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Not-that-good, can be improve more.
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[ROM][LSN][22.05]Custom Stock ROM 5.0™ Edition (Codename: ETERNITY) Finally Release

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ROM installation guide

CSR 4.1 Eternity ROM review

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Hello XDA.. Welcome to another project by me, the Custom Stock ROM 5.0 Edition- Codename: "Eternity". After a long period of waiting and as most of you have known me from my ICS ROM Thread, basically it's a simple looking Stock Rom with some new features and apps added to this ROM that the original firmware don't have and it feels a lot better and faster. Lots of bugs has been fixed, and I have made a lot of visual changes in 5.0 Edition. I feel that this is what Samsung should have done on our lovely device. I hope you will have a great time enjoying with this new release. If you enjoy my work, please spread the word around about this ROM.

*Before using this ROM, please read the whole post.

*This thread will be updated with new infos.

Things To Remember:

1. The best way to start is not by posting, it is by reading. Read, search, read, search. If you read an answer that looks helpful or answers a question you might have, bookmark it, and when you see someone else ask that question you will have the answer for them plus a supporting link.

2. Courtesy towards other Members: Treat new members the way you would like to have been treated when you were a new member. When dealing with any member, provide them with guidance, advice and instruction when you can and always with respect and courtesy. Never post in a demanding, argumentative, disrespectful or self-righteous manner.

3.When you post something here, many people will see it and possibly post a reply that might be perceived as funny but not extremely helpful, or trolling. This is mostly due to questions that have been asked and answered a thousand times, threads/posts being in the wrong forum/thread, or not providing enough info. This is usually meant as good-natured kidding, so please don't take it wrongly and snap off a reply that escalates the situation into something you might regret later.

4. Do not use abusive language: Example: "wtf", "f***ing", etc... Please do not use bold or bigger fonts. It is against all forum rules.

5. Post using a clear message: You're most likely to receive a helpful answer to your question if you use a message that describes your problem and explain in detail what your problem is and what you've tried to solve it.

6. Search before posting: Use the search functions before posting, whether you have a question or something new to share, it's very likely someone already asked that question or shared that news.

7. Press the button: Don't just say thanks, press it.. It's free and easy.

8. Vote and Rate my thread: As it will help me keep this development alive.

*Flash this ROM at your own risk, do a backup first because you will lose all your datas.
*I am not responsible if your device breaks or turn into hardware failures.
*I will not answer if you have install any mods from other threads or roms/firmwares which will cause big issues and bugs on your device.Please refer to the original providing thread instead.

Q: Is this ROM 100% lockscreen lag free?
A: It is being reduced. You can still see 1 or 2 lags.

Q: How do I flash this ROM?
A: Please refer to the Installation Procedures.

Q: How is the battery life?
A: It can last a day of usage if you are not a gaming type of person.

Steps in preserving the battery:
1. You may want to uncheck some unused feature in Google Now settings. Example: Weather, Traffic. This cause heavy usage on battery life.
2. Uncheck Backup my Phone in Settings/Privacy.
3. Uncheck Automatic date and time in Settings/Date and time.
4. Uncheck WiFi notification in WiFi/Advance setting.
5. Set the Brightness Slider to a minimum and uncheck the Auto Brightness.
6. If you are using the Information Ticker and Weather Widgets, please set the refresh rate to 2 hours or more.
You may also want to practice the 2-3 discharge cycles to get good battery life.
7. Do not use Task Killer apps. Using these apps will waste even more battery life. Let android system do its ram killing.
8. If you using Juice Defender or Green Power apps, some users experience better battery life without these apps, so the best solution is to test them by yourself.
9. When exiting an app, do not simply press the home button. This will make the app not closing properly.
Thus, waste your battery life. Use the back button continuously until you reach the homescreen.

*Tips: The Best Way to Calibrate SGS2 Battery
Originally Posted by ram3n


Here is, I do think, an interesting topic about the famous eternal question :
"Please, tell me how to calibrate my f*** battery?!".

To begin with, here are some (fresh) news :
You have to know that our dear brand-new device uses new specific MAX17042 drivers which actually don't allow us to normally "calibrate" the battery as many of us could have imagined.

I quote Entropy512 :


Unlike HTC devices, battery calibration doesn't apply to our devices.

Google MAX17040 for more info - while our fuel gauge chip (MAX17042) does have advanced features that would require calibration if used, those features are not yet enabled and it basically behaves identically to a 17040. Maxim specifically designs their fuel gauge chips to not require special calibration procedures..

I mean here that using such applications like Battery Calibration (or anything else), or manually delete Batterystats.bin in data/system folder, or even wipe batterystats in recovery, all theses methods are actually .... useless and a waste!
In fact, the only effect you will notice by doing (deleting) it, is that you'll reset your usage stats in the Android battery usage screen. Nothing else, sorry.

The only current way I've found up to now, is to force the internal chip to do it and therefore reset the fuel-gauge.

Here is a very simple method. Keep in mind that's not the only way :
BTW, no root needed here
1. Turn off your phone.
2. Fully Charge.
3. When getting 100% signal, unplug quickly.
4. Pull off the battery and put it anywhere.
5. Wait for 180 seconds exactly (be careful )
6. Meanwhile, take this opportunity to dust off the internal compartment.
7. Put back the battery on the right side.
8. Turn on the phone.
9. Pray the Battery god
10. ... and voilà !

After that, you can make some cycle of fully charge/discharge to ~15/20% TO complete the method

I am pleased to share my experience about it.
Hope it could help most of people,


Originally Posted by bobdoblo


Its different for every user so its hard, you may use apps that i don't so its no good deleting them, after all there is no point having good battery if you can't and don't enjoy your phone because you daren't have a certain app on your phone because it might use battery.
Or your struggling to see the screen because you have turned brightness off and put filter apps on.
So lets get one thing straight, yes you can save more battery than "my way" but i refuse to gimp my phone or use monitoring apps to analyze every little thing.
I will not undervolt or underclock because i bought an S2 and want to use its performance, i don't want a Galaxy mini that looks like an S2!

Remember, if a phone is gimped to half its speed it will take twice as long to do a job!:thumbup:

Don't use task killer apps, they are no good!

Use common sense, don't touch system apps if you don't know what they are.
For an example i only have 92 system apps left out of about 145 on JB lite after deleting what i don't need, and you could do more than that but you need to be very careful!

1st timers freeze apps instead of deleting just incase you make a mistake!

First get link2sd
or similar app and "debloat" remove useless/unused apps)
For me that would be things like all Samsung apps like samsung sync adapter, allshare, remote control apps, enterprise apps, software update apps, gmail, google+, gtalk etc..
I delete Touchwiz and samsung keyboard also because i use Launcher Pro and Swiftkey.
*Remember to install other launcher and keyboard before deleting stock ones:thumbup:*

This might be of some help, but be careful, don't delete if you don't know what it is!

List of what apps are ok to remove and what it does

Look in running and cached apps to see what is always there and if you don't use it, lose it!

Another good app for clearing out rubbish and duplicates (amongst other things) that other apps miss is sdmaid,
give your phone a good clean everyday or 2! £1.19p full version i think but well worth it!

Go to settings, turn off haptic feedback and turn vibration levels right down/off (if you don't use vibrate).
Turn brightness to a low comfortable level, for me thats about 20 %.
Turn auto brightness off (common sense tells me it must be analyzing ambient light levels every second the screen is on, therefore using resources!)

Go to settings - Location and uncheck all 3 boxes until needed.

Use dark wallpapers, the more black the better!

Turn syncing of email and notifications in xda, facebook, twitter etc off and just do it manually.

Apps like facebook, google+ and twitter, do you really need them?
If you only go on there occasionally then delete the apps and bookmark the site!

If you have poor signal then go to the modem + RiL thread
and find a good modem but on JB most modems are incompatible so check that it works on JB with someone first, but if you are on ICS then go and do it.

Lastly Gemini,
all the apps you were checking that were running like Maps etc, things you don't want to delete can be set to not start up at boot.
Go to settings and tick "force expert mode" then go through all your apps and all that have autostarts will have a little orange "auto" symbol.
Press the desired app and you will see "configure autostarts".
When you press that you will see all the instances in which that particular app will start up.
Here's where you are on your own depending on what apps you have so this is where you will need common sense on what to turn off.

As a general rule, turn off "on boot completed" on all your user apps, (apps you have downloaded yourself) but again there might be an exception depending what apps you have.

Be careful with system apps but Maps are the main offender which you can turn off.
(Turn all OFF , apart from 3rd one down and the 2 at the bottom ON) like this

YOUTUBE is the only app i have come across that doesn't like not being able to autostart so leave that one alone.

OK, now you are set upintall BBS

You can now keep an eye on what apps or processes are draining your battery.
Open it up, press menu/options from top right corner and go to advanced and check the "root features" box.

If you are having something keep your phone awake for excessive amounts of time the make a dump and post it in BBS thread
Make sure it is at least 4 hours long and phone has been untouched in that period. Someone will help you find the causes and keep them to a minimum

That is basically everything i do, so as long as you use common sense you should be fine.

A big thankyou to Salesale for these excellent ROMs he keeps coming out with

Remember, your phone is for using and enjoying, not being treated like a fragile egg and being scared to use it in case it uses battery!

As long as it lasts from when you wake till you sleep or get home (10 ~16 hours) then that is all you need! charge it overnight and ready to go again when you wake:thumbup:
Better than hardly touching it and getting 24 - 30 hours and it running out halfway through the next day!

Some screenshots of battery life

5+ hours screen on is easily achievable on every kernel

If you have any other better advice or solutions on battery life, please share it in here.

Q: Is there a brick bug or Exynos Exploit in this ROM?
A: No, there isn't any of these bugs present. So, it is safe to use.

Q: How do I solve unlock SIM card?
A: You can use Galaxy SIM unlock or you may try here:

Q: My signal bar is not good. What can i do?
A: You may want to try flashing modems that works for you previously.

Q: My device is not waking up when I press the power or the home button key. What should I do?
A: Since I do not have this issue during my few test, try installing the ROM again. Or try to download the ROM again. Make sure you read the Installation Procedure below.

Q: I get the following error "Couldn't install on USB Storage or SD card" when trying to restore apps. What can i do?
A: Remove SD Card, install the misbehaving apps, then you reinsert SD card.

Q: AOSP Lockscreen crashes and reboot itself when I slide to unlock my device. What's happening?
A: There are conflicting apps you have installed that causes these bug. The issue with the AOSP lock screen is to do with popup notify apps using the accessability service to monitor apps.

Q: Can I apply themes into this ROM from other threads?
A: I have not tested it. You may lose some of the things in the ROM as the themes will overwrites the system/apps. Try it at your own risk. Always do a backup before attempting .

Q: Why are some of my apps FCs everytime I open them?
A: Some apps might not yet JB compatible.

Q: I want to dowload apps from Google Playstore i get a message that say's " Your phone is not compatible with this version" Any sugestions?
A: Try clearing cache/data for Play Store and Google Service Framework and Download Manager see if that helps.

Q: Is this ROM good for daily usage?
A: Yes, it is for daily usage, but as JB is in early development stage, bugs and errors is to be expected here and there. I will try my best to minimise these bugs and errors in the near future.

Q: Is this ROM multi-dpi? Can I change to 200 dpi?
A: I have not done this before. I may not be able to tell you. Try it at own risk. Always do a backup before attempting .

Q: Can I underclock/overclock and dual-boot with this kernel/ROM?
A: You can only underclock with this kernel. There is no dual boot feature yet.

Q: I experience over heating; that is I can feel the heat from the back of my device without doing anything. Why is this?
A: There are some apps which is running on background, trying to do updates and locations and it requires an amount of your 3G data.

Q: Which kernel is better?
A: Read below in the Warning Section.

*To monitor your Battery life, please use the Better Battery Stats App.

As some of you may or may not like it, this ROM has the carrier label on the statusbar.
I urge the users to stick with it as this is the only ROM with the carrier label on the statusbar trademark.
You will not find this on any other ROMs.

For Developers Only:
If you would like to use something from this ROM or one who has porting knowledge and would like to port this ROM to i777 or i9100P,
contact me in PM. Thanks.

If you wish to install other kernels, you may try Philz kernel, Siyah Kernel(Beta) or Dorimanx kernel. Please download and run the GS2kernelwipe before installing these kernels.
You have to test it which works best for you.
For undervolting with Jeboo kernel v1.3, use an app like SetCPU or Voltage Control.
I advise you to undervolt 1 step at a time to test for stable result.
Some phones may not be able to undervolt and some can go -100mhv on each step.
If your device freezes or gets too hot due to too much undervolting, reboot to recovery. There is an option to reset the voltage.

**Please do not try to install any mods from other threads or roms/firmwares into this ROM as this will create big issues and bugs on yr device.
I will not reply to your posts if you have done these. You have been warned.

For this ROM:
If you want to make this ROM better and if you have any ideas, suggestions are always welcome. Please do not ask for themes.
I will take in request for icons if you can provide the links to the icons that you liked.

Mods, Add-Ons, Tweaks and Links:
I will maintain the Mods, Apps and Add-ons in this post and will continue to do research on other areas.
If you have made/ or found something interesting for all users, inform me via PM with a link. I want to read a bit before I test it/ include it.

Bugs and Reporting:
New bugs:
1. Floating keyboard black bottom.

Other Links:
Custom Stock ROM 2.1 Edition
Better Battery Stats
Jeboo Kernel
Siyah Kernel
Dorimanx Kernel

*Please note that I'm doing this project on my free time. Donations is not required but are welcome to do so for my efforts.
*If you like this ROM and want to support it, please use any of these banners for your signature.

**Please post your comments, feedbacks and suggestions or PM me.**
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1st January 2013, 11:40 AM |#2  
maanz "L"'s Avatar
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Donate to Me


Big thanks to these mentioned Devs for making this ROM possible.
**Please PM Me If I have Missed Anyone And I Will Add It Here..**

My mate, Mirko ddd.

*Special thanks to Mirko ddd, ipmanwck, Nos_20, visky642, xXWeresXx, jarari2, RM57380, JoFury and Didact74 for helping me a lot.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________



Since version 1.0, the Custom Stock ROM has been based on the original Stock Samsung ROM builds. This makes a combination of performance and new features directly to your device as well as keeping it close to stock theme.

Some of the things that were tweaked with mods, scripts and apps in the previous versions are now included by default in this new ROM.

I would recommend to try this ROM. No obligations. Feel free to give your feedbacks about this ROM.

There will be more to come in the future versions, so for now, let's enjoy this release and hope to hear good things from you.


Features and ChangeLogs

Custom Stock Rom 5.0 Edition™ - Codename: "Eternity"
Build Date: 22 May 2013 Wedneday.
Base Firmware: Jelly Bean v 4.1.2 XWLSN Deodexed and Zipaligned.
Jeboo Kernel 2.2.
Modem XXMS2.
added LMT.(pie control)
added TrackID.
added Got-it app (free version), Polaris Office, Better Battery Stats, Greenify, ES file explorer, OGYoutube Downloader and Batteryguru app.
added S-memo.
added task manager shortcut.
added updated SuperSU.
added media sounds from xperia z.
added 10s screen timeout.
added call setting and message setting to settings menu.
added Accuweather widget fix.
added xperia z lockscreen circles.
added xperia lockscreeen clock digits.
added clear icon on notification header.
added flare effect on normal unlock screen.
added CRT with toggle on settings menu.
added smoothness touches/animations.
moved search bar to bottom in contacts.
75% transparent statusbar.
statusbar icons and colors from xperia z and htc
changed some icons on statusbar to white.
changed brightness slider and drag bar to green.
changed unlock sounds from s4.
changed touch sounds from xperia z.
changed setting menu background.
enable smart network, dual clock widget, power widget and driving mode widget.
enable group messaging, add signature, save messages, scheduled message and no sms to mms conversion.
removed ongoing/notifications title on notification pulldown.
removed lock icon on notification header.
and ported all stuffs from CSR 4.1.

Custom Stock Rom 4.1 Edition™ - Codename: "Eternity"
Build Date: 23 Mar 2013 Saturday.
Base Firmware: Jelly Bean v 4.1.2 XWLS8 Deodexed and Zipaligned.
Updated to Jeboo Kernel 2.1.
Updated to LS8 Modem.
Added Dropbox app.
Added huge apn list.
Added Enable GPS lock and sensor aiding.
Reverted Settings background wallpaper.
Added CRT off effect.
Reverted stock Samsung fonts.
Added Media Scanner fix.
Edge Zoom with Toggles for browser.
Added SGS3 alarm sounds.
Remake in-call keypad and end call panel bar.
Fix clock to center on AOSP Lockscreen.
Added exit browser.
Added CSR boot animation.
Fix popup bug ("Always" "Just Once").
more edits on screen brightness values.
Edit battery reading power profile.
Fix GPS lock issue.
Edit Accuweather widget background and text (LG-like).
Added phone and sms shortcuts on AOSP Lockscreen.
Added Bravia Engine 2.
Fix minor layout in end call display and videocall end call display.
Added HTC Emoticons in Messaging app.
Added Phone custom settings.
Added new Settings slider icons.

Custom Stock Rom 4.0 Edition™ - Codename: "Eternity"
Build Date: 3 Feb 2013 Sunday.
Base Firmware: Jelly Bean v 4.1.2 XWLS8 Deodexed and Zipaligned.
Kernel:Jeboo Kernel 1.3.
Added Multi-Language support including some Asian and European languages.
Added Carrier Id Label on StatusBar.
New default Fonts.
Hacked Email app.
Change Email notification icon.
Hacked Camera Mod with better Audio Quality / Video Bitrate, Volume Keys and flash usage at any battery life.
No MMS / SMS conversion limit.
Animated video player thumbnails.
Note 2 Gallery app.
Removed Bloatwares.
Added Sense Recent app
Added Google Ears
Added Home Button Lag fix.
Added more new wallpapers (20 wallpapers).
Added 4.2 Keyboard.
Added Gmail 4.2. (Pinch to zoom)
Added Emoji Keyboard.
Added Spell Checker Mod.
Added Note ll keyboard Handwriting feature.
Added Ink Effect Mod including red, black and white. (12 Colors)
Added Notification/Ongoing items background and Icon color.
Added Google Car Home app.
Added init.d tweaks.
Added updated host file for blocking ads.
Added Media Scanner Fix mod.
Edit Screen Brightness values.
Added Pop-up Browser.
Added Lock Icon on Notification Bar Header.
Remake Weather Icon and temperature on Samsung Lockscreen.
Remove Accuweather logo on Samsung Lockscreen.
Added Weather on AOSP Lockscreen.
Added ROM name in Setup wizard.
Added Scrolling Wallpaper
Added more new media sounds.
Added Torch on lockscreen.
Added 4-Way Reboot Options.
Skip songs with volume rocker.
Longpress back to kill.
Added Notification Panel Setting and Brightness Slider Toggle in Settings menu.
Added Multi-Window Toggle in Settings menu.
Added Ink Effect Toggle in Settings menu.
Added AOSP Lockscreen toggle in Settings menu.
Remake Dialpad Buttons.
Remake 'full' screen photo mod, button layout, call recording and icon colors.
Reduced Lockscreen Lags.
Change Settings menu background wallpaper.

**The Rom Is Fast, Smooth and Stable. No FCs and Bugs found as of yet.**

Old Releases:
For Version 1 and 2, this is based on ICS firmwares. For more infos, please refer to this page:

New Updates:
Collecting Informations.
Works started.
9% Work in progress.

*Please report any bugs found on this ROM. I urge all members here to help one another when issues and problems arise.

*Stay tune for future updates in the New Updates Section above. I thank you all and please enjoy the ROM.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________



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1st January 2013, 11:40 AM |#3  
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*I will be using Mirror to keep track the number of downloads made by users.

Important Info:
You are not allowed to post this ROM or mods on any other mirror links.


Download zip files From Mirror

Custom Stock ROM 5.0 Edition Eternity:
Download Here
MD5: 5c73369bfdd39eae532ab824b6473690

New mirror Custom Stock ROM 5.0 EditionEternity:
Download Here
MD5: 5c73369bfdd39eae532ab824b6473690

AOSP Mms.apk:
Download Here
MD5 Sum: 57cd5588b8d80c6dbe3feacff571e4c1

Custom Pulldown background:
Download Here
MD5 Sum: 019227539834d6c5787efb31868cbb58

Stock Phone.apk:
Download Here
MD5 Sum: 85d062e9cb6922ea2444590d1ed378ea

Gmail 'no connection' fix:
Download Here

Remove Carrier Label on Statusbar mod:
Download Here
MD5 Sum: 11cdead5ef4dface40db11e4e8f8bf98

Black StatusBar, Stock Icons and Circle Battery mod fixed:
Download Here
MD5 Sum: 24ddb0334a99489bf964a7249fadd4d4

Special Link to visky642's BatteryGuru app:
Use this if you encounter any difficulties.

Special Link to Christian Nothing's LG HOME v3 + Themes, Widget and Live Wallpapers:

Special Link to alen1901's 26.5. (TRUE, Multi Rom) Galaxy S4 lockscreen, font, clock..:

More to Come..

Special Theme for Custom Stock ROM:

*Follow this instructions to avoid Bootloops, SODs, and other several issues.

Installation Pocedures:
If you're coming from ICS Roms, Stock Roms, AOKP/AOSP Roms or Custom Roms:
Download the zip file.
Put it in either internal or external SDCard.
Reboot in recovery, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, wipe dalvik cache.
Go to Mount and storage, format preload.
*If you do not have fromat preload in recovery (Except Philz and Jeboo kernels), Please go to Other Links section on 1st post to get the GS2ROMWipe. Then, run this in recovery*
Install the ROM.
After installation finish, reboot your device.
The first boot will take several minutes.
Please allow 5-10mins to let the media scanner to finish after configuring the Setup Wizard.
Then, open up SuperSU App and update it.

Old Download:
Custom Stock ROM 3.0 Edition Eternity:
Download Here
MD5 Sum: 4324b4de0bb3cf71ebf39a4403712533
Total Download Counts:1188

Custom Stock ROM 4.0 Edition Eternity:
Download Here
MD5 Sum: a20e1d5f8b77f5876cbad586d72746e6
Total Download Counts:1346

Custom Stock ROM 4.1 Edition Eternity:
Download Here
MD5: f9e505ba5e00657d870062c725b4bebe
Total Download Counts: 8000??

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________



*All of these mods can be downloaded at the downloads section above.

*Flash any of these mods in recovery.

AOSP Messaging

-This will remove the Stock Messagng app.

Custom Pulldown Background

More to come..
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1st January 2013, 11:41 AM |#4  
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Battery Usage:


**Screenshots courtesy from ipmanwck.**

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________

What The Users Say:


Originally Posted by Mirko ddd

nice rom buddy congrats!

Originally Posted by spurgeonjudah

Hello maanz I've just moved from Sony to Samsung My device is running an ICS (Stock) , so i just wanted to know if i could just Flash the ROM from the SD as u have guided or do i have root the phone and flash or something???

btw looking at ppl's comments on how STOCK ur ROM is!! well i'm sure i already i love this ROM

Originally Posted by ipmanwck

What's going on community. Off topic but it's quiet due to rom superbness Was looking at new phones coming out and like look of xperia z or zs for Camera quality as use it loads. Probably wait for s4 just hope Sammy won't disappoint with a bigger screen to phone ratio s3 and call it s4.

Custom Stock Rom 4.0 Eternity
Stock but better

Originally Posted by ipmanwck

Today's battery I had a decent amount of juice left too usual text, phone calls, 1 video call, loads of xda, youtube and downloads (xperia z reviews) internet on 3g. I have gotta say maanz your rom is by far the best JB rom I used so far for batt life and I have used lots.

Custom Stock Rom 4.0 Eternity
Stock but better

Originally Posted by ipmanwck

Great to see many new users on here. This ROM is the best kept secret ! I will be doing a review to promote this rom very soon and posting it on youtube. Lets try and help Maanz promote his great work to say thanks as lets not forget he does all this for free !

Custom Stock Rom 4.0 Eternity
Stock but better

Originally Posted by Phrozin3215

Hi Maanz,
Already said thanks in previous post when I used your Rom in 2 days, but just have to say THANKS again. I use this rom now over a week and battery life is very good,can go over a day with normal use, no FC's ,all is working like expected and very stable rom as you stated.This was done as my wife will be using it from now on(since I get my Note2 in a week) and I needed a "WAF"-rom (Wife Approval Factor) :lol:
This is by far the best rom I've used giving only the most needed extras and still have excellent stability,greatly appreciate your time and effort. You probably not gonna work on a Note 2 rom for me?
Gonna try the Revolution HD for note2(heard also stable)

Originally Posted by loger8

Haha, funny thing, in my case I needed a "SAF"-rom (Sister Approval Factor). This one is in my opinion not wife/sister proof yet, I ended up putting maanz's other rom, Custom Stock Rom 2.1, which is ICS and super duper stable. If you hear any complains from the wife, go with that one for a bug free JB we just have to wait a little more

Originally Posted by ipmanwck

People flash this rom and start posting ! So many people are missing out !!!!

The next version will be epic. In fact it could be "code name epic"

Custom Stock Rom 4.0 Eternity
Stock but better

Originally Posted by visky642

Tried cyanogen mod 4.2.2 for once forgot to make backup n flashed it right away thankfully had an old backup cause within an hour I realised I'm addicted to Sammy rom CSR to be precise
Maanz thanks mate I don't think I'll ever upgrade to 4.2 without Samsung taste

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Originally Posted by ipmanwck

Hey Guys,

Just for info Maanz is working really hard on fixing a few minor visual bugs in the new version. I can say I have been testing it and its amazing for performance and battery life plus all the silly extra spaces and stuff in dialer after hangup which sammy should have fixed Maanz has done. It has been no easy task but Mannz is a perfectionist and will only release the new version when its 100% good so we can all enjoy it start getting very excited as this new version is awesome !

Custom Stock Rom v4.0 Eternity
Brilliantly Stock

Originally Posted by ipmanwck

Battery results after 1 day usage with latest version 4.1 it can only get better.

Maanz this really is great work !!!!!!

Speechless. Now all who like the latest version lets try to promote the best stock rom on xda

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Originally Posted by torpedrolx

A big WOW for this rom

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Originally Posted by bodomfan

@maanz this is my favourite rom I've u have a link for csr themes

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Originally Posted by Tribal123

Totally agree with you, only 69 pages means only 1 thing: no problems with this ROM

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Originally Posted by Phrozin3215

Ok, I have installed this for the wife and she's very pleased and I can vouch that the "phone once-always" bug is gone when rom upgraded.
@Ipmanwck..I did install the circle battery mod alone for wife and still no bug of the "once-always".

So far no bugs to report,all is running smooth for a day..didn't tinker yet where the other guys mention bugs,but normal email works fine,actually all is tested fine,except gps which I'm doing today.

Kudo's to the oke who made the video of installing rom in main page,is it you ipmanwck?..anyhow..I use that method with all my phones and is considered a norm for me,except I format internal sd everytime(really love a clean start,less errors to none found)..

Yet again,my wife is running brilliantly stock and me not,Oh I wish Maanz could do that for the N7105' the way is there a way I can have the lockscreen torch function on my note2,my wife is so stoked about the simplicity of how to enable torch with the home button(this must be built into samsung stock)

Regards all

Originally Posted by Tribal123

Yeah, I've read your previous post concerning installation of discreet theme, but I actually love the "stock feeling" of this Rom and I don't wanna lost it with a theme

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Originally Posted by xXWeresXx

Its a Great ROM!!

Smooth, fast and Stable.
I miss some Mods.

Originally Posted by ipmanwck

Remember guys this Rom is stock with some minor mods and many improvements
If you want mods and every ink colour there are other Roms which may suit your needs better.

For me this Rom is the best and most stable

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Originally Posted by Tesla

@maanz. You have taken away the fun with this rom. I used to try all the roms i could find.
It was fun to see how they where, how they looked, what the dev had done and all.

Now my phone looks good and everything works, all the time. It just works. Damn you

Thanks again for this rom. For ME this is the best rom.

Originally Posted by Tesla

I seriously think this thread is so quiet because all the users of this rom are happy and everything with it works. Love it m8

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1st January 2013, 11:43 AM |#5  
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last one..
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1st January 2013, 11:45 AM |#6  
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What's so special in Jeboo kernel? never heard of it.

Ok already found out
Btw, could you disable "browser zoom from edge of display" that would be great
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1st January 2013, 11:48 AM |#7  
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Oh great topic :P
I prepare me too
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1st January 2013, 11:50 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by RM57380

Oh great topic :P
I prepare me too

that's great, mate..
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1st January 2013, 12:18 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by blizzari

What's so special in Jeboo kernel? never heard of it.

Ok already found out
Btw, could you disable "browser zoom from edge of display" that would be great

there is no "browser zoom from edge of display". I just test it.
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1st January 2013, 12:22 PM |#10  
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Waiting to try the final release!

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1st January 2013, 12:25 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Nos_20

Waiting to try the final release!

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