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[OC] Tegrak Overclock for Galaxy S II v0.7.0.5

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By tegrak, Senior Member on 29th May 2011, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by zelendel

It has come to our attention that you have been asked to give access to the source code for your tegrak_overclock_galaxys_gingerbread.ko that is in your app. As this modual is covered under the GPL you are required to post the source code for this. IF you refuse to post the code for this modual (only one that needs to be posted) then you are breaking the GPL licence and I will be forced to move further on this. I look forward to hearing back from you

I got this message from zelendel, a moderator of xda.
I don't have knowledge enough about GPL, so I didn't what he said.
My job is a Windows programmer and I've never concern about the license except Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows.

I'll start to study GPL deeply. then I'll open my source if I broke the rules.
I think this post will be removed by him very soon.
I'll send him links (that I posted) about this app.
I'm sorry to developers who felt unpleasant by this thread like zelendel.

Thanks to all for helping this thread.

Regards & Thanks,


Overclock can be harm to your hardware.
Use at your own risk.

*Galaxy Tab Gingerbread 2.3.3 is available!
*GPU optimization is available! (Galaxy S II only)
*GT-I9000 leaked 2.3.4 and Gingerbread 2.3.3 is available!
*Galaxy S II in Europe is available! (confirmed by blaaez at xda)
*Galaxy S II in Korea is available!

Check available models and use free version first before you buy.

I want to share settings in this dev thread.
Stable maxinum overclocked setting
Stable undervoltage setting

Free version
Mobile: market://details?id=com.tegrak.overclock
Ultimate version
Mobile: market://details?id=com.tegrak.overclock.ultimate
I'll upload free version here if you want.

Best Quandrant Score of Galaxy S II
6229 MZWiZard's thread. @1.66GHz 1400mV

Wonderful Guide
Naphtaline's school of overclocking

What is this?
This is for family of Galaxy S devices and Galaxy S II devices.
You can set maximum CPU frequency of your device on available models EASILY.
This works with STOCK kernel, STOCK rom, (x)custom kernels and roms(x).
You just need to rooting.

(x) The latest kernel source of Galaxy S II on Samsung Opensource Release Center is not compatible with latest rom's kernel. So, this time, this app can't be used with kernels that built from source code.

Features on Ultimate
Try free version first!
Then try this if you like free version, want more professional control or want to help me!
*Profile management
- profiles are stored in /sdcard/tegrak/overclock/*.oc
*Lock GPU clock to 267MHz (Galaxy S II only)
- see details,
*Set customized GPU clock. (Galaxy S II only)
*Set customized GPU voltage. (Galaxy S II only)
*Set scaling governor and min/max frequency.
*2x1 and 3x1 home screen widgets
*Set customized frequency (1.0 ~ 2.0 GHz)
*Set customized voltage (750 ~ 1400 mV, OV or UV available)
*Available set last settings on boot automatically.
- Stability checking background service is turned on about 5 minutes every time when you change settings.
- If your device freeze or shutdown while it is running, app will show you popup to apply the last setting on boot.
*Show ARM core voltage at max frequency.
*Show your device information
*Free from Advertisement
*Tweaks (Io Scheduler)

Features on Free
*Lock GPU clock to 267MHz (Galaxy S II only)
- see details,
*Set scaling governor and min/max frequency.
*Set cpu max frequency
-- Galaxy S: 1.0 ~ 1.3GHz
-- Galaxy S II: 1.2 ~ 1.452GHz
*Show ARM core voltage at max frequency.
*Show your device information
*Tweaks (Io Scheduler)

About voltage control
Galaxy S II Gingerbread: +-25 step
Galaxy S Froyo: +-25 step
Galaxy S Gingerbread: +-1 step

About IO Scheduler in Tweaks
CFQ scheduler:
Deadline scheduler:
Noop scheduler:
Summary by neilix

How to use?
First, click "Load overclock module.
Second, click "CPU max frequency" and choose one frequency from preset options.
You can control more detailed option in "Optimization" menu.

More features will be added

Available Galaxy S II Family
*Galaxy S II (GT-I9100, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy S II, Bell (GT-I9100M, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy S II (GT-I9100T, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy S II, NTT Docomo (SC-02C, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy S II (SHW-M250S, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy S II (SHW-M250K, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy S II (SHW-M250L, Gingerbread)

Available Galaxy S Family
*Captivate (SGH-I897, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Captivate, Rogers (SGH-I896, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Epic 4G (SPH-D700, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Fascinate (SCH-I500, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Fascinate, Telus (SGH-T959D, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Galaxy S (GT-I9000, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Galaxy S (GT-I9000B, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Galaxy S, Bell (GT-I9000M, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Galaxy S (SHW-M110S, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Galaxy K (SHW-M130K, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Galaxy U (SHW-M130L, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Galaxy Player (YP-GB1, Froyo)
*Galaxy Player (YP-GB70, Froyo)
*Galaxy S Hoppin (SHW-M190S, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Giorgio Armani Galaxy S (GT-I9010, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Mesmerize (SCH-I500, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Vibrant (SGH-T959, Gingerbread / Froyo)
*Vibrant Plus (SGH-T959V, Gingerbread / Froyo)

Available Galaxy Tab Family
*Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000N, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy Tab (SHW-M180S, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy Tab (SHW-M180K, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy Tab (SHW-M180L, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy Tab (SHW-M180W, Gingerbread)
*Galaxy Tab, Sprint (SPH-P100, Gingerbread)

If you are using Galaxy S or Galaxy S II and your device is not in available models
please let me know your device's model number.

Update History
[ v0.7.0.5 ]
*improved app responsiveness
*deleting a profile with long clicking

[ v0.7.0.2 ]
*supports GT-I9100M Galaxy S II, Bell, Canada

[ v0.7.0.0 ]
*added "Profile" menu. you can manage your profiles.
*supports GT-P1000N Galaxy Tab, Latin

[ v0.6.3.7 ]
*supports SHW-M190S Galaxy S Hopping Gingerbread.
*fixed an error of "Lock to 267MHz" in GPU Optimization (Free, Galaxy S II)

[ v0.6.3.6 ]
*for Lulz Kernel Beta

[ v0.6.3.4 ]
*fixed a driver error on Epic 4G Gingerbread
*supports GT-I9100T Galaxy S II, Australia

[ v0.6.3.3 ]
*supports SPH-P100 Galaxy Tab, Sprint

[ v0.6.3.2 ]
*supports SC-02C Galaxy S II, NTT Docomo, Japan

[ v0.6.0.9 ]
*minor bug fix

[ v0.6.0.2 ]
*Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab - supports chaging frequencies over 1.0GHz
*Galaxy S II - supports changing frequencies over 1.004GHz

[ v0.5.1.4 ]
*fixed an error on boot when cpu level is changed

[ v0.5.1.3 ]
*added "Set GPU settings on boot" menu. (Galaxy S II)
*added "Reset to default GPU settings" menu. (Galaxy S II)

[ v0.5.1.0 ]
*fixed a bug of 3x1 widget.

[ v0.5.0.9 ]
*fixed a widget bug.

[ v0.5.0.6 ]
*supports 3x1 widget. this shows internal voltage.
*fixed text alignment of widget.
*Please remove old widgets and use new.

[ v0.5.0.2 ]
*supports Vibrant Plus Gingerbread
*supports Galaxy Tab SHW-M180S, SHW-M180L

[ v0.5.0.0 ]
*New menu! GPU clock and voltage (Galaxy S II only)
*Galaxy Tab GT-P1000, SHW-M180S, SHW-M180L beta

[ v0.4.3.1 ]
*added "Reset default" menu. Optimization > Reset default
*fixed minor bugs

[ v0.4.2.9 ]
*added option. Stability watcher off. Menu key > Settings

[ v0.4.2.7 ]
*added Tweaks menu. (Io shceduler available)
*added options that excludes scaling settings from "set on boot". Press menu key > Settings (for SetCPU users)

[ v0.4.2.5 ]

*added a attractive notification icon (I believe)
*improved codes. more stable.

[ v0.4.2.3 ]
*improved stability service

[ v0.4.2.2 ]
*fixed a problem (custom scaling was not appplied on boot)

[ v0.4.2.1 ]
*fixed a bug (time goes fast when stability service restarts)

[ v0.4.1.8 ]
*fixed a bug of "stability service". (stopped timer when screen off)
*improved stability service

[ v0.4.1.7 ]
*Stability checking background service is turned on about 5 minutes when you change settings every time. (ultimate only)
*"Set on boot" popup never shows if it passed the stability service. (ultimate only)

[ v0.4.1.5 ]
*support GT-I9000 Gingerbread.

[ v0.4.1.1 ]
*apply your scaling options on boot.

[ v0.4.1.0 ]
*added "Scaling" menu. can change scaling governor and min/max frequency.
*fixed blank error message problem.

[ v0.4.0.3 ]
*GalxyS2 in Europe is available!! (GT-I9100)

[ v0.4.0.1 ]
*Galaxy S II is available!!! (SHW-M250S, SHW-M250K, SHW-M250L)
*added model - Galaxy S Hoppin (SHW-M190S)
*added model - Galaxy Player (YP-GB1, YP-GB70)

[ v0.3.1.0 ]
*support Galaxy Player YP-GB1, YP-GB70
*support Galaxy S Hoppin SHW-M190S
*fix minor bugs

[ v0.3.0.3 ]
*modified clock preset (more stable values)

[ v0.3.0.2 ]
*fixed insmod failure who installed busybox.

[ v0.3.0.1 ]
*fixed "not available" problem on GT-I9000 Gingerbread

[ v0.3.0.0 ]
*support Galaxy S Gingerbread!! SHW-M110S, SHW-M130K, SHW-M130L, GT-I9000, GT-I9010
*add internal voltage control.
*more powerful and stable overclock driver. (re-created)
*stablelized application algorithm.

[ v0.2.0.5 ]
*added 2x1 size widget.

[ v0.2.0.3 ]
*changed minimum core voltage 900mV to 750mV

[ v0.2.0.1 ]
*added available model Giogio Armani Galaxy S (GT-I9010)

[ v0.2.0.0 ]
*fixed core voltage control. it doesn't work before this version. UV(under voltage) and OV(over voltage) works correctly now.
*removed internal voltage control. this is unnecessary for overclock.

[ v0.1.7.7 ]
*added feedback url link.

[ v0.1.7.5 ]
*more stable
*insert Ultimate version link.

[ v0.1.7.3 ]
*fix bug at, not work to change frequency.

[ v0.1.7.1 ]
*display freq, core volt, internal volt in "Optimization" menu.
*added available models. Captivate Rogers, Fascinate Telus

[ v0.1.6.2 ]
*display ARM core voltage.
*fixed a problem that Captivate isn't recognized by app.
*improved overclocking routine. more efficient.

[ v0.1.6.0 ]
*added available models. U.S. Cellular Mesmerize

[ v0.1.5.7]
*fixed scaling freq bug with SetCPU and CPU Master Free app.
*fixed "unavailable" problem who use custom rom.

[ v0.1.5.0 ]
*more stable preset with S5PC110 data sheet.

[ v0.1.4.7 ]
*added available models. Epic 4G, Captivate
*fix some codes.

[ v0.1.4.0 ]
*added available models. Vibrant, Vibrant Plus, GT-I9000B
*modified preset voltage for each devices.

[ v0.1.3.5 ]
*set preset voltage to stock voltage.
*fixed error -102
*improved preset frequency settings.

[ v0.1.3.2 ]
*add detailed error code for "unmatched driver version" problem. please send me error code when you failed to run.
*modified voltage in preset table.

What comes next?
*Reset values to default
*No popup on boot by adding stability test service
*Reflect your opinion...

Do you have any question or opinion?
Leave a comment.
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29th May 2011, 09:23 AM |#2  
rovex's Avatar
Senior Member
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This works brilliantly and works well with SetCPU. Currently running at 1.4GHz, stock voltage, stock kernel, doesnt get any warmer than normal. Totally stable. 4000+ Quadrant.
29th May 2011, 09:25 AM |#3  
tegrak's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Flag Seoul
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Donate to Me
My top quadrant score is 5016.

But.. blaezz beat me!!

I have to try harder to be the top!
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29th May 2011, 09:40 AM |#4  
αкαѕнα's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag in your fantasy...
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fantastic <3

nice work tegrak
29th May 2011, 09:43 AM |#5  
Gilg@mesh's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Stockholm
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Custom kernel support please

Sent from my Galaxy S2 using Tapatalk
29th May 2011, 10:10 AM |#6  
vanahaim's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Prague
Thanks Meter: 20
Can I ask what is the difference between core/internal voltage? Thanks!

EDIT: Like this app. Did the free app, then bought the ultimate..
29th May 2011, 10:13 AM |#7  
manuvaidya's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Bangalore
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@tegrak: not working for me... i am using villain's ROM 1.1 based on KE7 latest UK firmware...
it says

failed to run insmod!
err1 code=1
err2 code 255

whats the problem with my device buddy ???
what should i do now ?
29th May 2011, 10:18 AM |#8  
vanahaim's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Prague
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Reflash stock kernel and try again.
29th May 2011, 10:19 AM |#9  
tobens's Avatar
Thanks Meter: 10
i just purchased the ultimate version !!

it´s an awesome app you built there !

short question: is setCPU still needed? => i guess so, because of the gouverner settings.. right?!
29th May 2011, 10:22 AM |#10  
rovex's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 222
SetCPU is good for profiles, governor and other adjustments.
29th May 2011, 10:26 AM |#11  
tobens's Avatar
Thanks Meter: 10
Originally Posted by rovex

SetCPU is good for profiles, governor and other adjustments.

^^ i personally never used the profiles and other adjustments..

maybe would be the integration of scaling into the tegrak-app possible ?! so we would have one grate app for making our sII beasty more beasty
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