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By Rixsta, Retired Forum Moderator / Recognized Themer on 30th May 2011, 03:01 PM
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Hi and welcome to the XDA community

First a massive thank you to everyone's work for docks, icons, threads and wallpapers in this thread ..



Post 1

My home screen
Minimalistic Text
Simi Clock
Advanced Clock
Docks for Launchers

Post 2

More Docks - Around 700
Simple Text
Icon Packs
SMS Unread Count
GMAIL Unread Count
Galaxy S 2 Cases
Galaxy S 2 Screen Protectors
Desktop Visualizer - Plus Amazing Home screen
My second Home screen plus everything you need to make it

Post 3

Link to people's Home Screens

Post 4

List of Launchers and descriptions
Web Browser Thread
Third Home Screen for Black Android
Widget Locker plus How to guide and lots of themes
My themes NEONGT and Beautiful Honeycomb


This is for beginners who are new to android on how to setup a home screen using ADW Launcher EX and minimalistic Text widget plus more ......


Im aware there are a few threads that cover launchers and widgets but seems to get lost in the thread pages and the Questions keep getting asked over and over again..

Ive had many many requests and Questions on how to setup my homescreen pictured below..

Please remember this is a basic guide for beginners ..


ADW LAUNCHER EX.. PAID APP ! but worth it

This is my favourite Launcher that I always come back to and is what I use to setup my home screen up pictured abouve..

Download and purchase from the market (please note there is a free version of this Launcher call ADW LAUNCHER ...)

When the download is complete go back to your home screen and press the bottom middle button ...this should bring up the option to set your defualt Launcher...tick the box and select ADW LAUNCHER EX...

If you dont see this option when pressing the button you can download home switcher for free and use that app to set your default Launcher.

The rest of this guide is based on setting up my home screen and will give you the basic idea on how to use it ..

Ok place the icon pack, wallpaper and dock onto your sd card ..external or internal ..choice is yours ..


Now press the menu button (bottom left) and select more/ADWSettings/UI Settings/Main Dock/Main Dock style and select 5 icons.

Go back a page (bottom right button)

Press Screen Preferences and change the Desktop rows to 10 and the Desktop columns to 7 ( I use 7 as it gives you a central point on your homescreen if you want to use simi clock...more on that later)

Scroll down and tick Overlap widgets, once ticked selected back..

Press Drawer settings/App Draw Settings, from here you can choose the way the apps move and look in your app draw ...try out different ones ..I use Vertical new as its nice and smooth...

Tick Full Screen ..Now go back to your homescreen ...

Press and hold the screen and select wallpaper (gallery) should see my wallpaper you put on your sd card earlier the picture and make the square as big as it will go and move the square to the menu buttom (bottom left) and save..

You should now have the wallpaper on the homescreen ..get rid of all the icons on your screen for the moment and drag them to the bin at the top..

You should be left with something that looks like this ..(Please note my phone is themed so your internet icon will be blue )...You get the idea though..

Now long press the screen and select shortcuts/applications/messaging.

Drag the icon into the dock (next to the internet icon)..

Repeat the above for contacts and phone so you have all four icons in the dock..

Now repeat the above again but leave these icons on your homescreen....

Market,music,camera,xda (download from the market), email, gallery..

So you layout on your homescreen is like this ..




Now we are going to change these icons into the side icons you put on your sd card earlier ..

Long press the market icon and press edit, click on the market text and click on the market icon/setect picture/gallery ..

Select side icons this is a pain because the left hand side icons are black and on mine you cant see which is which haha ...its a little guess work to find the market one ..if you select the wrong one you will have to repeat as above again in delete text and press one the market icon again ect ect ..when you have the right one press OK...

Repeat for all the icons so your screen looks something like this ...

Again my dock icons will be different to yours ...

Now lets change the dock...

From the homescreen press menu (bottom left button) /more/ADWSettings/Themes Preferences.

Scroll down to the main dock and press the custom/gallery and choose the dock you downloaded press back to get to your home screen..

Now we can see the icons over the we are going to replace the icons with the blank icon download earlier..

Long press on the internet icon edit and then press on the icon in the pop up screen (no need to delete the text) ...Select picture/gallery and select the blank icon ..should look all black...when selected you should see NO icon in the pop up OK..

Now you can see in the dock that the Internet icon has gone and you can see the dock you can press on it for internet ..

Repeat the above for messaging, apps, contacts and phone icon..

Ok we have now set the home screen up ..we now need a clock and the date..


For this we are going to use Minimalistic Text ..Download it from the market (free)

Once downloaded go back to your homescreen...

Long press the home screen and select Widgets/Mininalistic Text/Minimalistic Text (hor) 3 x 1

Untick background
Press shadow settings ...tick Show shadow the press on Show colour..
You should see this ...

We need a light blue colour to match the left side of the wallpaper face and the side icons ..

Move the colour slider to the blue and then in the main square move the dot to the top right hand corner and select New colour..

Now click on Shadow Radius.. and set to 5 .press OK..

Press the back button (bottom right button) and scroll down to Predefined layout and press it..

Scroll to the bottom and select custom ..Now press Custom layout..

You should see this ..

We need to get rid of the three hold and drag them into the trash they are all gone..
Now press the green plus + button and select clock...scroll through the boxes above the clock button you just scroll to find Hour (24) press and hold it and drag it into the above box. the back button and scroll down to (text style) and select Non accented

This is the screen you should be on ..

So press Non accented size and change to 55 and press OK..

Now press on Colour and change it to Black and press New colour

Now tick the Bold and Italic boxes and press the back button (bottom right button)..and press may ask if you want to set 3 x 1 ect ..just press ok again ..

Now you should see half the clock on the home screen (the 24 hour part) ..long press the number/clock and select edit...Note this may take a few attempts)..

Now you should see this

Now using the arrows move the clock to the top left it looks nice

Now we need to repeat all the above steps for the right hand side of the clock but instead of selecting Light blue in Shadow Settings you need to select RED..

Also you need to select Minute (2 digits) instead of hour 24 which well ...would be silly haha..

Like this ....

Also remeber that the right side of the clock need to be white so no need to set it to black like before ..

Apart from those things just follow what you did for the left hand side of the clock ...

You have now set the clock ..

For the date its also the same ..left side blue shadow, black text ...right side red shadow, white text....

I'll guide you through the left hand side of the date...

Long press the home screen and select Widgets/Mininalistic Text/Minimalistic Text (hor) 3 x 1

Untick background
Press shadow settings ...tick Show shadow the press on Show colour..

We need a light blue colour to match the left side of the wallpaper face and the side icons ..

Move the colour slider to the blue and then in the main square move the dot to the top right hand corner and select New colour..

Now click on Shadow Radius.. and set to 5 .press OK..

Press the back button (bottom right button) and scroll down to Predefined layout and press it..

Scroll to the bottom and select custom ..Now press Custom layout..

Again drag and delete whats in the boxes and press the back buttoin..

Press the green plus button

Now we need to select and drag DAY ..then press the plus button and select and drag Month Text ..

Like this ..

Press the back button and select Accented and set to 25 OK

Now tick the Bold and Italic boxes ..

Again we need to now change the colour to black so press on Colour...change to black and press new colour..

Press the back button and press Non accented ...repeat the steps in set to 25 ...tick bold and Italic and change the colour to the back button and press ok and set 3 x1 widget..

Now on the homescreen press and hold /edit ...move with arrows down to the bottom left ..

Now we just have to set the year now you should know what your doing ..if not then read through my guide again..

So for the year we need to set the shadow as red ...the text as white ...Non accented as 25 tick bold and Italic ..

Heres the screen of the custom box you need ...

IMPORTANT NOTE - With the white text ..when you set it it maybe on the left hand side of the home screen and is sometimes hard to see..long press and move it to the black before editing it...

Also if you set something wrong you can always press on the widget to open it back up into settings !! ..

That has given you some idea of ADW LAUNCHER EX AND MINIMALISTIC TEXT ...You can now make your own home screen or select different options in the widget..

I really hope that has got the beginners off to a start..



Ok this is a little guide to use simi clock ..its pretty basic and easy to use..

I want an orange clock to go with this theme ...This guide is how to get simi clock to look like this ..

Heres the home screen with the clock ...

So download simi clock from the market place.

Long press on the home screen and select Widgets/gTabSMiClock - choose 3 x 1

Untick Display Week of Year
Press date format and change to 30/05/2011
Press on Textcolour and move the sliders until you have an orange colour.
Press on Divider colour and change the colour to orange ...just a little lighter
Press Background colour and move the alpha slider all the way to the left and press OK..

Now press save ..

It will be on your home screen ...I use ADW LAUNCHER EX.....long press on the clock on the home screen and press edit ...move the arrows so it looks like the one pictured above ...

Its that easy ..

The bottom showing the day is a widget called ONESEVEN need to explain that really ..just make it transparent and set to large ..


Advanced Clock

This is another great clock widget weather, date, free ram, battery ect ... lots of different styles ..change the text or background ...even make it transparent or semi transparent ...
Got to love this one . ! Free from the market



Here is a really fantastic selection of docks ...just right click them and save image to pc, then transfer to sd card and use with Launcher ...LOTS MORE TO UPLOAD !

BLANK ICON to use with some of the docks ...Instructions are above which gives you an idea of how to use it..

Blank Icon HERE -

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More Docks

And the Icons to match

Thank to kaukassus for these

Not enough Docks ? Here's 700 more .......

Thanks to modelstudent ...


Absolutely Massive collection of Icons Over 500 Icon packs !!!


This is a very useful and easy app to make your own text Icons ...
Also if you look on your SD card there is a folder named simple text if you open it there should be a folder named fonts if not create it and put any font files you want to use inside as long as they are a .ttf ext they will be available to use when creating your icons.


A few more

And the rest (same style as above) here -

If there is no download link for some of the icons, right click them, save as image and then transfer to your SD card..

OK The blue ones pictured above are ones I make myself ....In lots of different colours ....A nice selection here .....

If you want any different ones made please post in this thread as I hardly go into the SGS 1 forums now ..






Here are the side icons in different colours, red, blue, orange, grey ...Thanks to Goldieking ..

Download pack -

Carbonized Icons ..424 Icons


Chrome Icons



These very useful toggles are made by curvefish ...I really like them and they work very well ... All free for the market place ..

SMS Unread Count

This came about after it was reported that there SMS unread count didn't work when changing Launchers, A feature of touchwiz ? ..Anyway hopefully this is a work around....

GMAIL Unread count

As above but for gmail ...


A nice thread discussing the best cases and what people are using, very useful info ..
Thanks to chizzwhizz for starting the thread .

Screen Protectors

Again a very useful thread discussing whats good and not so good ...
Thanks to vinokirk for the thread

Desktop Visualizer

This is an example of what this app can do with the right Icons ....Instruction guide below

Had alot of requests for this .....

Here is the link to it and a full guide !!

Latest Home screen - I need to stop making these many requests

Widgets used

Simi Clock - including simi weather ( in with Simi Clock )
Missed it - (paid app) - Great app for missed calls, sms and emails
Tegrak Ultimate Overclock app - used to over clock stock or CF Root kernel ( comes with widget pictured)
ADW Launcher EX - Please read the start of the first post if you need help to change the icons and resize the widgets.
Fontomizer I also changed my font using this app to Zawgyi One TTF
Theme is from Litening Rom 1.4... Here is the wallpaper, dock icons (white and blue plus lots more which I made) and side icons .... The dock is in the list of docks in this thread.

Im too good to you guys lol

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An awesome collection of wallpapers ...164 walls ...

A few examples ...(not true size, download is below)

To use the icons in the wallpaper...make a folder using Launcher pro or ADW Launcher EX and then use the blank icon to hide the folder ...great effect..


Flikie HD Wallpapers

The best wallpaper app ever made .......A must app !! Pure Awesome .....

Home Screens Thread

Thanks to Guitarfreak26 !!
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Launcher PRO (Free) ..

LauncherPro is one of the most seamless, bug-free launchers out there. With almost every aspect of the application customizable, it’s hard to make the choice to switch to anything else once you give it a go.
When you first load the application, you will see the basic home screen layout with three screens and some default widgets and icons. Unlike your default launcher, LauncherPro sports five dock icon spots for you to customize with custom icons, actions, pop-ups, and much more. These icons act as shortcuts for you to set your own favorite applications to be accessible on any screen within the home screens. By swiping these shortcut bars left or right, you will notice that there are three more shortcut bars, made up of five icons, allowing you to set 15 of your favorite applications to be accessible at any point on the home screen.
In addition, you are also able to set custom icons for the applications you choose to put into the shortcut bar as well as the dock background, ranging from the default set to any image that is appropriately sized to fit the dock dimensions.
As you begin to look through the settings, you stumble upon an abundance of things to “tweak” to your liking. LauncherPro lets you change the number of home screens, the transition effect between the screens, and the size of the grid on each home screen. Other bells and whistles include a 3D drawer, super-smooth scrolling, app drawer opening and closing animations, customizable app drawer grid size, elastic scrolling, Sense UI-style animated screen previews, and even more.
Combined with its “free” price tag, the quality of this application is well worth the time to check it out. There is a reason the majority of the Android community opts to go for LauncherPro — it will not disappoint!

LauncherPro Plus (Paid)

By donating $2.99 to developer Federico Carnales through PayPal, you unlock the full version of LauncherPro which includes additional features, such as the ability to re-size widgets as you see fit, which comes in handy when playing around with a bigger-than-standard grid size.
The biggest and best advantage to buying the full version is the widgets, which closely resemble HTC Sense’s both visually and functionally. The list of widgets includes People, Bookmarks, Calendar, Messaging, Twitter, Facebook, and Friends, most of which have multiple styles for you to choose from.
Summary: For the low price of $2.99, you can support the developer in perfecting this application further, regardless of whether or not you need the extra features. Especially with a long-awaited complete application overhaul and rewrite coming soon, this home screen replacement solution will be well worth the money.

ADW Launcher EX (Paid)

This is the paid version of ADW Launcher ...listed below
Just like LauncherPro, ADW.Launcher also has a paid version with additional features and customization. For $3.14 USD, you can have the most customizable launcher available on the Android Market.
First off, ADWLauncher EX bumped the number of app drawer styles from two to five, which aims to satisfy all you fanatics who like change. Another big change is the ability to change the animation when swiping between home screens. You have the option to choose between eight of them which, once again, adds to that customization factor you may be considering when choosing a launcher.
Other small changes include new icons, a new look and feel, the ability to give icons backgrounds, the ability to change font sizes, and many other small new features, all of which can be saved in a new feature called “fast presets”. With these presets, you can quickly switch between your home screen styles and configurations on the fly if you get bored of one home screen too soon.
The developer has also mentioned new and better code, meaning an improvement in performance.
ADWLauncher EX is perhaps the most customizable launcher on the Android Market, and it is well worth the money if you are looking to explore your creative side and wow your friends with your creations.

ADW Launcher (free)

This is the free version of ADW Launcher EX.....still a very good launcher though..
While LauncherPro is my first choice of launcher, the brilliant people at AnderWeb have made a close second. With most of the settings and features nearly identical to LauncherPro’s, you may find it hard to tell them apart.
Nevertheless, there are certain things that allow ADW.Launcher to stand out from its competition in addition to the features already mentioned in LauncherPro. By flicking up on the app drawer icon, you have the ability to drag and drop an unlimited number of shortcuts and folders into the dock which is useful if you have a large pile of things you need to access quickly.
Another feature that sets ADW.Launcher apart is the app drawer styles that you are able to choose rather than being stuck with one default one. If you are a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones with the side scrolling app drawer, you’re in luck. AnderWeb has made that available to you, as well as the default Android fluidly-scrolling vertical drawer.
Another feature that LauncherPro lacks but that ADW has is the ability to long press on any icon on the home screen, which reveals a menu where you are able to change the icon and name of the application. (LauncherPro requires you to remove the icon and create a new one from scratch.)
Overall, ADW.Launcher is a solid, powerful, and free home screen replacement solution that will keep you satisfied for weeks to come. With lots of customization options, smooth scrolling, and fast response time, it is one of the best you will find.

GO Launcher EX (free)

This is a free Launcher ...very popular too ..
A relatively new launcher on the scene is GO Launcher EX by the up and coming Android development stars and authors of the GO SMS application, GO Dev Team.
One of the first things you’ll notice about this launcher is that inside the app drawer is a task killer of running applications. Rather than having a task killer running all the time and ruining your battery life, you now have the ability to shut down any running tasks on the fly, within the application, in case you are running low on memory.
By looking through the Preferences of this application, it becomes obvious that the GO Launcher Dev Team are huge fans of customizing. So many preference selections — Display, Screen, Dock, App Drawer, Operation, Advanced, and Theme Settings — may seem overwhelming at first, but after looking through all of the settings, you can customize GO Launcher EX to look like almost anything you like.
If you don’t need LauncherPro Plus’s widgets, GO Launcher Ex is definitely the best choice due to the build quality, number of features, usefulness and overall depth of the application. If you happen to have purchased LauncherPro Plus already, then GO Launcher doesn’t have any extra features that may warrant the switch after having shelled out $2.99. Regardless, it is a fantastic launcher. I cannot stress that enough.
Even though GO Launcher EX all the same features of ADW, and LauncherPro, the developers go that extra mile by including all of the incredible visual customization and are extremely active on their thread on XDA, jumping at the opportunity to include any features users suggest.

Slidescreen (free)

Im so excited about this Launcher ...I love it ..

Larva Labs Ltd have taken a different approach to the Android home screen. SlideScreen is made up of a multi-paneled screen that consists of a Phone, Messaging, Calendars, News, Stocks, and Twitter feeds. At the center of all of these is a main slider that consists of the date, time, weather information, battery status, and signal strength for both 3G and Wi-Fi, all very neatly packed into this container.
By sliding the main slider, you are able to adjust the size of each of the media section, allowing you to pick which sections you use or want the most. Access to all of your installed applications can be found through a shortcut in the menu.
By clicking on a slider section, you are greeted with the application that is associated with the section. For example, if you see that you missed a call, you tap the “phone” section, and are taken to the call history. Any upcoming appointments or important dates are shown under the “calendar” section and will take you to Slidescreen’s version of a calendar app when pressed.
Larva Labs Ltd have broken away from the generic Android-esque look and tried something new — and it’s quite polished. There is the occasional bug or poorly coded section here and there, but an update will fix those without a doubt. It’s definitely something new if you want to get away from the same old look of every other launcher out there.

Slidescreen (Paid)

If you like the free version then Id recommend the paid version....

Android 2.3 Launcher (Paid)

Original launcher from latest android gingerbread branch.

Get latest launcher without waiting or rooting your device.

you can find my paid version by scrolling down to bottom and click "View more applications" to buy the paid version, thanks!

* Pure Google Experience, Refined look and feel from Gingerbread.
* Choose between 2D / 3D apps drawer. (see #1)
* High quality wallpaper from Nexus S
* Add eclair (2.1) backward compatibility (Testing)

#1 3D app drawer only work on the following condition currently
1. 3D capable device (RenderScript capable and multi-context support)
2. 480*800(most mid to high end android device) or 480*854(Milestone/Droid or other mid-to-high end device)
3. Android 2.2 Aka. Froyo

How to open launcher settings:
Long press your home screen, and click "Launcher settings" in the "Add to home screen" dialog to open launcher settings.

This is a free version, if you do like this app, please buy "Android 2.3 Launcher (Home) +" to support my work, thanks!

Also checkout free "LiveWallpaper from Gingerbread" from us. It will be a good companion to your home!

Or are you looking for gingerbread keyboard, we also have one for you. just look for "Keyboard from Gingerbread"!

Zeam Launcher

This is a very fast Launcher, Zeam is not to add the most launcher functionality and extraneous eye-candy, but instead to be a “…free and lightweight launcher alternative…”, according to its website. You will find that Zeam holds true to its promise, and adds little in the way of wiz-bangs and flashy-doodads. At best it supports some relatively basic animations and transitions, which likely won’t “Wow!” anybody, and definitely won’t assist you in speeding up your phone, which is the purpose of Zeam in the first place.

Zeam does however, build upon the basic Android launcher’s basic functions with some of the following features:

Manipulation of App Grid size
Scrollable widgets
4 Fully customizable gestures
Scrolling customizable home dock
These features are all fine and dandy, but if you’re looking for feature-packed launcher goodness you’ll be better off looking at ADW or LauncherPro. Where Zeam really shines is in speeding up a heavily-loaded or aging phone. My original Motorola Droid was slowing to a crawl with the vanilla Froyo launcher, responding slowly to taps and swipes made on the home screen with only 2 widgets (Jorte Calender and Facebook)! Zeam frees up a lot of memory and is very light on its feet, allowing you to simply get things done faster and without a headache.

SPB Shell 3D Launcher

As we all know, the beauty of Android stems from the fact that you get a wide variety of choices when it comes to devices and interface, though the latter can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Luckily, users who are fed up with their bloated Android UI but don't want to (or can't) mess around with ROMs now have another easy solution. Joining the handful of Android launchers is SPB's Shell 3D app, which installs as a replacement (but removable) home screen that comes with some nifty widgets (radio switches, backlight dimmer, weather forecast with a 3D chart, clock with over 60 skins, world time with a 3D globe, etc.) and resizeable folders.

As you can see above, the highlight of the show here is a cool-looking 3D carousel for switching between up to 16 panels, and you can trigger it by either tapping or horizontally dragging the bottom-center button. Whilst in carousel mode, you can also rearrange the panels, change their colors, or flick away excess panels. All of this required no manual reading on our end, so it's safe to say that this is a pretty intuitive app. Read on to see what the performance is like.
Yes its expensive but what a launcher ..whats missing from this cant customize the dock icons ...whether thats enough to put you off is up to you...

We've been playing with Shell 3D on our Xperia Play, Nexus S, and Dell Venue for a few days, and we're still surprised by its butter-like smoothness -- SPB claims that the app is rendered consistently at 60fps on most modern Android devices. The only time we see this app hiccup is when we throw in the Pictures panel (for displaying Flickr's pictures of the day), so while this feature is a nice touch, we tend to keep it tucked away for minimal irritation. Other than that, we enjoy casually spinning the carousel or flicking between the panels for the subtle 3D transition effect, without significantly affecting battery life as well.

As for the app list, it's simply a vertical scrolling list with springy effects when you hit the top or bottom, but there's also a nice addition here: apps that already have a shortcut added to a panel are marked with a little home icon. That said, there's another side to this: for some reason, SPB decided that we shouldn't be allowed to add the same shortcut to multiple panels, which can be annoying for those who want maximum accessibility to the most frequently used shortcuts. For an app costing $14.95, this shouldn't be too much to ask for, right? But otherwise, Shell 3D is a pretty neat add-on for those looking to breathe new life into their Android phones.

Android Windows 7 Launcher

There are a lot of third-party application launchers available for Android from GO Launcher EX to ADW to LauncherPro. Most Android users choose to go to a third party launcher to either get a stock look on their phone or just to customize it more. While my personal favorite launcher has always been LauncherPro (please no hate mail from ADW fans), the delays in an update to the rewrite of LauncherPro made me begin to look elsewhere for a new feel for my phone.
Launcher 7 is an attempt to replicate the simplicity of Windows Phone 7’s launcher on an Android device, and it does a great job. There are others out there (like Windows Phone Android), but Timo Kujala’s Launcher 7 easily takes the cake. From live tiles to widgets to transition animations, Launcher 7 is the way to go for someone who wants a simple launcher or who loves the look and feel of Windows Phone 7, but doesn’t want to leave the Android fold.
The Set Up
When you first open Launcher 7 it gives you a default set of icons like Phone and Browser and then lists the rest of your applications to the next screen on the right, which can be accessed by swiping over or pressing the arrow. If there is an application that you want to add as a tile to the main screen, all you have to do is long press the application and a new screen will appear allowing you to customize the tile with whatever icon you want and how large you want the tile to be (1×1, 2×1). Launcher 7 comes with a set of white icons to use if you want to try and make each tile look as close as possible to WP7, or you can just use the application’s default icon.
Live Tiles
This is where Launcher 7 really shines over and against other WP7 launcher imitations. There are options for live tiles, like the calendar tile you see above. The calendar tile will cycle through your 24 hour events or display an event that is coming up that day. Another option for live tiles is a People tile, which displays pictures of your various contacts. For those familiar with WP7, you’ll recognize that these live tiles are straight from the WP7 launcher. While the options for these lives tiles are limited right now, there is a lot of potential to make the app even more like WP7 and then to expand beyond with custom live tiles.

Recently, support for widgets has been added. As you can see from the images above, my battery percentage and weather forecast widgets fit right in with the rest of the tiles. Any widget can be added by pressing menu and then Add Widget. While there will be some limitations for which widgets can be added (mostly size), you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a way to get the information you need onto your main screen. The widgets update automatically and respond exactly how they would if they were on a normal Android launcher.
Wrap Up
Launcher 7 isn’t for everyone, but for people who love a simple experience and want access to their information and their applications quickly, Launcher 7 is worth a try. The dev doesn’t guarantee that the launcher will work on all phones, but a quick perusal of the comments will show that most phones handle the launcher just fine. It has easily replaced LauncherPro for me because of its simplicity. I’m by no means a lover of minimalism (I would pick Fancy or Beautiful Widgets clocks over any other clock), but with a busy schedule and a need to access things quickly and easily, Launcher 7 helps me get things done. Besides all of that functionality mumbo-jumbo, it’s fun to use. I find myself choosing to use Launcher 7 more and more because I enjoy the simple beauty that it offers.
You can find both a free version (with ads on your applications list page) and an ad-free paid version in the market. Even die hard fans of Launcher Pro and ADW should give this a shot – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Web Browser Thread

Lost of info on the subject here -

Thanks to Oat23

Black Android Theme Thanks to pele for the theme and nitrozk for the port

Love this theme so much I thought Id make some screens

Here is the wallpaper, icons and dock for the above Home Screen and Lock Screen

Had lots of pm's about the Android Market Icon ...infact its in with the wallpaper and I just put the market icon over it and changed it to dots, there is also a blank icon that you can use instead if you prefer. The blank icon is also used for the dock apps...

Everything on the screen is from using ADW Launcher EX, more info on how to use it in post 1 ...

Screen shots of market icon ...before and after ...

Widgets used ...

Simi Clock
Simi Weather
Simi Battery (all in the same app)
Missed it (paid app)
Circle Launcher
Widget Locker

I used Dialer2 app and Better Keyboard app to fit with the Black Android theme more ...great apps too ..Screen Shots of both apps below...

lol@bonebrain in contacts aka Jimmy, he'll kill me if he sees this haha..

Enjoy ..

Widget Locker

Please note the market is now black because of the Black Android themed vending.apk

Widget Locker How to Guide

Widget Locker Themes

When you have download a theme you like...dont upzip it, place the zip file in - Internal sdcard/data/com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker/themes then open Widget locker and select from the app ..

Since making this thread I have now made 4 themes ..

NeonGT (Jumba's Original) ...Red and Blue

And my latest and best theme to date is Beautiful Honeycomb
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30th May 2011, 03:43 PM |#5  
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God bless your soul.

Sent from galaxy S 2 using xda app
30th May 2011, 04:00 PM |#6  
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Nice post. Good work rixsta.
30th May 2011, 04:30 PM |#7  
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Props for your efforts in making this for those who want to know.

Do all those mods affect battery life at all?

Personally I've never bothered playing with all that as IMO it looks tacky and doesn't fit with the Android UI but I guess that's the beauty of Android I do use Minimalistic text though, which does take getting use to setting up custom widgets.
30th May 2011, 04:37 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by LawAce

Props for your efforts in making this for those who want to know.

Do all those mods affect battery life at all?

Personally I've never bothered playing with all that as IMO it looks tacky and doesn't fit with the Android UI but I guess that's the beauty of Android I do use Minimalistic text though, which does take getting use to setting up custom widgets.

No it wont affect battery life using a different launcher or changing your home screen....Ive never found it to anyway.

A lot of widgets may slightly though...

As in doesn't fit wth the android theme ..depends on how heavy you mod the framework or flash a theme to fit your new home screen ..I made an awesome android green home screen for my SGS 1 ..maybe I'll make it for the SGS 2 and post it ...

Its early days for that though themes will come will roms ..

Your right though ..its a personal choice ..but its nice to have the choice

Sure is the beauty of android ..stock or custom ..Android Rocks..
30th May 2011, 05:02 PM |#9  
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Great work rixsta.
Can't wait to get mine and start fafin about with it lol.
30th May 2011, 05:14 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by y0.o!

Great work rixsta.
Can't wait to get mine and start fafin about with it lol.

Hey mate ....really good to see you back on the forums ..the SGS 2 forums at that... !

Happy flashing
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30th May 2011, 05:42 PM |#11  
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Even though i am not gonna use any of that, but your efforts are worth to Thank you...
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