/Deadline/SIO

Q: Why does the screen turn blank after the dorimanx logo appears during the boot process?
A: If your kernel doesn't bootloop, but the screen remains blank, there is a good chance that the ROM that you've used uses an older version of GPU drivers (Mali). This kernel only support ROMs with Maliv3 support. If you flash this kernel on MaliV2 or MaliV1 only roms, you will get a blank screen after flashing. To fix this, flash to the kernel the corresponds to your mali driver version and you should get your display back.

Q: What is a TCP algorithm?
A: Congestion control strategies (or algorithms) are used by TCP, the data transmission protocol used by many Internet applications. The main goal of a TCP algorithm is to avoid sending more data than the network is capable of transmitting, that is, to avoid causing network congestion.

Q: What is a toolchain?

In software, a toolchain is the set of programming tools that are used to create a product (typically another computer program or system of programs). The tools may be used in a chain, so that the output of each tool becomes the input for the next, but the term is used widely to refer to any set of linked development tools.
A simple software development toolchain consists of a compiler and linker to transform the source code into an executable program, libraries to provide interfaces to the operating system, and a debugger. A complex product such as a video game needs tools for preparing sound effects, music, textures, 3-dimensional models, and animations, and further tools for combining these resources into the finished product.

Q: What is Linaro?

Linaro is the place where engineers from the world's leading technology companies define the future of Linux on ARM. The company is a not-for-profit engineering organization with over 120 engineers working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the ARM architecture, including the GCC toolchain, the Linux kernel, ARM power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces.

Q: Why not use XYZ toolchain?

Linaro toolchain is the only one I'm going to use. If you believe that XYZ toolchain is better, then you'd have to build my kernel yourself. I chose the toolchain that I like the most, and I've had positive experiences using Linaro.

25th July 2017, 09:54 AM |#5  
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First kernel build for LOS14.1 is up on AFH and github. Enjoy.

Firstly, sorry for the dupe threads. Internet was acting out and now I'll have to get the mods onto it

Also, expect bugs with this release. This is a really early build and I'm doing blind builds now.

Don't flash on any other ROM than LOS otherwise you will not receive support. This kernel is only designed for LOS.

No new features will be added because I don't use the S2 as daily driver, so I won't be able to test changes thoroughly.

Regards, Saber
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25th July 2017, 11:20 AM |#6  
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25th July 2017, 12:07 PM |#7  
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Hi @Saber
Thanks a lot for spending your spare time to work on this kernel.
I wish you the best!

Sent from my STAIRWAY using XDA-Developers Legacy app
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25th July 2017, 02:47 PM |#8  
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Welcome back @Saber

EDIT: I am not able to get it work on latest LOS 14.1 build. May be something wrong on my side. Phone going back to galaxy s2 logo from dori kernel logo. This is happening in loop. Anyone???
25th July 2017, 05:17 PM |#9  
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Yeah this is cool. Maybe we can make S2 N-builds even better.
25th July 2017, 10:12 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Skyline

Welcome back @Saber

EDIT: I am not able to get it work on latest LOS 14.1 build. May be something wrong on my side. Phone going back to galaxy s2 logo from dori kernel logo. This is happening in loop. Anyone???

Can you please detail your flashing procedure? Did you try reflashing the kernel?
26th July 2017, 12:57 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Saber

Can you please detail your flashing procedure? Did you try reflashing the kernel?

I get it to work after too many tries and now again I am not able to boot.
*Wiped everything other than ext sdcard
*flashed rom and gapps
*flashed kernel zip

Also tried without gapps. Weird thing is that whenever I flash gapps it gives me alot of force closes. I tried 2 gapps packages and AICP but same problem occurs(without flashing kernel) that's why I thought may be something wrong on my side

Edit: I am using I9100g display panel can it be reason for my problem?? Anyways I attached dmesg.
Attached Files
File Type: log dmesg.log - [Click for QR Code] (38.8 KB, 10 views)
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