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By mattcfk, Senior Member on 20th December 2011, 04:45 PM
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Please don't advertise or provide any external shopping link in my thread, as this thread is meant to provide information only. I want to prevent a amazon/ebay-link cycle which will initially divert the purpose for this thread. Thank you for your co-operation.

Greeting to all fellow android fans!!! i am starting this FAQ merely for USB jig for the Samsung Galaxy S2 as i have search long enough for a topic merely like this, however i couldn't find a topic that will exactly give a proper guide or explanation for this.

i am making this so it would be easier for a noob like me to have just the answers for USB jib.

i claim no credit for myself. all the answers here are compile after going through couple of threads/posts (not sure how many, but i know its many).

What is USB Jig?

- USB jig is actually a micro-USB device which consist of soldering a micro USB plug, and resistors/resistor (as long as you get value of 301k, however, some claim it will still work even between 300k - 400k, not exactly 301k).

The USB jig (not the home made one) should look like this:

Where to get one?

There are actually 2 ways to obtain this tiny piece yet important device for most samsung android users. You can either purchase it from ebay or make it yourself!

- Actually it is selling very cheap at ebay (roughly around US$ 2.00) and worth to invest. However, in my opinion, it is a MUST for everyone (you are exclude if you are not into rooting and flashing your phone).

- I will not go into how to make a homemade USB jig. You can refer to the link below for reference.
Video: - thanks to zedomax

Step by step instructions: - thanks to TheBeano

What does USB Jig do?

In short, USB Jig has 3 functions:

- Get into download mode (main function)
If you soft brick your phone, you can force into download mode using USB jig and reflash new kernel or ROM. As far as i concern, there are few ways to force into download mode, however this is the most simple way to get into it. If USB jig doesn't work, i don't think other method will work either.

If your phone is hard brick, i don't think this will work.

- Remove the yellow triangle
Once you flash your s2 with insecure kernel, a yellow triangle with exclamation mark will appear at boot splash. USB jig can do the trick to remove it for you. (i know flashing S2 with original will remove the triangle as well, but i just wanna point out USB jig function.)

- Reset Odin counter/Reset custom binary counter
If you flash custom ROM into your s2, the binary counter will record it, even after you unroot your phone and set everything to its original, Samsung can still keep track by referring to binary counter. No worry, USB jig will clear the counter. However, some manage to get away with it and still get a warranty, but better to be safe than sorry.

Quote from zedomax:
"And also works on these Samsung phones too:
Samsung Nexus S, Captivate Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, Samsung Vibrant , Samsung Fascinate, Epic 4G, Samsung Omnia 7, Samsung S 4G, Samsung Infuse SGH-i997, Samsung Galaxy S Ace

There are question about I9100G version. It should work as well, since the different between G and non-G version is the processor only. However, the new G version come with GB 2.3.6, which means new bootloader (Newly G set sold in Malaysia come with it)! No worry, it is being solved! Scroll down and read on.

How do you use USB jig? (courtesy to mrsaccess for remind me this part )

actually this part is quite straight forward. however, i will still try to provide step by step guide (i prefer to do/read it this way, easier to read and understand).

a) how to unbrick your phone
- Turn off your phone and pull out the battery for 2 seconds.
- Put the battery back in the device and don't turn it on.
- Plug the jig into the micro USB port on the phone.
- After about few seconds, your phone should boot up automatically and bring you straight into download mode.
- Unplug the jig.
- Connect your phone with USB cable to computer and then flash your phone via the program "odin".

b) how to remove the yellow triangle
- Turn off you phone.
- Plug in the jig.
- After about few seconds, your phone should boot up automatically and bring you straight into the download mode.
- Unplug the jig.
- Turn off your phone by long pressing the power button.
- Turn it on again and the annoying sign should be gone.

c) how to reset custom binary counter
- Turn off you phone.
- Plug in the jig.
- After about few seconds, your phone should boot up automatically and bring you straight into the download mode(you should be able to see your custom binary counter here). The below message should appear below the counter in green.
- Unplug the jig.
- Turn off your phone by long pressing the power button.
- If you wanna check the counter, turn your phone on again using the 3 button combo or by using the jig.

HOWEVER...!!! YEAH, HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! I am not finish yet!!!

The nightmare is not finish, you will be sorry if you don't read on, this is where the problems start.


Is there any problem you ask?
YES! Samsung does indeed keep track of every hack and trick out there. They eventually realize a lot of people is using this dirty USB jig method to reset the custom binary counter/remove the yellow triangle, in order to get a warranty, as they should have void your warranty and charge you for repairs!

Eventually they implement new bootloader into GB ver 2.3.4 onward to prevent USB jig from resetting the custom binary counter/removing the yellow triangle (confirmed by some owners in this forum).

However, this is random as i read that an owner with GB ver 2.3.6 manage to flash the custom binary counter. I assume it depends on which bootloader version they put into your phone then.

However, you can still get into download mode! Which is the most important purpose of all! Phew!!!

Yes, you are lucky, this problem can be solve.
My many thanks and all credit goes to Intratech (don't forget to thank him for that )
Actually, you can refer to his thread:
However, the solution is actually at the middle of the thread. To make it easy, i will quote it out.

Quote from Intratech:
"All packages below this point have the old bootloader so you can safely reset the binary counter with a Jig.

If you've already flashed a full package from elsewhere or updated using KIES and cannot reset your binary counter using the Jig just flash this package in the PDA or Bootloader section of Odin to replace the bootloaders and then you can reset the counter:

Here are the new bootloader tarball if you want to flash them back after resetting your binary counter:

everything tested and worked fine! really a sign of relief for me and i guess its a good news to everyone too!

once again, this thread is meant for reference, and all credits will go back to respective person. I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR ANY INFORMATION HERE. just trying to put everything together as i don't want anyone to go through the hard time like i did.

lastly, all the credits go to:

if i made a mistake, do let me know, i will correct it. i will take any comment or suggestion so that this can be an easy reference regarding USB jig for everybody.

Android RULEZZZ!!!

EDIT(ADD ON INFO) - credit to rathian for the kind reminder:
New USB Jig V2
To be honest, i really not sure about the new usb jig. And i don't really have the chance to test it out. If someone of you tried it, maybe you can enlighten us here. Thank you.

Does USB Jig works for ICS ROM?
There is much debate for this topic. Some say yes, some say no. However, this is actually what happen in ICS. Samsung actually change a new bootloader for ICS. Basically, the USB Jig presumably will not work for ICS. That is bad news for all of us.

However, base on rathian, he did an experience of trying to flash old gingerbread bootloader into ICS, and you know what? It works! I don't actually recommend this as you might screw things up and end up bricking your phone.

If you want, you can try it out. Please bear in mind you are doing that at your own risk!

I also get some info, if you really wanna get ICS, get a custom ROM. Some developers actually use old bootloader for their custom ROM. That mean you can actually use USB Jig for custom ICS ROM. Please don't ask me which one as i don't really remember, and i might or might not be wrong. I will confirm it once i find out. Until then, better stick to gingerbread!

New ICS bootloader is added here for everyone to download it! FULL CREDIT TO INTRATECH!

Use it as per normal, flash with odin if you wanna use your USB jig. After that, flash back with ICS bootloader.

Please becareful before you do anything. Neither me nor intratech will be responsible for any damages. TAKE YOUR OWN RISK!
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20th December 2011, 08:07 PM |#2  
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Great info buddy.

Can someone please make this a sticky?

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20th December 2011, 10:59 PM |#3  
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Very good summary of how the jig works, definitely needs to be stickied so noobs have less chance of missing it.

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21st December 2011, 12:05 AM |#4  
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Nicely written and I agree, we should get this stickied.
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21st December 2011, 01:58 AM |#5  
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Absolutely fantastic summary even I the owner of this handy device and know how to use it.


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21st December 2011, 03:35 AM |#6  
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Thank you for putting the info together in one place.

Very helpful

21st December 2011, 06:17 AM |#7  
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Thanx for compiling this! *favorite on tapatalk*
21st December 2011, 06:24 AM |#8  
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thank you very much guys! actually you guys also did a very great job, especially intratech. i totally respect you .

whatever info i need, i can just use search function and i get the all the info i need. however, this (usb jig) is the only missing info here. its not totally missing, but you definitely need to search very hard and combine everything before it start make sense.

since everyone here is so helpful, i was thinking, why not i try to contribute a bit by compiling the info.

if there is any updates or whatsoever, just let me know, i will update it so other ppl can get every info in one place. let's continue with the helping culture here.

not to forget, HO HO HO, MERRY MERRY XMAS!!!
21st December 2011, 06:38 AM |#9  
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As I understand, the only way to brick your phone is when flashing bootloaders, so its a little scary. So basically, flash new firmware, then flash older bootloaders to remove triangle? Do we lose anything by going back to older bl? I would say only do this if taking phone back to shop, is this a reasonable statement

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21st December 2011, 02:58 PM |#10  
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Nice guide but you didn't write how we use the jig.

I mean, should we connect it to the device with the phone powered on? Should the phone be powered down? Do we have to go through a menu or something?
21st December 2011, 03:11 PM |#11  
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wondering is it work for i9100G model as well?
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