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By Markox89, Senior Member on 29th March 2014, 12:57 AM
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Announcement from Markox89: If you like CyanogenMod, you'll love this optimized version! Hal Jordan approved :P
I9300 CyanogenMod 13

Powered with: Linaro and SaberMod!


In brightest day, in blackest night, no lag shall escape my sight. Let those who worship Apple's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

cm-13.0-20161216-MARKOX89-i9300 is UP!

Download Folder on AndroidFileHost

AFH calculates md5sum for every build: please, always check it before flashing!

Highlights of the main features:

  1. Kernel is compiled with latest Linaro arm-eabi-4.9 toolchain


  2. ROM is compiled with latest SaberMod arm-linux-androideabi-4.9 toolchain


  3. ART tweaks for devices with less memory, as provided by arter97 and JustArchi

  4. Fix for Google Play Services crashes, as provided by fusionjack

  5. Support for Screen Mirroring through Chromecast


  • BACKPORT: perf: Allow the PMU driver to choose the CPU on which to install events CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • BACKPORT: perf: Introduce perf_pmu_migrate_context() CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • BACKPORT: lockdep: Silence warning if CONFIG_LOCKDEP isn't set CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • BACKPORT: perf: Fix event->ctx locking CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • perf: protect group_leader from races that cause ctx double-free CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • net: ping: Fix stack buffer overflow in ping_common_sendmsg() CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • fbmem: Check failure of FBIOPUTCMAP ioctl CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • fbcmap: Remove unnecessary condition check CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • drivers: video: Add bounds checking in fb_cmap_to_user CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • netfilter: Change %p to %pK in debug messages CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • smdk4412-kernel : do not ignore COB wifi chips CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • smdk4412-kernel : kona wifi module is COB type CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  • mobicore: Fix pointer narrowing issues CyanogenMod/android_hardware_samsung_slsi-cm_exynos7420
  • soundtrigger: fix memory corruption CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av
  • version: Set version string to 13.0.5 to reflect security update CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • Updating Security String to 2016-12-01 CyanogenMod/android_build
  • Fix out of bound access in libziparchive CyanogenMod/android_system_core
  • Unexport OmtpMessageReceiver CyanogenMod/android_packages_services_Telephony
  • Restrict SipProfiles to profiles directory CyanogenMod/android_packages_services_Telephony
  • mm-video-v4l2: vdec: Disallow input usebuffer for secure case CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_media
  • Fix potential NULL dereference in Visualizer effect CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_audio
  • Handle color bounds correctly in GIF decode. CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_ex
  • ExifInterface: Close the file when an exception happens CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Isolated processes don't get precached system service binders CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Fix divide by zero CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av
  • Fix potential NULL dereference in Visualizer effect CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av
  • Decoder: Fixes in handling errors in Mbaff clips. CyanogenMod/android_external_libavc
  • Decoder: Ignore few dpb errors CyanogenMod/android_external_libavc
  • resolve merge conflicts of 849c5c7 to mnc-dev CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_opt_net_wifi
  • wifinative jni: check array length to prevent stack overflow CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_opt_net_wifi
  • wl12xx: Common WLAN KM build target for reuse by devices CyanogenMod/android_hardware_ti_wlan
  • Add Reliance Jio India IMS volte apn's CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • Fix Reliance Jio India APNs. CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • Enable support for groups in External contacts accounts CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon
  • macloader : add n5120 murata MAC address CyanogenMod/android_hardware_samsung
  • macloader : add n5110 murata MAC address CyanogenMod/android_hardware_samsung
  • build: repopick: Avoid failing on commits lookup CyanogenMod/android_build
  • vendor: cm: Add some more BQ maintainers/devices CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • build: repopick: Support squashed commits for Change-Id detection CyanogenMod/android_build
  • build: repopick: Support projects with less than 10 commits CyanogenMod/android_build
  • repopick: handle revisions with slashes CyanogenMod/android_build
  • repopick: don't re-pick duplicate changes CyanogenMod/android_build
  • repopick: try to use remote's default revision CyanogenMod/android_build
  • Settings: Fix the failing strings CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • Contributors: Add maintainer for Xiaomi Redmi 3/Prime (ido) CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • SystemUI: Don't vibrate on touchscreen camera gesture CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • ActivityControler: Fix BadPacelableException in certain scenarios CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_UnifiedEmail
  • Check if Volte is enabled in ImsManager to determine Volte support CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_PhoneCommon
  • cmhw: Account for devices that don't use manager0 sysfs paths CyanogenMod/android_hardware_ti_omap4
  • Support for MODE_ASK in commandline CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • AppOps: Do not prune apps that are not present CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • cm: Add more Mi 5 maintainers CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • Contributors: Add Xiaomi Mi 5 maintainer CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • More...


  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.50 GHz
  • MotherBoard: ASUS P5K
  • RAM: 4 GB Corsair DDR2 667 MHz
  • Main HD: SanDisk SSD SDSSDP-128G 128 GB SATA 6 GB/s
  • ccache HD: Western Digital Raptor WD1500ADFD 150 GB SATA 1.5 GB/s
  • OS: Linux Lubuntu 16.04 "Xenial Xerus" x64
  • Kernel version: 4.4.0


If you're enjoying my work you may consider sending a small donation using this link

Special Thanks:

  • CyanogenMod Dev Team
  • Linaro Dev Team
  • sparksco and the whole SaberMod Dev Team
  • IAmTheOneTheyCallNeo
  • Lysergic Acid
  • JustArchi
  • fusionjack
  • Android-Andi
  • Ziyan
  • tuxafgmur
  • Infected_
  • -Grift-
  • prace86
  • jamal2367

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][I9300][MM][6.0.1][Linaro][SaberMod] CyanogenMod 13, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: CWM Recovery
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: CyanogenMod 13

Created 2014-03-29
Last Updated 2016-12-17
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29th March 2014, 12:57 AM |#2  
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Exclamation How to: Installation and Bug Reporting
Disclaimer (read it before installing the ROM for the first time):


Your warranty is now void.

I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.

Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it!
You are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh.

Regarding the compatibility with mods or apps, these builds are as compatibile as official CyanogenMod nightly builds.

Installing CyanogenMod 13 on your Galaxy S III:

  • Copy CyanogenMod 13 zip and a light GApps package of your choosing to your Internal or External SD card;
  • Make sure you are using latest version of a MarshMallow compatible recovery;
  • Boot into recovery;
  • Flash CM 13 zip;
  • Flash GApps package;
  • If you're coming from another non-CyanogenMod ROM do a Data Wipe / Factory Reset (otherwise your device will be stuck at boot);
  • Reboot.

Posting Bug Reports (comply these requisites is mandatory, otherwise your report won't be considered):

  1. Use the newly added Bug Reports tab;
  2. I always test my builds before releasing them and use the latest build as daily ROM for my devices: do not claim it doesn't boot or it gives you force close loops (if this is your case it's either a corrupted download or your phone needs a full wipe);
  3. Clearly state which build are you using (for reporting a bug it needs to be the latest);
  4. Clearly state that you're using the kernel that comes with the build and not a modded one (if you're experiencing issues using a modded kernel, you should refer to the kernel's developer thread);
  5. Clearly state which mods are you using (e.g. Xposed Framework): try to remove the mod and see if the bug is still there;
  6. Clearly state which runtime are you using (e.g. Dalvik or ART); if you're using ART try to switch to Dalvik and see if the bug is still there;
  7. In addition before posting bug reports, test if your bug is also present in the same day's official CyanogenMod nightly; if it is present there, wait until the CyanogenMod Team fixes it or report directly to them;
  8. As a small courtesy, please don't report bugs that can easily be fixed with well known patches (e.g. CWM zips);
  9. GApps related crashes should be reported to GApps package maintainer (at least at first).
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29th March 2014, 12:57 AM |#3  
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Info 2 F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)
Uff, our device is slow and Screen Mirroring is laggy, can you fix this?

Nope, our device is old and OEM support lacks.
You shouldn't complain about the overall performance or about the performance of some specific features (e.g. Screen Mirroring through ChromeCast).

Your latest build isn't working at all, can you fix it?

I personally test every build before releasing it, so the device will always be usable.
If you experience weird issues or something that's a showstopper for you, you should consider switching to CyanogenMod's official builds, or to another ROM: your device or setup may be incompatible with my builds.

Where can I find CyanogenMod's official builds?

If you're looking for something common or some common infos, you should definitely use xda search engine or Google.

May you give me some informations about your builds?

All the infos about my builds (e.g. technical compilation infos, features and installation guide) are in the first three posts: you should definitely read them before posting.

I saw this cool feature on another ROM, can you include it in your builds?

Nope, sorry, I'm not taking Feature Requests (see that the correspondent tab is missing from OP): you should make Feature Requests to CyanogenMod Team in the ways you prefer.
In addition, you can look for some Xposed Module, maybe you'll find one that can add to my builds what you're looking for.

A new "SnapShot" build is out! When you'll compile a build based on it?

Never, sorry. My builds are compiled from the nightly branch. The "SnapShot" builds are compiled from a dedicated branch; "SnapShot" releases doesn't influence in any way my builds.

I need some technical explanation about the tools you're using, may you provide them?

What is Toolchain?


In software, a toolchain is the set of programming tools that are used to create a product (typically another computer program or system of programs). The tools may be used in a chain, so that the output of each tool becomes the input for the next, but the term is used widely to refer to any set of linked development tools.
A simple software development toolchain consists of a compiler and linker to transform the source code into an executable program, libraries to provide interfaces to the operating system, and a debugger. A complex product such as a video game needs tools for preparing sound effects, music, textures, 3-dimensional models, and animations, and further tools for combining these resources into the finished product.


What is SaberMod?


SaberMod is a AOSP based ROM with some extra features added in and mostly from CyanogenMod. SaberMod started out pure AOSP when android 4.2.1 launched. Originally it was pure AOSP with a few extra features I ported over from CyanogeMod and linaro optimizations. Then I rebased everything off of rasbeanjelly because I liked many features found in rasbean. Since then I've modified a lot of the code so not much of it is rasbeanjelly based anymore. But you will still find some commonly used features found in rasbeanjelly. SaberMod is not a rasbeanjelly or CM clone, or KANG. Custom kernels are included for certain devices when available. These are personal builds we make for ourselves and originally became very popular in the nexus 7 forums. Features are very rarely added, and are built to SaberMod's team members liking. Currently there are two members of SaberMod working on this project. Myself and @jarjar124. Please understand our time is limited and we are only two people who have lives, and do not have 25-50 members like CyanogenMod to add things. And our goal is not to add a bunch of features that bloat the system of the ROM.


What is Linaro?


Linaro is the place where engineers from the world's leading technology companies define the future of Linux on ARM. The company is a not-for-profit engineering organization with over 120 engineers working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the ARM architecture, including the GCC toolchain, the Linux kernel, ARM power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces.

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29th March 2014, 01:29 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by nasheich

first comment

great work Sir

Thank you!
So help me spread the news

Sent from my GT-P5110 using Tapatalk
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29th March 2014, 01:56 AM |#6  
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29th March 2014, 02:02 AM |#7  
Originally Posted by Markox89

Thank you!
So help me spread the news

Sent from my GT-P5110 using Tapatalk

no problem
btw, this rom looks great, maybe I'll try port it to my device

---------- Post added at 08:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:59 AM ----------

Originally Posted by [email protected]


maybe it can be use with any gapps with kk base
and you can choose in this thread
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29th March 2014, 05:47 AM |#8  
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looks interesting . but i need to see screenshot 1st
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29th March 2014, 10:02 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by [email protected]


I suggest the packages from this thread. The link will be added asap to the 2nd post
Originally Posted by nasheich

no problem
btw, this rom looks great, maybe I'll try port it to my device

---------- Post added at 08:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:59 AM ----------

maybe it can be use with any gapps with kk base
and you can choose in this thread

Thank you
And, like I said above, I suggest BaNkS package It's lighter
Originally Posted by hamimi

looks interesting . but i need to see screenshot 1st

They are on their way
Meanwhile, if you want, you can also look at the screenshots from my ROM for other devices (take a look to my signature)
EDIT: ...or to the post below
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29th March 2014, 10:23 AM |#10  
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Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-28-22-17-39.png
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Size:	154.6 KB
ID:	2656854   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-28-22-17-15.png
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Size:	97.4 KB
ID:	2656855   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-28-22-17-02.png
Views:	6099
Size:	151.4 KB
ID:	2656856   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-28-22-16-46.png
Views:	5611
Size:	92.5 KB
ID:	2656857  
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29th March 2014, 04:45 PM |#11  
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Well, that looks interesting dude, thanxx for your effort & good luck with your project! Maybe I will give this a shot next time

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