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[ROM][4.1.2]Slim Bean - SGS2 [v3.1][All Languages]

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By HardCorePawn, Senior Member on 15th July 2012, 08:47 AM
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Important Notes:
  1. Fully compiled from AOSP source ( with my mods and interesting ones from CM/AOKP.
  2. Read the changelog and installation instructions on the website here carefully.
  3. Feature requests will be ignored in general but will review ( if a relevant commit is provided) and decide
  4. No ports based on my ROM zip file, manifest.xml will be updated regularly and feel free to compile from source
  5. Don't ask for ETAs... The next version will appear when it appears!
Check out our feature list here

Find our latest Changelog go here

For installation instructions please check here
Please keep in mind if a special instruction is needed it will be noted in Changelog

Get our latest rom here. You can get Slim Gapps and other addons from here.
You can also find inverted Gapps here.

Check out out FAQ before posting! Keeps more common questions answered in one place!

Bug list
For a list of confirmed bugs look here

Big thanks to CM team, without them SlimRoms wouldn't be possible.
You can find the full list of credits here

Please visit here for the source code.
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21st August 2012, 10:50 PM |#2  
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[ROM][4.1.2]Slim Bean - SGS2 [All Languages]
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21st August 2012, 10:51 PM |#3  
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will hold this one.

for 2.1

camera only records upto 3MP and video camera issues. will post a fix when i have it ready. Rest should work. Device and vendor folders from CM10, so specific errors would be common.
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21st August 2012, 11:03 PM |#4  
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Slim Bean Feature Guide:


System Settings:

When you open System Settings you will notice quicklinks has now been replaced by ASS which is based on Codenamedroid settings layout, these give you access to further customise/control your experience in a much more manageable way. The options are as follows:
  • Device Options - Galaxy S II Settings
  • Interface - Majority of customisation options are here
  • OTA - Update Me
  • Performance - CPU, voltage, tweaks etc
  • Profiles - Set up various profiles for different occasions/environments such as work, home, evening etc
  • Quiet hours
  • Themes - Theme engine
  • About Slim

ASS options: This section will give an overview of the options available within ASS


- General UI
  • Custom carrier label: Allows you to change your carrier label shown on the pulldown notification screen and lockscreen
- Power menu: Allows you to modify the options available in the advanced power menu

- Statusbar: All status bar options as follows:
  • Battery icon style: icon, txt, both or hide
  • Battery icon in notification bar: enable/disable the battery icon from showing while the notifcation dropdown is visable
  • Battery bar location
  • Charging animation
  • Battery bar color
  • Battery bar thickness
  • Clock style: right, center or hide clock
  • Clock color
  • AM/PM style: don't show, small or regular
  • Day of week: don't show, small or regular
  • Brightness slider: enable/disable the brightness bar
  • Show notification count: enable/disable count of notifications on status bar icons

- Notification drawer: Set options for notification dropdown
  • Power widget: enable/disable
  • Widget buttons: select the displayed buttons
  • Widget button order: change the order of the displayed buttons
  • Close drawer on change: enable/disable whether the dropdown closes after you make a selection
  • Hide scrollbar: select whether to show the scrollbar on the dropdown when you've got multiple notifications
  • Haptic feedback: use global (set in device settings), on or off for power widget selections

- Navigation bar: Too many options to list so have a play

- Navigation bar ring: Select what 3 target actions you want available on the ring that appears when you hold and swipe up from the navigation bar

- Hardware keys
  • Enable custom actions: enable chosen custom actions
  • Home key (long press)
  • Menu key
  • Menu key (long press)
  • Show action overflow: show 3-dot menu button in apps

- Lock screen
  • Background: choose lockscreen wallpaper
  • Targets/Widgets alignment: choose from one-five, one-five centred (see known bugs), six-eight and six-eight centred
  • Lock screen text color
  • Battery status: show battery status on lockscreen only when charging or always on (see screenshot of lockscreen for example)
  • Weather: display weather info on the lockscreen as per CM
  • Calendar: display calendar info on the lockscreen
  • Screen security: select screen lock style, delay and additional unlock settings
  • Slider shortcuts: customise your lock screen slider shortcuts
  • Vibrate: enable/disable vibrate on unlock

- Sound: Selection of sound settings
  • Volume panel style: choose from single (stock), expandable (press the settings icon to the right as per below screenshot), expanded (always show full panel) or no panel at all

  • Ascending ringtone: enable/disable and set up ascending ringtone
  • Safe headset volume: enable/disable whether to reduce volume when you first plug in headphones
  • Volume rocker music controls: enable/disable use of volume rocker to skip track while screen is off
- Display
  • Rotation: enable/disable auto rotate, rotation modes and lockscreen rotation
  • Pulse notification light: not available on S2
  • Automatic backlight: set custom backlight levels etc
  • Volume rocker wake: enable/disable whether the volume rocker can wake the phone


- Start-Up Tweaks: enable/disable startup tweaks and customise which tweaks are enabled

- Processor speed: allows you to set governor and min/max CPU frequency

- I/O scheduler: Change your I/O scheduler

- Processor voltage: Customise the voltages per CPU frequency

- Kernel controls: advanced kernel options


- Only when silent: Select your profile, customise a profile or add a new profile

- Application list: Add applications to groups for your profiles

Quiet Hours:

This setting allows you to set a time period that your phone will mute selected sounds. The options available currently are "Mute notification sounds", "Mute phone ringtones" and "Disable vibrations" as can be seen in the screen shots below:

About Slim

This is a page containing official links and paypal donation links for developer and all contributors (CM, AOKP, CNd)

Other Options

Browser User Agent:

Now available from within the stock browser is the ability to set your preferred user agent e.g. desktop so that you no longer have to visit mobile sites before you can request the desktop version.
  • Accessible via: Browser -> Settings -> Advanced -> User agent


The kernel being used in Slim Bean is now a compiled version of Fluxi XX.03 (non S2W) and in order to control individual kernel settings such as BLN and CPU/votages it's recommended to download and use xxTweaker. You can also use other apps such as Voltage Control, Set CPU, NSTools or similar but xxTweaker was written by myfluxi himself.

For the latest version of xxTweaker get it from: fluxi-xxTweaker-0.4.0_beta1.apk


New options have been added to the camera menu similar to those available in Slim ICS. When you start up the camera, press on the settings icon followed by the 3 dot menu icon and you will now see:
  • Storage: Allows you to choose between USB Storage/SD card/Internal Storage for where your pictures will be stored
  • Power shutter: Take the photo with the power button
  • Focus mode: Choose between Face detect/Fixed/Macro/Infinity/Auto
  • Timer mode: Allows you to set a timer before the picture is taken
  • Burst mode: Allows you to take multiple photo's per shutter press (5/10/15/20)
Ignore the colours in screenshots Airdroid messed them up.

Other useful information: Links, anomalies (aka not known bugs) and anything else

Changelogs of work in progress is contained at the website below. Please make sure you read known issues before submitting bug reports

- Other anomalies found and reported: I will add to this list so we can keep track
  • Some pop up selections give random text as the headers, cancel button is tiny and ok button is replaced with "Pressing the volume rocker up/down will wake the device". This has so far been seen when setting custom carrier label and setting slider shortcuts Fixed in 2.3
  • Phone answer slider isn't centred for below 240dpi: krarvind is currently looking for a better fix for this so it's currently off centre if you're using below 240dpi Fixed in 2.4
  • Stock kernel - Unable to change USB computer connection from storage menu (MTP/PTP/UMS) as always reverts straight back to MTP
  • Camera/Gallery - Power shutter causes FC Fixed in 2.5
- Miscellaneous
  • For those that don't know camera is merged with gallery in Jellybean so any reference to gallery2 or gallerygoogle also refers to camera
  • Gallerygoogle.apk which gives 3MP but allows for Picasa sync has now been moved to the OTA app
  • For themers: power widget in notification dropdown now uses different naming so old mods won't work e.g. stat_2g3g_off.png, stat_2g3g_on.png etc
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21st August 2012, 11:06 PM |#5  
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Thank You Krarvind. Been waiting for this
21st August 2012, 11:09 PM |#6  
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Great news!

Thanks for your contributions.

Short Version of this Post: On my phone, a selection of benchmarking apps give scores indicating SlimJB is 2% faster than SlimICS.

================================================== ==

Long Version of this post:

So I bit the bullet, and installed JB in dualboot, along side with SlimICS 4.2

(If you want to see how you can set up Dualboot yourself, check out: )

My First impressions are that SlimJB is very fluid. After initial setup, have had no problems. (Apart from the standard ones, camera, etc)

I havent had time to do any extensive testing, but I have run some benchmarks, so I can have an idea of differences (if any) between the two roms, running on MY phone.

I know that no amount of benchmarking can account for real world usage, everybodies mileage varies, everybodies phone is different, some benchmarking apps havent yet been tweaked for JB's CPU usage (because of the higher UI priority), and that the answer to the universe is 42.
I'm just posting this info here in case someone is curious about this.
I'm not telling anyone to use SlimICS, SlimJB or to DualBoot their phones.

My Current setup is:
Made full backup in CWM, also backed up EFS, copied up to PC
1st boot slot: SlimICS 4.2 + common, after wiping EVERYTHING. Kernel: Siyah 4.0.1
2nd boot slot: SlimJB 2.1 + common, after wiping 2nd rom data/cache.

Upon first boot in both roms, I only installed the benchmarking apps from the apk's I have on my ExternalSD, and made sure stuff like rotation, etc were all disabled, and that airplane mode was enabled.

I rebooted the phone before each benchmark, and waited 2 minutes before unlocking the phone and running the app. I noted the results, closed the app, ran it again, and averaged the two scores, rounding to closest integer.

I did this first for SlimICS, then for JB.
Since both roms are "stock" with no changes, I am using standard as-is configurations.

Quadrant Standard 2.1.1:
ICS: Total-3283; CPU-5637; Mem-2116; I/O-6145; 2D-606; 3d-1912
JB: Total-2108; CPU-3514; Mem-1257; I/O-3898; 2D-330; 3d-1539
ICS=100% /// JB=64%

CF-Bench 1.2:
ICS: Overall Score-5925; Java Score-3061; Native Score-10221
JB: Overall Score-5123; Java Score-2451; Native Score-9131
ICS=100% /// JB=86%

GLBenchmark 2.5:
ICS: Fill Test-358915328; Egypt Classic-6703 frames, 59fps
JB: Fill Test-365721504; Egypt Classic-6732 frames, 60fps
ICS=100% /// JB=102%

RealPi, to 10.000.000 digits:
ICS: 745 secs
JB: 741secs
ICS=100% /// JB=101%

Antutu 2.9.1:
ICS: Total-5393; CPU-2372; RAM-936; GPU-1481; I/O-602
JB: Total-5499; CPU-2642; RAM-1035; GPU-1462; I/O-360
ICS=100% /// JB=102%

Averaging all the percentage differences gives an overall score of SlimICS=100%, SlimJB=91%

Although, I do know that Antutu, Realpi and GLBenchmark have actually taken into account the CPU differences in JB, I will only regard those results as final, which gives SlimICS=100%, SlimJB=102%

And now I'll be testing other stuff over the next week or two. I'll only report back if I find something that really bugs me.

Keep up the good work, guys!!!
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21st August 2012, 11:21 PM |#7  
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Have been a long time lurker on slim ICS since 3.4. Hoping to play more active role with slim bean. Excellent work its hugely appreciated.

Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda premium
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21st August 2012, 11:47 PM |#8  
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New server seems to have problems, my downloads have been stopped....too many followers
Will try tomorrow
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21st August 2012, 11:50 PM |#9  
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Yes finally, been using slim ics for a long time on my sgs 1 and now 2.. ready for the beans.
21st August 2012, 11:55 PM |#10  
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Every morning I checked your website for this update and my wish came true this morning. Thanks. You are the best.

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22nd August 2012, 01:19 AM |#11  
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I can't find Google Now pack for SB 2.1. Can anyone point it to me please? Thanks

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