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[ROM]22/06/2012 DianXin OS (DX ROM) ICS | GB ROM with *Smooth* *Stable* *Great UI*

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By qtwrk, Senior Member on 25th February 2012, 09:32 PM
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I am not its developer , but however i am moderator in its official forum and may act as representative here around XDA for DianXin ROM.

so i can't answer all doubts or something , but however i will relay your problem , your doubts , your suggestions , your ideas or anything you wanna say about this ROM to its developer.

since now , 2.3's update has been stopped and will be focus on ICS version ...
as always , every friday.


Originally Posted by g00ndu

Okay, as promised, this is the video for the DX Rom. If you notice, the video is a little jerky and some delays, but due to the high load on the phone cpu. The actual rom in the phone is smooth.


================================================== ==
if you see any untranslated, chinese part/app or anything , please point out where or what app is it ,it would be best if you post a screenshot , so it can be translated.

================================================== ==

i know you guys may think it looks like MIUI , but i assure you it's totally different ROM nor MIUI-based modification , and if you have time , please read first pages of all these kind people's reports and feelings about this ROM.

what i think is , every and any ROM is like child to all of us in Android community , and please don't think it is bad or ugly or whatever negative expression you can think of , because nothing is perfect , as MIUI , it is now 71 weeks old , and this one is only 3 weeks old, and for now , MIUI 4.0 does have problems and bugs as well as this one, it has some problems or bugs, but that's how all ROM start, right ?

we are just like bunch of daddies (mommies) here , to help developer to raise (improve) thier child (ROM) , they need you help and report!

1.Statusbar is changed to opaque when pressing the "Back" button in drawer mode
2.Update DX-home to 3.1.0:
2.1 updated AppEX with more wallpaper, them and widget
2.2 Added DX switcher
2.3 Optimized mobile system resources, reduce occupied storage spaces
2.4 Search widget can be moved and deleted

updated component DX-home, setting, status bar, optimizer and lockscreen

Increased in the soft button backlight sensor control (i9100)
Updated some system applications and component
Fixed status display effects
Repaired the status bar transparency when Home button is clicked
Fixed problem that status bar would flash when get in/out app drawer
Deleted GMS component, add GMS widget in homescreen

some update information are only applied in some certain devices.

clean up some 3rd part apps , make system faster and smoother
provided some (must-have) widget. (optional to download)
AppEX updated , more wallpaper , theme and widget
DX-home added switcher/toggles widget
transparent status bar ,beautify homescreen effects
optimized homescreen switch effects
optimized DX-home memory occupation.
Search widget can be moved and deleted
Able to view detail in lockscreen setting and preview lockscreen

New status bar
Added user guidance in status bar
Status bar toggles enabled all toggles in default

Fixed some bugs/problem in Application "Optimizer"
Fixed DX power booster can not underclock in some models
Fixed some bug in Appex

Status bar notification management improved
Add lockscreen manager , able to download lockscreen and preview
Launcher added "DX-widget" and "wallpaper" entry
Launcher is now able to resize widget
Launcher added DX-clear white list
Support stock FM radio function
Appex performance improved and fixed some bug
Fixed double SMS problem

Status bar add new notification manage and toggles of power off and reboot.
Speed up the DX-home in 4.0 system.
DX power booster add log to see the power consumption history
AppEX added status bar notice
AppEX added installation success notice
Optimized DX-home icons moving UI
Fixed DX-home in random effects that sometimes widget would be disabled
Firewall integrated in Setting

06/04/2012 (Nexus S stays 30/03/12)
Added iPhone style lockscreenSystem Update is now integrated with backup/resotre function.(except MB525)
Some improvments of DX-clock which i can't exactly say it *...
Unified wallpaperpicker, make change wallpaper easier
Beautified Optimizer homescreen widget effects and transparent setting
Fixed Optimizer can't recognize some models's 8 GB SDcard problem
Fixed Optimizer boot up speeding related problem
Optmized UI experience and performance.
1 MB525 doesn't support OTA so no backup/restore function in Romtool
2 V880 didn't integrated Optimizer
3 N1,G7,G10,i9100 includs all this periord updates

30/03/2012 (only for Nexus S and Galaxy S II, others remains 23/03/12)
Brand new setting center, optimized classification and UI.
New status bar toggles setting
Add system optimization in Setting (this part is still lots lots chiense...)
Cloud backup of SMS and call logs , never lost your data

Updated GMS component to latest
Optimized Wallpaper setting
Optimized DX-contact initialization speed and smooth
Optimized DX-clock function (which one i can't exactly translated ... it's word very chinese ...)
Optimized data backup and restore
Fixed in some certain situation SMS sending may fail
Fix some bug, made system more stable

23/03/2012 (ICS version remains 16/03/2012, GB version updated to 23/03/2012)
support back up of SMS and call log, never lost datas.
DX power booster mode setting add "vibration"
DX clock add daily bell and sleep time reminder
Optimized DX contact loading speed and smooth
Optimized DX clock of flash guide of sound recorded
Fixed some bugs

Add media button in lockscreen , enjoy music without unlock screen
New status bar and notifications

Appex added silient installation
New OTA module, easier for system update
Optimizer add new toolbox download module (never mind...)
New optimizer 7 key (keep ignore it...)
Update some optimizer's tools to lastest (still ignore it...)

Optimized clock component, start up faster and less memory usage
Fixed double lock(screen) due to password setting
Optimized lockscreen self-define wallpaper and aspect ratio
Optimizer start up faster (...continue ignore it)

Lock screen fixed problem that sometimes clock doesn't show up (for Nexus S and Galaxy S II)
Lock screen fixed some crash problem in 4.0 (for Nexus S and Galaxy S II)

Did not release ICS ROM update for i9100 ... only updated GB version.
New wallpaper and icons.
Whole new status bar , and now is able to enable/disable and order the toggles. (for Nexus S)

New AppEX setup guidance
New OTA module, easier to update the system

Optimize Apps's cache and perfomance
Fix the bug of "stop response" when there is incoming calls
Fix the Setting --> Applications Setting display problem.

Update all system integrated applications to latest.
Add DX-clock preview function.
AppEX add picture introduction (never's all chinese)
Enhanced "CPU Auto-down frequency" function
Add 10 new high definition wallpaper ....

Fix some DX-clock bug, increase stability
Optimize AppEX cache and performance
Optimize Power management setting
Optimize "health charging" module
Optimize some details of DX-contact

24/02/2012 (translated by pillou13)

The period from continuing to do the optimization of performance and fluency, The optimized animation, transition effects to enhance the fluency of the operation.

The period Add:
A new Android browser, the travel network more smoothly;
The updated Google Maps to 6.3.0, update the local search component

System Optimization:
The optimization part of the show details;
The optimization of the snack alarm clock settings and turn on speed;
Fix some bug, and enhance the system stability.

make app initialization and UI faster and smoother
new setting UI , new experience

Contact and Dialer add "sort" and "filter" for "missed calls" "answered calls" and "dialed out calls"
Add "one-click lock screen" widget and some "on-off" button
Add one-click to set whole group to "receiver" in SMS.
Add random scrolling effects, every time has new effects when scrolling
Able to set your favorite music as alarm of DX-clock

DX apps more suite to Android 4.0
Fix some app list icons display bug
tweak the DX-clock's UI and sound recorder

optimize status bar icons display.
fix "one-ring-phone" in status bar icons problem (don't really know what is it...)
fix crash problem click "clean" when status bar shows multiple DX-clock icons
optimize some detail UI display
some tweak and optimization
some other fix and update.

fix crash when uninstall applications via Appex (for Nexus S)
fix 4 soft-key always on problem (for Defy)
fix auto screen brilliantness problem (for Defy)

few new theme and clock skin for Chinese New Year
Power booster is now abe "auto-underclock" to extend stand-by time.
add "DX clock"

add desktop setting,, grid size setting, icons size, dockbar mode, change drawer wallpaper, drawer enter effect, grid size setting, plugin settings, add clock widget, add weather widget...etc
add power manage widget (toggles ?)
"must have apps" rename to "Appex", add classified page for "recommend", "Special", "Game" ...etc (yeah , this part still chinese only ...never mind )

System Optimization:
optimize homescreen dock switch , and free to put 3 to 5 icons. (no sure how to say it ...)
optimize weather widget , 3D scrolling effect
optimize power consumption list, easier way to manage power booster.

recommend news:
1. new status bar UI
2. new ring of bells more suitable to the ROM UI.

1. solved the problem of folders can not be renamed
2. fix the bug in some certain situation, calls dial-in but can not unlock screen.
3. optimize lockscreen process logic, extend stand-by time
4. add un-answered calls count in lockscreen.

may or may not fix the OTA update always report failed.

update kernel (of course we all use 3rd part kernel ...)and improve UI make it more smooth and fast (i feel it much better then 04/01 version , specially turn off the "High quality drawing"), and fix some bugs.

add some ringing sound of a bell

update Android to 4.0.3 (for Nexus S)
add precise battery level on lock screen when recharging battery.

halo effect more smooth when unlock srceen
more reasonable logical process of unanswered call

Problem fixed:
display problem of sideway lockscreen.
can not disable clock alarm in lockscreen
sometimes occurs double lockscreen
network default APN could cause comunication anomaly
default theme preview can not be refreshed

================================================== ===============================
DX ROM introduction translated as requested (this translation almost got me killed -_-!!! be honest , i don't know what i am saying now...)

点心 (Dian Xin) in chinese, when put these 2 words together it means small food like cake or snack , in this case related with Android (cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb and ice cream sandwich), but , when separates them , the first word means "target" or "aim" , and second means "heart"

and put them together also can be explained "aimed/targeted your heart" (don't get me wrong , doesn't mean wanna shoot you )

it means design and make ROM to do/be what you want, what you prefer.

Based on ASOP 2.3.7 (4.0.3 for Nexus S)
Seek high quality, make it an useful, utility ROM
Take account of both users experience and performance, let users joy using thier device.

Product characteristic
many tester tested with no freeze problem.

smart battery-saving scenario makes phone more durable
many scenarios to bring new experience

quick, precise and interesting comunication, enjoy the phone
powerful device controller, daily use more easy and simple
changeable UI, mobile life rich and colorful.


quoted by dizgustipated

This rom is NOT MIUI, nor is it based off of MIUI!!!!
Please take a bit to explore it, and you will find some awesome features unique to this rom/os.

some unique features include:

*The neat thing about this utility os, is that individual apps (contacts, launcher, ect) can be updated separately, and you are notified when thay are available, separately from the base os.

*Has tons of battery saving options.

*Beautiful ui

*Tons of options that make using this os a joy

*Make and restore backups of contacts, texts and phone, anytime, anywhere. From the cloud or your tab

*Very fast and super responsive

*select individual themes for each contact/message

*record your own alarm

*so very much more!!

more information in its official site (thanks to Shivammcool)
================================================== ================================

Download: ( English and Chinese ) GB version for Galaxy S II
click to download 06/04/2012 (mediafire)

Download: ( Muilti-language ) ICS version for Galaxy S II
click to download 22/06/2012 (Mediafire) part 1

Download: ( Muilti-language ) ICS version for Galaxy S II
click to download 22/06/2012 (Mediafire) part 2

Watch out ! , i was limited by Mediafire which only allows files under 200 MB so i have to cut it in 2 pieces in order to upload.
download them both , put them in same folder and unzip it you will have flashable ZIP file

click me to download Deodexed Rom by g00ndu
click to download Deodexed Rom 08/06/2012

Be careful! , this is a test version , lots bugs and problem

Be really careful ! make sure you backed up everything into COMPUTER before you try ICS version. i am not responsible for your lost datas !

[HOWTO]: flash stock 2.3, and then flash stock 4.0 , and then flash DX 4.0

1. flash stock 2.3 via Odin.
2. click "reset" after you flashed stock 2.3
3. flash stock 4.0 via Odin.
4. click "reset" after you flashed stock 4.0
5. flash CWM recovery via Odin
6. flash DX ROM via recovery (remember full wipe)

for HTC Desire HD G10: click me
for Nexus S: click me
for HTC Desire G7: click me
for Defy: click me
for ZTE V880 Blade: click me
for Nexus One: click me

is this a kernel ???click me to see it

flash it as other ROM via recovery , and remeber make backup , and flash it at your own risk ...

and thanks to develpoer"the DianXin group" for this nice ROM

screenshots were taken from Nexus S with Android 4.0.3 ICS , but other devices's ROM are all GB version.

more provided by Urbanrootz
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25th February 2012, 09:39 PM |#2  
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It does look pretty good, I have to say... Will try it out later on and give feedback.
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25th February 2012, 09:47 PM |#3  
qtwrk's Avatar
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yo! looking forward to your feedback
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25th February 2012, 09:47 PM |#4  
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Downloading yr Rom ;)
25th February 2012, 09:52 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by elRadix

Downloading yr Rom ;)

sure you gonna like it
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25th February 2012, 09:52 PM |#6  
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Looks interesting
25th February 2012, 09:52 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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before give it a try i'll ask you something.does it have poweramp seekbar glitch as miui has?
25th February 2012, 09:57 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by elRadix

Downloading yr Rom ;)

+1 Downloading now!!
25th February 2012, 10:00 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by ‬1‬

before give it a try i'll ask you something.does it have poweramp seekbar glitch as miui has?

i'm sorry , as i said in the start of OP , i am not its developer and i don't have i9100 ...

so ...
25th February 2012, 10:05 PM |#10  
Senior Member
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Interesting. Thank you. If it is as good as Miui, it is definitely worthy of a try.

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
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25th February 2012, 10:18 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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I hate MIUI but this looks promising
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