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CM11.0 for Canadian Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (SGH-I757M)

*** Disclamer ***


By flashing this ROM, you are voiding your phones warranty (Unless you return it
to complete stock which is possible, but beyond the scope of this thread). You
also agree that I will in no way be held responsible in the event that your
device becomes bricked (Not likely to happen). In addition, you are responsible
to take the necessary backups of your apps, data, sms, contacts, calendar events, etc.

If you agree, then please continue on ;)

Due to the addition of user control in CM10.1/CM10.2/CM11.0, you are required to update
your recovery to a supported recovery with a version greater than 6.0.39. As of this writing, the latest available
version is Philz Touch Recovery 6.57.9 (based on CWM 6.0.51) for the SGH-I757M. There is currently not a
version of regular CWM for this device that will flash Kit Kat ROMs. 

If you flash the new ROM with the old incompatible recovery, you risk loosing
your sdcard under a bunch of subfolders.

As of CM10.1, ICS radios (I757MUGLH2) are no longer supported. You must download the new JB radios (I757MUGMC5).

It's finally here :D CM11.0 (Android4.4.x) for the Bell Canada Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (SGH-I757M). There is a lot to be said about Kit Kat with it's clean white icons and new launcher. The focus with Kit Kat was to make the device use less RAM and imrove performance, and so far it's running great.



What Works

* Phone
* Wi-Fi
* Mobile
* Bluetooth
* Data Usage
* Camera (Camcorder doesn't work on 1080, swith it to 720 for recording)
* BLN Notification (Enabled in Advanced Device Settings)
* VM Notification
* Youtube Overlays
* init.d is fully supported
* USB Mass Storage (UMS)/MTP

What Doesn't Work

* I experienced an incompatibility with some of my existing mp4 media files and when gallery tries to load them they cause a soft reboot. Loading these videos into the gallery media player using a 3rd party file manager seems to work without issue, it is the loading of the preview in gallery that causes the phone to crash.
Solution: The solution is to use a file manager to move the mp4 files to a new directory and add a ".nomedia" file to that directory so that when browsing photos in the gallery, it does not try to load the offending mp4 files.

Pre-Installation instructions

1) Download to your sdcard, the new Philz Touch Recovery 6.57.9 flashable zip which is compatible with CM10.1/CM10.2/CM11.0
2) Enter your existing CWM Recovery
3) Install Zip From sdcard
4) Select the that you downloaded to your sdcard
5) Flash the new Recovery
6) Go back to the main recovery menu and go Advanced -> Reboot Recovery (This might not actually reboot you into recovery, you may have to do that manually by turning off phone and using 3-button combo)

Now that you have the new recovery flashed to your device, you can continue to install this ROM.

Please be aware that the new recovery detects your sdcards (internal/external) in a different way. Your internal sdcard is recognized as /storage/sdcard0 and your external sdcard is recognized as /storage/sdcard1.

Installation instructions

1) Download the Rom and Gapps (Use only the Gapps downloded from this thread. It is customized due to our small cache partition)
2) Enter CWM
4) Wipe Data/Factory Reset
5) Format Cache
6) Advanced -> Format Dalvik Cache
7) Mounts and Storage -> Format /data,/cache and /system (Required for a clean flash)
8) Flash the Radios (Required before you flash the ROM, unless you already have the new JB radios flashed)
9) Flash the ROM
10) Flash the Gapps
11) Reboot Phone

NOTE: Using Philz Touch Recovery, you can replace steps 5 - 7 by selecting the "Clean to install a new ROM" option.


ROM Downloads

Build: 20141122 (Latest)
ROM: (213.2MB)
PA Mini GAPPS: PA Mini Modular GAPPS
JB Radios: (21.3MB)

NOTE: A clean flash is REQUIRED if upgrading from a previous version of android such as CM10.2

Build: 20140910
ROM: (211.3MB)
PA Mini GAPPS: PA Mini Modular GAPPS
JB Radios: (21.3MB)

Build: 20140424
ROM: (469.18MB)
JB Radios: (21.3MB)

Recovery Downloads

*** REQUIRED *** Philz Touch Recovery 6.12.8 (CWM compatible with CM10.1/CM10.2/CM11.0
[celoxhd][SGH-I757M][CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch

* I no longer upload files to XDA because it takes way to long to manage, so I only use All files can be found under my profile:

Tips and Tricks

Checkout the second post for some tips and tricks on setting up the ROM.


November 22, 2014 - Build 20141122
* Increased kernel version to Titanium 1.1.1
* Added cpu input boost framework - credit: sultanxda
* Added cpu OC (The scale goes up to 1890MHz, but you should only put it as high as 1836MHz since I was getting random reboots with 1890MHz. 1674MHz is the default OC and 1512MHz is the default CM OC) - credit: TeamFahQ/sultanxda/titanic-fanatic
* Added low power flash mode which will use a low powered flash when the battery is equal to or below 35%. This should help with the camera causing the phone to shut down when trying to take pictures using the flash. This threshold may need to be tweaked, so please let me know if you still experience shut downs related to using the camera. - credit: sultanxda
* Added sgs2hdbell as a device name to the updater-script to allow all bell i757m devices to flash the ROM without the need to edit the updater-script.
* Added panel undervolt interface. - credit: sultanxda
* More memory optimizations. Some of the extra RAM that the previous optimization gave us has been allocated to other things such as the surface flinger. Available RAM is now around ~760MB.
* Removed vbus_present wakelock for good (it worked it's way back in somehow)
* Added fast charge. Phone will now charge at 1200mA until 95% regardless of your charging source (AC/USB)
* Added exFAT driver to kernel. It's a filesystem like ext4 but is based on Windows FAT filesystem. You can format your sdcard as exFAT as it's supposed to be faster than vFAT which is what our sdcards are formatted as. Make sure you backup your sdcard contents before formatting it as exFAT and keep the backup until your sure you want to stick with exFAT.
* Removed NFC since I don't think anyone uses it and can't figure out how to have it disabled by default so it is removed completely. If someone is using NFC, let me know and I'll add it back but for now, I just see it as a battery drain.

September 10, 2014 - Build 20140910
* Kernel now has a custom version number in addition to my kernel name of Titanium
* Optimized kernel memory mapping to increase our physical RAM from ~730MB to ~800MB (a whole 70 extra MB... whoa!)- credit: sultanxda
* Removed mDNIe (it's not supported/working)
* Removed 91fixoverlays script (no longer needed)
* Removed persist.hwc.mdpcomp.enabled from build.prop (hack to fix the hwoverlays because fb drivers are broken somehow) - credit: sultanxda
* Added GPU overclock from 266MHz to 320MHz (helps a lot with the UI lag) - credit: sultanxda
* Added code for 2 phase OnDemand governor - credit: sultanxda
* Added opensource frandom module to help speed up the UI (also helps with the lag) - credit: bryan2894
* Added mdp Color Enhancements (better display color) - credit: sultanxda
* Added color/gamma controls in place of mDNIe (see the tips and tricks section for my already tweaked favorite settings) - credit: bryan2894/titanic_fanatic (I had to integrate it into our display drivers)
* Added Swipe 2 Wake (S2W) support in the kernel (it's actually tap once on each key from left to right). - credit: bryan2894
* Added to the build to enable screencasting - credit: THIS POST
* Added the necessary audio channels in the audio_policy.conf for screencasting - credit: THIS POST
* Added the necessary settings in Advanced Device Settings for screencasting and color/gamma control - credit: bryan2894/titanic_fanatic (I added the screencasting settings)
* Fixed the annoying BLN sticking (I think... Please confirm this for me) - credit: bryan2894
* Fixed the sampling rates for A2DP, input and r_submix channels - credit: bryan2894
* Changed both scaling governors to OnDemand - credit: bryan2894

August 15, 2014 - Build 20140815
* Sync with sources
* Added sysfs interfaces for vibrator intensity
* Added Settings in Advanced Device Settings for vibrator intensity

July 11, 2014 - Build 20140708
* Sync with sources (Update to Android 4.4.4)
* Vibrator module now built into kernel
* Added sysfs for vibrator intensity to allow user control of the vibrator intensity

May 21, 2014 - Build 20140321
* Sync with sources
* Switched to using media-caf
* Updated kernel with sources for media-caf
* Fixed issue with Google Camera resolution preferences FC
* Added back 91fixoverlays script due to graphics glitches with the new kernel

April 10, 2014 - Build 20140410
* Synced with sources
* Added USB Mass Storage Mode (UMS)
* Fixed network type selection menu. It now includes LTE as an option.

March 29, 2014 - Build 20140329
* Synced with sources
* Added overlay items to enable homescreen/lockscreen rotation
* Set Camera as default Scene Mode to partially fix camcorder recording
* cherry-pick display-caf commits to fix some of the graphical glitches

March 21, 2014 - Build 20140321
* Sync with sources
* Remove 91fixoverlays script

February 6, 2014 - Build 20140206
* Initial release


Q. How do I install SuperSu?
A. Install the latest version from the market. Then open SuperSU and when it asks you to update the superuser binary, answer yes and make sure you select the "TWRP/CWM" method. This will reboot your phone into receovery where the superuser binary will be updated and the su daemon script added. Reboot your phone and you should be rooted.

If your having difficulties getting SuperSu installed, try downloading the flashable zip and manually flashing it to your phone.

* Thanks to @formercontra for this tip *

* Make sure this is the way in which you want to manage superuser permissions as I have not yet found a way to revert to the integrated superuser without having to re-flash the rom

Q. How do I access Developer Options?
A. Go to Settings -> About Phone and scroll to the bottom. Press the Build number 7 times to activate the Developer Options.

Q. I was browsing my pictures/videos in the gallery and my phone rebooted?
A. This seems to be caused by the gallery trying to generate a preview from the first frame of an mp4 created on older versions. Simply move the mp4's to a different directory with a file manager and add a ".nomedia" file to the folder to stop the gallery from trying to scan them. To open them, open with a filemanager and then select the gallery media player and it will play without issue.

Thanks To/Credits
* CyanogenMod Team - ROM Base

Without all of the hard work and efforts of the CyanogenMod team, this ROM would not be possible, so we owe them our thanks for providing us with such excellent ROMs.

In addition, I have received a lot of help on my journey to understand and be able to develop for the android platform, so I owe the following people my thanks for helping me to make this ROM possible.

*   @dsixda - Initial port of CM9/CM10 for SGH-I757M
*   @Strange Peer - Continued development of CM10
*   @rukusx7 - Contributor
*   @bijon440 - Contributor
*   @kj2112 - Contributor
*   @Tronith - Contributor
*   @Zippy Dufus - Contributor
*   @Socim - Thanks to Socim for pointing me in the right direction a few times ;)
*   @formercontra - Contributor
*   @Sultanxda - Many bug fixes and improvements for the msm8660 kernel

Thanks guys you've all been so awesome to work with ;)

One last group of people to thank. It's YOU! Without all of you guys and girls who come to download our creations, there would be no reward for doing this. Thank you for downloading, providing feedback and being part of this small family. You are all appreciated ;)

XDA:DevDB Information
UNOFFICIAL CM11.0 For Bell SGH-I757M, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: SGH-I757M
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Alpha

Created 2014-02-06
Last Updated 2014-11-24
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Name:	screenshot5.png
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ID:	2562234  
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6th February 2014, 10:17 AM |#2  
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Tips & Tricks
Tips and Tricks

Here are my settings for the color/gamma controls!

Red -> 60%
Green -> 45%
Blue -> 45%

Red -> 0
Green -> -5
Blue -> 5

Why does the color/gamma controls get set to a value other than what I've set?

This is something I have not yet resolved, but I have noticed that it seems to jump up by 5. So if you want 50% for example, try setting it to 45%.

Logcat what is it and how do I get one?

A logcat is the system log of events that occur on your device. This log provides the developers with some useful information pertaining to crashes and other bugs you may encounter while using the ROM and/or apps running on the ROM. Getting a logcat is generally a very simple thing. Just open your terminal emulator on your phone and type the following commands without typing the $ as it denotes a command on the command line:


$ su
$ logcat -v long > /sdcard/logcat.txt

The first command above will ask you to grant superuser permission to the terminal emulator which you must accept. The second command will create a file at the root of your sdcard called logcat.txt and then start writing the logs to this file. Since the logcat is a continuous function, your terminal emulator will not return you to the command prompt after the second command as it will continue to write logs until you stop it by pressing the x to close the emulator.

If you are experiencing an issue with an app, then you need to do the steps above to get the logcat recording, then press your home button so that you don't close the emulator, but put it in the background. Then you do the action that causes the bug to occur and then open the emulator and terminate it to stop the log from writing. this ensures that the error is located somewhere around the end of the log and makes it easier for us to spot

How do I take a dmesg (kernel log)?
It's fairly simple, open up your terminal then type the following:


$ su
$ dmesg > /storage/sdcard0/dmesg.txt

This will save the log to the root of your sdcard as dmesg.txt. Just post that or send it to if it's to large to post here

What is dalvik-cache and why do I need it?

To explain dalvik cache, you must understand how an app is pieced together. An apk (android app) is like a zip file and contains a bunch of files inside. Two important files to note are the resources.arsc and the classes.dex files. They are compiled versions of the resources (images, sounds, xml files) and classes (source code files) of the app. When android boots into a ROM for the first time, and everytime you install an app, the system performs an optimization called dex optimization which means that is pulls the dex file out of the app and places it into what is called your dalvik cache. The system can then pre-load these dex files and allow the app to start quickly.

Dalvik cache is stored in two locations, at /data/dalvik-cache for user apps and at /cache/dalvik-cache for system apps. We unfortunately have a very small partition for /cache, only 100MB and this sometimes causes a side effect on first boot where it fills up to much with apps that only ever run on the first boot to setup the system and then other dex files cannot be written to the /cache partition which causes them to Force Close (FC). The trick in this situation, is to bear through the FC messages to get the system to the home screen, then reboot into recovery and Wipe Dalvik Cache from the Advanced sub-menu. This will delete all the dex files in both locations I mentioned above and will force the system to regenerate them upon reboot, and this time, those 1-time running apps don't start up and don't end up being optimized which allows the necessary dex files to be created for the apps that were FC'ing.

I have moved what I could from the system partition to the data partition to spare some extra space on /cache but this still sometimes happens, especially as the ROM's get slightly bigger every new major version.
6th February 2014, 10:17 AM |#3  
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Flashing Recovery for the First Time
Flashing CWM for the First Time

This is a pretty simple step once you get past the install recovery script which I'll explain how to accomplish. Make sure you follow the instructions closely because Odin, the program the we use to bypass the security, can do some serious damage to your phone if your not careful.

1) Download the latest CWM tar.md5 to your computer from my repo here:

2) Download Odin 1.8.5 zip and extract all the files to a folder on your computer (i use my desktop):

3) The drivers are very touchy on windows computers, so I recommend that you install Samsung Kies which will ensure that the drivers are installed and setup correctly. You can download kies from here:

4) Be careful now that you have kies installed, it does not play nicely with Odin, so whenever you use Odin, you should ensure that kies is completely closed and not open in the system tray by opening your Task Manager and "End Task" to any kies process such as "Kies.exe" and "KiesTrayAgent.exe"

5) Now, with kies closed, open Odin and do not change any settings. It should look like this:
Click image for larger version

Name:	odinScreenShot.png
Views:	175
Size:	109.6 KB
ID:	2789605

6) Now click on the Bootloader button and search for the CWM tar.md5 you downloaded from my androidfilehost.

7) Now turn off your phone, and when it's powered off, press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time until you see the warning message about Download mode. Press volume up to enter download mode.

8) With Kies closed on your computer and Odin open cwm tar.md5 loaded into the bootloader section and your phone in Download mode, plug your phone into the computer with your micro usb cord and wait for odin to display a "Device Added" message which tells you that odin sees your phone.

9) This is the tricky part and is all based on timing, so pay close attention.

10) You will now press the "Start" button in odin and wait for it to complete. It will display a green "Pass" message in the first box when it's done. At this time, the phone will reboot and will start with a slight vibration to notify you that it's booting up. It's exactly at the time that the phone vibrates that you need to immediately remove the micro usb cord and press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously until cwm loads. If you miss this mark, android will boot, the script will run and overwrite the cwm you just flashed with the old stock 3e recovery (arghhh) and you will have to go through this process again.

If CWM complains about the install_recovery script, let it fix/remove it.

Once you have CWM flashed, you can use it to backup/restore your system, flash custom ROMs and you can even flash our CWM upgrades through CWM itself.
6th February 2014, 12:10 PM |#4  
Thanks Meter: 7
First Wood Woot !! And many thankyous.


This Rom is flawless so far. I have no issues that existed for me in CM10.2JB . Status Bar doesn't freeze. Apps aren't killed mid use. Calender sync was fixed by installing Google calendar from play store and then removing it. (I use Cal app). There's almost no lag in multi tasking. I'm very happy.😄🙌 kit Kat!

Let's all hit TFs donate button with a few bucks, eh?
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6th February 2014, 01:35 PM |#5  
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Much appreciated. Downloading now.
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6th February 2014, 02:01 PM |#6  
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Sweet, a thread here instead of g+!

Sent from my SGH-I757M using xda premium
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6th February 2014, 03:42 PM |#7  
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For me the gallery issue was gone after switched to the next branch.
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6th February 2014, 08:41 PM |#8  
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Crossbreeder won't install (it did on the earlier 4.4 builds).. but Adaway works just fine and everything's working smoothly. Love the music in the lockscreen! also noticed there's even more governor parameters to tweak, which is always a good thing
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6th February 2014, 10:20 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by formercontra

Crossbreeder won't install (it did on the earlier 4.4 builds).. but Adaway works just fine and everything's working smoothly. Love the music in the lockscreen! also noticed there's even more governor parameters to tweak, which is always a good thing

That's due to the new recovery. If your on a Windows system, download 7zip if you don't have it already.

Here's what you do, open this roms zip file and extract only the update-binary from META-INF/com/google/android to a location on your computer. Then you can close the ROM zip. Now open the crossbreeder zip with 7zip and browse to META-INF/com/google/android and simply drag the extracted update-binary into the crossbreeder zip file replacing it's update-binary with the one from cm-11. Then close the zip and upload to your phone and flash away

Sent from my SGH-I757M using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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7th February 2014, 12:42 AM |#10  
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After running ROM for a few hours, I'm quite impressed. No issues so far. I will continue using it and report any findings. Thanks titanic for all your time and effort.

Sent from my SGH-I757M using Xparent Cyan Tapatalk 2
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7th February 2014, 01:10 AM |#11  
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Phone won't boot
I flashed the rom and the gapps but I get no boot screen. I waited about five minutes and nothing happened. Any ideas on what went wrong??
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