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[ROM][20 Fev] WanamLite Final LA4 __Jkay 13.6.4 & Fast & Rock Stable__

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Welcome to my custom Rom Wanam Lite Rom (NO-WIPE), my first goal of making this Rom, is a lite, tweaked and battery friendly Rom with Arabic support.


Disclaimer :


Use it at your own RISK.

Features list (for XWKL1 only) :

Jkay Mod
Extended power menu
Circle Battery percentage
Home double click
A lot of other features
Better optimised apk's, framework for more speed and Updated
Ram Hack
Battery tweaks
Internet speed tweaks
System tweaks, more smoothness
GTalk with Video
better camera
fixed laggy browser
Root + Busybox
New Market
Full Arabic support reading and writing
Samsung keyboard (Added Arabic support)
Swype keyboard (Added Arabic support)
Sent time & Unlimited Contacts adding & No MMS Convert
Added JKay app to customize the theme
Improved battery life
Huge APN list
No SMS on Call logs
Decreased Call ring delay
Increased wifi scan delay
Fix RTL on Whatsapp
Remove Samsung apps
Disable noise suppression
Call recording

Download & changes log :

WanamLite Final LA4 Android 2.3.6 & Jkay 13.6.4 & Fast & Rock Stable
Optional packages (CWM patchs)

Installation (Must have CWM kernel like Cf-root) :

Copy the Rom to your Sdcard
Do a Nandroid backup
Flash the Rom via Recovery and enjoy

Some simple tips to save your battery life :

Call *#9900# and disable Fast dormacy
Deactivate Samsang apps on Applications menu
Deactivate auto sync for accounts
Deactivate GPS (and wifi gps)
Deactivate auto backup of Gmail account
Set wifi sleep policy to "when screen is off"
Set brightness level to automatic
Disable motion

Thanks to :


@Brightidea, @JessusFree, @Hacre, & @Hardcore, @Madmack, @JKay, @Potatoman, @Juffo, @Vincenzo91, @Muveszur, @Designgears, @Daneshm90, @Dsixda, @Juwe, @LockeOn, @Criskelo, @Sicopat, @Nexxx85, @Ownhere, @petsasj, @Rawi666, @Gokhanmoral, @Syps54,@intonauta
Please let me know if i missed someone.

It's just a hobby, so plz no ETA, If you like this Rom? please rate it.

If you like this Rom please Donate to me

If you can't, just hit thanks button it's free

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29th August 2011, 07:59 PM |#2  
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New changes-log will be posted on Wanamlite blog.

WanamLite 5.2 ChangeLog (23/10/2011) :
  1. Siyah 2.0
  2. Jkay mod 12.1
  3. Updated some system files from 2.3.7
  4. Added KI8 language files (hopefully fix some Arabic symbols)

WanamLite 5.1 ChangeLog (21/10/2011) :
  1. Based on XXKI4
  2. Jkay mod
  3. Updated Google apps
  4. Siyah kernel 2.1 b7 (based on new sources)

WanamLite 4.4 ChangeLog (18/10/2011) :
  1. Removed ondemand tweaks
  2. New undervolting script
  3. Update Jkay to v12 :
    • Features : (in v12):
      * Removed padding code from sound toggle
      * Changed the default shortcuts on lock screen (now only Unlock and Sound toggle at center, so glass left, right and up will all be unlock and down will be silent)
      * Added Flashlight toggle to quick panel (it keeps screen on! So remember to turn it off using button or power button)
      * Added Auto brightness toggle to quick panel
      * Added Secure toggle to quick panel (your unlock screen will switch to your selected lock screen while not secure)
      * Fixed vibration toggle on quick panel and Phone options dialog (now switches correctly according to vibration state: always off, always on, only in silent mode, only if not in silent mode)
      * Toggle for Deluxe quick panel (requires reboot, if off then it's only the 5 stock quick panel buttons that are shown)
      * Toggle for Bluetooth On notification
      * Toggle for status bar vibrate icon (show only when in silent mode)
      * Toggle for lock screen charging info
      * Toggle for lock screen next alarm info
      * Toggle for lock screen date
  4. Siyah Kernel V2.0
  5. Disable main logger
  6. Tweaked conservative mode
  7. Add new Jkay icon packs
  8. Other things i don't remember now...

WanamLite 4.3 ChangeLog (13/10/2011) :
  1. Based on KI3 with all new tweaks
  2. Jkay mod

WanamLite 4.2 ChangeLog (12/10/2011) :
  1. Undervolted (less battery drain)
  2. Fixed default Arabic, set it to Aljazeera font
  3. Added more Arabic fonts
  4. Update "su" and "Superuser" app
  5. Update Google apps
  6. Nexus boot animation
  7. Other things i don't remember now

WanamLite 4.1 ChangeLog (10/10/2011) :
  1. KI8 based
  2. Numeric battery & Green signals
  3. Tweaked Siyah kernel 1.8
  4. Almost all usual tweaks
  5. No Jkay tweaks, waiting for new update

WanamLite 3.6 ChangeLog (05/10/2011) :
  1. Wifi fix (hopefully)
  2. Disable noise suppression
  3. Disable increased ring
  4. Power charging faster, not supported on Rage kernel, flash Siyah kernel if you want it (Higher charging rates can reduce battery life)
  5. Lower level compression of (framework and other apps) for faster loading
  6. Changed Arabic font (Aljazeera font).
  7. Other things i don't remember now

WanamLite 3.5 ChangeLog (04/10/2011) :
  1. Some fixes and tweaks

WanamLite 3.4 ChangeLog (03/10/2011) : Will be available today at 20h00 GMT.
  1. Many people want RageMod kernel, you will have it
  2. Disable increasing ring call
  3. Disable auto rotation on Phone call
  4. Disable auto rotation on Alarm
  5. Add BLN full support for SMS/MMS
  6. Green wifi/network signal
  7. Fixed RTL on Whatsapp
  8. Removed Samy apps (not all, only apps draining battery), available on separate CWM package.
  9. Back to Old Market and disable auto update for it, available also on separate CWM package.
  10. Disable Noise Suppression
  11. Fix Talk video
  12. Other things i forget...

WanamLite 3.3 ChangeLog (30/09/2011) :
  1. Add Jkay mod
  2. Back to Ninphetamine kernel (some wifi issues on the current Siyah kernel)
  3. Add some smoothness tweaks (keeping scheduler at conservative mode)

WanamLite 3.2.1 ChangeLog (29/09/2011) :
  1. Fix RTL on Whatsapp (thanks to Madmack)
  2. Add Touchwiz launcher with 5 icons dock (thanks to petsasj)
  3. Better Arabic font

WanamLite 3.2 ChangeLog (28/09/2011) :
  1. Add Siyah kernel 1.7.6
  2. Set scheduler to conservative (save battery)
  3. Add Arabic/Farsi/Urdu Samsung and Swype keyboard

WanamLite 3.1.1 ChangeLog (27/09/2011) :
  1. Based on KI3
  2. Updated SU
  3. Fixed script updater

WanamLite 1.4.1 ChangeLog (23/09/2011) :
  1. Update Nex-S Tweaks
  2. Back to stock backlight values
  3. Disable NoiseSuppression

WanamLite 1.4 ChangeLog (21/09/2011) :
  1. Add Nex's Tweaks
    • Permanent changed DPI to 200 - DPI Version only!
    • Zipaligning missing apps on each startup
    • European GPS Config
    • VoodooColor preparation (will be automatical applied, if VoodooColor Kernel is installed)
    • Dalvik Heapsize 70m
    • Tweaked CFQ Scheduler for non rotating storeage
    • Optimized mount options
    • SDCard readahead 2048kb
    • Optimized Memory Settings
    • WIFI scanintervall 3min
    • Windowevents set to 60
    • Cleanup sqlite3 Databases on each startup
    • Network Tweaks
    • Kernel Tweaks
    • Added some Android 3.1 binaries and libraries
    • (Almost) persistent Launcher
    • Render UI with GPU
    • build.prop responsiveness tweaks
    • Renice kswapd0 to 18
    • Media quality tweaks
  2. Update JKay Mod new features :
    • * Support for Transparent wallpaper!
    • * Support for Live Wallpapers on Unlock screens (pattern/pin/password)!
    • * A toggle to remove leading zero of the clock on the lock screen
    • * A toggle to remove the quick button text (requires reboot)
    • * A toggle for CRT TV on effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
    • * A toggle for CRT TV off effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
    • * A toggle to hide the clock from statusbar (move it over next to date, requires reboot)
    • * A toggle to remove the carrier label from the notification bar (requires reboot)
    • * 'Show lock screen when secure' toggle (shows AOSP/Glass lockscreen before unlock screen aka pattern/pin/password)
    • * Support for Skipping music track/fm radio station using vol-up/down-keys when screen is off (as a toggle)
    • * 15 seconds timeout... (as a toggle)
WanamLite 1.3.2 ChangeLog (13/09/2011) :
  1. Update Google apps (Maps,Market...)
  2. New build props Tweaks
  3. Update Ram Tweak
  4. A lot of system tweaks (battery life, smoothness, internet speed)

WanamLite 1.3.1 ChangeLog (11/09/2011) :
  1. Update JKay Mod 9.2
  2. Add CRT animation
  3. Add Program monitor widget
  4. Increase wifi scan interval
  5. Decrease call ring delay
  6. Some other build props tweaks

WanamLite 1.3 ChangeLog (08/09/2011):
  1. Updated JKay Mod
  2. Back to Original Market
  3. Back to original KH3 CSC;
  4. More lower brightness levels
  5. Add JKay icons pack
  6. Add Call recording as CWM patch
  7. No incremental ringtones on calls
  8. Low/Full charge ON/OFF (JKay Mod)
  9. Cyanogen APN List

WanamLite 1.2.1 ChangeLog (07/09/2011):
  1. Lower brightness level
  2. Samsung Keyboard, added Arabic support
  3. Swype keyboard, added Arabic support
  4. Kernel: Ninphetamine 2.1.3
  5. Battery life improved
  6. Circle battery (Jkay mod)
  7. Unlimitted receivers & SMS to MMS converting
  8. Add the new market
  9. Add DSPManager
  10. Removed Multiling keyboard
  11. Other things i can't remember

WanamLite 1.1 Changelog: (30/08/2011)
  • Change kernel to Speedmod 129

WanamLite 1.0 Changelog: (29/08/2011)
  • Initial release
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29th August 2011, 08:00 PM |#3  
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For future use.
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29th August 2011, 08:03 PM |#4  
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Can you add screenshots?
29th August 2011, 08:40 PM |#5  
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Any chance of adding direct download to the multiupload site or providing another mirror?

Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda premium
29th August 2011, 08:54 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by sardor

Can you add screenshots?

Already added!!
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29th August 2011, 08:56 PM |#7  
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they doesnt work
29th August 2011, 09:26 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by malavan

they doesnt work

Ok, i will attach them to the OP.

EDIT : Done
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29th August 2011, 11:02 PM |#9  
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More is good! Especially when Im new too Congrats on the ROM, will flash soon. Good luck!
29th August 2011, 11:10 PM |#10  
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Can i flash thru Odin while not rooted (or rooted np) or must I flash thru CWM while rooted?

Can't wait to test this one btw
29th August 2011, 11:14 PM |#11  
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These ROM's are coming in thick and fast for this phone. Good luck
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