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[KERNEL] Galaxy S2 Kernel Collection

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By CocoLeo3680, Member on 9th September 2011, 09:01 PM
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I open this thread in order to provide in one post all our SGSII current kernel, where you can download each of them. To discuss and talk about them used the wires and opened thread please. I will update as it exits new versions.


Although he put in each kernel, how to load a kernel based on their extension usually is:
- TAR: It flashes by Odin or with the option Flash Kernel from CWM app.
- ZIP: It flashes from the Recovery menu.

If you see a broken link, want to add or delete some kernel or whatever, send me a PM or leave a message here. Thank you.

It is very difficult to recommend a specific kernel it does not behave the same way in each SGSII. It is best to try and stay with the one you like and suits your needs.

Kernel's Collection

Speedmod (hardcore)

XDA Thread
Htcmania Thread (spanish)

Speedmod k1-t41
Speedmod k1-t40
Speedmod k1-t39
Speedmod k1-t32
Speedmod k1-t31
Speedmod k1-t30
Speedmod k1-t29
Speedmod k1-t28
Speedmod k1-t27
Speedmod k1-t26
Speedmod k1-t25
Speedmod k1-t22

- Updated init.rc for better XXKI3 compatibility

- Version: k1-t41
- Date: 10/03/11
- SetCPU: Yes
- OC: No
- UV: No
- BLN: No
- Bootanimation: No

Author's notes:
This kernel aims to be stable, fast and have good battery life. Current features:
Root and CWM:
- Automatically installs root (su)
- CWM recovery
Screen and misc tweaks:
- MDNIE screen sharpness tuning (improves text readability)
- MDNIE color tuning (reduces over-saturation of color)
- Touchscreen sensitivity fix from vitalij (set to 10)
- init.d, TUN, CIFS, IPV6 Privacy support
- CPU governor tweaks: increase responsiveness
- IO tweaks
- Read ahead tweaks
- Updated to jhash3
- Compiled with optimizations using Linaro 2011.07 GCC 4.5 toolchain
- Switched to SLAB instead of SLUB
Turned off unnecessary logging for better smoothness and efficiency:
- Disabled Android Debug Logger / logcat
- Disabled Kernel debug
- Disabled Samsung debug
More features will be added along the way.

Ninphetamine (Hacre)

XDA Thread
Htcmania Thread (spanish)

Ninphetamine 2.1.3
Ninphetamine 2.1.2
Ninphetamine 2.1.1
Ninphetamine 2.1.0
Ninphetamine 2.0.5
Ninphetamine 2.0.4
Ninphetamine 2.0.2
Ninphetamine 2.0.1

2.1.3 Release Edition
- Re-enabled kallsyms (thanks supercurio for the heads up).
- Fixed initramfs to provide support to custom ROMs that use startup scripts in /system/etc/init.d (thanks designgears).

- Version: 2.1.3
- Date: 08/28/11
- SetCPU: Yes
- OC: 1.600
- UV: Yes
- BLN: Yes
- Bootanimation: Yes

Author's notes:
Update to Samsung XXKG5 source (Update2)
Added GPU clock control interface (currently has no GUI)
Minimum CPU voltage now properly clamped at 800mV
Misc tweaks and fixes, see github commit log to cfs-exp for full details
Improvements to BLN battery usage.
Changes made to touchpanel sensitivity when the phone is charging to resolve issues for people using certain screen protectors that stop registering user input when on charge.
BLN support added.
RAM console (/proc/last_kmsg) added.
Workaround edition deprecated.
More VPN features added.
JHash updated to version 3.
CIFS support added.
Samsung's latest source update applied to base.
Kernel base updated to
Overclock up to 1.6GHz.
Voltage control via SetCPU or Voltage Control from 800mV up to 1500mV.
BFQv2-r1 IO scheduler added and set as default.
Optimised EXT4 mount options.
Various other performance related tweaks.
Workaround Edition
As above, but with some patches applied to workaround errata inherent to some Cortex A8/A9 processors.

Hellcat's Root Kernel (HellcatDroid)

XDA Thread
Htcmania Thread (spanish)

v1.22 XXKH3 (2.3.4)
v1.22 XXKH1 (2.3.4)
v1.22 UHKG7 (2.3.4)
v1.22 XXKG6 (2.3.4)
v1.22 XXKG5 (2.3.4)
v1.22 XXKG3 (2.3.4)
v1.22 XXKG2 (2.3.4)
v1.22 XXKG1 (2.3.4)
v1.22 XWKF3 (2.3.3)
v1.22 XWKF1 (2.3.3)
v1.22 XWKE7 (2.3.3)

Updated to XXKH3

- Version: 1.22
- Date: 8/27/11
- SetCPU: ?
- OC: ?
- UV: ?
- BLN: Yes
- Bootanimation: Yes

Author's notes:
+ Root
Kernel comes "instant rooted", after flashing this kernel your system is completely rooted (su, busybox and the Superuser app).
Nothing more needs to be done, totally newb friendly
+ ClockworkMod Recovery
This kernel also comes with the ClockworkMod recovery instead of the original stock one.
+ ADB with root priv's in recovery mode
When booted into recovery mode you have ADB available to connect to from your PC.
ADB also runns with full root priv's in recovery mode for all your haxx'n'tinker needs (in normally booted OS mode ADB still runns "secure" with only user priv's, use su to get root there)
+ Custom boot scripts
There is some bootscripts you can put your own commands in for being executed during boot.
The scripts are /system/ and /data/
+ Additional modules natively supported and loaded on boot
The original plan was to integrate these into the kernel, but due to hitting size limits of the zImage I decided to have them loaded from external directories.
Currently supported modules: (these modules are compiled together with the kernel and are included in the download!)
- slow-work.ko (not needed on Android 2.3.4 FWs, like XXKG2, e.t.c.)
- cifs.ko
If these modules are present in either /system/lib/modules or /data/lib/modules they will be automatically loaded at boot and are available to use (for example in case of CIFS, just get CifsManager from the marketplace and start mounting your shares)
+ Custom Bootanimation and Bootsound
This kernel also supports using a custom bootanim ( and bootsound (PowerOn.wav).
To install, simply create a folder "import" on in your /sdcard and drop your files into it, i.e.:
/sdcard/import/ -> for bootanimation
/sdcard/import/PowerOn.way -> for bootsound
If either one of those is present upon the next boot they will automatically be installed to the correct path and be available.
+ Custom Boot-LOGO !
This let's you change the logo shown BEFORE the bootanimation (usually the "Samsung Galaxy SII" splash screen).
Similar to the bootanim and -sound, copy the desired logo.jpg (480x800, max. 100k) to:
Upon the next boot the new bootlogo will be installed!
Please read the additional note about installing a new bootlogo bellow!
+ BLN support
This kernel has BLN (=BackLight Notification) support!
Just install the BLN Pro App from the market (to actually use/get the notification lights you need the paid version, the free version only lets you test if BLN works propperly) and off your blinkieness goes
+ Touchscreen Sensitivity Fix
vitalij's touchscreen fix to make the touch more responsive again when performing movements on the screen.

RAGEmod (RAvenGEr)

XDA Thread
Htcmania Thread (spanish)

RAGEmod v1.1b-U1
RAGEmod v1.1a-U1
RAGEmod v1.1-U1

U1 - v1.1a - minor update release.
- Increased touch sensitivity
U1 - v1.1b - minor update release.
- Init.d support

- Version: v1.1b-U1
- Date: 15/07/11
- SetCPU: Yes
- OC: 1.400
- UV: Between 800 and 1400mV
- BLN: Yes
- Bootanimation: Yes

Author's notes:
My new kernel!
Will come in two flavours:
- U1 - based on Samsung Update1
- U2 - based on Samsung Update2 - not released yet.
- support for SetCPU OC (upto 1400MHz)
- UV between 800mV and 1400mV
- support for Boot Animation
- support for BLN
The goal of my first kernel was to take the battery savings gained from HardCORE's kernel and allow undervolting and underclocking to further improve battery life. I added Boot Animation and BLN support just because I could. This kernel adds to my previous kernels, taking bits and pieces from here and there also.
Thanks also to the authors of Ninphetamine kernel - their SetCPU supporting code was the basis for the SetCPU support in this kernel, I have also used BLN code from their Git Repository, thanks to creams.

Abyss (BigBang)

Official link

Abyss Kernel 1.7
Abyss Kernel 1.6
Abyss Kernel 1.5
Abyss Kernel 1.4

- Tutte le funzioni disponibili nel kernel Thunderbolt 3.1
- Aggiornata base a
- Importato tweak risparmio batteria da Abyss kernel per aosp
- Inserito trick che tiene sotto controllo il Deep sleep e lo forza dopo ogni 5 sec.
- Inserito un controllo del cambio di governor durante un cambio di stato
- Cambiate frequenze base 200 e 400 Mhz a 150 e 300Mhz per ulteriore risparmio batteria
- Fissato problema freeze e ravvii del kernel Abyss 1.1
- Cambiata ottimizzazione del kernel

Author's notes:
Inserita patch EXT4
Aggiunta RCU classica
Cambiate opzioni di ottimizzazione
Cambiati i livelli della luminosità
Aggiunto di default BFS cpu scheduler
Aggiunto smartass governor
Aggiunto V(R) i/o scheduler
Aggiornata initramfs alla versione XXKH3
Riaggiunta Recovery CW
Modificate frequenze (ora disponibili: 1536, 1400, 1304, 1200, 1100, 1000, 900, 800, 600, 500, 400, 200)
Inserito ReadAhead tweak
Inseriti small Tweaks in Conservative e Ondemand Governor
Abilitato di Default il BFQ V2 R1 i/o scheduler (possibili noop, deadline, cfq, bfq)
Abilitato BLN (attivabile tramite l'applicazione BLN Control)
Inseriti: Modulo cifs.ko, tun.ko, fuse.ko, ntfs.ko, nls_utf8.ko
Modificato valore battery polling

SiyahKernel (gokhanmoral)

Official link
Htcmania Thread (spanish)

SiyahKernel v1.7.8 rc2
SiyahKernel v1.7.7
SiyahKernel v1.7.4
SiyahKernel v1.7 final
SiyahKernel v1.7 rc3
SiyahKernel v1.7 rc1
SiyahKernel v1.6 sp1

SiyahKernel v1.7.8 rc2
min CPU UV value is set to 600mV.
removed bfq scheduler
increased internal voltage @1600MHz for stability
from now on, init.d scripts are executed after kernel's tweaks
automatic backup of efs data. you can find it in /data/.siyah. copy efsbackup.tar.gz and efsdev-mmcblk0p1,img files to a safe location. I hope you won't need them but if you do you will thank me
rooting script changes summary: rooting is done once and /data/.siyah/root-installed is created. if you want to reinstall root remove that file. all su and superuser.apk files are removed (and also related dalvik-cache) then device is rebooted. if you still have problems with superuser install CWM flashable su (download from ).
updated recovery to CWM (latest stable)
CWM flashable version wipes cache & dalvik-cache. first boot will take long time if you use CWM flashable version.

Author's notes:
Based on Samsung Update2 sources (deep sleep issue is fixed, hopefully)
compiled with gcc4.5.2
Auto-Root (just flash it onto a stock rom and you'll have root)
ClockworkMod Recovery v4.0.1.4
Boot animation support
Supports SetCPU (OC upto 1600MHz, UC downto 100MHz)
Supports undervolting (UV between 800 mV and 1500 mV)
Supports voltage control via SetCPU (thanks to netarchy, ninpo, hacre)
Stock voltages as default
smartassV2 governor
Default governor is ondemand (200-1200MHz)
Tweaked interactive governor
Tweaked ondemand governor
Compiler optimizations
Increased touch sensitivity
Touchscreen fix (thanks to vitalij)
increased battery polling interval
GPU clock and voltage control interface (thanks to netarchy). Example CWM-flashable /system/etc/init.d/99gpuv script (thanks to AndreiLux)
I/O Tweaks
automatic battery calibration. leave it connected to a charger overnight and the battery will be calibrated.
available I/O schedulers: V(R), noop, deadline, CFQ (default)
available cpu governors: ondemand, ondemandx, interactive, smartassV2(recommended and default), conservative, userspace, performance
/system/etc/init.d startup scripts support
Updated jhash to version 3
Increased charging speed.
BLN (thanks to creams), liblights is autoinstalled if the existing one doesn't support BLN
CIFS, SLQB, NTFS and several others that I forgot...

Lulz Kernel (tegrak)

XDA Thread
Htcmania Thread (spanish)

Tegrak-Kernel-Build-26-for-I9100-XXKH3 (CWM Recovery not suported)
Tegrak-Kernel-Build-25-for-I9100-XXKG6 (CWM Recovery not suported)

Built with new I9100 source from OSRC (named Update2)

Author's notes:
*supports BLN
- thanks to creams and neldar.
- get the source from creams' blog
*supports clockworkmod recovery
- Thanks to codeworkx
*supports Lulzactive governor
*supports BFQ v2-r1 scheduler
*CPU scaling level is changed from 5 to 7 (1204/1152/1100/1000/800/500/200MHz)
*includes Tegrak Kernel functions
*based on GT-I9100 gingerbread_update1 source
*supports Interactive governor
*supports CIFS

SuperPower (Netchip)

Original Thread

SuperPower KI3 update8
SuperPower KI3 update7
SuperPower KI3 update5

Author's notes
Netchip´s kernel was terribly, there where thousand and one bugs.
Such max overclock to 1400 MHz, no GPU overclocking, bad scripts.
Scripts who works not, it was one big drama.
But it was also great, light, quick, not one fancy kernel.

And here I come to introduce my new kernel .
It is not a big drama, it is super, fixed some bugs by Samsung, CPU overclocking to 1.6 GHz, GPU overclocking, BFQ v2-r1, BLN, bootlogo, bootanimation and much more in the future .

I am inspired by Hacre, Chainfire and HellcatDroid.
Hellcat is very kind, and helps me with ex. the compile issue.
Also Hacre was nice together me, ex. the CPU overclocking code.

But now further on the kernel, the features

-Bootanimation support, place it in /system/media/
-Bootlogo, place it in /sdcard/getin, and give it the name, logo.png
-CPU overclocking till 1.6GHz
-GPU overclocking
-BFQ v2-r1
-Removed other schedulers
-Instant root
-Clockworkmod 5
-KI3 initramfs
-I use the "hidden" p12 partition as tmp, so if bootlogo dont work, lemme fix it
-Compiled with AOSP 4.4.0 toolchain
-Init.d support - /system/etc/init.d/
-EFS backup script
-Touchscreenfix set to 5 - thanks to vitalij

It is newb friendly, you can flash it via Odin, and all is installed
Thus flash it via Odin!

FD's Kernel (FrozenData)

Original Thread


Author's notes
Disabled unnecessary debugging and logging (logcat/dmesg) - for increased smoothness
OC/UV - CPU Freq range is 7 now (200/500/800/1000/1200/1400/1600)
Supports BLN
Touch sensitivity fix
Minor performance tweaks
Using Samsung Update2 source code
Using Chainfire's initramfs

Recommended Voltage:
OC/UV available with SetCPU or Voltage Controller.
1600MHz: 1350mV
1400MHz: 1250mV
1200MHz: 1200mV
1000MHz: 1100mV
800MHz: 1000mV
500MHz: 950mV
200MHz: 850mV

Mirage S2 (NeoPhyTe.x360)

XDA Thread


set samsung-update1 as base (fix reboots)
added slqb patch
removed bfq

Author's notes:
For XXKG1/G2/G3 (should work with olders too)
Modified Freq range 11 steps (200-400-500-600-800-900-1000-1200-1400-1504-1600 Mhz)
CPU UV sysinterface (thanks to ninphetamine)
Modified cpufreq.c to force processor to go step-by-step in freqs.
Default Freq: 500-1200 Mhz ondemand (the best to get low batt drain, should drain lower in sleep)
Lowest maximum freq blocked to 400mhz (so if you put 200-200, it will run 200-400, locked due to better performance)
Available governors: interactive-smartass-conservative-userspace-powersave-ondemand-performance (custom modded smartass, ondemand and interactive governors)
CFS Scheduler.
SLQB Allocator.
CFQ Block IO Scheduler (Available: no-op, deadline, cfq)
Modified Initramfs from saturn_de (thanks to him and Chainfire) - I've added some values to this init.rc to get lower battery drain and some performance. (some different from saturn)
CWM Recovery
Disabled Profiling support and debugs, added ThumbEE, Improved Control Group Support.
Added some CFQ IO tweaks
Changed dalvikvm heapsize to 60m (this should improve performance on tasking)
Touchscreen fix added (thanks to vicenzo91)

CF-Root v4.1 (ChainFire)

XDA Thread
Htcmania Thread (spanish)


Updated to XXKH3

Author's notes:
The kernel is fully stock and taken from the original firmware, with just the following added:
Busybox v1.16.2androidminimal (from CWM)
Integrated CWM

Insecure Kernel (Odia)

XDA Thread

Download from original thread

Updated to XXKH1

Jeffrey-SpeedFrey (teksin)

XDA Thread (Thread closed. Under investigation)
Htcmania Thread (spanish)

SpeedFrey3.0.0 wA: Workaround version. (Try only if you have issues with Release Version)
SpeedFrey3.0.0 rV: Release version.

SetCPU compatible (1204/1150/1100/1000/800/500/200 mhz)
BFQ-V2 Scheduler added and set by default
838 MB ram memory available
Increased smoothness with ram optimization
Increased battery life when the phone is on sleep with cpufreq.c optimization
Disabled Config_bugverbose (more memory, better smoothness and better battery life)
Disabled Bug() (optimize memory usage, better smoothness and better battery life)
Unnecessary developer options disabled (optimize memory usage)
General optimization for battery life
Thanks to all beta testers

Author's notes:
Undervolted (CPU and GPU) (not compatible with the SETCPU control voltage because the kernel is optimized with my own values)
Workaround version available (less undervolted)
Stock voltage version available
SetCPU compatible (1204/1150/1100/1000/800/500/200 mhz)
BFQ-V2 Scheduler added and set by default
838 MB ram memory available
CIFS support (cifs.ko and slow-work.ko automatically integrated in "/lib/modules")
BLN support
Vitalij's touchscreen fix (value : 10)
Interactive governor
Disable some debugging options / look changelog (better battery life, better ram usage and smoothness)
Some tweaks / look changelog (better battery life, better ram usage and smoothness)
Initd.d support
I/O scheduler tweaks
Low ram usage
Optimized for battery life

Sorry for my English, Leo.-
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9th September 2011, 10:46 PM |#2  
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Read the bottom of my thread and respect my wishes - thank you!!!

and why this is in Original Development when you have just linked to others work?
9th September 2011, 11:42 PM |#3  
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Originally Posted by Odia

Read the bottom of my thread and respect my wishes - thank you!!!

and why this is in Original Development when you have just linked to others work?

Sorry, did not mean to break your wishes. The links have been deleted. Sorry again.

About the selected section, I thought that since it was an original Development links, this was your site. If not, I can safely delete. No job is my, only collection of links so that users could see and compare the various kernel created by different cooks.

Sorry for my English, Leo.-
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10th September 2011, 12:19 AM |#4  
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Sorry for a noob question but what is the SGS2 overclockable to?

Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda premium
10th September 2011, 01:01 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by JohnCorleone

Sorry for a noob question but what is the SGS2 overclockable to?

Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda premium

1.6ghz is the highest I've run it and really only for benchmarking purposes. 1.4ghz is stable for me.
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10th September 2011, 12:52 PM |#6  
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Very nice work!
This thread should be sticked on top and updated regularly.
Very helpfull, thanx.
11th September 2011, 06:54 PM |#7  
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very comfortable, very comfortable!
11th September 2011, 09:13 PM |#8  
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This link might help you guys -
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11th September 2011, 09:24 PM |#9  
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Very nice work and very helpfull!
11th September 2011, 09:24 PM |#10  
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Nice work... Thx...
11th September 2011, 11:30 PM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 9
Very nice thankyou...

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