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[ROM][5.1.1][4.0.3][i9300][OFFICIAL] BlissPop by Team Bliss [Stable]

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Team Bliss is pleased to present to you BlissPop Rom!
BlissPop is one of the most highly customizable roms that you can install on your mobile device,
and we hope you have a truly blissful experience.
A huge thanks to CyanogenMod for the source and all the work and dedication their team puts in to keep us updated.
BlissPop is CM12.1 based, with some features added in from various roms,
and we will continue to update features as they become available.
We will keep up to date with the latest CM code, and updates will be posted on a regular basis.
However, please do not ask for ETA's. We will update the links as soon as they become available.

We will not tolerate any rudeness or anyone being disrespectful in this thread.
We will do our best to answer your questions or concerns as soon as possible.

Visit our website for features that include:
Member sign-up, staff information, all the latest rom downloads,
the option to open support tickets for issues & more!

BlissRoms Website

Personalization Options

CM12 Theme Engine

Status Bar
-Clock & Date Options
-Battery Options
-Battery Bar Options
-SuperUser Indicator
-Bluetooth Indicator
-Brightness Control
-Mobile & Wifi Icon Options
-Notification & System Icon Options
-Network Traffic Monitor
-Breathing Notifications
-Bliss Logo Option
-Notification Count

Navigation & Button Options
-Set Navigation Ring Targets
-Backlight Brightness & Timeout
-Overflow Button Settings
-Navigation Bar Toggle
-Set Navigation Buttons, Layout & Dimension
-Double Tap to Sleep
-Power Button End Call Option
-Home Button Options
-Back Button Wake Up Option
-Menu Button Options
-Search Button Options
-Left-Handed Mode

Recents Options
-Memory Bar
-Clear All Button Tweaks
-Clear All tasks
-Clear All Recents Location
-Option to show Google search bar in recents Menu
-OmniSwitch (Option to replace recents menu with Omniswitch)

Notification Drawer
-Status Bar Header (Weather)
-Tile Options
-Flashlight Option
-Custom Color Tile Options (Set Background, Icons & Text)
-Quick Setting Options
-Quick & Smart Pulldown
-Brightness Slider Toggle
-Vibrate, Detailed Wifi View & Advanced Location Options
-SlimActions Tile
-Auto Close Panel
-Force Expanded Notifications

Heads Up Notifications

Lockscreen Options
-Long Press Lock Icon to Sleep
-Bottom Corner Targets
-Weather Options
-Customize Text & Icon Colors
-Clock Widget Settings
-Music Visualizer Options
-Power Button Lock Options
-Lock Method Options

Power Menu Options
-Power Off
-One Click Reboot
-Screenshot (with delay option)
-Screen Record
-Profile Switcher
-Airplane Mode
-User Switcher
-Settings Shortcut
-Device Lockdown
-Sound Panel

Gesture Anywhere
-Location Options
-Trigger Regions

-IME Animations
-Toast Animations
-Listview Animations
-System Animations
-Scrolling Cache
-Scrolling Modifiers

App Circle Bar
-Included Apps
-Trigger width, position and height

Sound Options
-Link Ringtone & Notification Toggle
-Media, Alarm, Ring & Notification Sound Options
-Volume Steps
-Volume Panel Timeout
-Launch Music Apps
-Dial Pad Tones
-Screen Locking Sound
-Touch Sounds
-Charging Sounds
-Camera Shutter & Screenshot Sounds
-Safe Headset Volume
-Less Frequent Notifications
-Media Control
-Vibration Options

Display & Light Options
-Smart Cover
-Adaptive Brightness
-Double Tap to Sleep
-Sleep Time
-Wake on Plug
-Cast Screen
-Expanded Desktop
-Font Size
-Battery Light
-Notification Light with Per App Settings

Notification Manager
-Device Lock Options
-Block App Notifications
-Disable Persistent Info
-Priority App Notifications

More Stuff Included

Bliss Download Section
-All current downloads for your convenience

AudioFX Equalizer

-SuperSU - Huge thanks to @Chainfire
-BlissPop Wallpapers (via launcher’s Wallpapers)
-Home Launcher Option
-CM Camera
-User Profiles
-System Profiles
-Location Options
-Security Options
-Privacy Options
-Accounts & Sync
-Language & Input
-Backup & Reset
-Date & Time
-Developer Options
-Rom & Hardware Information
-Bliss OTA Updates

--Many other settings throughout the rom. Take some time to familiarize yourself with all the blissful options!

BlissPop Source

TeamBliss Devices Source

We recommend using any of the following sets of GApps:

TK Gapps

Banks GApps

Open Gapps Project

Minimal Edition GApps

Please make sure you read post #2 before flashing! IMPORTANT!!
BlissPop - Official
BlissPop - Nightlies

Team Bliss is not responsible in any way for anything that happens to your device in the process of flashing.
Please familiarize yourself with flashing and custom rom use before attempting to flash the rom.
Please make sure you download the correct version of BlissPop for your specific device. The links are labeled clearly.

*Make sure you are rooted.
*Make sure you have a custom recovery installed. (TWRP is the preferred recovery)
*Download the latest Bliss Rom & the latest GApps package.
*Boot into recovery.
*Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution
*Flash Bliss Rom
*Flash Google Apps package (for 5.1!)
*First boot may take up to 10 minutes

If you have a major bug to report that has not been reported already, and is not a known issue with CM,
please take the following steps to report it to us. It will save you time, as well as us.

-Download the Catlog app from the Play Store.
There is also a donate version which you can purchase to show appreciation.
-After downloading the Catlog app, go to the app settings, and change the log level to Debug.
-Clear all previous logs and take the exact steps to produce the error you are receiving.
-As soon as you receive the error (probably a force close), go straight into Catlog and stop the log recording.
-Copy and paste the entire log either to Hastebin or Pastebin
-Save the log, and copy and paste the link into the forum with a brief description of the error.
-You can also open trouble tickets on our website for bugs.

Team Bliss is a team consisting of developers and device maintainers that work on this project in our
spare time to be able to give Android users a custom rom packed with features that will make a lasting impression.

@pimpmaneaton, @jackeagle, @nprev420, @remicks, @Deliberate, @xboxfanj, @skyliner33v, @nerdyblonde, @pjgraber03, @bracketslash, @Vortex1969, @death2all110, @electrikjesus, @tobitege, @asianflavor, @Jiggs82, @genesixxbf3, @sixohtew, @nicholaschum, @TheStrix, @APOPHIS9283, @Thecrazyskul, @Men_in_black007

Huge thanks to all members of Cyanogenmod for the source.
Also a huge thanks to Chainfire, NamelessRom, SlimRoms, EuphoriaOS,
CRDoid, OmniRom, Temasek & all the other developers who work hard to keep all the great features coming!
We really appreciate all your knowledge & hard work!

Thanks to @skyliner33v for making our wallpaper & optional boot animations, @electrikjesus for making the current boot animation as well as others,
@pjgraber03 & @electrikjesus for developing and maintaining our website,
@death2all110 for developing the BlissPop Wallpapers app, and @nicholaschum, @genesixxbf3 and @tobitege for the OTA xml generator.
Thanks to @Kryten2k35 for the original source of the OTA app.
We do NOT ask for or expect any donations from users.
If someone takes it upon themselves to donate to us, of course it will be appreciated,
and all funds will be used to pay our server fees.
If someone does choose to donate, our PayPal link is below.
PayPal Link

Very Important Information
Team Bliss will allow some minor off-topic comments in our development threads.
Please post in the general forums for off-topic comments and/or questions.
Overall, please keep comments relevant to development, as this better helps you and our team
when trying to determine problems that users are having.
We appreciate all levels of knowledge in our threads, and therefore we ask that
the seasoned members be helpful to those with less knowledge.
Most importantly, do NOT troll those with less knowledge than yourself.
Should you feel inclined to not abide by our request, the XDA Moderators may be called in to remove posts.
We thank you for adhering to our thread rules.

Thank you for using BlissPop! We appreciate each and every one of our users!

Kernel source

XDA:DevDB Information
Blisspop , ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

genesixxbf3, KeTuRr74, Nerdyblonde
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
Based On: BOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2015-01-23
Last Updated 2015-10-21
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   * android/
4b182b4 5.1.0_r5 -> 5.1.1_r1
fd03e90 Revert "5.1.0_r5 -> 5.1.1_r1"

   * build/
61d57ab build: Add option to compress precompiled odex with gzip
aaf7fa6 Build: slim up sounds and update (2/2)

   * device/samsung/qcom-common/
64b9bea qcom-common: remove e2fsck

   * external/google/
b9d3342 Fix build
66f867f google: Update to v3 analytics.

   * frameworks/base/
abcf11b Base: fix unlinking volume sliders
7b35a00  Revert "systemui: adjust position of clear recents button"
1c313b8 Merge "Revert "Base: fix unlinking volume sliders (2/2)"" into lp5.1
9f9d9f1 Merge "Revert "Base: misc merge fixes"" into lp5.1
44f9b52 Revert "Base: fix unlinking volume sliders (2/2)"
c18f6c4 Revert "Base: misc merge fixes"
bbc8439 Merge "Add in more ringtones." into lp5.1
3a78350 Add in more ringtones.
f0334b7 Merge "Add new notification tones." into lp5.1
db0b0b5 Merge "Blissify" into lp5.1
36c82b0 Merge "Frameworks: update sounds" into lp5.1
83d348a Merge "Frameworks: slim up sounds and update (1/2)" into lp5.1
84277f8 Merge "Revert "Fix battery bar glitch on NavBar"" into lp5.1
cfb8f11 Merge "Call recording encoder/format choice 3/3" into lp5.1
7346716 Add new notification tones.
648dccf Blissify
9bd7aa3 Frameworks: update sounds
0a5462b Frameworks: slim up sounds and update (1/2)
ceed501 Revert "Fix battery bar glitch on NavBar"
737d9f7 Call recording encoder/format choice 3/3
af08cbc Merge "Base: misc merge fixes" into lp5.1
e46c09a Merge "Base: fix unlinking volume sliders (2/2)" into lp5.1
1c37058 Base: misc merge fixes
642e4ed Base: fix unlinking volume sliders (2/2)
06b13fa SystemUI: update notification volume slider state when toggling modes
7a25b24 media: fix media volume panel not showing when playing games on tablets
248c227 Show Optimizing app dialog on first boot
ee08d61 Keyguard: only tint the sim card drawable when multisim is enabled
2ad1195 Protected Apps: do not filter components from the same UID
adb5df1 Fix NPE in NetdResponseCode.InterfaceClassActivity

   * frameworks/native/
d943a06 installd: Add gzipped odex support

   * frameworks/opt/net/ims/
a9a3735 Add interface to determine whether the IMS service is available

   * packages/apps/Dialer/
1ae8845 [2/2] Dialer: SmartMute
3a63a73 Call recording encoder/format choice 1/3
be8d045 Enable Call recording.
14cacf6 Use "unknown" in filename if call recording phone number undefined

   * packages/apps/InCallUI/
714b469 Merge "[1/2] InCallUI: SmartMute" into lp5.1
5ce00a5 Merge "Disable Touch by Proximity Sensor" into lp5.1
86182f9 [1/2] InCallUI: SmartMute
82b29f4 Disable Touch by Proximity Sensor
dd03e9e Fix call recorder exception on unknown number / conference call

   * packages/apps/Mms/
8c7299c Mms : Add missing show() on Toast for unsupported Calendar app

   * packages/apps/Settings/
e19f533 Settings: pass intent extra EXTRA_REQUIRE_PASSWORD after selecting pattern size
60fdccd Settings: fix custom SIM name lost on reboot

   * packages/apps/TvSettings/
1b420c2 AddAccessory: Add a public constructor for AddAccessoryContentFragment

   * packages/services/Telecomm/
d653771 Telecomm : Add ability to block calls if spam

   * packages/services/Telephony/
28f4add Merge "Call recording encoder/format choice 2/3" into lp5.1
ba90fca Call recording encoder/format choice 2/3
51368b9 Telephony : Dismiss if up button is pressed

   * system/core/
01e3a95 System/core: Use memmove

   * vendor/asus/
4a0268e Nexus Player binaries for Android 5.1.1 (LMY47V)

   * vendor/bliss/
239e37c Merge "Re-add the fixes from Remicks." into lp5.1
a17c4e23 Re-add the fixes from Remicks.
7486669 Make ota filename only contain major version.

   * vendor/oppo/
f1bef88 msm8974: Update blobs


   * device/qcom/common/
32e22e1 Allow msm8916 platforms to specify their TARGET_LIBINIT_DEFINES_FILE file

   * external/wpa_supplicant_8/
4b8ef3c P2P: Validate SSID element length before copying it
f5650dc wpa_supplicant: Force the p2p channels to reuse frequencies used by STA

   * frameworks/base/
b133a47 [1/3] Frameworks: Proximity speaker
d98b748 [3/3] frameworks/base: National Data Roaming
33c5761 Custom navbar height, - Missing lines for icon resizing.
fdfe577 Show carrier label / custom & change color [1/2]
4a2d776 Make Navring available to devices with no navbar
cb1ddeb FWB: Greeting label timeout (1/2)
d4de559 Status bar greeting [1/2]
53deb68 Fix batteryBar on Navbar * this fixs the dual navbar battery bar when its supposed to be hidden and makes it work as intended * this also breaks statusbar tests need to spend some time solving this in java here * proper fix would be to have it look for xmlns:systemui=" which is what the statusbar uses and xmlns:systemui=" which is what navbar uses * we dont run statusbar tests so it isnt a big concern at the moment
369186f Revert "SystemUI: rework battery saver bar color feature"
bcb5b225 Remove bug report and cm recovery from developer options [1/2]

   * frameworks/opt/telephony/
b4c9998 Return: National Data Roaming [1/3]
464a85c Re-apply commit d340bf588e89ffe12f314733a53bfe977a3e752e.

   * kernel/samsung/hlte/
dffec70 Merge pull request #2 from CyanogenMod/cm-12.1

   * packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
53b8fdd ContactsCommon : Modify ContactPhotoManager to fetch contacts' bitmaps

   * packages/apps/InCallUI/
6a3e870 InCallUI: clean up prox speaker code and improve usability
a61a4f1 [3/3] InCallUI: Proximity speaker

   * packages/apps/Settings/
5f8086c Remove carrier label if Msim
d81e1fa Show carrier label / custom & change color [2/2]
e8eb726 Settings: Greeting label timeout (2/2)
eccb1cc Settings: Statusbar greeting (2/2)
4888504 Remove bug report and cm recovery from developer options [2/2]
4418998 Settings: fix search key not opening search
b56d55f settings: fix RTL layouts
8417542 Settings: fix 'CyanogenMod legal' link

   * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
de06181 WifiSetup: If device has Leanback feature specify tv.settings

   * packages/apps/Trebuchet/
d9630aa Handle theme changes

   * packages/services/Telephony/
f4c9aa3 [2/3] Telephony: Proximity speaker
1a05410 Fix National Roaming
821add9 National Data Roaming [2/3]

   * system/core/
2ded621 Allocate a new AIDs for RFS module

   * vendor/asus/
991e85c deb: Update blobs to LMY47O release

   * vendor/htc/
f6ba154 Merge remote-tracking branch 'mup/cm-12.1' into lp5.1
01fdfe8 Merge pull request #134 from uberlaggydarwin/cm-12.1
7287c02 Import HTC Desire Eye (eyeul) blobs
fb623fc Merge pull request #133 from u-ra/cm-12.1


   * android/
b90287e 5.1.0_r5 -> 5.1.1_r1
2a51d84 Track again CMs camera2

   * art/
f25a226 ART: prevent patchoat from symlinking with dummy files
87833d8 ART: patchoat gets gzip support for compressed odex files

   * bootable/recovery/
04f2109 Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r1' of into HEAD

   * build/
265118d build: Add a couple more custom pathmap variables
66c5ef8 Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r1' of into cm-12.1
25a71f3 Revert install folder copy to v2.x code

   * device/lge/g2-common/
71aa726 use ubertc for rom build
71e36f7 Update

   * device/qcom/sepolicy/
1ccdd65 uncrypt needs to write to the BCB

   * external/libpng/
e1b2e93 Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r1' of into cm-12.1

   * external/libselinux/
2e2f4ae Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r1' of into cm-12.1

   * frameworks/av/
ac79ddd Audiopolicymanager: handle incall sonification without checking output refCount
443f43d audiopolicy: Cleanup and fix compilation warnings

   * frameworks/base/
f553224 qs: support for all timeout value in case set by user apps
52e842d printspooler: Print view crash.
66ec52d SysUI: Invert notification backgrounds
62c90b0 doze: Do not bother checking proximity for the DOZE_ACTION intent
47fc2c9 Merge "Revert "Return of Silent mode (1/2)"" into lp5.1
4323cce Revert "Return of Silent mode (1/2)"
51ac11f Fix error in patch set
4c8e0a8 Add in missing line
c5f6579 Merge "Return of Silent mode (1/2)" into lp5.1
888b8d0 Return of Silent mode (1/2)
34ef3de Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r1' of into cm-12.1
9c4a6df [DO NOT MERGE] Fixed NPE when trying to animate a window without display
457058f Return of Silent mode (1/2)

   * hardware/invensense/
cd02255 Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r1' of into cm-12.1

   * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8994/
eb6c28d audio: Use direct    * pathmap
bbf9bdc audio: Use    * pathmap
2d16306 audio: Only allow non-legacy HAL
9d162b1 hal : add 8992 for msm8992 audio
d44126f hal : add 8992 for msm8992 audio

   * hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8960/
cc122ee gralloc: Fix incorrect handle validation check
32a0111 gralloc: handle YCbCr 420SP format in lock_ycbcr
f9c34de gralloc: Add allocation support for standard NV12

   * hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8994/
8f6386e Don't build lights module if vendor supplies it
9c38363 display: Use    * pathmap

   * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8960/
4ce4595 mm-video: venc: Fix reconbuffer free crash.
73af4b5 mm-video:vdec: Fix random ION memory call failures
6e06dfd mm-video: vdec: initialize m_native_buffers_enabled flag appropriately

   * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8994/
0e1bc46 vidc: Fix makefiles
4bf9db1 media: Avoid collision with FFMPEG plugin
98bce29 correct use of    *-path
b29ac9f media: Use    * pathmap
289c448 mm-core: add mpeg2 and vc1 secure component entries

   * packages/apps/CMFileManager/
ebd0462 [CMFileManager] Fix "File Manager isn't responding..." pops up after tapping "Secure storage" in File Manager
411c731 Improve string for crowdin

   * packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
b5dd1e5 CellBroadcastReceiver : Show alerts in FIFO order

   * packages/apps/Eleven/
0c5e345 Eleven: minor string tweaks

   * packages/apps/Mms/
26764cb Mms: add vcalendar as a saveable content type
ddfa31f Mms: The Slideshow time display incomplete on Edit Slideshow
46ba32f Mms: Recipients field is cleared when returning from SelectRecipients
68c6f57 Backup: close cursor
217447b Mms : Only exit after deleting last message
048e736 Mms-add Calendar event type of loading Calendar draft
bba0280 Mms - remove Subject listener first when remove the subject
4c24d12 Mms : Dismiss compose activity, if deleting last message and no text
9f306a4 MMS: Add feature to auto-enable mobile data for MMS send or receive.

   * packages/apps/Settings/
8abbe58 Fix sim notifications.
c127338 Settings: add Silent mode toggle (2/2)
40530d4 Merge "Revert "Remove Bugreport from Settings"" into lp5.1
817f831 Revert "Remove Bugreport from Settings"
4a8a22c Fixed some bliss strings
e4252d6 Remove Bugreport from Settings
fbccd31 Merge "Rename BlissRoms OTA to just Updates" into lp5.1
a4dc898 Rename BlissRoms OTA to just Updates

   * packages/apps/TvSettings/
d72c07f Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r1' of into cm-12.1

   * vendor/bliss/
42b3b32 Lets push to 3.2 for the start of 5.1.1
fb18596 Updated Free Mobile APN
7e74899 Merge "Add back camera2" into lp5.1
bd775eb Add back camera2
a5c625e Add hipri to ATT Phone APN
1fb6621 vendor: add sepolicy entry for killswitch service
3eaa4b5 Turn off default stats collection and switch QS pulldown to left.

   * vendor/htc/
66f1b48 m8: Use bacon's thermal-engine


   * android/
5cd99d0 Track PackageInstaller from crdroid

   * frameworks/base/
fe6538a Fix: In Afrikaans the unit name is not before size but after.
96c20de ScreenCap : Add jpeg support
6134d00 base: ConnectivityServer: Don't reap the new network
eeb2cb7 Fix HTC headset handling.
1811b82 frameworks: display: Added automatic brightness configs
b745e38 Don't create unnecessary RenderThread's instance when executing 'dumpsys gfxinfo'
bc1195d Use fabsf() rather than abs()
e1cc863 Fix ANR caused by hwuiTask thread
9bb800e framework: add KillSwitch stubs
bc56e1d Merge "AudioService: fix crash when no music player found" into lp5.1
8e868c9 Merge "Ticker custom text color -Also some fixes to ticker from lp5.0" into lp5.1
c899639 Merge "Framework: StatusBar Ticker (1/2)" into lp5.1
e874fa3 Merge "fix Notification volume slider linking" into lp5.1
876282c Merge "Revert "Base: fix unlinking volume sliders (2/2)"" into lp5.1
25988b6 AudioService: fix crash when no music player found
c06dfc6 Revert "third part apps can disable the secret lockscreen"
a45bb07 Ticker custom text color -Also some fixes to ticker from lp5.0
02b93ae Framework: StatusBar Ticker (1/2)
3de53de fix Notification volume slider linking
167d1e7 Revert "Base: fix unlinking volume sliders (2/2)"
2592162 Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region

   * packages/apps/Browser/
97ed99b [BugFix][Browser]Can't download music from

   * packages/apps/CMFileManager/
34f4d1c [CMFileManager] Fix the DrawerLayout don't disapper after press back key.
fac93c1 CMFileManager: when cancel coping, the dest file also exists and is incomplete.
6e0bd51 CMFileManager: After change language, the navigation view item summary doesn't change
226460f [CMFileManager] Fix the filemanager can copy parent folder to child folder

   * packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
780a595 [3/3] ContactsCommon: Smart Dialer

   * packages/apps/Dialer/
cec9fc3 [2/3] Dialer: Smart Dialer

   * packages/apps/Eleven/
4e906d9 Merge "eleven: remove_ACTION_PICK from manifest" into cm-12.1
3de2847 Merge "Eleven: Checkboxes to switches" into cm-12.1
ef800ad Merge "Eleven: Show/Hide album art on lockscreen" into cm-12.1
914b9d7 Eleven: properly send open/close session events

   * packages/apps/Email/
7451d26 Fix NPE in getHierarchicalFolder
8dcea56 email: finish the settings activity after delete its account

   * packages/apps/Mms/
b275320 Expose hard coded background colors from layouts for search activity.
dd05150 [1/3] Mms: Smart Dialer

   * packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
1c225a1 PhoneCommon: Adjust dimens for hdpi

   * packages/apps/Settings/
d8c348f Ticker text enabler and custom color.

   * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
cfc4a0d SetupWizard: handle skipping id in SubInfoRecords
dd500a1 SetupWizard: don't access SubscriptionController directly

   * packages/apps/TvSettings/
5c4f41e About: Add SELinux status
46cbf36 About: Fix greyed out titles on certain settings
f0e8aec About: Show the kernel version
8659c8d Add build date ( from build.prop) to About screen.
2dfcba2 One does not simply become a Developer
2775775 CM PlatLogo: CyanogenMod version preference

   * packages/apps/UnifiedEmail/
85f5d28 email: linkify urls in plain text emails

   * packages/services/Telephony/
8ef41cd Telephony: make call waiting option a switch preference
b2a1d38 TeleService: Don't show video calling switch if not supported
f53ef69 Set untranslatables
174fd1a  Telephony: check equality when verifying enabled state
e879719 Telephony: KK upgrade path to re-enable components for MSim
9131930 TelephonyService: Don't change preferred network type on multi RAT capable devices.
dbe9a35 TeleService: Set mode to 2g on other sim(DSDS) prior to change

   * vendor/bliss/
3b6d6cb Remove OpenCamera from being built.
519f902 Revert "Add ABCamera and all needed libs."
7e4a4ad Revert "Switch to A Better Camera"
2ae4df5 Allow for OTA url override and default donate URL


   * android/
d2f4edf Commented out duplicate repo
94966ab Added new repos for Kernel Adiutor and remove ones that were used for Device Control.
ecc1ed0 Added vendor repos for audience, broadcom, widevine
39973be Changed up Device Control for Kernel Adiutor

   * frameworks/base/
3dd400a Merge "Revert "Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region"" into lp5.1
e553182 Merge "Revert "Revert "Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region""" into lp5.1
8eb304e Merge "Revert "Revert "Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region""" into lp5.1
152a9f5 Revert "Revert "Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region""
90386c2 Revert "Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region"
287694d Revert "Revert "Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region""
5119eed Merge "Revert "Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region"" into lp5.1
dc20767 Revert "Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region"
4a8f555 frameworks/base: Zen mode add 10 and 12 hours downtime

   * frameworks/opt/telephony/
979417d Revert "Revert "Telephony: DcTracker: Fix CDMA APN Data issues.""

   * packages/apps/Settings/
9bca088 Fix Typos strings for Developer Options
5a8eed6 Replace Device Control w/Kernel Adiutor [2/2]

   * packages/providers/MediaProvider/
f1b14e3 MediaProvider: don't delete entries of secondary storage on shutdown

   * prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-4.8-linaro/
43e9f6b 4-19-15

   * prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-4.9-linaro/
275ddba 4-19-15

   * prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-5.0-linaro/
3406c24 4-19-15

   * prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.8-linaro/
4a6028e 4-19-15

   * prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.9-linaro/
bfb7f64 4-19-15

   * vendor/asus/
71f987e flo: Update blobs to LMY47O release

   * vendor/bliss/
5ce3c81 Updated 1600 boot animation (e.g. for Nexus 10)
3ec3fe4 Replace Device Control w/Kernel Adiutor [1/2]

   * vendor/oppo/
b55a1e6 Merge pull request #12 from mikeNG/cm-12.1
a8b03cb Revert "find7: Update blobs"
a2e70d4 Merge pull request #11 from maniac103/n3-update
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23rd January 2015, 12:59 PM |#3  
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23rd January 2015, 01:17 PM |#4  
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Is nightly

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23rd January 2015, 01:20 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by DMD567

Is nightly

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Untested I'm waiting for feedback
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23rd January 2015, 01:40 PM |#6  
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I share it to my Google+ ppl will come soon and will u be constantly updating this ROM?

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23rd January 2015, 01:42 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by DMD567

I share it to my Google+ ppl will come soon and will u be constantly updating this ROM?

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I'll do my best
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23rd January 2015, 03:05 PM |#8  
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doesn't boot
rom doesn't boot for me, wipe data,cache and dalvik,reboot and after galaxy s3 black screen
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23rd January 2015, 03:06 PM |#9  
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Awesome Awesome .. was waiting for this first introduced by oneplus . thank you for bringin this to i9300 users thank you very much.. off to taking a backup..

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Originally Posted by rap_turkez

rom doesn't boot for me, wipe data,cache and dalvik,reboot and after galaxy s3 black screen

Did you format system?
23rd January 2015, 03:16 PM |#10  
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I can boot either will try to figure out why
23rd January 2015, 03:27 PM |#11  
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Can someone try with a custom kernel?
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